Thursday, February 08, 2007

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand There are No Tarzan Forests In Finland!

More, more, more...

Kinder Kvetching (also from Finland)

Wilhemsburg Whinning

Birmingham Bitching

And this has NOTHING to do with complaints, it's just for you Papa


Debbie said...

I like their little smurf backpacks.

papasmurf said...

Thanks Jacqueline!

That smurfed my day.

I have one of those backpacking smurfs on my bookshelf.

Anonymous said...

What a concept - Complaint choirs. Funny, didn't see one from Dafur, Ruwanda, Iraq...

If only we had more traveling smurfs. Put me in mind of Derek and Mavis' garden gnome that was kidnapped (?) and sent postcards from various locals. That crazy ol' Dez.

Heather said...

Unite the world - complain! I want my money back too!