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And while we're on the subject of France Gall

Sean's favourite Eurovision winner is also known for having recorded "Les Sucettes," written by French pervo Serge Gainsbourg of "Je t'aime, Moi, Non Plus" fame. It is, quite possibly, the dirtiest song ever written at that time period. The song and video are safe for work, but probably shouldn't be.

Check out the lyrics and decide for yourself.

Update - February 28, 2007 - "Are you saying I'm camp? That's SO outrageous!"

Moley the Murderer

It's a glum atmosphere Chez Macdonald as Vernon wonders what Steve's going to do with a missing car. Liz wonders how the cops could think he had anything to do with a hit n' run. Moley says it will all work out in the end. Steve looks at her suspiciously.

"Will it?" he asks.

Later as Steve and Moley are walking back to Streetcars, they see a police car sitting outside. Moley suddenly remembers that she left her handbag back at the flat and goes off to get it. Steve, who at this point is waking up to what she did, walks into the office where he finds Eileen, Lloyd and two cops.

The police tell Steve that they found a piece of cloth from the victim's coat on his car. Before it all sinks in, the police put Steve under arrest for dangerous driving causing a fatality and leaving the scene of an accident. They begin to read him his rights, but Steve, being a hardened criminal, tells them to skip it as they take him off to the nick.

As Lloyd and Eileen watch in horror as he's lead away, Moley watches, unobserved, from around the corner. She then goes straight to the pub to tell Liz and Vernon that 'O! My goodness! Our Steve has been arrested but whatever for, I cannot tell!' Lloyd comes in to tell Kelly what happened and mentions the evidence they have.

At the police station, an actor prepares his audition for the second season of Life on Mars, and plays the tough cop on Steve. He lays out the evidence: caught on speed camera, admitted to speeding, victim's evidence on the bumper. Steve agrees that it's compelling except that it wasn't him driving.

Steve says he took the blame for his girlfriend who had nine points on her licence and was in danger of losing it. The cop takes this to mean that she is in fact responsible for the OAP's death. Steve doesn't want to place blame but that's about the size of it.

The cop goes to check out this story with Moley, who acts betrayed and shows him her perfectly valid licence which was not in danger of being taken away at all.

When he comes back, he says Moley says his story was a lie. Steve then adds that he had an alibi: being in bed in Kelly which, as alibis go, is pretty sweet. Steve says he's not proud of it because they're both cheating and all but there it is.

It may get him out of this mess, but for now, Steve is facing a night in the can.

"I am .... GAY! ... GAY ...homosexual ... gay..."

Loving France Gall = Camp

Sean is outside the chippy with Adam and Jamie. He discusses when a good time may be to broach the subject of his sexuality to his father. Adam and Jamie have a bit of a good laugh at this mentioning that Chris Rock doesn't mention that he's black (wait, Chris Rock is black?!) and that his father probably knows something is up.

Sean is offended. "Are you saying I'm camp? That's SO outrageous!" He adds that he ticks of "straight looking" and "straight acting" on his internet dating profile. It's hard, he adds, being the only gay in the village.

In the Rovers Sean is having drink with his dad and babbles on about his favourite Eurovision entry (France Gall's "Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son," Luxembourg, 1965).

He then goes into a tortured discussion about how his dad likes Little Britain and Matt Lucas is gay and his dad like him but his Dad doesn't seem to get it. "You want to gain a lot of weight and be comedian, son?" Sean decides to come clean to his dad: he's gay.

His dad puts him at ease. He's always knew and told him stories about how he would try on wedding dresses and that he always knew his son was unique and always made him laugh. Auntie Betty also filled him in about the love of his life some years back and he wished he could have been there for him when his heart was broken. In fact, he seems pretty cool with the whole deal. It was actually a really well-written scene.

Later they share a drink with Adam and Jamie. Sean now believes that of the three of them, he has the closest relationship with his father. Adam points out that his father is dead.

On The Buses

Shelley goes out on her date with Simon. He is a bus driver who loves his job and proceeds to bore Shelley to tears with his tedious descriptions of bus routes. Shel's sole contribution to the conversation is that she once went to a fancy dress party dressed as Olive from "On the Buses." Shelley gets a text from Bev and excuses herself.

Later, as she relates the details of the date with her mum, Bev reminds her that there are plenty more fish in the sea. Shelley thinks she's using the wrong bait.

Tenants Rights

Keith wants to know if there is anything he can do to stay in his house, even as Charlie's tenant, and apologises for not paying for the roof. Charlie seems to change his mind but then changes it back and laughs in Keith's face.

Have Ye Ever Wondered?

What the Corrie Canuck contributors are like in real life?

Does Shatnerian talk like every word is it's own sentence?

Is Papasmurf as blue as we might suspect?

Does Working from Home ever get out of her pajamas?

Is Glacia ever, well, sober?

Here's your chance..come meet all four at the CORRIE CANUCK PUB NIGHT - BIS EDITION.

We've secured a table at the Auld Spot:

Saturday March 3, 2007
7 p.m.

The Auld Spot Pub
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Tel: 416.406.4688

They'll be games, trivia and most of all booze. So put on your pulling jacket, feather your hair and strap on the kinky boots, it's gonna be brill!

If you haven't done so already, just rsvp here so I can tell the Auld Spot if our numbers change.

I'll be waiting for ye.


Coronation Strasse, Pet - Update

Auf Weidersehen, Papa!
We seen Sean contacting the elusive Brian trying to set up another son/father renuion. When he leaves a message he tells him that they need to talk and clear things up and adds 'I'm not 10 anymore - I can take anything you need to say to him.'

Both Eileen and Jason are impressed with the maturity of this move and Glacia really, really likes the 'I'm not 10 anymore' line.

Later Brian calls Sean on his cell and agrees to come to Eileens to meet up with him. Sean runs around like a loon trying to come up with the appropriate thing to serve his dad. Eileen suggest that he makes both cheese and ham butties, that way Brian has a choice.

Sean takes this advice and ends up making 3,500 sandwiches.

Dad comes around and the two of them have a pleasent enough conversation. Brian asks Sean what he knows about what happened between his mom and Brian. Sean replies only what his mom has said. (Methinks, there's more to the story than Brian just buggering off.)

Anyway, Brian leaves after a little bit but they agree to see each other again (wiedersehen) and that's it.

#1. We all know where Tim Healy who plays Brian is from, do we? Previously seen on 'Auf Weidersehen, Pet'.

#2 - Can someone PLEASE tell me what accent that was that Brian was throwing around. I could barely catch what he was saying.

Amber, for the Love of Arthur Fonzerelli, RUN! Lauf, liebchen! Lauf!
Amber and David go back to the Platts for lunch and do a bit of bonding over wayward dads. Both seem interested although nothing romantical happens.

Gayle is VERY pleased that David and Amber are chums and is pushing for info.'re young, you still have a chance - stay AWAY from the Platts!

I Kept Thinking of Morrissey for Some Reason
Okay so during this entire story line, people kept walking back and forth past that 'Child in a Coma' sign near the bus stop, warning drivers to slow down.

Glacia takes a sip of her Harvey Wallbanger and tosses her head from side to side while singing, 'Child in a coma, I know, I know, it's serious.'

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, the coppers show up at the streetcars looking for Steve. He assumes that they're there for the speeding ticket but doesnt' understand the big deal.

The police explain that there was a fatal hit and run not far from where 'Steve' got the speeding ticket. They ask to inspect the car which he agrees to, thinking there won't be anything wrong.

WRONG! The police find a dent in the car and when Steve can't explain it, they tow the car away for further inspection. Now our man McDonald is getting worried.

Meanwhile, Moley is a stinking bitch, slithering around and unwilling to go near the cops even when Norris asks her to drive him to the cafe.

Plus, her shirt was ugly.

When Steve confronts her about what happened the night she was speeding she says nothing at all and adds, 'I would have never invovled you otherwise.'

Glacia screams at the telly, 'Bull - shit!'

Im Anderer Neuigkeit.....
Keef has seen the solicitor and was told that Charlie has every right to toss him out. This upsetting news to Keef and Craig who both swear they will fight this.

Jason is deciding if he wants his dad at the wedding. I REALLY want to see Jason's dad.

Llyod and Kelly tell Steve that they are back together again. Llyod adds that Steve won't have to play 'third person' anymore. Steve and Kelly look at each other. UNCOMFORTAAAAAAAAAAAAABLE!

Liz suggests to Fred that the Rampant Rockin Rythmm Rascals (orwhateverthehelltheyrecalled) should play at his wedding. Fred wears the same expression Glacia did when her mother in law suggested a Celine Dion tribute band for her wedding to Mr. Glacia.

Sarah's hair is looking GORGEOUS!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Subtle Pregnancy

It's no secret around here that Jane Danson (our Leanne) was, at the time of the episodes we're now seeing in Canada, quite pregnant. Because her real life pregnancy was not written into the show, the producers found clever ways to disguise her growing belly. Some of these ways included shooting her from the neck up, having her wear loose clothes, or having her hide behind a pan of chicken Kiev.

Here are some other ways in which the producers have hidden the obvious. See if you can remember these subtle scenes:

The handy clipboard.

The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan

Mount Fuji

A highland cow

Update for Episode # 6308 February 26, 2007

The episode of many happy heart wrenching family moments

The Saga of Sean

Sean is waiting at the door of his father's house, and after twenty years of no contact the door opens and Sean finally claps eyes on his dad. They seem to have a reasonable enough reunion all things considered. Sean comes in to sit down for a bit when Maggie the mistress comes into the room and casts a pall over the proceedings. They make some small talk about the funeral and the like. No offer of tea is made by the hostess. Before too long, Sean makes his excuses and heads to the door. He and his father have an awkward but sincere handshake/hug goodbye. As Sean walks away he does the old last look over the shoulder to see if there is to be a last farewell but alas the door is already closed. Mincemeat gets back into the van where Jamie and Violet are waiting and tells his friends that he is humiliated, offended and furious. Sean is unhappy with how things went and can't believe that his father and Maggie are living in such high style while poor Auntie Betty could barely make ends meet.

Later in The Rovers Sean and Jamie have a discussion about fathers and sons and the relative degrees of guilt and suffering that each of them have endured at the hands of their respective fathers. Sean is leaning towards the bitter persepctive while Jamie is being surprisingly philosophical about matters. While this is taking place Sean's dad drives down Coronation Street in his Lexus looking for Sean. He knocks at the door at Number 11 and Jason opens the door. Jason tells Brian where to find Sean and then texts Sean to tell him that his father is coming down the street to visit him. Sean downs Fred's glass of whiskey and waits intently for the door to open with his dad coming through the door, but Brian fails to appear. After a while Sean looks out the door only to see the back of the Lexus driving away around the corner.

The Dilemma of Dev

Dev hands some flowers to Amber outside the shop. She thinks they are a welcoming gift for her on the day she is moving in. Dev thinks she can help out with the shop by putting them in water. She chucks the flowers in his face. Amber then proceeds to lock herself in the office in the shop with the music turned up. Every time Dev tries to reason with her she turns the volume up a little bit more. In a strange bit of irony Cilla stops in and gives Dev some advice on parenting.

Before long Dev is in the pub having a drink with Fred discussing his clever bit of lateral thinking - by taking in Amber he can show Sunita how good a father he can be so of course she will then gladly take him back into her (delightful) bosom. Shel wonders why he isn't helping his daughter move in. Dev tells her that he is giving Amber some space. Shel responds with 'you didn't go near her for fifteen years, isn't that space enough?'

Meanwhile Amber is sitting on the curb outside the shop. She is locked out but doesn't want to tell Dev because she fears he will no longer trust her. Roy and Hayley come to the rescue and intervene on her behalf. They bring Amber to The Rovers and Dev then brings his daughter home to help her get settled. Only after Shel takes the drink out of his hand mind you.

The Ballad of the Lonely Barmaid

Shel had had it with hanging around in the back room with a bottle of mild Merlot and the three old harridans. (aka Liz, Bev and Deirdre) Shel is still a young woman-ish type and is going to suck the marrow out of life before it's too late. She accosts the guy who has been lurking in the corner of the pub of late (Simon maybe?) and tells him that they are going out on Friday night, come hell or high water. You have to like the proactive Shel.

The Love of Lloyd

After some canoodling in the pub Lloyd and Kelly decide to lower their standards and move back in together. Did I say lower their standards? Sorry, that should read 'declare their undying love for each other.'

The Seduction of Steve

Ronny continues to nag Steve about her speeding ticket and how if he won't take the fall for it 'her career will be on the line' and she could end up as a waitress. The horror. Steve thought her career consisted mostly of shopping and leafing through glossy magazines. She gives Stevie boy the pout and he collapses like a house of cards. He takes responsibilty for the infraction and in celebration Ronny and her jubblies are all over him like a rash. Poor Steve, when will ever stop thinking with his little tallywhacker? As the two share a drink in The Rovers Steve keeps looking nervously over his shoulder at Lloyd and Kelly, and wondering when their little incident will become public knowledge.

The Bane of Baldwin

Danny is away from the factory for a bit and Janice is getting stuck in as usual. There is some confusion about an order being in feet or meters that Janice somehow knows the answwer to. There is the usual sniping amongst the girls. Danny is not impressed how Lippy is wheedling her way back into their lives and apartment - 'it's bang out of order, it is.' Danny, Leanne, and Janice are getting into the car as Cilla walks by. Janice, unable to keep her gargantuan gob shut, tells Cilla that she can't have a ride since Danny is very particular about getting dog hair in the car. Cilla calls Janice the 'biggest bitch in ten streets.' Much toing and froing ensues while the two harpys debate the relative merits of Les as a lover. All very disturbing really.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Debbie Asks

What's Nathan's purpose on the show?

I wondered myself, and after the 2,500th time seeing him with pouting lips, raised eyebrown and sunken cheekbones in, I got it.

Nathan is there to give us a daily dose of 'Blue Steel'.

Spoiler alert: Next month we'll get "Magnum".

Pubby, Pubby


Okay, I'm gonna see if the Auld Spot can accomodate us on Saturday night for a BIS show Corrie pub night.

What I need to know is a rough estimate of how many are coming so I can see if they can fit us in.

Show of hands - who will be attending the Corrie pub night in Toronto March 3, 7pm?

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The Friday Update

“Do you think asking your son’s ex-girlfriend to marry you while your son’s stood there is romantic or not?” Kelly asks the group sitting outside the factory. They laugh. Fiz warns there’ll be no stopping Leanne now that she’s engaged to Danny.

Meanwhile, Leanne practically sings good morning to Nathan, saying she reckons they did him a favour by getting engaged. “Have you phoned her, told her the good news?” she asks, referring to Frankie.
“Well, I’ll just have to phone her myself,” she says.
“Oh, don’t waste your battery, luv. I’m sure Danny’s on the phone with her right now,” Nathan smirks. Leanne frowns and moves along. Man, he totally harshed her buzz.

Sean asks Eileen if his dark suit will be all right. He hasn’t been to many funerals. He wants to look appropriately somber. He feels guilty that he didn’t visit his Aunty Betty more often. Eileen says it’ll be nice to see his family, especially his dad. Sean replies that the day is about Aunty Betty, not anyone else.

But later, as Aunty Betty’s coffin is carried up the aisle, Sean turns at every sound, clearly looking for his dad. No sign. “It’s his own sister’s funeral and he hasn’t turned up. I knew he wouldn’t. He hadn’t turned up for me in 20 years, and I’m alive. So why’s he going to turn up for someone who’s dead?”

Keith is at Dev’s shop spilling his woes to Dev, Norris and Liz. He’s seeing the Citizens Advice on Wednesday to find out his rights as a tenant. Norris doubts it’ll make a difference. Liz calls him a pessimist. What does he know?
“There’s all sorts of areas I’m knowledgeable in,” Norris retorts.
“Hm, well, there’s being knowledgeable and there’s having an opinion. They’re two very different things,” says Dev.

Amber arrives. Dev tells her to leave her bag and get herself off to school. “What about the rest?” she asks.
“There’s more?” says Dev incredulously.
“Don’t know much about teenagers, does he?” Liz murmurs to Keith.
Amber says her mom’s leaving this morning and if they don’t get it now, Dev will have to buy her all new stuff.

Ronnie sits in the Streetcars office looking gloomy. No, more enigmatic, says Eileen. No, more fabulous, says Steve, because “look at her. She is beautiful, she is sexy, she is core-vatious.” Lloyd has a good laugh at that one. Eileen finds a speeding ticket in the mail and Steve assumes that it must be Les’. He wants to check the logbook but no one ever updates it except Claire and she’s on mat leave. Lloyd says it could’ve been one of the girls, not just the guys. Ronnie snaps that it wasn’t her.

The factory girls grumble that it’s all right for Leanne to come in late, especially now that she has a ring on her finger. Leanne closes the office blinds, meaning to get it on with Danny, but he’s not interested. He’s going out and never mind why. He tells her to mind the factory and “that lot.” She says she won’t have a problem, “they know better than to cause any trouble. I can get dirty and they know it.”
“I’ll be they do. You frighten me sometimes, Leanne.”
“Glad to hear it.”

“It’s smaller than I thought,” Amber says, her stuff piled throughout Dev’s apartment. She’s excited to get her stuff sorted, to get to know Dev better. Dev more interested that she keep to her own space. She’s not to clutter up the bathroom or touch his stuff. She assures him she won’t be any trouble. She is a little miffed when he refuses to stay and help her sort out her stuff.

At the Rover’s Bev tells Shelley to go take a few hours off, go hang out with mates or something. Shelley doesn’t have anywhere to go, doesn’t have any mates. Bev thinks she’s spending too much time behind the bar, that there’s more to life then her job. “There’s not much more to mine,” Shelley replies. Meanwhile, a nice looking guy in a blue shirt steps up to the bar for a refill.

Janice appears at the factory, “aw, have you missed me?” She and Sally enjoy their usual volley of words. Leanne tells Janice to come to the office where she’ll make her a cup. “Not with our milk,” Sally warns.
“Our Leanne’s management these days. That entitles me to executive tea and biscuits,” Janice retorts.
Fiz asks if they’ll be catching up on all the gossip later in the Rover’s. Janice says they can catch up right now as she’s working there again. This is a shocker and Sally is least pleased, saying, “Leanne will have the whole family working here soon. There’ll be Les and Cilla and Chesney…”
“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with our Chesney,” Fiz interjects.
“Well, actually I like Chesney,” Sally admits.
“Good job. Me mother is objectionable, though,” Fiz nods.

In the office Janice realizes that Leanne hasn’t told Danny she’s back to work. Leanne says the worst he can do is order her off the premises, which Janice thinks is very likely as he doesn’t like her. Leanne says Danny doesn’t like most of the girls out there and that Janice is no worse than any of them, provided she keeps her gob shut. Janice is willing to make the effort just so she doesn’t have to go back to Toya’s flat where there wasn’t even a pub on the corner.

After the funeral service Violet thinks they should ask around, see if they can’t find out why his dad didn’t show. But Sean says he knows why – he doesn’t care. However, Jamie does find a wreath addressed from him. Back on the street, they stop by Roy’s for a coffee and try to convince Sean that he’s better without his dad. Sean just wants to know why he left, why he didn’t come back, why he continues to ignore him. He decides he’s going to go around to his dad's house. Jamie and Violet insist on driving him.

“Lippy!” Danny spies Janice working at a station.
“Hi ya Mr. Baldwin," Janice says sheepishly.
“’Hi ya Mr. Baldwin’?! Is this some sort of a joke?” He orders her into the office where he confronts them both. Leanne says Janice was a good machinist and they need one. Janice says she’ll keep her mouth shut. Leanne says output’s been down and that he won’t have to deal with her. Janice says she loves the job and begs. Danny relents to a trial period. Janice is over the moon. Danny looks sick to his stomach.

After Janice leaves, Leanne assures Danny she is not going to take advantage. She promises. “On what?” Danny asks. He pulls out a big, sparkly diamond. Leanne, over the moon herself, promises he won’t regret this. He says it took him a long time to choose the ring and Leanne says she loves it. Any other day and Janice would’ve been booted, he points out.
“Oh, forget her,” Leanne says.
“I already have,” Danny says and he shuts the office blinds.

Ronnie sits alone in her car at the scene of the crime. There is an accident notice and flowers. She relives the incident.

At the Rovers Bev, Deirdre and Liz make moves to get something started between Shelley with Blue Shirt Guy. They tell him she’s not attached and isn’t she attractive? Shelley apologizes to him and he asks her out. Shelley declines, saying she doesn’t go out with customers. Bev tells him to try again.

Meanwhile, Ronnie confesses to Steve about the speeding fine. She says it could cost her job as she has nine penalty points on her license that she ‘forgot’ to tell him about. He offers to stick up for her, tell him how good a driver she’s been. She asks him to lie for her, to say he was behind the wheel. He refuses, saying it wouldn’t go down very well for the boss of the company to have a mark like that against him. Is Ronnie screwed?

The three musketeers pull up at a lovely looking house. Jamie and Violet promise to wait for Sean. He approaches the door and rings the bell.
“Please let there be some reason,” Violet says. Sean rings the bell again.


Friday, February 23, 2007

But Jesus That Was a Boring Episode – Update


Okay, okay, okay….I’ve been lax with my Thursday updates I know. Here goes, you quickie.

Where in the World Is Frankie Domingo?
Nathan comes around to tell Roy that Frankie is in Spain and it’s up to Roy to later tell Danny that Frankie is in Spain.

Danny is worried about her and Leanne is worried about Danny being worried about Frankie. Danny assures Leanne that even though he can’t turn his feelings off about Frankie, that Leanne is, like flying cars, the way of the future.

Later, in the Rovers, Danny approaches Jamie about Frankie and Jamie once again reads the riot act. “It’s got nuffin’ ta do wit you. She ain’t you wife anymore, hear?’

Not one to turn his tail or look foolish, Danny retorts that everyone can think what they want, but at least he’s stuck by Leanne.

File comment that under, ‘WTF?’.

He actually expects Jamie to congratulate him on being faithful to the girl he schtumped behind his son’s and wife’s backs. No congratulations were given.

Danny continues on that he has proven everyone wrong when they said Leanne was just a fling….and to prove it even further, he announces that he and Leanne are getting married.

Leanne, in her excitement, promptly gives birth to kittens.

This was the most exciting part of the show, and even that didn’t wow me.

Did You Hear the One About the Shopkeepers Daughter?
Dev is brining in furniture to accommodate Amber in the flat and all the while Kevin warns Dev that he’ll have to keep an eye on the bonnie lass.

Dev, poo-poo’s the warning – so much so that he doesn’t worry about leaving Amber alone while he goes out and parties over the weekend.

Kev tells Dev that he’ll keep an eye on her for him.

(Kev and Dev – hee hee, that’s funny.)

Number 6 Update
Charlie evil. Tracey loyal. Barlow suspicious. Keef still pissed and wants to move to Sheffield. Craig doesn’t want to go to Sheffield and asks Kev to talk Charlie out of the eviction notice. Keef asks Ken and Deidre to talk Charlie out of the eviction notice.

Roy also gives Keef advice on how to handle a bully like Charlie. Hmmm, in Charlie’s defense, didn’t he get rid of the guy who was bullying Roy at the café? Perhaps the best way to deal with a bully is to get a bigger bully.

(Glacia thinks of Charlie and goes off into a twisted harlequin romance daydream.)

OAP Cold Case File
Moley is walking around buying cream puffs for everyone and generally acting like she hasn’t a care in the world.

Until she sees that Les and Kev have noticed the damage to the streetcar she was driving.

Then she looks kind of green around the gills for the rest of the episode.

Are You My Father?
Sean keeps trying to get a hold of his father who won’t return his phone calls. He explains to Eileen that his father tends to run hot and cold so he’s not sure what to expect.

There’s some discussion at the bar that I missed, but I think he decides to go visit his dad and Jamie offers to come with him for moral support.


Denise and baby Daniel (now about 11) are coming back to the street. They’ll be on the show April 2007 in the UK which means we’ll see them sometime around 2013.

Denise is a woman that Ken was lovers with back in 1996, they had a child and live together for awhile until Denise had an affair with her brother-in-law.

She broke it off with both men, but in the end, ran away in the middle of the night to Scotland* with Daniel and we’ve all wondered when the spawn of Ken would return.

Personally, I couldn’t stand Denise and her hair so I’m not happy to see her return, but the fact that we get to see Daniel makes me throw confetti in the air.

Scotland is a country that became a popular refugee camp for Corrie characters in the 1980s. It took over from Canada as the run away hotspot, but has now given way to Spain.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Who Owned #6?

As far as I can figure out, Natalie Barnes (Pictured here with Bonny Prince Charles) was the last owner of #6 as she let it out to Matt Ramsden. Natalie was the wife of Des Barnes.


But since Charlie's talking about the landlord as a 'he' we can assume she has since sold it. Or got a sex change.

More Corrie Recipes and Second Life

For Pamer who do you make cheese on toast.


Cheese (grated or slice)


Pre-heat oven to 450.

Butter bread.

Put cheese on bread.

Bung in the oven for 10 minutes (or 12 if you want black bits).

Take out and enjoy.

(I also like to add facon-bits (soy bacon bits) to my cheese on toast.)

Second Life Virtual Corrie Pub Night
ALSO....Second Life virtual pub night tonight.

When: 9 pm Centre of the Universe Time (aka e.s.t.)

If you're interested in joining us, give me a email at glacia at gmail dot com.

If you're new to Second Life, I suggest going to the website a few hours early as you have to download software and get your footing.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Update - February 21, 2007 - Roy Rogers and Trigger

There's Got to Be a Morning After

Moley sits in her car, where she must have been all night. She looks around nervously and calls Steve on the mobile which Steve ignores because...

...Steve is waking up next to Kelly with a look that suggests he just remembered the previous evening's events. Steve looks at the camera and says, "That's right. I tapped that!" Well, no. That did not happen. It is actually awkward for both.

Kelly reminds him that she's not in the habit of falling into the beds of random men (pity) but Steve gallantly offers her tea and finds her bra underneath the covers.

At the office, Lloyd wonders where Moley disappeared to. She says she picked up a woman claiming to be fleeing an abusive partner. Lloyd warns her about picking up street fares. Not only are they illegal but she could get hurt or worse if she ever picks up the wrong person. (Legal note - Streetcars is a mini-cab firm and is not allowed to pick up street fares, only pre-arranged fares. Only black cabs can do that.)

On her way the door, out Kelly asks Steve if he could also find her self-respect, that would be grand. The coast is clear and Kelly exits.

On her way, she runs into Norris who somehow missed this salacious bit of gossip. He notes that she's getting an early start to the day. She tells him that the old saying about the early bird catching the worm is true and all.

Later at the office, Steve's story is that he got stuck on an airport run. Lloyd puts two and two together and figures he and Moley have been making up on company time. Steve gives a half-hearted denial.

Later in the street Steve meets up with Kelly to set things right about last night. He explains to her that if it weren't for Moley, he'd consider it but...

Kelly cuts him off. What they did was a dumb thing thanks to alcohol, end of story, she tells him. She says she's upset because of Lloyd and realises that it's him that she wants.

Anyone else think this is a shame as these two would make a great pair? Mind you, it would break Steve's strict rule about exclusively dating lunatics.

Later in the office, Steve sees Moley, also looking knackered (Eileen describes the atmosphere like "Dawn of the Dead.") and presents her with flowers. She says that it's all her fault, really but Steve says that no, it's his fault and that he's been lazy.

As they walk in the street, she tells Steve her story about helping the abused woman. Steve says that's just like her never to put her own needs before anyone else's. Wha? Since when? Oh it's irony because just then, Moley sees the screaming headline in the Weatherfield Gazette:

From Hitler Youth to Papa Ratzi

No, wait. That was the Sun's headline when Pope Benedict XVI took over at the Vatican. What she really saw was:


So now, it's Moley. Moley the Murderer.

Roy Rogers and Trigger

Keith runs into Norris to tell him Charlie is discussing the roof situation with the landlord. He's doubtful the landlord will pay anything saying something about getting muck from a horse. Wha?

Chez Tracey and Charlie, Tracey is desperate to know what the deal was that he made with the landlord. Charlie is saying nowt but confirms that all will be revealed by the end of the episode.

Keith later finds "Roy Rogers and Trigger" actually fixing his roof. He goes to gloat about it, the goes off to the Rover's for more gloating. Jason wonders why he's being referred to as that guy from Only Fools and Horses when Charlie explains that Trigger is a horse. He's also remaining mum about his talk with the landlord but he's extra smirky today.

Charlie meets up with Keith in the Rover's and tells him that things went very well indeed between him and the landlord. In fact, he adds, as he buys everyone a drink, he would have paid a little bit more.

Keith is confused. Charlie explains, showing the paperwork: He's bought Number 6 and will be Keith's landlord. But not for very long. He's giving Keith two months notice as of now to get out as he plans to make it a home just for him and Tracey. And that baby.

Tracey is delighted. Deirdre is all ...wha?

And Now the C Stories

Sean is taking Monday off to go to his aunt's funeral, not sure if his dad will show up given that he has not returned his calls.

There's a job opening at the factory to replace the missing Becky. Danny still thinks it's Kelly who was the thief but also says Leanne should stop being such a cow in her industrial relations skills.

Craig would rather fix cars then go out with Rosie and her girlfriends to the shopping centre. But when he later hears that there were blokes present, he gets a little jealous.


Look what came in the mail today from Scotland!


My friend Minnxy sent this to me along with the chocolates.

Oh my friends...we have the pub nights covered for the BIS and beyoooooooooooond.

Moley Sucks Update


Car 51, Where Are You?

or, more reasons to hate Moley.

Here’s the scenario so far:

- Kelly’s at the bar getting drunk, missing Llyod but unwilling to go back to him

- Llyod’s pining for her at the streetcars

- Steve wants Ronnie back.

- Ronnie won’t come back unless Steve really, really, really, really, really begs her to

- Liz and her cleavage want Steve to go after Ronny

- Llyod and Eileen tell Ronny to cut Steve some slack

- Vernon won’t buy a round of drinks.

All of which lead up to Steve meeting up with drunk Kelly in the bar and tying one on with her. At the ring of the bell, Steve takes Kelly back to his place for cheese on toast and one thing leads to another she makes a move on him. (Personally, I think he had her at cheese on toast).

They both do the, ‘Oh we really shouldn’t.’ dance before they decide they should and run off to the bedroom.

Glacia throws confetti in the air because Steve needs a good woman like Kelly and she is so much better than Moley in that she doesn’t run over people.

That’s right, Moley ran over someone.

After Eileen and Llyod talk to Ronny, she decides to make up with Steve and is barreling down the street while yakking on her cell phone leaving Stevo a message. Just as she puts down the phone, all of a sudden we hear ka-whomp ka-blop and she feels something roll under her car.

She stops the car and runs back to find out that she’s run over an OAP. After poking him with a stick to see if he’s still alive, she decides the best course of action is to get back into the car and start driving to Steve’s while talking on the mobile again,

The black bits are the best part of cheese on toast.
Best line was that Llyod calls Steve a ‘closet baldy’. Brilliant, especially as tonight it looked like Steve had more hair than usual.

Charles in Charge
Everyone but everyone on the street has an opinion on the Charlie vs. Keef situation – especially the Barlows who think that Charlie could have handled the situation better by taking Keef to small claims court. Tracey (and Glacia) of course defends Charlie saying that he’s only taking back what Keef was unwilling to pay for. By my calculation, Charlie is still out on the labour costs if Keef doesn’t pay.

Keef meets up with Charlie to discuss the situation again and Tracey is nearby to pip in like a greek chorus during the confrontation. Charlie tells Keef to get the landlord to pay the bill and Keef replies, ‘He’s never paid for anything before,why should he now.’

Scccccccccccccccreeeeeeeeech! Wait, wait, wait,wait, WAIT!

What? Man, for a guy who knows the price of a birdsong in the sky and who owes what, I’m really shocked at his attitude towards the landlord. It’s the landlord’s roof, not yours my friend. It’s his bloody responsibility. You’d think, given Keef’s stubbornness over paying Charlie, he’d dig his heels in just as much to have the landlord pay up.

Anyway, Charlie offers to talk to the landlord on Keef’s behalf which Keef agrees to but not without some reservations. Tracey tries to get Keef to thank Charlie but all she gets in return is the ‘V for Victory’ sign.

Later back at the flat, after seeing the landlord, Charlie tells Tracey that he has a suprise for her. (I think I know what it is and this will make for a good story line.)

Shut Up Keef
Okay John, just cover your ears, cause I know you like Keef.

Audrey talks to Keef about the roof situation and she is another one who feels he should just pay the bill, but she goes the extra bit and offers to help him pay the bill. He’s insulted (okay, I’ll give him that) and tells her that it’s not that he doesn’t have the funds, it’s the principle of the thing. He goes into a rant and tells her that she has a cash register instead of a brain. Audrey finally tells Keef that he can be offensive and that right now she’s offended and they both storm away from each other.

Later, in the Rovers Keef approaches Audrey who’s having a drink with Deidre and Ken. He tells her that he’d like to talk to her in private, but she says that anything he needs to say he can say in front of her friends.

Keef responds by saying that he was going to apologize for the morning, but because she wouldn’t grant him a private audience, she can stick it.

I got to say, Keef is starting to really bug me. Sure, he makes for great OAP tottie, but let’s face it, he’ll never be a Percy Sugden.*

The divorce papers come in the mail for Frankie and Danny and both are upset that 20 years of marriage is at an end.

Leane (who was looking very nice, btw) tries to reassure herself, I mean cheer Danny up by talking about how nice their life together will be. He’s all, ‘ bet it will, kid.’

Frankie meanwhile is drowning her sorrows over at the Rovers and is there when Nathan tracks her down. She tells him that she’s just feeling blue about the divorce and he tells her it’s perfectly okay to feel that way.

Then she tells him she booked a flight to Spain for herself…alone. He’s not quite as cool with that.

I was kind of wonder what business it is of his if she wants to take off by herself for a bit because they haven’t been dating that long. Then I remembered that they are living together.

Still, Frankie just do what you need to do girlfriend, go to Spain.

Oh this year i'm off to Sunny Spain Y Viva Espana
I'm taking the Costa Brava 'plane Y Viva Espana
If you'd like to chat a matador, in some cool cabana
And meet senors by the score, Espana por favor

Paint It Black
Craig wants to see Rosie, but she has other plans because someone has painted their room black…but I don’t’ know who it was because I was too busy scrapping the ‘Gerrard Kennedy for Liberal Leader’ sticker off my fridge.

Actually, it really wasn't an important part of the show, I just wanted an excuse to write 'Paint it Black' on my update cause it's a cool song and all.

*Glacia’s trilogy of Corrie tottie for each stage of life – Charlie Stubbs, Jim McDonald, Percy Sugden. The gay nurse almost made it a quartet.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Update for Episode # 6303 February 19, 2007

Cad on a Hot Tin Roof

Charlie continues to remove the tiles from the roof of the Harris homestead while Keith sputters indignantly from below. The locals provide a running commentary on the goings-on from across the street. Jack notes Keith's grip on a pound coin is so tight that it could make the Queen's eyes bleed. Blanche orders Jack to fetch her a chair from inside so she can sit and enjoy the fireworks in comfort. Jack wonders what her last slave died from. Keith calls the local constabulary, who show up quite quickly. Oddly enough, it is not Constable Dumb and Dumber for a change. After they have heard what is going on the police tell Keith that he should contact the landlord or the local goverment types, but they are powerless to do anything and drive off. Charlie and Jason finish their work and leave the scene. A while later Charlie has a confrontation with Keith near the builder's yard. Charlie grabs Keith by the lapels and pushes him against the wall in quite a violent fashion. Charlie tells him in no uncertain terms what he thinks of Keith running his mouth in the pub and on the street. Keith is left visibly shaken by the experience.

The Red Shoe Diaries

Earlier in the day Charlie promised Tracey he would take her out for lunch. She keeps harping all day long 'Charlie you said we were going for lunch' - even while he is on the roof doing his dastardly deeds. Later, back in their flat, Tracey flounces over to the human sneer in a trashy little outfit. Charlie tells her 'not bad for a Weatherfield bird'. Tracey asks if they are going for lobster and caviar. No - they are off for some plonk and pizza. He is thoughtful enough to have brought her a present though. After listening to how Tracey had looked high and low for the famous missing red shoe for so long without success, she had finally binned the solitary red shoe she had left. This was when Charlie could finally bring a denouement to his Machiavellian machinations. He gives Tracey her present, a shoe box containing a single red shoe just like the one she has been searching for. In fact it is the one she has been looking for. Charlie thinks it is all quite funny. Miss Barlow fails to see the humour in what Charlie has done. He leans across the table in his malevolent fashion and tells her it is as hilarious as her fake abortion. Charlie Stubbs will not be made a fool of. A moment later he is back to his charming self wondering if they should have pudding or tira misu for desert. Charlie is what they call a sociopath I think.

Back at The Rovers the Three Stooges - Keith, Diggory and Jack are having a pint or two. Keith is trying to think of a way to keep his roof dry. They concoct a plan to get a tarp over the roof somehow. Jack is not keen on helping, but is shamed into action by Keith. Jack's parting words to Shel - 'A friend in need - is a pain in the backside'.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

David is having a grand time doing time, er working at the salon. Flirting with the old birds is landing him a handful of tips. (sounds like a day in the life of Papa Smurf) Maria is a bit miffed by this. Moley comes in to get her hair done because her regular stylist is away on holiday. Moley thinks her new look 'will do for now'. Maria is miffed by this as well. Gail come is to see how her evil offspring is making out and Audrey gushes about how well he is doing. It might turn into a long term job for young Platt.

Later at The Rovers Gail, Audrey, Maria and Sarah sit and have a drink. Sarah twitters on about dresses and island vacations. Gail tells Audrey she has stopped taking the sleeping pills and there are hugs all around. Jason comes in and orders a pint from Violet. (who looked particularily unappealing for once) Sarah comes up to greet her man and Violet wishes the bethrothed couple all the best. They are suspicious but Violet is being sincere.

Daddy Can You Hear Me?

In the wake of the death of his Aunt Betty Sean is wondering if he try to contact his long estranged father. Sean seeks guidance from his muses Eileen and Violet. He tells a sad story of how his mother cut the images of his father out of his baby pictures because of the philandering ways. (the father not the baby) In the end he calls his father and leaves a message - while using a particularily deep and manly voice.

Love's Labour's Lost

Lloyd is still pining for Kelly. As is the case with most men, they try and get their pals to do the dirty work for them. Steve doesn't want to get involved again but Lloyd shames him into it. Steve tries to recruit Ronny into helping with the matchmaking scheme but she wants to go into town for a bit of fun. Steve the spineless wonder decides a night in town is a great idea but Ronny has already sped off into the distance. Back in The Rovers Steve does his best to convince Kel to take Lloyd back but she isn't having it and storms off out the door. The whole time Lloyd is sitting in the background waiting to see what happens. Time to grow a set there Lloyd, you and Steve are an embarrassment to all men around the world.

Fred, Bev, Ashley and Claire are all caught up in the drama of the Ramsden visitation controversy. In the midst of this Bev's daughter Shel is feeling increasingly neglected. First she can't go and boogie with the young hip crowd, now her own flesh and blood are putting her on the back burner. Poor Shel, will she ever find happiness?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Friday Update


Young Joshua is punching Granddad Fred in the gut and giggling like it’s the best thing ever. “God, I hate kids,” says actor John Savident between gritted teeth. Okay, he doesn’t really say that, but I bet he was happy when Claire took the little tyke ‘off to school’.

Fred raises a touchy subject, the possibility of settling with Matt Ramsden out of court. Of course Ashley’s not having any of it. Later, Fred promises a big celebration when the judge tells Ramsden he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. However, he looks doubtful as the younger Peacock’s drive away.

Ramsden stops Ashley outside of the courtroom and asks him to reconsider. Ashley turns his usual shade of red and says he won’t discuss it unless Ramsden is going to agree to leave them alone. “Calm down,” Claire tells Ashley once again.

“I just want to play a part,” Matt tells the judge, “a small part in Joshua’s life.” He asserts that he is the child’s biological father.
Naturally, this sets Ashley off again, “no you’re not. My name’s on his birth certificate. Yours is nowhere.”

Dr. Ramsden is happy to give DNA testing but Ashley continues to refuse. Then Claire asks to speak. She always thought the welfare of the child was the most important thing. She doesn’t understand what this has all been about or why it’s necessary. The judge thanks them all, says they’ve all been quite clear. Since there doesn’t seem to be any willingness to compromise, they will be all called back for a second hearing.


Jason teases David about working at the salon where he’ll be sure to get all the girls. David says it’s only older women who go there anyway. “Yeah,” Jason grins, “well me boss recons they’re the best ‘cause they’re so grateful.”

David offers to watch the door for drunks instead of chores but Audrey says that won’t be necessary. She sends Sarah to clean the beauty room and then apologizes to Maria for not warning her about David. “He needs us. It’s kind of like that community service thing.”
Maria asks what she’s supposed to do.
“What we must all do, darling. Be nice to him.”
Of course, David slacks off as soon as he can. Sarah bitches that he’s playing ball with Craig instead of doing the errand Gran wanted. Maria empathizes that it can’t be that much fun in there for him. She offers to talk to him. She tells him he’s a good looking lad when he smiles and that she’s on his side, as long as he gets a better attitude.


Lloyd really misses Kelly but she won’t talk to him. He complains to Steve and Ronnie that right now he needs the kind of friends he can rely on.
“Yeah, well you haven’t got any,” says Steve
“Yeah, I know. I’m just saying. It’s what a man needs.”

Steve runs into Kelly at Dev’s shop and asks her how she’s doing. “Folks is stopped grabbing their purses when I go by,” she replies. She asks after Lloyd but won’t be calling him, adding that life goes on.

Ronnie thinks Lloyd’s better off without Kelly anyway. She says Kelly’s stupid and walks like she’s on stilts. You can’t criticize someone for the way they walk, Steve rebukes her. Well, replies Ronny, then it’s her bad taste in clothes and her prison record. “I didn’t realize you were so smitten with her,” she adds. Steve is clearly surprised at this.

Amber arrives at the shop with a big duffle bag and Dev looks less than thrilled. Amber asks if he’s changed his mind, “Oh you have, haven’t you?” Dev certainly pauses, but then hands her the keys and tells her to go up and start unpacking.

Later, he sees her talking to Craig. Suddenly Diggory appears and says he’s had a daughter at that age and he knows what Dev’s got coming and he doesn’t envy him. Then he says something about boys coming down chimneys and up drainpipes. Lord, Molly must have had some creepy (or fictional) boyfriends.

Dev points out that they’re just talking. Diggory warns, “I’ll say this. Don’t turn your back. Not for a second.”


Tracy asks Charlie if he’s actually going to have a shave and get changed and take her out for a proper lunch to make up for the night before. He intends to, except he runs into Keith who has a problem with a leaky roof.
“Is Thursday okay?” Charlie asks.
“Thursday? What am I supposed to do until then?” says Keith.
“Buy a bucket?” Ha! (I)
Keith says he’s desperate and he practically begs, so Saint Charlie agrees to do the job.
“There’ll be a drink for you two in the Rovers later tonight,” Keith gushes.
“Yeah, and there’ll be a bill for you.” Ha! (II)

“Keep your eyes open,” Keith tells Craig. See, you watch the builder so you can learn how they do it and then do it yourself next time. Keith’s Granddad taught him that trick.
Craig is skeptical, “You do know he’s working on the roof, though, yeah? So how am I gonna watch him?”
“Well, yes, I can see that’s a problem. But as a general rule, it’s worth bearing in mind.”

As Charlie packs up, Keith expresses his gratitude and offers a glowing recommendation to all. Climbing into truck, Charlie remembers he’s supposed to take Tracy to lunch. He tells Jason maybe he’ll have to just buy her sandwich, tell her it’s takeaway and see how much of a sense of humor she has. But have no fear, he’s still taking her out. He just has to take the bill to Keith, presumably while the gratitude is still fresh. Tracy’s only half listening – she’s still looking for her red shoe. Ha! (III)

At the Rover’s, Keith is still gushing, “there are some folks who call tradesmen names but you won’t see me doing that.” Enter Charlie who hands him a bill for £230. Keith almost chokes on his beer. “This is a bit steep, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, well, so is your roof,” Charlie replies. Ha! (IV)

Keith calls it extortion. Charlie calls it two guys at premium rate plus materials. Audrey thinks it sounds reasonable, but Keith refuses to pay.
“Well, what we doing, Charlie?” Tracy asks, watching her lunch date going down the drain.
“Daylight robbery,” says Blanche as Charlie stomps out of the pub.

Just as the others have almost lifted Keith to their shoulders for standing up to Charlie, enter Craig, who says, “you do know he’s back on our roof taking the tile off?” Oh, the look on Keith’s face! He rushes out into the street to find that, sure enough, Charlie is stripping the whole roof. Keith threatens to call the police.
Go ahead, says Charlie. Afterall, Keith asked him to inspect the roof in the first place. “I’ve decided they’re in such a bad state they’re all going to have to come off.”


Tracy stops by 'for tea' and Dierdre and Blanche wonder what she wants. She wants them to baby sit while she and Charlie go for lunch.
“Short notice,” says Blanche
“It is,” Dierdre agrees.
“They’ve started wind surfing lessons on the reservoir. We thought we might give it a try,” says Blanche.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Virtual Corrie Canuck Pub Night

So Shatnerian, Debbie, Lori, Radmila and I met up in Second Life for a Corrie Canuck virtual pub night.

corrie party_001

We all enjoyed some drinks and dance at Chez Glacia - and of course lots of Corrie gossip.

I think everyone's up for meeting again next week if anyone wants to join in.

Mabye we'll try some bars or skating.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

British Isle Show

So we're only a few weeks away from the British Isle Show in Toronto and Corrie Canuckers will be there in full force.

The show will be March 2,3 and 4 at the Canadian Exhibition.

Friday 11:00 - 7:00
Saturday 10:00 - 7:00
Sunday 10:00 - 5:00

Prices are as follows:
Adults - $15.00
Seniors - $13.00
Youth - $12.00
Seniors Day Friday - $11.00

For Corrie Canucks, I've got a few events:

Saturday day - BIS
If we can go en masse, I suggest we get here at LEAST at 9:30 because the line ups are a bit much. If we're all together at least we can keep each other company.

Hint for BIS show...bring cash/credit cards. Trust me. There's a LOT of Corrie stuff, lots of british food and omg...every bbc/itv show you can ever imagine on dvd that will run on Canadian machines. (On the Buses, Duchess of Duke Street, Are You Being Served, etc.)

Saturday evening - Corrie Pub Night
We have two options:
#1 - Go to the Auld Spot on the Danforth which is where we usually go for Corrie Pub nights. If we decide to go there, we should go a bit early as it's a small place and we might have problems getting a large table. I don't think they do reservations for saturday, but maybe they'll make an exception for us.

#2 - The Bank Note on King. The advantage of the Bank Note is that it's closer to the BIS and has more space. The food's good, but not quite as good as Auld Spot and isn't really a pub.

There's also Fionne McCools on King, but that place gets PACKED and is a bit impossible to hear each other.

Sunday morning - Brunch/Fry Up
I'll have to find a place that will do a good fry up and can accomodate us.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Update - February 14, 2007 - "Modus Operandi. I learned it off C.S.I."

The Cat's in the Cradle

(Dev should watch the most recent episode of Knight of Prosperity as I believe he can relate to Gourishankar "Gary" Subramaniam's plight when he is forced to reconnect with his long lost son - in order to put his computer skills to work to erase some incriminating security camera footage. Funny show - check it out before it gets cancelled.)

It's morning and Eileen finds Amber outside Dev's closed shop, which gets a snarky comment from a nosey Norris and a "Shut up, Norris" from John. Just before Eileen is forced to deal with the impending apocalypse that will come down if Jason doesn't get his Frosted Wheat Moments, Dev appears. Clearly displeased with Amber's appearance, he asks her why she's not at school. She answers that she still doesn't want to go to Finland.

He says she can come visit anytime, an arrangement Amber is less than impressed. So Dev marches a protesting Amber off to the bus stop where they come across Fred. She asks him if he has a daughter.

Fred said that he has not been so blessed. Amber says that if he had, she's sure he'd never pack her off to Finland as she thinks Fred has a kind face. Fred counters that he recently made a child cry, just by looking at it.

They arrive at the bus stop with Amber claiming she's about to vomit from worry. He tells her to make sure she gets on the bus. Rosie calls Dev a toss-pot.

"Oi! That's my dad you're dissing," Amber says.

Back at the shop, Dev, Keith, and Fred, three sensitive 21st century men discuss the Amber situation. Keith remembers being smacked for infractions. Fred thinks Amber belongs with her mother as women are hard-wired for that sort of thing.

Dev receives a call from Ravinder. Amber didn't make it to school, apparently. That's because she's at Roy's where Hayley tries to console, telling her that Dev will love her. Amber thinks Dev doesn't know the meaning of the word love.

Ravinder and Dave show up at the shop just as Dev tracks her down and tells her to come back. While waiting, Ravinder says Dev should be considering letting Amber stay with him as she is his daughter and, for whatever reason, wants a relationship with him. Given her age and recent events in her life, this seems a reasonable choice.

Amber arrives to find Hayley quietly filling her basket as she overhears Dev saying how Ravinder could have gotten rid of Amber in the first place and that he doesn't want anything to do with her. Amber steps in and wonders if she gets a say in all this. But Dev still refuses to let her live with him and brushes past her.

"I didn't expect you to love me," she calls after him. "But you don't even like me."

The Break-Up

After couch-surfing, Lloyd creeps back into bed with Kelly. She still regrets pleading guilty but Lloyd thinks she should be happy she got away with it.

Later at the Kabin, Kelly is looking at greeting cards while Norris gives her a hard time. She chooses a card and brings it to the counter as Norris asks if she has everything she needs.

She looks down her shirt. "Yes, that'll be fine. Why? Do you want to frisk me?"

"I most certainly do not!" Norris replies, indignantly. I'll frisk her then, repeatedly if necessary.

Eileen asks if the trial went her way. Kelly said that it didn't as she had to say something that wasn't true.

"So you're not a thief. You're just a liar," Norris adds. Shut up, Norris.

At the factory's swanky new locker room, Sally tells Kelly that she'll be keeping an eye on her, as will all who are decent and honest. And if anyone knows about decency, it's Sally, the street's snobby, Craig's penis fearing, car dealer banging, paragon of virtue.

Hayley suggests she make up with Lloyd, noting that he only wanted what was best. If she pleased Not Guilty, she would be doing her porridge and everyone would think she's guilty anyway.

Kelly goes to Streetcars to find Lloyd but finds Steve instead. They have a beer and commiserate a bit.

Later, the ever sensitive Lloyd wants to go for a drink but Kelly says she can't deal with any more accusing looks. Lloyd presses the issue but Kelly stomps off.

Later on, Kelly talks about how far she's come from her past mistakes while Lloyd tells her to give it a rest. Kelly snaps and says it's time they took a break - from each other.

Betty's Dead!

No, not that Betty.

Sean bursts in to the Rovers with the news that he's on the guest list at a posh new club in the city. He, Violet, Jamie, and Adam all make plans for a night out. Shelley suddenly appears to want to go out with them.

"It's been ages since I had a boogie." She tells them, to much derision from the young 'uns (and Sean).

The issue is discussed among the young 'uns (and Sean) and Violet feels it would be like taking her mum out.

Yikes. Hint: Shelley, go drinking with Frankie and Eileen. You'll have much more fun, believe me.

Anyway, Sean gets a call on his mobile and learn's that Betty's dead! Not, not our Betty, who is missing, in case you haven't noticed, but Sean's Auntie Betty. Sean reminisces about Betty's wild ways and decides they'll all go out and get pished in her honour.

Meanwhile, Fred and Bev went to the Manchester version of Le Salon de La Mariée. Betcha Fred and Bev's didn't feature showgirls you could hire for your reception.

The Epic Storyline Continues...

David tells Rosie and Craig that it was Phil who sent the cards after all. Sally tells Gail that she heard it was Phil. Gail goes and apologises to Eileen. Jason's learned how to say "modus operandi" and "pomegranate."

Just don't ask him to spell it.

I've Said it Before....

I think Amber is the new Bet.

I'm actually going to say the Amber is close to becoming my favorite charater after Bet.

Happy Valentine's Day

So Much Gossip, So Little Time Update

I think Blanche and Norris are going to fall and break their hips running back and forth between the two pieces of gossip on the street, namely?

‘Ello, ‘Ello, ‘Ello, What’s All This Then?
Okay, so everyone wants to know why the coppers have shown up on Gayle’s door and of course the assumption is that she is in trouble for mailing the letters to herself.

In the Kabin, Norris, Blanche and Rita are all whispering about Gayle and because , ‘she can HEAR them’, she volunteers the reason why the police were at her place. She is having an affair with the Chief Constable but don’t say anything because he’s married.


Anyway, Audrey wants her to tell everyone that it’s David and Gayle wants to protect him and would rather let the gossip assume it’s her.

Okay, as much as I liked Audrey hitting David with the purse, I think I’d go Gayle’s route on this one. Protect the Spawn of Satan and hope that therapy will help. I don’t see the point of making him the focus of gossip.

Bitches of Eastwick
Kelly goes off for her day in court, supported by a card from the girls in the factory and the physical presence of Lloyd, Sean and Jo.

She frets over what to wear, and decides on a nice black number. Moley takes this opportunity to tell her it won’t matter what she wears. Bitch #1.

Blanche and Norris show up at the courtroom to make sure that justice is served. Bitch #2 and Bitch #3.

Lloyd begs Kelly to plead guilty, if not for him so that he doesn’t have to lose her for months on end. She says she doesn’t want to because she’s innocent. In the end however, she decides to follow his advice and tells the court that she is innocent.

The judge gives her 5 weeks each for each of the 5 purses she stole which works out to 6 months, but says that because she pleaded guilty that he will get a suspended sentence and that she’s to meet with a probation officer every month for the next 12 months.

Everyone is happy, except Kelly who gets taunted and heckled by Sally (Bitch #4) et al back at the Rovers. She says she wished she had never pleaded because now everyone will think she did it and that she has a record and will be branded.

I kind of agree with Kelly. And what kind of system kind of MAKES you plead guilty?

BTW – Kelly’s middle name is Louise and she was born April 24, 1979.

It’s Chicken Masala – Without the Chicken

Amber tells Dev that she’ll take care of the shop while he goes and takes care of the twins. She then gets Craig (telling him Dev will pay time and a half) to watch the shop while she goes upstairs to the flat to clean up for him and put on some Chicken Masala - without the chicken…or the masala.

When Dev comes home he freaks that she’s taken it upon herself to come in and clean and cook for him. She retorts that she was just trying to be nice to him and that he’s a control freak and that she’s going home to mom...thankyouverymuch.

But just before she can slam the door, Dev tells her to wait and he …APOLOGIZES and then THANKS HER for all her work. He says that it was all a shock that he’s glad she’s helped him and gosh doesn’t her Chicken Masala (without the chicken or masala) smells great.

Nice Dev, nice.

Oh, so it turns out that Sunita DID move into the big ass house.


Ashley and Claire are dressed in some kind of matching blue polka dot outfits as he goes off to a solicitors meeting. He’s supposed to meet her for lunch but ends up missing it, and consequentially baby’s first bit of hiccups in Claire’s tum.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Update for Episode # 6298 february 12, 2007

What Doctor Freud would do to Gail and her clever coping strategy if he were still alive and practicing today.

The End of the Richard Hillman Card Saga

A police car pulls up outside the Platt flat. For the first time in the history of Coronation Street it contains a copper with a brain. Norris and Blanche, the resident gossip mongers of the street are quickly on the job trying to determine what is happening. Blanche, that paragon of discretion, decides to view the action from inside the corner shop where Keef is running the show - by taking a break from doing the crossword with a nap. Or as Keef puts it - 'resting my eyes, that's all'.

Inside Number 8 the constable informs Gail that they have Stinky McTavish in custody and are questioning him about the Richard Hillman cards. It turns out that when Phil was taken by the police he had a birthday card in his car - supposedly for his mother for her birthday. Gail, knowing full well that Phil is not responsible for the cards, starts to waffle about the cards and about her suspicions as to who might be sending them. In short she tells the constable that she may have been wrong about Phil being the culprit, and she just wants to forget the whole thing ever happened. The constable is understandably dubious about this sudden change of heart but there is little he can do except return from whence he came.

Gail sees the police man out to his car. As he drives away Gail is asked by Norris 'was that a police car?' in a none too subtle effort to garner some gossip. Gail wonders where Blanche is, and is disappointed in the lack of stamina in some of her nosier neighbours. The truth of it is Blanche is making tracks for The Salon as fast as her Polish hip will take her so she can inform Audrey of what has been happening in her family tree. Audrey scurries over to get caught up on the news and is shocked to hear what Gail has done. Lying to the police in front of David is probably not the best example that a mother might want to send to her already morally skewed offspring. Audrey has a point there.

David, no doubt wracked with guilt, goes out to play a little footie with Craig. They decide to go to the Red Rec for a bit till Rosie shows up and beguiles Craig with her womanly charms. David is quickly forgotten. Remember Craig - bro's before ho's.

We next see Gail and Damien, er David at the police station waiting in a hallway. Gail has decided to tell the truth and accept whatever consequences might result. The constable with a brain puts David in a room and leaves him alone for a while to make him sweat. Then the three of them have a chat and the constable explains what perverting the course of justice is and how it could result in a custodial sentence. (maybe David and Kelly could be cell mates) David seems suitably cowed by all this and the Platts take their leave.

We next see Gail, David, Sarah, and Audrey sitting around the dinner table. Gail informs the other women that this will be the last day the cards are ever mentioned, she is wiping the slate clean, the matter will never be discussed with anyone outside of the family ever again. Audrey tries to get a word in edgewise but is rebuffed. David mumbles an apology to his sister and Gran. Sarah calls him a psycho. David slinks off to his room.

The Weatherfield One

Kelly is on tenterhooks whether she should plead guilty and hopefully get a sentence of community service, or fight the charges in court and possibly lose the case and end up in prison. Lloyd is all for her pleading guilty and being done with it. Kelly doesn't want to admit guilt to something she knows she hasn't done. Lloyd, showing a remarkable lack of backbone, tells Kelly that there is no point in fighting if you know you're going to lose. (he would fare poorly on my five-a-side footie team believe you me)

Why is it when going to prison in the UK you are either 'banged up' or 'sent down' - seems contradictory to me.

Movin' on Up

A moving van is outside the corner shop. Enquiring minds want to know who the newest denizen of the cobbles might be. Sean and Jo, for similar yet different reasons, both hope it will be a nice looking young bloke who is moving in. Sadly for them it is only a bloke - George, er Dev who is moving into the flat.

The End of the End

Frankie and Danny are in the office of the factory discussing the divorce details. Frankie tells Danny 'Just look me in the eye and tell me I got a good deal.' Danny does exactly that. They shake hands on the deal they have hammered out. Frankie walks out a free woman and tells Leanne that it is all done, without any tears, he's all yours to enjoy. When Leanne finds out that Frankie got the villa in Spain* she is a bit put out but is consoled by Danny when he tells her how much better it will be to travel anywhere in the world for a holiday instead of going to the same old villa on the same old beach all the time in nasty old Spain.

Sean and Jo ask if they can have time off to support Kelly at her court appearance. Danny asks his PA to do the honours, and Leanne tells them they can have the time off, if they promise to do an over-time shift at regular pay to make up for lost production. Oh ,and they only get two hours off. Leanne might be management material after all.

* No doubt to spend quality time smurfing in the surf with Papa Smurf.

Girls Gone Wild

Frankie decides to hit the town with Liz, Deirdre, and Bev. (I had a dream about this once) She tells the hens that the drinks are on her cheating ex-husband. Frankie is quite happy, she has the divorce settled, she has the villa, she has the money, and she has a bloke that is 10 years younger and 10 times fitter than Danny. The four women have a debate about revenge and comeuppance and self respect. Frankie says screw self respect, show her the money. Liz phones Steve, who is in the next booth, for a taxi ride. They debate whether they should go to the villa in Spain or to The Blue Parrot* for cocktails. After discussing the relative merits of Steve McDonald as a pool boy the besotted beauties decide The Blue Parrot is the wiser choice.

* Believe it or not The Blue Parrot is found in Thunder Bay. I kid you not.

Oh Yeah

Oh I know that I messed up with Thursday's update...I overextended myself too much between knitting, blogging, swimmig, reading, competetive poodle jumping and being the president of the united states of america.

BUT the good news is, I got two free tickets to the hockey hall of fame that I'm willing to give to any of our out of town Corrie Canucks who are coming to the BIS in March.

If more than one person wants them, just tell the name of my cat. Answer can be found somewhere here.

Oh and before all the 'discussion' starts up, even though we call it 'hockey' here in Canada and the United States...I recognize that it's better known as 'gift wrapping' in the UK. Whereas over in North America, gift wrapping is an entirely different thing altogether.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

CORONATION STREET 1975 Deirdre first wedding

CORONATION STREET 1975 Deirdre is getting married to Ray Langton.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Hour Interview with Johnny Briggs

As Debbie mentioned in the comments, George Stromboulopolous' interview with Johnny Briggs, aka the late, great Mike Baldwin, is available at The Hour's web site. Click here to view. I'm glad they make this stuff available. I just wish the CBC would use a better video format. And create a YouTube channel, like NBC does, to allow a wider distribution.

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Divorce Proceedings Update

The episode starts as Danny emerges from his car and answers a call from his solicitor, as Frankie does the same in the background, leaving her house. They talk to their solicitors simultaneously. The calls are basically, “you tell him” and “you tell her” and “not a chance” until they end up literally face-to-face yelling, “see you in court!”

In the next scene, Danny says to Frankie that he wants to sit down and talk man-to-man, but Frankie says she can’t trust him.

David Platt makes moves to bring his mom tea, but Gail says, “you think all it’s going to take is a cuppa tea?” David looks appropriately sheepish.

Enter Sarah, who thinks it’s all an act, that David’s just sucking up. Lord, how did she get to be the smart one?! “You lied then, and you’re lying now,” she accuses. Gail announces that David’s not going to school today. Sarah protests – why should he get a day off for what he’s done? - and Gail cuts her off, “thank you Sarah, I’ll deal with this in my way.”

Gail adds that she doesn’t want Jason to know about this. But she concedes she’ll have to tell Audrey and tells Sarah to ask her around at lunch. Sarah protests the secrecy, but Gail says, “I’m protecting the whole family.”

Then, an overhead shot of the new factory! Wow, they really did slip in that rebuild. We saw scaffolding for, what, one episode? And no builders, either.
“At last the building resembles something from the 21st century,” Danny says proudly and yes, it is quite different. Spacious, with an air of industrial efficiency.

Leanne accuses him of going soft for giving “that thief” her job back, meaning Kelly. Leanne predicts loudly that Kelly will be ‘inside' by the end of the week. “Let’s hope she never gets called for jury service,” Fiz says of Leanne.

David’s punishment is to sort through a bin of all of his stuff, sorting into 'toss' or 'keep'. It's Gail's ploy to get him to talk to her. “I want to understand" (to which I give a resounding “ptttttpht!”, spittle and all, because I'm exceptionally unreasonable when it comes to this family).

At Streetcars, Lloyd tells Kelly not to let Leanne get to her, that no judge in his right mind would send her away. "I wouldn’t bank on it,” Steve jumps in.
Kelly retorts sarcastically that what, should she just give up and go pack her things for her inevitable jail sentence?
"Good idea,” he replies.
After Kelly departs in a huff, Steve says he felt he had to provide a balanced opinion since Lloyd was giving her false hope.

Later, Lloyd talks about how he wants Kelly to cling to hope, to persevere. Steve still thinks she should plead guilty since she’s had previous offences. If she threw herself on the mercy of the judge, she could get a lighter sentence. Claire thinks it’s simply wrong to lie.

“Nobody ever listens to me,” David tells Gail. The only time she ever pays attention is when he’s done something wrong. “You just get on my back all the time."
Gail starts to melt, “So you did this to get attention?”
He says he couldn’t stand how she was playing ‘happy families’ with Phil. “I hated him so much and I hated you for liking him.”
Then she asks why he carried on sending the cards after Phil was gone, and he shrugs. He just wanted her to keep thinking it was Phil’s. “Why?” she asks. David falters.

Meanwhile, at the salon, Sarah tells Audrey to go see Gail about something really important that she can't talk about, but Audrey’s determined to get the news out of Sarah first.

“You’re right, I don’t listen,” Gail says to David (the Hubby thinks Gail’s being proactive here. I think David’s a manipulative little psychopath and Gail’s as proactive as carpet lint).

Out of the box of junk, he extracts his first proper ‘footie’ boots (sp?). He reminisces about his first football match, which Gail and Martin watched from the sidelines, cheering him on. “You miss your dad, don’t you?” she asks. They have a hug.

Until Audrey comes in swinging, ready to beat the living tar out of him. (This is where the Hubby enters rant mode, something about “the complete and utter lack of self control of all characters on this show. The only person I like is Ken.”
Since I’m hollering, “Go Audrey!”, the ‘pause’ button is depressed while a ‘discussion’ ensues.)

Dev, as organized as ever, bursts into Streetcars and offers the 50 quid to whomever for a couple hours work. Lloyd and Steve are not interested so Dev accosts Keith in the street. Keith agrees to put in some hours while Dev’s getting a van to move his stuff from the house to the flat above the store. Keith comments that it’s nice Sunita’s moving into the house. Dev replies, “it’s more than nice, Keith, it’s absolutely fantastic.”

Frankie enters the new factory looking smashing, especially compared to poor Leanne ( monster clipboard, Ms. Danson! Seriously, she must be going on mat leave soon). Frankie wants to talk to Danny so he sends Leanne off to fetch the tea, which amuses the factory girls to no end.

Gail tells off Audrey for attacking her son. Audrey naturally assumes Gail is letting David off too easily, accusing her of dealing with him too softly. Gail defends her approach, saying she’s dealing with it and “yes, by talking. Something that’s in short supply around here some times.” Audrey retorts that she’s burying her head in the sand as usual. This point seems to be proven when Gail acquiesces to letting David go outside to play football in the street. Oh, the look on Audrey’s face! I think she wants to slap Gail next.

Frankie warns Danny that there’s no chance of reconciliation so why bother fighting the divorce proceedings? Danny says the only thing he’s clinging to is the villa in Spain. Leanne interrupts to do the ‘urgent’ filing and is summarily dismissed again. She shoots Danny a mean look as she shuts the door.

In the next scene, Leanne is sitting on a bench outside when Les comes by. She’s sad. She thinks she’s unlucky with men. Les ramps up to kill Danny and Leanne has to reassure him that Danny didn’t cheat, it’s just that he and Frankie are talking divorce. Les empathizes that the lava lamp was the main sticking point between him and Janice when they were splitting up.

Leanne says she saw how Danny’s face lit up when Frankie walked into the room. Les assures her that Frankie will be back off to London once she’s cleaned Danny out. Is she worried about the money? No, Leanne replies, she couldn’t care less about the money. It’s Danny she wants. “Blimey, you have got it bad, don’t you?” Les says, taking his daughter into his embrace.

Audrey looks out the window at David playing football with Craig. Gail emphasizes that she hasn’t let him off the hook. But what is she supposed to do? Hit him? Ground him?
“YES!” replies Audrey, “Do we all have to tiptoe around him, be nice or he might play some nasty tricks on us?”
Gail doesn’t disagree; she just thinks it should be handled differently. She wants to spend time with him, talk to him, stop bringing home men who terrorize him.
“Gail, he needs to be dealt with,” Audrey persists.
“Like you dealt with me?” Gail snaps. Audrey says she was never like this but Gail implies that Audrey would never have even noticed if she had been. So frankly, Gail doesn’t want Audrey’s opinion on parenting.
“But love, what he did is a terrible thing,” Audrey says. She thinks they should put the fear of God into him. “I mean it,” she says, warning that Gail better put a stop to it or she will. Outside, she pauses to give David the Evil Granny Glare before walking on.

“Do you want me to get you a glass to shove against the door?” Jo teases Leanne, who is obviously stressed that Danny’s still in there with Frankie. Jo moves to get Danny to do a quality check but Leanne snatches the lingerie out of her hands and reenters the office to find Danny and Frankie having a good laugh together. Danny says things are in a delicate state and asks her to leave again.

In the last scene of the episode, a cop pulls up in front of David and Craig. They watch as he knocks on the Platt’s door. He’s tells Gail he’s there in connection with the hoax cards.

Tonight's special musical guest

Remember when Status Quo showed up on the Street? That was fun, but I don't think it compares to this week when the Scissor Sisters showed up on NBC's Passions (click to view the clip). They were, I don't know, teleported or something by Endora, the Bethanyesque mute mini-witch. The witch's mother (grandmother?) even manages to work in a totally subtle plug for their CD. Note the completely natural acting on the band's part.

Why can't Bethany Platt think in cartoon thought balloons and have magic powers?