Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Whipped Update

Before I do anything, let me get my favorite quote out of the way.

Blanche: 'It must be a penance thing, like how catholics whip themselves.'

Rita: 'Catholics don't whip themselves.'

Glacia: 'Actually, Rita, you're wrong. Personally, I love a good whipping now and then.'

And On To Cleaner Subjects - Like Princess Di.

Vera's at home feeling blue. Even though she doesn't want to go back to the cafe, she feels that shouldn't anyway because she is past her prime.

She busies herself by making Jack clean and dust her Di figurine and he tries to cheer her up. He ends up bringing in a 'Bo peep' figure - but I can't figure why. Did I miss something? Did he break one or is he just buying her one to cheer her up?

Roy and Haley are busy cleaning up the cafe, trying to get it in shape for the new inspection. Upset over an article in the gazette about the cafe closing, Roy bemoans the fact that they're going to lose all the food they have due to the restaurant closing. Haley says that they look at someone in worse condition. She suggests that make up a bunch of sandwiches and take them to the shelter. Roy thinks this is a wonderful idea and is glad he found such a wonderful soul mate.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm - I'm predicting trouble here. If the restaurant isn't legally allowed to serve food to paying customers, I'm kind of thinking that the same rules would apply to serving food for the homeless. If the food is a risk - it's going to be a risk to everyone.

Oh Gayle, Just DIE Will You!
Okay, we don't get treated to Gayle's mopey face all over the screen, but her spirit infects most of the episode.

Audrey is walking around bothered by all the interest in Gayle's well being and snaps at a few people. To make matters worse, Norris is talking to Rita about the cards and how Gayle must be buying them to send to herself and how it's a middle age woman's perogative to draw attention to herself even in a negative light.

Meanwhile, out on the street, Audrey is suddenly pulled, PULLED towards the Kabin. The irresistible attraction of Platt gossip renders her helpless and she is forced through the door the MINUTE Norris is in full chitter-chatter mode.

She is more than pissed and blames Rita too, although later in the Rovers, Audrey apologizes saying she knows Rita had nothing to do with the gossip.

Rebbecca of Pyschobrook Farm
Becky apologizes profusely for 'accidentally' ruining Kelly's shirt and offers to buy her a new one. Kelly tells her it's okay and not to bother replacing it.

Meanwhile Llyod and Kelly are getting excited to have the flat to themselves again but it's then that Kelly realizes that there's no way Becky's going to be able to get the deposit for a flat together. Kelly pawns the watch in order to get 200 pounds to give to Becky.

No need to worry Kelly, Becky's come up with a clever fundraising scheme.

Let's see:

Fizz's wallet goes missing.
Blanche's wallet goes missing - with 8 pounds and a lottery ticket!

And just in case we don't make the connection, we see Becky back at the flat, looking at Fizz's id while fondling Blanche's lotto ticket.

In Other News
Craig has decided to work with Kevin and learn car mechanics as a trade. Sally thinks he's wasting his abilities on being a grease monkey and should go to uni instead. QUELLE SUPRISE!

Claire thinks Fred should move out of the house to make way for the new baby. Wait, who does this house belong to? I thought it was Fred's. Maybe not, maybe it's Ashley's from when he was married to Stinky Magoo...I mean, Maxine.

Roy apologized to Norris who is being a jerk. Norris says that he's surprised that someone so fastidious as Roy would let the place go to hell like that. Roy asks that if Norris felt that he was always so careful about the cleanliness of the caf, why did he call environmental health?

Blanche is bugging Shelly to find the thief who took her wallet at the Rovers. Shelly gives Blanche the 8 pounds plus the cost of the wallet just to get her to shut up and go back to her soo-doo-koo. Blanche wants to know about the lotto ticket. Shelly jumps over the bar and smothers Blanche to death with an old Boddington's tea towel.


Debbie said...

Jack broke one of the figurines when he was cleaning it.

Debbie said...

OK, the last paragraph is hilarious!

Rob Swizzle said...

Great summary of one of the most tedious episodes in memory. Apart from Shelley getting in Blanche's face, that was one joyless half hour.

"Stinky Magoo"? I have no idea where that came from, but I love it!

Jacqueline said...

I just always hated thought I'd wave my wand and re-christen her.

Jason said...

pretty sure teh House belongs to ASh...Fred moved in after Stinky died to help with the babby...i say babby

papasmurf said...

Will the delightful dominatrix diva be attending the pingfest during the British Isles Show?

If so I will be sure to remember to bring my latex chaps.

missusmac said...

Ashley owns the house. Fred made a big deal of handing it over years ago when he heard that Maxine and Ashley were expecting a 'little addition'.

Turns out they were getting a cat. Don't know where it is. Perhaps stuck behind a radiator at Roy's Rolls???

Are the Peacocks forgetting Fred and Bev are supposed to get married, and won't likely want to live in their spare room? Why hasn't Fred just moved into the pub?

No one has mentioned the best line out of David Platt's mouth in years, to Sarah, on her way out one night: "Don't go getting pregnant now!"

Jackie said...

I didn't think that Jack broke a figurine, Vera just said, "Don't wash Princess Di, or you WILL break the crown" I thought he bought it for her just to be nice. Which is kinda sweet, because it shows that dispite all their bickering he really does care about her.

I thought the same thing about the food to the homeless. And please, someone END the Gayle story line!!

Jacqueline said...

With a field trip to 'Mis'behavin', papa.

Debbie said...

Jack didn't break the Princess Diana, but he did manage to bust the next one that we was cleaning. Vera wasn't looking.

Jack loves Vera and Vera loves Jack. They belong together and will most likely die together bickering to their last moment.

Jason said...

Vera is Jack's "Marzipan clawed Wolverine"...i dig Jack and his affectations

Pamer said...

Not sure why my account suddenly turned to "Jason"'s Pamer dammit

(London) Rob said...

Great picture Jacqueline - but I thought you were a blonde.

If you click on it, it gets bigger...the picture...

Just sayin'