Saturday, January 20, 2007

Where's Corrie?

Okay, next week's schedule is as follows for Corrie:

Monday - two back to back episodes

Tues & Wed - no corrie :-(

Thursday - one corrie :-}

Friday - two Corrie :-0


George Snuffleupagus is interviewing Johnny Brings on The Hour - Thursday February 8 at 11pm


Alasdair said...

So happy to see Glacia also calls the hyper host of The Hour - George Snuffleuffagus (or however you spell it). That's been my name for the guy for some time. It's funny, at first he really irritated me whenever I caught his show on NewsWorld, but he's sorta grown on me.

Will be interesting to see George and JohnnyB - will this be before or after you folk all descend on Hamilton to see him?

Thanks for the schedule - I'm on the road for the next week and have now programmed VCR accordingly. I've usually got it set for the nightly half hour show, so you've saved me significant grief!

Anonymous said...

I've just doe some advanced calculations and it seems to me that we are still one episode down

Anonymous said...

No, sorry, I read that wrong. Ignore me.