Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Update - January 17, 2007 - "I Flippin' Love You Two!"

There's Nothing You Can Do That Can't Be Done

Les is on the front step berating the letter carrier. He's desperate to get letter from social services approving his adoption of Chesney. He claims that he must have another letter in there somewhere and starts rifling through his mail sack. Cilla warns him off and brings Les inside.

The mailman goes next door to Emily's, hands her the mail and tells her neighbours need help.

Emily responds that they're beyond the help of even the Good Lord.

At the Battersby's, Chesney is down about not getting the letter. Cilla tells him to cheer up and holds up an envelope from Publisher's Clearing House - or whatever the equivalent is in England. They may already be millionaires, she tells him.

At Streetcars, Les mopes to Lloyd that he's sure they won't let him adopt Chesney because of his criminal record. Lloyd corrects him - he made mistake and got caught. He's no villain.

Lloyd tells him he needs to fight for Ches if he really wants to be his dad. Les perks up and starts to make a call on the office phone as he explains the mobile is too expensive at that time of day.

Les goes round to the Chippy and tells Cilla that he's asked Genna the social worker to come by as he has some new information. Les says he's not sure what he'll say but he'll make it up as he goes along (oh, good plan). Cilla is not terribly supportive and says that Ches will never miss what he never had.

"By this time next week, he'll have forgotten all about it," she adds.

"Well, I won't!" Les protests.

At home, Les gets Ches to fetch him a beer, which he promptly spills all over himself when there is a knock at the door. Thinking it's Genna, he pulls off his sweater and tries to mop up the spill because, at the Battersby-Brown house, Genna is going to notice something as dirty as a beer stain on the carpet. Suddenly, Cilla walks in.

Genna finally does arrive later on and Ches is dispatched to make her a cup of tea. She asks Les what this "new information" is but it's clear there is none. She prepares to leave when Cilla stops her.

Suddenly, Cilla is possessed by some kind of angelic spirit and sincerely tells Genna that Les is the best thing to ever happen to Ches, while she is the worst. She says that Les would die for Ches and if it weren't for him, Ches would likely be in care instead of living with his mother and her husband.

Genna seems genuinely moved and says she can't promise anything and takes her leave.

Ches is moved as well as he exclaims "I flippin' love you two!"

Group hug!

Nothing You Can Know That Can't Be Known

Danny and Leanne are arguing in the car all the way to the factory. As she leaves and Danny opens up the shop for the day, Frankie comes by to tell him he'll be getting a call from the solicitors. It's time to settle the divorce. Danny says something about bloodsuckers and says he's not having this conversation.

Later, Adam sees him in the street and tells him he'll be hearing from his solicitor soon, even though he struck out in that department but Danny doesn't know that. Danny talks about Mike's love of poker, which Adam wouldn't know about as he spent his formative years in Scotland. He tells him not to bluff unless he knows he can be called on it.

"This is not over," Adam tells him.

Danny tells him they can have a chat any time he likes. Next time, he could bring Ken so he can hold his hand. Adam appears to be on the verge of tears. Oooh, burn!

In the Rover's, Danny is, well, a right prick to Ken to Deirdre. Ken tells him he stole what was rightfully Adam's and that this is not over.

"What? Are you all reading from the same cue cards or something?" he asks.

When they leave, Danny sees Frankie and apologises for his rudeness that morning. He's ready to talk about the settlement. But after seeing his behaviour, she tells him to forget it, her bloodsuckers will deal with him.

Nothing You Can Do But You Can Learn How to Be in Time. It's Easy

Audrey goes round to Gail's to find she hasn't been sleeping. Audrey suggests she get a prescription for sleeping pills to help. This sends Gail into, well, full-on Gail mode:

"No! I don't need this! It would be like saying Richard has won!!!"

So she gets the pills anyway.

Nothing You Can Say But You Can Learn How to Play the Game. It's Easy

Kelly tries to apologise to Becky about the watch but Becky isn't interested until she actually starts wearing it.

Later, Kelly gets a call and starts crying afterward. Kelly asks what it is so Becky tells her the bank won't give her a loan. Kelly tries to suggest she take the watch back but her friend insists that it was a present. Becky tells her she can take care of herself, just as she's done all her life.

Later, Kelly sees Sean hugging a tearful Becky. When she leaves, Sean swears Kelly and a nearby Sally to keep this top secret: Becky's been evicted! I think the rent money went to the watch.

All You Need Is Love. Womp-ba-dada-da!

Norris tells Emily that he believes Rita has the glow of a woman in love about her, ever since she went on that date with Archie. Rita enters and says that she saw the best cabaret she's seen in years. This coming from a cabaret and vaudeville veteran herself, is high praise.

Norris asks what it was. She's a bit reluctant to say but finally tells him and Emily that she saw Ladyboys of Bangkok. (Not to be confused with 'Bangkok Chick Boys,' Alan Partridge's favourite film.)

Emily is a bit taken aback.

"It sounds very... Oriental." she says. People still say that over there? "What exactly is a 'ladyboy'?"


Kristin said...

But I would have loved to hear Norris' definition of a "ladyboy". He's just so knowledgable!

btw, was anyone else wishing that Gail would take the entire box of pills in one go?

Working From Home Today said...

Yes re Gail. I have no patience for her drama anymore.

Meanwhile, did any of you notice that Tues. night's episode had the promo graphic, "next, another episode of Coronation Street?" Trevor and I assumed two had aired, of which we only taped one, and so we read the episode update online online for the 'second' episode.

Which I now see never aired.

Jacqueline said...

I'm glad Richard won.


'I'm Alan Paaaaaaaaaaaartridge!'

missusmac said...

Cilla's speech, and Emily's restrained reaction to ladyboy, were the bright lights in an otherwise pretty dull show.

Yes, Gail and pills. Fingers crossed David will put them all in her tea.

The Big Seester said...

What I want to know is, doesn't she get that by having a mental breakdown, Richard is winning? (Or at least, the culprit is winning. Richard is wormfood.) So, she's going to freak out, alienate all her neighbors and her family, and then screech that if she takes a sleeping pill to get a decent night's sleep so she's less psycho tomorrow, that Richard will have won?

I want the email address of the writer who gave birth to this gem.

Michigander Fan

Rob Swizzle said...

>Meanwhile, did any of you notice that Tues. night's episode had the promo graphic, "next, another episode of Coronation Street?"

Did you notice the graphic included a picture of Karen MacDonald in her wedding dress?

CBC's going the way of Mike Baldwin, I fear.

Rob Swizzle said...

I must say, it has been satisfying to see all the other cast members finally lay into Gail two years after Hillman died. Especially the Duckworths!

Pamer said...

Is Richard going to end up coming out of the shower one morning and it'll all be a dream???

Anonymous said...

I PRAY they go down the 'addicted to sleeping pills' road with Gail. Because THAT would just take the cake.

Last night, I was transfixed by my hot fitness instructor, I mean I went to capoeira and missed the episode. I love the updates when I see the episode and I REALLY love the updates when I am too busy drooling over the masterpiece that is my capoeira instructor to watch The Street.

GoBetty said...

"I flippin' love you two!" brought tears to my eyes.

Rob Swizzle said...

Capoeira? Isn't that the world's largest rodent?

Never mind, that's capybara.

Anonymous said...

That group hug - when Cilla had finished her 'speech' - must have been quite the ordeal for the kid who plays Chesney. A whole face full of Cilla boobies.

...just saying...

(London) Rob said...

Yeah, Cilla's 'cilli'-loquy had me sobbin' like a baby.

God, I gotta get out more!

Hey Debbie, a few days ago you referred to Charlie "yes please" Stubbs...what did you mean by that?

Anonymous said...

When I use the term "yes please" in reference to a man or cheese cake or ice cream, it generally means that I'd like to have some of that.

So, we have:
Charlie "Yes Please" Stubbs
Jason "Yes Please" Grimshaw
Adam "Yes Please" Barlow
Jamie "Yes Please" Barlow
Nathan "Yes Please" Disposable minority

In my real life I have:

My Capoeira "yes please" Instructor
Sundry Fellow Capoeira "yes please" Students
and sadly Louis, my "yes please I'd like some more" ex-boyfriend

In Hollywood there are some who also qualify, like:

Clive "YES BABY PLEASE!!!" Owen
Will "Yes Please" Smith
Eric "Yes Please" Bana
and the "Yes Please" guy from Dreamgirls who played the song writer and has a smile like Sydney Poitier

Just to name a few off the top of my head.

Any of the "yes please" men are eligible to participate in what I like to call "the perfect storm." I'll leave that to your imagination.

So, yeah, that is what I meant when I wrote Charlie "Yes Please" Stubbs.

(London) Rob said...

Debbie, thanks for the very complete answer...sounds like you need to get out more, love...

I remember when Bev had gone over to Charlie's place and he asked her if she'd like to see the bedroom, and she said "yes please", almost swooning...

missusmac said...

Debbie, I'm with you on the Clive Owen thing. I hear he's signed up to be the face of some line of male face and hair care products.

And because of this, I will shower poor Mistermac with these products -- that he will never ever use and has never once asked for -- and he will look at me with a total 'WTF?' expression his face and sigh.

In other words, a pretty typical day for us...

Anonymous said...

Hey man, I get out plenty. Did you not read the "yes please" list of men in my real life? I have to leave the house to see these guys. Now, the trick is to bring them back to my apartment.

Clive Owen is going to be the face of male skin care products? OK. That is an excellent marketing move. There is no actor as manly as him right now (Russel Crowe is close, but his behaviour is just yucky!).

Man, I knew Clive was a man in that scene from Closer when he yells "Because I'm a f-ing animal." GREAT movie. But really, as if you would have trouble deciding between Jude Law and Clive Owen. Hello, no contest. I may get that movie again tonight.

ok... London Rob may have a point.