Saturday, January 13, 2007

Update - January 12, 2007 - Ring Around the Rosie

"Run over" doesn't literally mean "run over."

Rosie and Sophie are being rushed into the car as they are late for school. Across the street, Keith and Craig exit the house with Keith urging that grandson take the little sandwich he made. Craig declines, as he does the idea he get a ride to school with the Websters.

Later at the factory, the girls are ooing and awing over Kelly's flowers and oversized birthday cards when Sally's phone goes off. Danny comes in, grabs the flowers and the phone and tells the girls to get back to work.

Sally protests, saying the call could have been important but Danny dismisses the notion, saying the decision of what to have for tea doesn't count as important. Just then his office phone rings, and he asks Sally to come in and take the call as it's for her.

It's bad news. Rosie has been run over by a car outside her school. Sally rushes off with Fizz following, offering help (and also to get the full details so that they can be relayed back to the girls). Sally meets Kevin outside and they rush off. Kevin also tells Nathan to take Sophie to Rita's when she gets home from school.

Later in the street, Nathan tells Craig of the news and he rushes to the hospital.

OK Even I Think This is Cheap

Kelly spends the day opening cards and receiving flowers and anticipating the awesome present Lloyd is going to give her. Later at the Rover's, he presents her with a small box. Everyone thinks it's an engagement ring. Alas, it's a key. The key to his heart, Lloyd explains. He asks Kelly to move in with him. Kelly hugs him and says of course but she is visibly disappointed that he didn't give her something nice.

For her birthday, I, on the other hand, am taking my good ladywyfe to a romantic weekend in Toronto at the British Isles Show. Have you all made your reservations yet?

The Richard Hillman Cards

At the cab office, Claire, Steve, and Eileen are discussing the cards. Eileen suggests, not too seriously I think, that it's Gail who's sending them herself.

Later, at the butcher's, Fred has Claire tell Audrey what Eileen said about the cards. Audrey is offended and walks out.

At the salon, Sarah is doing her brother's hair. He suggests Sarah could have given Eileen all the right dates for the cards. Later at the Platt's, Ashley, whose wife was murdered by Hillman, tells Gail not to think about these cards as getting upset gives the sender exactly the reaction he/she wants. Gail later learns through Sarah what Eileen has been suggesting and marches off to the Rover's to, I dunno, squeak at her.

I swear I could write this entire section as: "Blah blah blah Richard Hillman cards blah blah blah Eileen thinks Gail is sending them to herself. Blah."

The only interesting thing about this scene was the tidbit that Blanche was once a model for Vidal Sassoon but all she got for it was a crooked fringe and some funny looks.

The Girl with One Red Shoe

Tracy tells Charlie that she's off the bank that day to get his £300 back.

"With a shotgun?" he asks.

As he leaves, she puts on one of her new shoes but the other is missing. Outside, Charlie does a little pantomime and opens his jacket to reveal he has the other shoe.

At his yard, he gives Jason a hard time about giving Keith free advice as well as his girlfriend's big gob. Of course, it was Charlie that told Jason the Thicko but never mind...

When Tracy returns, she gives the money to Charlie, who makes a point of counting it in front of her. Tracy says she wants to put things right between them.

Has He Mentioned He's Challenging the Will Yet?

Adam and Ken are off the solicitors. As they leave, Adam almost rams his car, his beautiful car, into Danny's beamer. He tells Danny that he's off with a meeting with the solicitor's to contest the will.

I wonder if Adam will contest the will.


Anonymous said...

I saw this episode, but I missed how Tracy got the shoe back. Wasn't she wearing them when she went to see Charlie at work?

Robin said...

Charlie still has the other shoe. They made a point of showing Tracey's shoes as she climbed up the stairs - but they were a different pair. Lime green, I believe - equally as ugly as the original pair :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh, ok thanks! She's digging a deep hole for herself and he is not to be messed with.

missusmac said...

Yes, Adam was cheated out of his share, but there is a large part of me that hopes Danny squashes the little rude bugger in court and laughs all the way to the bank.

I just cannot feel sorry for Adam. He's just David Platt with better matters and much less of a sense of humor.

As for Gayle and Eileen, gee, another slanging match. I do hope Eileen flicks her in the head again. That's funny. The rest of it is not.

Maybe I'm just cranky because I cannot go to the British Isles show. :(

missusmac said...

Oops, that's "better manners". I know nothing about his "matters"~!

Anonymous said...

I think Adam is planning to contest the will.

I have so had enough of the Hillman cards. How long does this go on for?

Perhaps Adam almolst hit Danny's car because he couldn't see through his crooked fringe.

Jacqueline said...

Come on..Adam's not going to contest the will! What are you guys talking about.

I want the Hillman card story line to DIE.

How come some storylines go away with no explanation (i.e. most of Roy's, like his old school chum) and others just go on an on and on.

John said...

Why do some storylines go on forever? Because I have a feeling some cast members are more favoured by the producers than others. Someone at Grenada must LOVE the Platts.

Jacqueline said...

nice to know someone loves the platts

Ang said...
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Ang said...

Yes I've just about had it myself with the Hillman cards. I'm about ready to ask one of my british friends what happens in the end (I NEVER ask either). I was happy I was able to watch today (since it's been awhile), but I feel like I haven't missed much now.

I was surprised that Charlie forgave Tracy so easily. I have a feeling she's not getting off the hook that easily. Something has to happen there.

(London) Rob said...

Speaking of storylines that come and go: I am STILL going nuts about Jo's (was that her name?) dog that David Platt was walking and released (for no clear reason) when the police were raiding her apartment.

What ever happened to that lovely dog? England is a land known for it's love of dogs, so I find it so odd that the writers would do that and leave it, is the dog still roaming around Weatherfield homeless?

Maybe I missed an episode but was anything more ever mentioned about this story? Was it ever wrapped up? Do we know what happened to Jo and the police? I thought she looked like an interesting (read 'hot') new character and I'm surprised that she just disappeared.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked that the pot grower story line was so short lived. It accomplished a lot for David's character (his need for attention and to feel important and his willingness to do wrong also, his ability to avoid being responsible forhis actions).

Remember when Dev's lunatic fiance, Maya Sharma, killed one of Tyrone's dogs?

Yes, the producers LOVE the Platts. They are like the show's punching bag. Like the producers physically abuse them (the Barlows suffer emotional abuse). They have had Richard Hillman, Bethany has been kidnaped, Sarah has been kidnaped, Gail's first husband was stabbed, they had thaty psycho nanny. it is crazy!

Jacqueline said...

I don't think she actually killed the dog...didn't she just release it in wild?

John said...

She claimed she killed Tyrone's whippet Monica but, yeah, she really just released her.

That's where Schmeichel came from. Tyrone got him to replace Monica but when she turned up safe and sound, two dogs ended up being a bit much for the Duckworths so he was given to Chesney.

But now you know where Ken Barlow got the idea to ditch Eccles.

pippinsqueak said...

I honestly thought that storyline with David and the pot growing hottie was going to wind up in some icky affair between the two of them. Thank goodness it didn't. Martin seems to have dropped of the face of the earth, hasn't he. Hey, maybe he's sending the Hillman cards?

The problem with the Hillman cards is that nothing happens. Gayle gets them, freaks, and tosses them. They don't go to the police, there are no increasingly threatening veiled (or unveiled) threats, and the only reason they're really awful is because Gayle takes them so badly. Ashley couldn't give a hoot that someone is impersonating his first wife's murderer. Like Hillman, this plot line should DIE.

One plot line I was sad to see die out was Eileen's beau, what was his name? Joe? Off to live a life of penance, and let Emily know once a year that he's still alive. I really liked him, and Eileen deserves more plot line than flying off the handle at Jason and Sarah every second episode.

missusmac said...

Eileen's beau was Ed, and you're absolutely right. Eileen deserves better plot lines than screeching at Jason or Sarah.

She also deserve a chance to flick Gayle in the forehead every week. Just because she can.