Friday, January 12, 2007

Update - January 11, 2007


Gratuitous Bill Ward totty shot....just cause Glacia feels like it.

Who Got It From Whom and Where Is It Going?
Tracey is being supah nice to the rat (albeit sexy rat) Charlie. He’s a little perplexed however when Deidre snubs Tracey on the street.

Meanwhile back at the Barlow house, Deidre is fretting about the evil spawn that is her daughter. Blanche comforts her by mentioning that Tracey only acts like this because Deidre was such a selfish crap mother. She tells Deidre not to worry because there’s a high probability that Amy will inherit Tracey’s bad behaviour.

Ken then asks aloud that if all of this is passed down from mother to daughter, then where did Deidre get it from.

Ooooooooooooh snap!

More later…..

I’m Sorry I Don’t Have Enough Brains to Form an Opinion
Gayle is looking frazzled and David, who is all of a sudden being the perfect son, expresses concern about Gayle’s health.

They discuss Gayle’s idea that Eileen is sending the cards and David says that she may want to give this more thought. If she’s wrong about Eileen, she’s going to look mighty foolish and rash. (Cause the neighbour’s have never seen Gayle go off her nut before.).

Meanwhile, Sarah tells Jason (cause she’s an idiot) that Gayle suspects Eileen, but makes Jason swear he won’t tell Eileen. And because he’s an idiot, when Eileen asks Jason if he wants a cuppa he says, ‘Ta, mom – I’ll take my with some sugar and a bit of Gaylethinksyousentthehillmancards.’

Eileen of course, is fit to be tied and rightfully thinks Gayle is insane.

When either of the Grimshaws ask Sarah if she believes Gayle theory, she just kind of shrugs her shoulder and says, ‘I don’t know what to think.’

Way to endear yourself to the family there, kid.

Mr.Glacia Says…

‘Oh my god. That woman really is dysfunctional.’

cs song

I’m having a hard time keeping track of how the rumours spread on the street, but I’ll give it a shot.

Audrey, Norris and Rita are having a light conversation about pro-choice and pro-life** when Audrey starts expressing thoughts about Tracey’s abortion. Blanche walks in and over hears this and sets the record straight.

Her granddaughter is NOT the kind of girl to have an abortion. She is the kind of a girl who would lie about having an abortion in order to manipulate her evil (but cute!) boyfriend.***

So that tidbit goes from Audrey, to Sarah and down to Jason.

(Feel free to start using an excel spreadsheet to keep your facts straight.)

Later, Charlie confronts Jason about how Deidre found out about the abortion and Jason (cause he’s an idiot) says, ‘Yeah but, no but, yeah but, don’t listen to her anyway cause she never had an abortion.’


Tracey comes home and Charlie confronts her about he abortion and accuses her of keeping the baby. She says that she lied about not having an abortion to save Deidre some grief. He asks for some proof that she had the abortion.

Tracey looks foolish and admits that she didn’t have the abortion.

‘What about my 300 quid?’ he asks, handsomely.

Tracey holds up her magical technicolour shoes.

In a suprising move, he laughs the incident off and when she offers to move out he tells her that she can stay.

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen he turns back into super-creep and grabs her by the throat telling her not to pull any crap like that again.

No more smirking Tray-ceh.

In Other News
Kelly has a birthday.

Leanne and Danny go to Spain.

Craig is back from the grave and is grumbly with grandpa.

P.S. I was making Persian Eggplant while the show was on, so if I missed anything, feel free to add to this update.

** I really don’t see how the lying about an abortion to CHARLIE is such a big deal for Deidre. That act is so off the wall that I’m not sure you can use a standard moral chart to measure it.

*** As much as I like when the bring current issues on the show, pro-choice/pro-life is a little to ‘real’ in my books. I would like the writers to also stay away from issues such as the war in irag, the greenhouse effect and any discussion whatsoever about the eutopian themes in post world war II German literature.


The Big Seester said...

Ok, no fair talking about a cool-sounding recipe and then not posting it!

You got pretty much all the pertinent information, I think.

I think it is crucial that we all understand that we must NEVER tell a secret to Sarah OR Jason!

Also, that was the fastest trip to Spain ever!

And...according to Norris, yesterday's episode was on St. George's Day, which is April 23rd. So we are still almost 9 months behind them.

The Big Seester said...

Oh, and Jacqueline,

Which woman was Mr. Glacia referring to when he said she was disfunctional? (There are so many to choose from.)

AND, I forgot that you forgot one of the funniest moments in the show. Craig and Rosie meet on a bench outside. He wants her to come over, because his granddad's out (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) and she says that she told her mum she wouldn't be long, and he says...

"It won't take long." (badumbump!)

I think someone should explain to him that you're not supposed to admit that.

Actually, it turns out that he wants to give her what looks like a black choker as a symbol of his eternal love. (Just like Charlie.)

Michigander Fan

John said...

I think we've been holding steady at 9 months since the CBC lockout when we had double episodes every night that one glorious summer.

I don't mind when the show tackles controversial issues. I still think of the show as true to life in many ways and abortions happen. And people have opinions about them. Even when they're made up.

But I wouldn't want the show to become the Issue of the Week show. The writers are usually more subtle than that. Chesney is used to bring forward issues of child protection and the role of the state in his life when he has a mum like Cilla. Roy talked about bullying. Hayley talked about the transgendered.

They used Tracy to talk about abortion without actually having the character have one.

But back to the show - I thought Blanche's dressing down of Audrey was brilliant: 'There's no truth to the rumour. It didn't happen. Stop gossiping. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.' She got people to drop the rumour without admitting that Tracy made it up and she did it to protect her granddaughter. It was very decent of her.

Pamer said...

weird...we had eggplant last night too

missusmac said...

Funny, when Jason told Sarah that Tracey didn't have an abortion, I actually said "oh no!" out loud.

(Not that I care about Tracey's welfare, I just heard the doom impending dun-dun-dun-dun organ music in my head too!)

Mistermac said innocently "why is that bad? Why can't he tell her that?"

Well, how does one start to explain? So I just told him it would be like him trying to explain who's who on Intellegience to me....

He got it.

pippinsqueak said...

Boy, that Charlie is one scary dude. Tracy is a fool to think she's a match for him. I think we will very soon be dealing yet again with the issue of spousal abuse, this time physical (though who can forget the time Charlie yanked Shelley's earings clean out of her pierced ears - yeowch!).

Yes, never tell a secret to Sarah or Jason (or Norris, or Blanche, etc. etc.) Perhaps Audrey and Eileen should start agitating for mirrors to be installed in the Rover's so they don't get caught dissing the person who's come up behind them (or their family). Or the patrons have to agree on some subtle hand signal that means 'SHUT UP! They're right behind you!'