Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Update - January 10, 2006 - Now You Know

And Knowing Is Half the Battle!

Tracy is in fine form this morning as she struggles with an uncooperative buggy and a mischievous daughter. Charlie is not being too sympathetic.

Meanwhile, the Council of the Elder Barlows has convened to discuss further the subject of What Tracy Did This Time. Deirdre has taken the day off sick and says she feels she has failed as a mum if her own daughter couldn't confide in her as she took the decision to have an abortion.

Later, she goes to Charlie's builder's yard to confront him. She accuses him of forcing her to have an abortion. He says she came up with that plan all by herself, worked out all the angles and in the end, did what was best for Tracy. He adds that Deirdre should be proud of the magnificent piece of work Tracy is. After all, Deirdre made her what she is today.

Later at the Barlow's, Tracy is packing some things to take Amy and have dinner with Charlie. Deirdre asks her to stay, offering to take her out, just so they can talk. She becomes more anxious and frantic as she knocks over Amy's Lego tower, which makes the child cry.

They sit down and have a heart to heart. Deirdre tells her daughter that she thinks she's failed as a mother if Tracy couldn't tell her about the abortion. Tracy confesses that there was no abortion. Deirdre is elated. Does this mean there is still a baby. Well, no. There never was a baby. Tracy explains the logic - Charlie was refusing to let Amy live with them. By pretending to be pregnant, it gave Tracy a bargaining chip which she could use against Charlie to allow Amy to live with him, in exchange for Tracy "aborting" the child.

Deirdre tries to work out what kind of sick mind thinks this was a good idea. Suddenly Deirdre is all "I HAVE NO DAUGHTER" and kicks Tracy out of the house (although I noticed she forgot to take Amy with her).

You know, all Peter Barlow did was marry two women. Why was he the one to leave Weatherfield in shame?

Remember kids: Don't lie about abortions. It's not worth the aggro!

The Richard Hillman Cards

The Platts are having breakfast as Jason eyes the Page 3 girl in the Weatherfield Gazette. David asks if the post has arrived. It has not. Jason is sort of asked to leave as he's not family. Outside, Jason complains about his treatment but Sarah says Hillman affected them deeply and he could never understand because he wasn't there. Sarah couldn't understand either but that's because she's a tool.

In the Rover's, the cards are the subject of conversation. Some people wonder how Gail couldn't have known her husband was a murderer. Blanche goes so far as to suggest that she knew very well. Back when this happened, I recall Vera Duckworth accusing her of the very same thing, but she also lost a lot of money to Hillman. Shelley defends Gail a bit, saying when she was her bad 'uns, she didn't see how bad they were until after the relationships were over. Eileen makes a few Gail cracks, just as Gail walks in long enough to hear it and then turns around walks out.

And guess who the latest suspect is now? If you said "Bethany," you would be wrong. It's Eileen now.

Let's Look for the Spanish Will in Sunny Spain

Danny has decided he needs to find that Spanish Will. Leanne is still lying about its location. He decides it's at Mike's villa in Spain. Leanne thinks that's a splendid idea and they're off that night. He tells Frankie that he'll be there if she needs him but she doesn't care.

Meanwhile, Ken tells Adam he thinks the solicitor will find he has a good case to contest the will.

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

Rita and Emily are pestering Norris with their questions about his date last night. He likens the ladies the Gestapo with their questioning. They just need black leather trench coats to complete the transformation. He adds that if there is one thing he cannot abide, it's gossip. This makes Fraus Sullivan and Bishop collapse with laughter.

Later in the Rover's, Norris spills the beans about his date. He would be a disaster before he even dug into his melon balls. She had a wandering eye it seems. Not for other men. But a wonky eye that physically wanders about.

Has It Really Been a Year?

Remember when Katy died and we danced over her grave, singing Hallelujah? Good times.

Anyway, it's been one year (13 months for us, we're catching up) and Craig and Rosie go to her grave. Craig tells her that if it weren't for Rosie, he wouldn't be alive today.

So, how long before Tracy is allowed back into Number 1? Like, a day?


Steph said...

Are we really catching up? How far behind are we now?

missusmac said...

still 6 months I think.

Did anyone else notice that the actor who played Norris had a hard time keeping a straight face while relating his 'wandering eye' tale?

Cracked me up.

Didn't we have the exact same scene with Craig and Rosie at Katie's Grave last year? Except this year, Rosie is taller.

Charlie was so wonderfully... Charlie... in that scene with Deirder. Pig! But good looking Pig!

Anonymous said...

steph- according to, tonights episode (Thursday Jan 11) originally aired on April 23, 2006. So we're only a little shy of nine months behind?? And yes!! the actor playing Norris almost cracking up himself made me crack up completely!!

Jacqueline said...

Actually, the Katie story happened JUST long enough for me to forget her name.

I thought they said, 'Casey' and I was all 'Who the @#$Q!#$ is Casey?'. Then I remembered waaaaaaaaay back that Craig had a sister but I couldn't remember her name.

Anonymous said...

The other day we saw Claire for the first time in awhile. I know Claire and Ashley decided not to run to Scotland - but was that the end of the storyline? Did they resolve the Matt Ramsden storyline and I missed it? Surely he wouldn't just disappear....or will he be coming back in the next few months?

Pamer said...

Poor Mom Harris, is she still alive??

I wonder if they'll let her out to visit the grave site. She's been in the clink so long and no one goes to visit. tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

I could not help but wonder why Keith did not go with Craig to the cemetary.And is anyone else tiring of the Platt family and those stupid cards?

(London) Rob said...

Yeah, I was surprised to see Claire too - I guess I missed an episode cause the last I saw of her and the Ash, it was little Josh's b-day and they were splitting for the Scottish border the next day - a rather silly plotline I thought.

Did they come to their senses, and see a lawyer?


Anyone else think it could be Katie sending the Hillman cards? ...her and Richard could have met up beyond the grave, now that they're both singing in the 'bleedin' choir invisible'...

The Big Seester said...

Random thoughts:

1. I liked Rosie's slightly less Goth hair color - it's not as harsh on her very pale face.
2. The Richard Hillman card thing is just stupid - and the other day, Gail's telling Sarah Lou not to be home alone. WHAT? Since when has it become this threatening, and if it IS this threatening, report it to the cops!
3. That means I have been watching Corrie for over a year, because I saw Katie take all that sugar. (Happy anniversary to me!)
4. I don't get why Keith didn't go to the cemetery with them either - she was his granddaughter!
5. I cannot believe Tracey admitted she made up the pregnancy and abortion. That was a major tactical error on her part. (Not that I'm rooting for her, mind you.)

Michigander Fan

The Big Seester said...

Oh yeah, I forgot:

1. I knew Norris' dating thing wasn't going to work out well - if you can't overlook any flaws at all, you will end up alone. And, I'm sorry, but what gives Norris the idea that he's such a catch?

2. Deirdre's little freak out yesterday was painful to watch. And although I can't blame her for being dismayed by the fake pregancy, I really don't quite get why this was worse than convincing poor Roy Cropper that he made the beast with two backs with her and impregnated her, and then selling her child to the Croppers.

I mean, Deirdre clearly forgave her for that. A fake pregancy seems like chunk change compared to that...

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else wonder about Daddy Harris? He was killed by Katie before she died. How come no one went to his grave???

The Big Seester said...


That's true - no one does visit his grave. If I had to guess, my guess would be that Tommy Harris was hard to like when he was alive, and therefore he's the late, unlamented. But, as I said, I really only started watching the show long about Katie's suicide by sugar.

Michigander Fan

(London) Rob said...

Wasn't Tommy exhumed to retrieve the murder-wrench from his casket? Was he ever re-interred...?

The Big Seester said...


Gosh I hope so! Otherwise...eeeww!

Michigander Fan

pippinsqueak said...

Wow, am I glad I found this wonderful blog (through Reader's Digest, btw). Finally, people to discuss Corrie with!

I can understand poor old Dierdre losing it with Tracy. Like the straw that broke the camel's back, this was the lie that broke the mother's heart (especially after Mike's death).

Personally, I think it is Phil who is sending the cards. He's obviously unstable, already fascinated with Hillman; maybe his whole plan was to weasel his way into the Platt household (and Gayle's bed) and recreate the Hillman murder but get it right this time. You can't trust people who like feet, imho.

Jacqueline said...

WWOOO! Our first RD recruit!

The Big Seester said...


While I disagree with you about the identity of the mystery card sender (I strongly think it's David Platt), I must agree with your statement re: feet. You are absolutely right about that: anyone who likes feet shouldn't be trusted.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me what Janice is doing back on the Street? It was only a few short weeks ago that I thought we had seen the last of her gob - big finale, teary departure, etc., etc. - and she's back?!? What gives? Was there some sort of uprising in Britain , or (please, please)is this a quick couple week return? Anyone in the know?

pippinsqueak said...

I don't think that's the end of Matt, but as we have the far more pressing plot line of the 'Greeting-Cards-from-the-Great Beyond-fortending-evil-unknown', seemingly the fate of wee Josh-ooo-ah must be put on hold. Pity.

Ang said...

I almost fell off my chair when I read the feet comments!!! I have a foot phobia (seriously I do!). Thanks for the laughs!

I also think it's David sending the cards.

It's so bizarre that the Matt/Ashley/Josh storyline has disappeared. I hate when they do this because I also feel as though i've missed something. In this case I missed 2 weeks in a row, and feel totally out of the loop. Thank god for our Corrie Canuck!

Anonymous said...


Tommy was a bit of a hard-head but he was a likeable guy. At least, I liked him. It was very hard toward the end because he couldn't come to grips with the fact that his daughter was seeing and then got impregnated by a guy who was in his 40's and his irritating little Katy was only 17.

Other than his inability to deal with that, Tommy was a good guy and his family really loved him.

Um, the Platt's. I would LOVE it if Richard Hillam was alive or if he had some freakshow twin who was sending the cards and then came back to kill the whole family - even Bethany, you all know how I feel about Bethany.

I like Eileen's theory about Gail going nutter. But, I think it is David. That kid is psycho.

Whoever it is, it really needs to come to an end soon.

Is Charlie going to start knocking Tracey about?

missusmac said...

Debbie, I think Charlie is going to be very menacing. Not knocking about, but lots of holding onto her arm too tightly or squeezing her neck too tightly. It's about control with that character.

I thought Clare and Ashley decided to stay, and 'fight' somehow, but they didn't know how, and were supposed to be checking that aspect out?

I think we have to be heading towards a Hillman mystery solution here, and the Peacocks have been dumped for that storyline.

As for Tommy, he had his redneck/smacking the kids around moments, but he saved the Platts from the canal when Richard drove in (Damn him!), saved someone from a fire (can't remember who), took Chesney in when Les and Cilla left him home, alone, on purpose to go on vacation, and he tried to speak civilly to Gail and Sally.

He detested Sally, which in my book, made him all right!