Friday, January 19, 2007

Update Jan 18 - RIVERDANCE!

I Heart Yana, Seriously
Life is all television, manicures and pints of lager over at the Battersbys complete with Kir-keh and Yana. (And her hair is looking aaaaaaaaaa-mazing if I can just say).

In the midst of it all the phone rings with Genna telling God-cilla that she’s recommending the adoption. Cilla’s so excited that she invites Genna over to get drunk. (Who declines the offer.)

Oh, I’m starting to warm up to Cilla.

A party ensues with Fizz and Jo (or is it Jesse? I'm never sure) coming over to join them. The VERY best part is when Yana suggested that they Riverdance.

Oh the times, I’ve Riverdanced while 4 sheets to the wind! Good on you, girl!

Hey, Didn’t You Used to be Goth?
Craig comes down the stairs, looking weirdly normal. No black clothing, no Marilyn Manson shirt, no boots, no makeup. Keef’s not sure what to make of it.

Craig continues to shock all and sundry when he walks over to the Websters. Everyone except Rosie is pleased to see the brand new Craig.

She stays on the phone with Imogene cracking jokes about the accident until Craig and mom tell her it’s not funny. (Personally, I think if you get hit by a car you’re allowed to crack a few jokes, but that’s just me.)

Craig tells Rosie that he needs to talk to her and she’s afraid that he’s going to break up with her or has been sleeping/kissing someone else. Nothing as serious as that, he just wants to explain why he’s turned his back on the Goth culture. He says that when he was in the hospital that people looked at him odd and that he’s had enough in his life without being normal.



Here, Craig, one of my favorite quotes:
"Let me be more clear; if you behave in a manner pleasing to most, then you are probably doing something wrong. The masses have never been arbiters of the sublime, and they often fail to recognize the truly great individual. Taking into account the public's regrettable lack of taste, it is incumbent upon you not to fit in." - Janeane Garofalo

He further explains that he just can’t afford the makeup.

Oh, that’s a better excuse – Glacia’s Dutch and Scottish blood approves.

She’s Might Be, You Know…. Momar Khadafi – Like.
It comes out that Becky stayed the night on a bench at the Red Rec and the Underworld gang gathers around to help her out. Sean gets her a shower at the pub and sneaks a hotpot and pint for her.

While she’s taking a shower, Jo/Jesse says that the watch gift was a bit over the top. Perhaps she’s a Lybian! Or maybe a Lebanese. Either way, Kelly assures them all that Becky’s no tennis player.

(Seriously, where do they get this stuff?)

Later, around the table with a freshly washed Becky, they try to get some money together for her and but can only come up with a few pounds. So Fizz, bless her heart gets up the courage to ask Danny for an advance on Becky’s cheque. Danny’s feeling a bit expansive (more later) and antes up to help out the homeless girl.

Becky’s very happy with the money but reasons that the amount is only a short term solution so why not buy a round of pints for her mates.

Later, Kelly convinces Lister to let Becky move in with them. He agrees and when Becky shows up, she brings a bottle of champers to celebrate.

Kelly suggests that perhaps that Becky needs some money management skills.

You think?

Personally, I’d Hold Out for 50% not 50K.
Danny offers up 50K to Frankie as a divorce settlement and she says that she’ll have to think about it. It's during this discussion that Fizz asks him for the advance, even going so far as to call him 'Dan'. Me thinks he was only so willing to go for that was to look the good guy in front of Frankie.

Meanwhile, Sean overhears the offer and tells Violet who phones Jamie.

By the time Frankie gets home, Jamie’s ready to tell her that it’s not enough. He wants her to screw Danny to screw her over like he’s screwed over the rest of the family.


Oh, The Ladyboys of Weatherfield
Norris is all full of gossip about Rita, Archie and their liaisons dangereuses. What kind of relationship do they have watching post operative trannies? It seems all too much for Emily to take in, quite frankly.

Meanwhile, Audrey and Keef seem to be back together and he has made plans for them to go to some pub called ‘The Bag of Nails’. It’s just then that they run into Rita and Archie going to Chatsworth for some afternoon delight, I mean afternoon tea.

Audrey tells them that her and Keef are on their way to the Clock.

Take that in for a moment. The Clock…Keef….The Clock.

When Rita and Archie are out of earshot, Audrey tells him that it’s her treat.

On a Final Note
Are the wardrobe staff mad at Shelly? Seriously, what the HELL did they put on her?

(Also, the jacket Frankie wears tonight is unfortunate too.)


Pamer said...

i must say I enjoyed Yana's Riverdance immensely...mostly her big beautiful bouncing boobs

Pamer said...

BTW I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this before "Richard HIllman" be Archie Shuttleworth???

Jacqueline said...

I think you cracked the case!

Anonymous said...

Too tired to search but a quick reminder that there is a double episode on the Ceeb Monday due to the NHL all-star game Tues.


S. Poole

Kristin said...

also, no episode on wed. there's 1 on thurs and a double episode on friday.

Jacqueline said...

I thought it aged her. But we can arm wrestle the point later in T.O.

You're going DOWN J-man!

GoBetty said...

I ALMOST DID A LITTLE YOUTUBE MOVIE OF THE RIVERDANCE SEQUENCE... but then lost the cojones. I need to drink more and have that Dutch courage.

missusmac said...

Are Rita and Archie dating, or are they just good friends going on outings? Not sure if there is romance there, or just friendship.

I'm thinking Richard Hillman's daughter is Becky. Who else is that pyscho?

John said...

I would submit that the one thing this blog needs more of is GoBetty's dramatic recreations of classic Corrie scenes. Mike Baldwin's death scene cracked. my. shit. UP!

Jacqueline, oh, it's awn! Actually, the missus pointed out that Frankie wore the coat as though she was going to surprise Nathan with something sexy from La Senza. I thought she looked like a 1970's magazine ad. It was just a very un-Frankie like thing to wear.

Anonymous said...

I love da show please let me be in it as norris's love child who is from Ireland that would be a good in.