Monday, January 29, 2007

Update for Episode # 6288 January 29, 2007

The Spanish side that Lloyd fancies will win the 2006 World Cup.

Sleepless Nights

Gail wanders down the street in a daze. She tries to to go into the Cafe but the door is locked. She turns away and almost steps into the path of an oncoming Sreetcars cab, no doubt being driven by Richard Hillman - or at least someone channeling his spirit. Jack sees Gail stumbling around and asks if she is alright but gets no reply. She shuffles off.

The post arrives and Gail nervously looks through the letters that have arrived, but nothing from her ex-husband today.

When Jack runs into Audrey later he expresses his concern over Gail's condition, which prompts Audrey to stop in at Number 8. After pummeling the door for some time - in the middle of the day - Gail, who is in a particularily bitchy mood, eventually opens the door. It turns that Gail was in bed trying to sleep, since she hadn't got a wink at all the previous night. Mother and daughter then snipe at each other for a while about the relative merits of sleeping pills. In the end Gail tells Audrey if she wants some coffee she can help herself but she is going back to bed.

Three's Company

Lloyd, Kelly and Becky are sat in The Rovers having a drink and discussing the upcoming World Cup. Becky asks Lloyd who he thinks will win the tournament. he thinks that Spain will make a run of it - it might be a 'Rafalution'* this year. Becky thinks they should have a World Cup party at their place. Lloyd thinks this might be a good idea. Kelly hints that her and Lloyd might want some time alone, but Becky misses the true meaning of what Kelly is trying to say. When the third wheel has left for work Kelly tells him that having a World Cup is actually a bad idea - and they really need to get rid of Becky.

At the end of the day when the three roomies meet up Kelly tells the freeloader that she needs to start looking for a place of her own. Lloyd agrees. Becky takes the news quite well, at least until she gets on the bus and breaks into tears.

Back at the flat we see Becky (the nutter) destroying Kelly's purple shirt with an iron. No doubt this will all end badly.

* Rafa Benitez is the Spanish manager for Liverpool, who has had a great deal of success using Spanish players in his side, including a dramatic victory over Inter Milan in the Champions League final in Istanbul a few years back. Lloyd, I think is supposed to be from Liverpool, so he would likely be a supporter.

The Scene of the Crime

Craig and Rosie are hanging around in the street when Kev asks his daughter if she can help him for a few minutes, till Tyrone gets back. Rosie gets Craig to fill in for her while she goes to do 'homework.' Craig puts on some coveralls and steps into the garage where his father was killed by his sister - maybe for the first time since it happened. Kev is quite sensitive to the moment, and tells Craig that he doesn't have to help out, that he is free to leave if he wants to. Craig seems to handling the situation well though, remembering how much he loved hanging around the garage, and how it was what he wanted to do when he grew up. The two do a little work and then Craig leaves. I think there is a nice bond forming between these two.

The Soft Pillock

Norris keeps ringing Rita to come up from The Kabin to help him in his time of need. She tells him that she can't keep closing the store, the customers are being neglected. Norris assures her that they will be compensated for any losses they may incur because of his injuries. Rita still objects to the idea of closing shop just to make tea for Norris. Well, this time it isn't for tea, Norris has to go to the lav - and would Rita mind helping him on and off the loo? Thankfully we are spared any details of what may have followed and we next see Norris being carried down to the steps by Craig and Kev so Rita can wheel him across the street to The Rovers too assuage his loneliness.

Of course anytime you want to avoid someone on Coronation Street - DO NOT GO TO THE ROVERS! Naturally Norris runs into Jack and Frankie, who decide they should do some grovelling and give him some flowers (which Frankie just happened to have in her possession) to prevent Roy from getting his pants sued off. They had assumed, after seeing Norris in a wheelchair, that he was horribly and perhaps permanently injured. However, when they discover that he has only sprained his wrist and ankle, they are justifiably annoyed with him. Frankie takes the flowers back, so she can give them to Vera, who really deserves them.

Norris, as is his wont, behaves with as little dignity and humanity as can be expected from a very small, insecure person.

Retirement Party

Jamie and Frankie are working hard to get Roy's Rolls back in top shape before the return of the Croppers. At long last Jamie finds the butty that was stuffed in the rad by young miss Webster. Hopefully the stink will clear up soon. Vera pops in to see how they are doing. While she is there the phone rings - it's Roy calling from the gucci coffee shop where he stopped with Hayley whilst on their trip. He wants to find out how things are going back at the cafe. Roy and Vera have a difficult time communicating though, due to the espresso machine blasting away in the background at his end.

Vera tells him that the cafe has been closed due to serious environmental health problems. Roy hears Vera tell him that the cafe is closed because she has serious mental health problems.

Roy and Hayley, compassionate souls that they are rush back to see if Vera is alright. They stop in on the Duckworths as soon as they are back, flowers in hand. They are somewhat chagrined when they discover that Vera isn't suffering from any (overtly obvious) mental health problems, and it was actaully ineptitude and apathy that caused the problems at The Cafe. A heated discussion ensues about whether Vera will be retiring or sacked. In the end Vera decides to retire, throws Hayley and Roy out, and they can take their flaming flowers with them.


CM said...
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CM said...

''vera's been having mental health problems!''

er, oh dear!

that becky is a right nutter indeed.

whoops i seem to have deleted my first attempt.

John said...

So how many times is this that Vera's quit/been sacked? I need to update wall chart.

Working From Home Today said...

Great update and fantastic soccer research, Papa Smurf! We were wondering what that was all about. -Working

The Big Seester said...

Random thoughts from last night's episode:

1. If I ever get to Weatherfield, Gail better not answer her door to me. Forget Richard Flipping Hillman - I'll kill her.

2. Norris is singlehandedly undoing 1000 years of the reputation of the Brits for having a stiff upper lip.

3. Leaving 2 part-timers in charge of your cafe for weeks is a bad idea. Roy should have hired a nurse to help Hayley with Uncle Wilf, and come back asap.

4. I don't get why, when both Vera and Frankie know how hard it is to run the cafe themselves. didn't make absolutely sure they were both there everyday, so that the work would be divided. Or, when Vera got sick, at least call Roy to see if you can hire a temp.

5. All that being said, I loved seeing Craig and Kev kind of bonding last night. That was sooo sweet! (And, to borrow from Molly Ringwald, "He really does look a lot better without all that black sh*t on his face.")

Michigander Fan

GoBetty said...

Night of the Living Gail.

Just sayin.

Debbie said...


That is really all I can say about that.

John said...

Gail slumps down the street. Sighs.

Gail pulls on the door handle of the café with the 'CLOSED' sign. Sighs.

Gail takes a sleeping pill. Sighs.

Gail checks the mail. Sighs.

Dear writers: cut it out.

Thanks for the translation on the World Cup. I didn't have a clue what Lloyd was talking about there.

Stickybee said...

Norris being wheeled over the cobbles was absolutely hilarious!

The Big Seester said...


The "World Cup" is apparently involving some sport that gets called "football," even though it clearly isn't. They seem to think that, just because 185 countries in the world call something "football" it should be, when those of us in the know understand that it isn't "football" unless the USA and Canada say it is.

Silly foreigners!

Everyone knows what the Big Game really is: it's on this Sunday, and apparently the entire world watches it.

Go Lions! (Oh. That's right. I forgot. The Lions suck.)

(removing tongue from cheek)

Michigander Fan

The Big Seester said...

I know I've said it before and it's like beating a dead horse at this point, but the whole Gail thing is sooo stupid.

She wasn't scared at all in the beginning, and "Richard Hillman" hasn't ramped it up at all. There have been no threats made, no mysterious packages with dead bunnies, nothing. So why is she suddenly so freaked out?

As someone who was actually stalked in college, this is really cheesing me off. In my case, the guy lived in my dorm and I dealt with it for 8 months and nobody could do anything, and I still wasn't as big a wreck as Gail is. I still went to classes and work. Because I had to.

And I can tell you from experience that if you take a prescription sleeping pill, you WILL sleep. The problem is that you don't want to take the pills because if he tries to break in, you are so doped you cannot defend yourself.

The writers have really blown it with this storyline.

Michigander Fan

The Big Seester said...

OK, back to Happy MF. The guy who plays Norris must have so much fun playing him. Half the time in his scenes he's clearly trying not to smile.

Yeah. Becky's a But then, you know, it was a bad idea for Kelly to offer to let her move in. Becky clearly doesn't have all her screws tightened, which Kelly knew already.

I love watching Vera when she gets going! She's a scream!

Michigander Fan

Rob Swizzle said...

It's nice that Kevin is showing some compassion for Craig.

A few months back, when Kevin was throwing Craig up against every solid object on the block and threatening to kill him, I was thinking "Jeez, You work over the bloody oil stain of his father's brains every day, cut the kid some slack."

The Big Seester said...


Ohmigosh, I just actually spit coffee out!

Crack me UP!

Michigander Fan

papasmurf said...

Just to clarify a few things:

Football (soccer) came first. Then one day some schoolboys at a prep school called Rugby picked up the ball during a football match and ran with it. A new game had been created - that became known as rugby.

Much later on in the western hemisphere the game of rugby evolved into what is today known as American or Canadian rules football.

Down under rugby evolved into Aussie rules football.

FIFA has 207 member countries these days, compared to 192 countries for the United Nations.

The NFL has 1.

I assume the big game you are referring to is the 'Super Bowl'. The networks would like you to believe that the whole world watches the game but that is only a ploy to get more money out of the advertisers. I doubt there is little interest in this game outside of North America. My friends and relatives in Europe have no clue about the Super Bowl.

I for one will be playing five-a-side soccer on Sunday night.

That's my rant for the day - thank you for listening.

Peace and stuff.

Debbie said...

Americans watch The Superbowl and to American broadcasters that is "the whole world."

Like the new show Heroes is about superheros all over the world, and by "all over the world" they mean from several different US states.

Still, that show is super awesome!

missusmac said...

Was it only a week that Roy and Hayley were away? Felt like 11 years, much like the amount of time Dev has been gone...

Yes, we saw him at Mike's funeral, but he didn't have a line.

Oh, maybe he's with Clare and Ashley, somewhere off the face of the earth...

Just FYI, I am morose, sad, down, depressed. I missed last night's episode and went to for my update.

Sadly, I saw a REALLY HUGE SPOILER on the current news section that appears on the home page. Waaaaahhhhhh!

The Big Seester said...


Nonono. You didn't get the memo. EVERYONE watches the Superbowl. In fact, if I were a patriotic American, I would go and buy a fancy flat-panel TV on which to watch the Superbowl (since shopping is the best way to defeat the terrorists). Never mind that I don't have $1200 floating around, it's the LEAST I CAN DO. Which is why I would never admit that I have plans to watch Black Adder Back and Forth this Sunday on my measly little 20-inch TV.

And those 207 FIFA countries are a myth, just like global warming.

AND, if you buy that, next year the Lions are going all the way!


Michigander Fan

Carmel said...

Poor V! last nights was too funny with the mix up in the 'telephone conversation gone wrong'! Corrie at it's very best! Roy will get that place back in ship shape right fast once he's aproned up and pinned in behind the grill!! Beans on toast anyone? Haute' Cuisine Northern style!!

Anonymous said...

Forget all forms of football and futbol, who else watched the Ken Dryden ceremony directly after Corrie?

Go Habs Go! (to another network, the CBC didn't even have the brains to show the game that followed, the crate-eggs)


S. Poole

Debbie said...

I really like beans on toast. I don't really have a point here, I just wanted to say that beans on toast is really nice.