Monday, January 22, 2007

Update for Episode 6283 & 6284 January 22, 2007

Things are feeling congested at chez Lloyd and Kelly with Becky hanging around constantly. Kelly had hoped that Becky was going out to bingo with the girls from the factory but Becky is right skint, so she thought she would stay in and watch the movie with her flatmates. They debate what they should have for tea. Kelly is opposed to getting anything from Wong's chippy, since last time she got one of Yana's artificial nails mixed in with her food. They decide on chinese take-away instead. The freeloader returns with the food and gets on Kelly's nerves even further by letting Lloyd feed her with his fork. The three roomies settle in rather uncomfortably to watch the movie.

In the morning Lloyd is starting to worry about showing up for work on time, since Kelly has been in the bathroom for a whole 25 minutes. Becky explains some of the mysteries of what a woman does whilst in this secret chamber. Becky starts to give him a towel scrub in the kitchen but Kelly emerges to save him from this fate.

At Streetcars Lloyd is debating the pros and cons of living with two women. He is eating more and drinking less. His reputation as a stud is growing. He will never have to buy shampoo again, but is no longer able to parade around his flat in his grundies. (I love parading around in my flat in my grundies - wouldn't trade it for anything) A while later at the Streetcars office Kelly comes by to visit Lloyd and they are so glad to have some time together at last. Except for Eileen being in the ofice with them.

Chesney and Sophie stop in at The Cafe after school for a bite to eat but Vera tries to show them the door. The two waifs tell Vera a hard luck story about how he hasn't had any proper food all day, and will be lucky if Les brings him a packet of crisps home from the pub. Vera is moved by this tale of woe and lets them stay, and if they clear the tables they can have a free soda. For some reason Rosie decides to stuff the remains of a hamburger deep into the radiator. No doubt this will raise a stink sometime in the near future.

Leanne is taking her new role in the factory seriously and tries to get off on the right foot by serving the girls tea. Naturally this lot, given an inch will try to take a mile, and they request a coffee machine that will make foam as well. Leanne says she will 'raise' the issue with Danny. Much chortling ensues. Sally remains unconvinced of Leanne's intentions though.

Eileen is walking down the street talking to someone (Sean maybe?) about the Richard Hillman cards. Eileen thinks since Gail is sending the cards to herself anyways, she could save herself the price of postage and just give the cards to herself, or just stuff them through the letter box on her own. Something like that. Naturally, Gail hears part of the conversation* and asks Eileen if she was talking about her. Eileen replies that, yes indeed, she was talking about Gail, then continues walking down the street.

*Why is it that Gail always manages to show up halfway through any comversation that involves gossip about her? She has impeccable timing in this regard.

Archie and Rita are going for a drive to some pub in a forest somewhere. Apparently it's quite nice. Audrey seems a bit crestfallen by this bit of news. Later, after they have returned Archie runs into Audrey and they decide to go for a G&T in The Rovers. Naturally Keith observes this from a distance and assumes the worst. Keith and Rita decide to join A&A in the pub for a drink. Blanche and Deirdre, Coronation Street's resident fish monger's wives, decide to go to the pub to watch the sparks fly. Keith steers Audrey to a table in the corner away from Rita and Archie so Keith can harp about money and Archie and all the usual things he moans about. Audrey tells him that he is boring and perhaps it would be best if they call it a day. Keith is none too pleased by the way things are turning out, and blames it all on Archie. Things were fine till that gravedigger stuck his oar in. Or, rather his spade. Keith leaves the pub in a fury. Blanche, having correctly predicted the events that took place, notes that Keith has a face that looks like a slapped bum.

Later Gail and Audrey are having a drink in The Rovers. Audrey is trying to explain that Keith is snubbing her on the street and thinks her a two-timing trollop. Keith walks in at this point, spots Audrey and does an abrupt about face and walks out again. Audrey chases out after him, leaving Gail on her own. Gail shouts that Audrey hasn't finished her drink yet. You finish it Audrey replies. Gail slinks home alone. Keith and Audrey have it out on the street and decide that there is really no spark between them and it is best that they end things now. Keith agrees in a sullen sort of way and stomps off, telling Audrey he is not going to wrap it in flowers for her.

Danny continues to try and have it on with Frankie. He tells her that it has all been a mistake, things could be the way they used to be, that sort of rubbish. She tells him to get stuffed - sort of. Later she tries to explain this to Adonis - er Nathan, but he remains unconvinced. If she is done with Danny then she should get things settled proper with a solicitor and everything.

Later in The Rovers Frankie and Nathan are sitting in a booth when Boris and Natscha come in. Danny tells Leanne to ignore the other couple, they are just trying to wind him up a bit. At this point Frankie gives Nathan a snog, sort of like what Sarah did to make Violet jealous. Must be the rabbit fur jackets or something. Nathan wonders what will happen when Frankie realizes that he no money, will she dump him for someone with loads of cash? Frankie assures him that she is no money grubber, and that there is more to a man than the size of what's in his trousers. Meaning his wallet of course. Danny comes over and asks Frankie to step outside for a private chat for a minute or two. He tries again to convince her that things could return to way they were, but Nathan steps out and joins them. Danny is told to stop trying to be sincere, no-one is buying it anymore. Frankie sticks the knife in deep, telling Danny that she is glad that he is with Leanne, that way he will wake up every morning and remember what he used to have.

Adam is driving down the street in his shiny yellow car when he spies Danny crossing the road. Adam guns the motor and sort of steers at Danny who jumps to the curb like a scared rabbit. He yells at Adam about his dangerous driving, he has witnesses and all. The witness is Nathan though, and he didn't see a thing.

Adam has decided to have a party for his 18th birthday after all. After some debate they decide to have the party at Frankie and Jamie's, since the Barlow residence is populated by the infirmed and ancient who might object to the loud music general carrying on that is sure to take place. Ken is somewhat sad to hear this news, having hoped to host the party himself. Ken is somewhat outraged when he discovers that Adam bought a jacket for himself for his birthday for 500 quid. In addition to the traditional 18th birthday watch he had already bought for himself.

Preparations are underway for the party at Number 7. Nathan and Frankie (looking scrumptious I must say) are moving furniture and discussing the merits of fake wooden fruit. Adam and Jamie show up with arms full of alcohol, including a case of Stallion Premium Lager. You know it's going to be a party when the Stallion shows up.

Later at the party everyone is having a grand time. Sean and Tracey are bonding in a strange way. Charlie is looking at Sean in a strange way. (bizarro threesome maybe?) Sean puts on his special CD of dance/kitsch music which is sure to get the party rocking. Before long Sal is leading the others in some odd follow the leader drinking type party game. She is surprised to see Rosie at the party, probably because nobody wants to party with their kids, it might cramp their style after all. Adam decides that everyone needs to do some tequila slammers, and goes out to get a few bottles of Mexican magic from the store. On the way back, naturally he bumps into Danny in front of the flat. A few harsh words are spoken and Adam ends up giving Danny a punch in the nose. A bit of scuffling ensues, with Adam's expensive new jacket getting ruined in the process. Danny tells Adan that Mike was right to leave the factory to him - how can Adam have been expected to control a business when he can't control his own temper?

At some point earlier Danny goes to his solicitor to see if there is some way he can prevent Frankie from getting her equal share of things. The solicitor says this is unlikely, unless there are some mitigating circumstances. Danny mentions that Frankie's new lover is living with her in the flat Danny is still paying for. This seems to be one of those circumstances. Unless I am mistaken, Nathan hasn't moved in with Frankie. Anyone know for sure?

Towards the end of the party Adam and Sean have a chat in the garden about the whole state of affairs. How it's not about the money for Adam, how Ken is a spectator compared to Mike being a player, how he is unhappy living where he is, how he is unsure about the future. Sean gives him some wise counsel and the two have a nice moment of bonding out back. So to speak.


Kristin said...

I think that Gail is related to homing pigeons. As Papasmurf noted, she always walks in on self-related gossip. Maybe she has a big magnet in her head.

An aside: it was Chesney and Sophie in the cafe. Just in case anyone was confused.

Jacqueline said...

It's been said before, but bears repeating...Danny's lawyer is Trevor Bannister a.k.a. Mr.Lucas from 'Are You Being Served?'.

Anonymous said...

Was anyone else waiting for Sean and Adam to kiss at the end of their heart to heart last night????

And in a probably very unpopular opnion, I hate that Adam keeps saying that Danny stole what was rightfully his! Isn't Danny the FIRST born son, and therefore historically the one to get all the loot! Adam is at the end of the line and should be happy for getting what he got. And frankly everytime he opens his mouth lately, all I can think is, 'Mike did the right thing'. Even though I know Mike didn't really do it of "sound mind"....

Anonymous said...

Hey, did anyone notice the Adam/Joanne moment?

Sorry Jackie, I disagree. Mike only found out that Danny was his son recently. He was Danny's uncle most of his life. They got along, but, if I were Adam, I'd be pissed that this Danny-come-lately son so obviously swindled my dad.

Mike had every intention of leaving his share of the business to Adam (Mike and Adam were close) so that his two sons - well the two sons that he wanted to keep in his life - would be equal partners in the family business. But, Danny was hurt and wanted the lot.

I think it is ridiculous that anyone would expect that an 18 year-old could run a business. Danny, keeps taunting Adam, but he forgets that he had been trained in the garment trade in London for years before he ran his own business and still he did so with Mike.

The Big Seester said...

I can't even comment on Gail without feeling like my head is going to explode. This is, hands down, the stupidest storyline I have seen since starting to watch Corrie over a year ago.

Also, I will say that Danny is a moron for hiring Leanne to work for him. That will end badly. You have to really like someone to be with them 24/7.

I felt kind of bad for Keef last night. I like him.

Sean MADE the show last night. Yeah, he's a little... stereotyped, but he's also a lot of fun, and a genuinely nice guy. And it's nice to see him being a friend, a confident, not just "the token flamer." That's sooo one dimensional.

Michigander Fan

The Big Seester said...

OOOPS! That's supposed to be confidAnt, not confidEnt.

Sorry. What a dweeb!

Michigander Fan

Pamer said...

Mr. Lucas??? Oh Man, I thought he looked familiar but I couldn't place him...

"Glass of water for Mr. Granger"

Pamer said...

Debbie: I also noticed the little something-something between Jo and Adam. Maybe it was all the booze (Them, not me)

Jackie: It did seem like Corrie was going to try an Adam/Sean thing at the end...what i thought was more strange was that those two really haven't had any reason to be friends. Adam was Sean's seemed odd that he would try and console the lad (unless Sean fancies him)

Seester: I felt bad for Keef he has a grandson that still hasn't warmed up to him. No GF and he's a friggin paperboy...sheesh

The Big Seester said...

I didn't get the impression that Sean & Adam are being hooked up. I think he just rose to the occasion and was a great comfort. It was a little out of place, considering their former relationship (boss/skivvy-sewer) but I have had colleagues confide in me without much notice.

OTOH, I like Sean a lot, and am really enjoying seeing him as more than a "flat character," so that may just be my prejudice coming out to play.

Go Sean!

Michigander Fan

pippinsqueak said...

Anyone notice how Sophie stuffed that leftover hamburger down into a knick knack or summat at Roy's Rolls? Is Roy going to be closed down by the health inspector in an upcoming episode.

I am getting rather tired of Adam. He is acting like a child, spending all his money, trying to run Danny down and then punching him out (notice it was Danny who pinned Adam at the end of that brawl).

I think some part of Frankie would still like to get back together with Danny and Nathan is right in suspecting her of that. She's taken him back before!

Anonymous said...

Pamer, I know you like to get your drink on when you're watching The Street.

Pippin, Adam is acting like a child because he is largely a child. He is only 18 and is doing what most 18 year-olds in his position would do.

missusmac said...

Papa, loved the update, bad puns and all!

I didn't sense any sparks between Adam and Shawn, just friendship/advice.

I thought Frankie looked bad. Really bad, as in like my mom in the late 60s in her 'hostess' dress and bouffant hair when she was having dinner parties.

Jamie adn Nathan however, looked very nice. :)

What the hell was Sally doing there? Or Kelly? I wracked my brains trying to think whose friend/family in the Baldwin house they qualified as? Surely Fizz and Kirk qualified more.

I don't feel sorry for Keith. He likes to pull the 'poor old man' card after he gets people's backs up thoroughly being such a grumpy complaining bugger. I agree with Audrey, there is no joy in him.

Drink it yourself Gail. Go home. Ha! Even your mother hates you!

Rob Swizzle said...

I thought Frankie looked good, if retro.

Tracey's seafoam shower curtain dress was so hideous I was glad I'd taped the Street so I could take a second look.

Anonymous said...

sorry for posting that comment three times (blush), blogger kept showing that it didn't publish so I kept trying! lol

Anyway, I see your point about Adam, I personally think that Mikes share of the factory (his 51%) should have been split 50/50 between Adam and Danny. However, Adam has annoyed me so much lately, I'm glad he didn't get any! lol

Jacqueline said...

#1 - I didn't like Frankie's outfit. (It's okay John, we'll have rumple in march.)

#2 - I only feel a little bad for Keef. It was a bad match and it's too bad he didn't see that himself.

#3 - It's not that Danny got the money that bugs me, it's HOW he got the money, by manipulating Mike.

#4 - I don't think first born son and all the rights of inhertitance apply. Let's not forget, Danny isn't Mike's legitimate son.

#5 - I like Sean as less cliche.

Jacqueline said...

Jackie, I just removed the two repeats for you.

Anonymous said...

thanks jacqueline!

I totally agree with you on the Danny money thing.

Anonymous said...

oh and another thing, does Mike have ANY legitimate sons??? lol

nosey parker said...

Jackie, Wouldn't Adam be Mike's only legitimate son since he was conceived when Mike and Susan were married? Danny's mom was married to Mike's brother and I don't think Mike and Maggie were married either. Can't stand Adam and I'm glad Danny got the factory although Mike's share should have been split 50-50. As for the way Danny manipulated Mike....well he's a chip off the old block.

Jacqui said...

Wow there's a lot of Jacqui's on here! lol

I can't stand when they make these psycho storylines like with Gail. Almost as bad as when Katie was getting all hysterical every time she turned around. Makes me want to walk away and say "call me back when this scene's over!"

There's something about Danny that no matter how bad you know he is you still can't help but like him. Except for when he deleted Mike's message on the machine to replace it with his own. I didn't like him at all in that moment.

But Leanne; she makes me crazy! How does anyone get to be that self-centred, greedy and inconsiderate? I won't miss her at all when she leaves to have that baby (which they're not doing a very good job at hiding anymore; I'm surprised they didn't write it into the storyline).

And yes, Adam is certainly acting his age, which means it's probably a good thing he's not running the company. Actually most of them on this show annoy me! lol But I LOVE my Corrie!

pippinsqueak said...

Jacqui, I agree with your take on Danny, much as I try to hate him, I can't (I have no problem hating Mr. Stubbs, however).

I was thinking the actress who plays Leanne looks like she is pregnant! That increases the likelihood that Danny and Frankie will get back together, doesn't it (personally, I hope they do).

I know Adam is still legally a child (though as of the last episode, not any more - at least not in England), but not all 18 year olds act as childishly as he is acting. Thank God he and Danny didn't each get half of Mike's share of the business (or worse, that he didn't get Mike's half). Adam would run it into the ground in a trice.

GoBetty said...

I liked how Adam smiled for the first time ever on the show. Nice moment between him and Sean. And Joanne.

Ya, Chinless Wonder Gail, walking into the Kabin 50 times a day and saying all wounded in a tiny squeaked-out voice "Are you talking about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????" Is. So. Gay.