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Update for Episode #6273 January 8, 2007

All three of the Baldwin sons just want to 'Be Like Mike'

The Graveyard

All and sundry are milling about the graveyard whilst Mike is laid in his final resting place. It is a lovely day for a funeral really, the sun is shining, birds are twittering in the trees. No one is noticing the peace and tranquility though. Adam and the Barlow types are casting nasty looks in the direction of Danny and his band of followers. Really, who wears red to a funeral? Ken gives Janice a little stick for making an appearance but she defends her right to be there.

After everyone has left the graveside Adam and Penny remain to pay their last respects. Adam has a card for his Dad telling him how he feels but isn't sure if he should leave it on the casket or not. Penny assures him that it would be fine, that Mike would appreciate it, so Adam drops it into the grave as a final farewell. Deirdre, in a right state, comes over to offer support to Penny, and the two women walk off together.

While in the graveyard Norris makes a comment to Rita about the Richard Hillman card situation. She rightly tells him to shut his gob. Blanche overhears part of the conversation and as per usual wants to know what the gossip is.

The Salon

Audrey pops into the salon before making her way to The Rovers, where she hears about Tracey's abortion from Sarah. She tells her grand-daughter to be quiet, that there is client-hairdresser confidentiality involved. (this is true under British common law. Just like bartender-drunk patron confidentiality) Besides, the other patrons don't need to hear that sort of thing.

The Rovers

The denizens of Coronation Street have gathered in their local for a drink and to share a toast to their departed friend. Danny comes in to a less than receptive reception and notes that there is 'a touch of Siberia in the air'. There is a feeling of Hatfield and McCoy in the room as the different factions of the Baldwin clans stand on different ends of the bar and glower at each other. Danny tries to lighten the mood by buying the factory girls champagne and giving them the following morning off, as long as they promise to get right loaded.

The girls, sensitive lot that they are, start throwing back the drinks and try to think of things about Mike that they can toast. Well, his accent. Oh and his shoes - always polished, his shoes. That's the best they can come up with. Poor Mike must be spinning in his grave already. A lifetime of graft and that's all they can think of. Accent and shoes.

After a while the factory girls do get loaded and Janice ends up dancing on one of the tables. (hard to believe it supported the load) Her gyrations eventually cause her shirt to burst open, much to the horror of everyone in the pub. (I felt like plucking my eyes out with a fork) Suitably embarassed Janice makes her way out into the street and runs into Les and Cilla. (more later)

Blanche is at the bar when Keith comes in. Not one to miss an opportunity to be mean spirited Blanche stirs the pot a little by telling Keith about Audrey and Archie the undertaker and their romantic past. When Audrey arrives and meets Archie they decide to have a drink together with Keith so they all get to know each other. Blanche thinks it is a bit scandalous for Audrey to have a drink with an old beau. Audrey tells her it is not as scandalous as someone having an abortion - like Tracey. This shocks Blanche into speechlessness - probably for the first time in her life. Archie tries his best to be friendly, comparing his work as an embalmer to taxidermy but Keith isn't feeling social. He doesn't stuff humans after all.

At some point Blanche tells Audrey that Archie is the one who embalmed Richard Hillman, so Gail doesn't have to worry about the cards she has been receiving.

Danny tries to apologize to Adam for what was said at the church earlier in the day but the angry young scotsman isn't having any of it.

The Factory

Adam is in the factory by himself when Mark walks in and the two brothers meet for the first time. Adam asks Mark if he has come to see what else he can take off his Dad - besides his wife. Adam seems to think that what happened with Mark in the past is why Mike thought that Adam and Penny were having an affair. (I think it was more of Danny's machinations) The two sons share a bit and talk about the factory and how it reminds them of their Dad. Adam thinks it will change now that Danny will be in charge and there isn't anything that he can do about it. Mark thinks that Danny might be more like Mike than Adam is. After all, Mike never gave up, he never quit on anything in his whole life. This gives Adam something to think about. When he returns to # 1 he informs Ken that he has decided to contest the will.

The Remains

Jena the social worker comes round the Battersby-Brown residence to interview Fiz about Cilla and her (dis)abilities as a mother. Kirk and Chesney are understandably worried about what might be said. Les of course keeps mispronouncing the social worker's name. They all leave so Fiz and Jena can talk in peace. While they are out Les and Cilla run into Janice, who has left the bar in a drunken and partially undressed state. The two women end up trying to claw each others eyes out, with Les trying to keep the two hellions apart. This is all happening just when the social worker comes out the door. Will poor Chesney ever get adopted? Stay tuned.

Liz and Deirdre share a teary drink in the flat. Deirdre is upset about losing Mike and the prospect of losing Ken in the future.

Tracey (also wearing red) is on her way to The Rovers when she runs into her grandmother, who confronts her about the news of the abortion. The two of them go back to the flat as Liz and Deirdre are on their way out. Deirdre tells her daughter not to hang around at home, she should 'make the most of being child free'. Little does she know. Tracey makes Blanche swear not to tell her parents, but I doubt she will be able to keep her mouth shut for very long.

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