Monday, January 15, 2007

Update for Epiosde # 6278 January 15, 2007

It seems that Vera Duckworth can start more wars than this guy.

The Key

Kelly is less than impressed with the birthday gift she has received from Lloyd - a key to his flat, so she can move in with him. (seems like a good gift to me but then I am just your average male) Later while chatting with some of the girls from the factory she realizes that she is being a selfish cow about things and that the gift is actually very thoughtful and dead romantic. Kelly makes up with Lloyd and agrees to move in with him as soon as possible, so she can show him how grateful she really is.

In the midst of all this drama, Becky the nutter receives a mysterious call on her mobile and rushes off to meet someone. She returns a while later with a birthday gift for Kelly - what appears to be an expensive watch - which seems innappropriate and inexplicable at the same time.

The Cad

Deirdre pops round the flat of the Prince of Darkness to drop off Amy for the night, only to find Tracey getting dolled up for a night out with the human sneer. The mother and daughter have their usual spat about parenting techniques. Charlie then marches into the room without a shirt on (take a deep breath Jacqueline) and agrees that Deirdre should take Amy for the night - so he can have a night of uninterrupted rumpy pumpy with Tracey.

Tracey is still unable to find the missing red shoe.

The Car

Craig rushes into the hospital in search of his one true love. He finds the Websters waiting in a hallway to see what the results of the X-rays will be. Kevin gives him him something to drink while they are waiting, which seems to surprise Craig a bit. When Mom and Dad are at Rosie's bedside, Kevin is quite reasonable, noting that things could have been much worse had the driver been speeding instead of doing the speed limit. Sal replies in her usual harridan fashion. Rosie just wants to see Craig so she can show him the authentic black goth cast on her arm. Craig volunteers to stay with Rosie - all night if he has to - if Sal has to go and take care of Rosie. It turns out that Kev is taking care of Sophie, so Rosie suggests that both Craig and her Mom sit with her. Sounds a bit awkward to me.

The Kid

In spite of an initial setback at the solicitors Adam vows to continue contesting the will, because that's what Mike would want him to do.

The Coot

Blanche has somehow got the idea that Archie has returned to the street for her. Ken thinks this might be true - in his capacity as an undertaker. Blanche pops in to The Rovers for a drink and ends up sitting with Rita, Emily, and Archie. The four codgers play some guessing games for a while until Blanche finally gets Archie alone at the bar. Blanche tells Archie that while she has changed as a person, her romantic feelings for him remain the same as they did in the old days. Archie rejects her in a gentle fashion, telling Blache that they have a special friendship and that he has learned not to live in the past, or to dwell on old feelings.

Rita, whilst gazing wistfully at Archie, comments to Emily that she misses male company.

The Card and The Cop

Gail confronts Eileen in the pub about all the talk of who has ben sending the Hillman cards to Number 8. Gail accuses her arch nemesis of sending the cards in an attempt to break up the relationship between her and Stinky McTavish. Eileen counters by saying Gail is crazy enough to send the cards to herself in an attempt to get some attention. Vera gets stuck in with her two pence worth and tells Gail that she is dead common. It seems that Richard Hillman swindled the Duckworths out of their savings and there is still some bitterness there. Looking increasingly stressed Gail threatens to call the police. Eileen suggests that she ring an ambulance as well, and be sure that they bring a strait jacket.

In a bizarre twist Sarah is the voice of reason while all this is going on.

Back at the Platt flat things are going from bad to worse. Audrey comes by to help out but this only seems to further agitate Gail, who ends up ringing the police. Constables TweedleDum and TweedleDumber show up and try to do the best they can with the situation. Somehow Gail (Platt) assumes that the police should know who she is (Gail Hillman) and proceeds to tell them a brief history of what happened in the past and what is going on with the cards she has been receving. She wonders if the police can check the card for fingerprints. Constable TweedleDum says that this is impossible, since he has destroyed any evidence the card might contain by handling the envelope without any gloves on. The police assure Gail that if another card arrives they will be able to act on it, but there is not much they can do at the present time.

Meanwhile back at The Rovers Eileen is starting to show a flicker of empathy for Gail and all that she has been going through. This moment of compassion quickly evaporates when she steps out of the pub and sees the police cruiser parked across the street. In spite of Jason trying to head her off Eileen proceeds to confront Gail about what is going on. The two shrews screech at each other for a bit, accusing one another of various wrongdoings. Constable TweedleDum calls Gail Mrs. Platt and gets an earful in reply.

In the end Gail is quite shaken, wondering who could hate her enough to send the cards that are causing her so much pain and distress.

The Creator

On a completely unrelated note I noticed the other day that it was the second anniversary of the Corrie Canuck blog this past January 12. Congratulations and three cheers for Jacqueline our esteemed founder and inspirational muse.


Pamer said...

I'm sure Jacqueline noticed the knife wound scar on Mr. Stubbs' back...up near his left shoulder. I bet there is a cool story behind that.

Also it was very reassuring to see Rosie with a black cast on

Anonymous said...

Just two comments about tonights episode.

1. Did Sally seem like an ... I don't know ... physco obsessive beast-mom from hell tonight? Or was that just me? She has this weird jealousy of Craig thing happening.

2. When Audrey showed up at Gail's house I don't really get Gail's reaction. Why was Gail surprised to see Audrey at her house? She's there every day and works just over the road.

John said...

Do you think the police at the Weatherfield Constabulary draw straws to take the calls from Coronation Street?

'Let's see. Someone impersonating your dead husband is sending greeting cards. But we can't examine the evidence because you only have the one because you threw out the others. And we can check for fingerprints because your whole families' paws have been all over it. But you think it's the lady across the street because you don't like her. And what, exactly, do you think it is we can do for you? Throw us a frickin' bone here!'

The Big Seester said...

Yeah. Well, first of all, Gail is just cracking up here. Second, Sharah and Jayshun need to learn to keep their mouths shut if they don't want their mothers fighting.

I STILL don't get what is sooo scaaary about these cards. There has been NO threat made, and as far as I'm aware, the cards only come on holidays and birthdays, not every other Tuesday.

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for posting what happened at Charlies...I didn't hear any words that were being spoken. I was too busy licking the television screen.

#1 - If was given the key to my b.f.'s flat as a birthday gift, I'd appreciate the gesture but in the back of my, he owes me a real gift. I'm kind of thinking most women would be the same. I understand Lister's intention, but a commitment is something you offer up OUTSIDE of the birthday. Kind of like not proposing on Christmas - cause you're kind of just giving yourself as a pressie.

There, that's my material girl p.o.v. - let the discussion begin!

#2 - Funny enough I just heard an interview with Micheal Sellers, Peter Sellers son. Same situation, he and his sisters were left a few thousand pounds in their dad's will while the evil 3rd wife got everything else. They couldn't contest the will due to the fact that he did mention them in the will. If he hadnt' mentioned them at ALL, they would have had a case...something along the lines of he may have forgotten them.

If I were Adam, I'd argue the 'how sound of mind' was Mike when he drew up the will. (Although if he wins that arguement, it'll screw him in the ass if the Spanish will shows up.)

Pamer said...

the fact that Mark wasn't listed in the will (i think) makes me think that Adam may enlist his help later on, because then Mark can be the one contesting.

Jacqueline said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaah smart smart Pamer! I think Adam isn't so much concerned about getting the mola as he is about making sure that Danny bloody Danny doesn't get it all.

The Big Seester said...

See, where they made the mistake is in BURYING Mike before this gets settled. They needed to do what James Brown's family is doing, and keep the old guy in the family room until all the details get ironed out.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Mark was written out of Mike's will years ago when he stole Mike's wife. I don't think Adam will get any help there.

Kristin said...

gail is completely psycho! and i loved jack's comment about eileen taking the high road would annoy gail even more! so true!

we all know that gail would be the first to gossip if this were happening
to anyone else.

alas, gail's turning more into ivy with every episode.

John said...

George W. Bush is president in the Corrieverse? I thought it was Wayne Palmer.

Oh wait, that's '24.' Sorry.

The Big Seester said...

John, in his own mind, W is president of the UNIverse. So naturally he is also president of the Corrieverse. That's why there are no terrorists in Weatherfield!

I watched the 24 season opener. I had a hard time keeping a straight face when Shaun Majumder was on the screen, because he was perspiring and I was thinking about Raj Binder.

Michigander Fan

missusmac said...

Although I laughed out loud at Jacqueline's post about licking the TV, gotta say I like Charlie better with a shirt on.

Without his shirt, well, he's no Jason is he? Naw, he's got a great face though...

Eileen did not flick Gayle in the head. I am officially disappointed.

Isn't Archie just the best ex-boyfriend EVAH! What a sweet way to let down a not-so-sweet harridan like Blanche. And he genuinely seemed to mean it. Archie is a gentleman, and I'm betting he and Miss Rita will be courting soon.

As for the key to his flat..uh,yeah, thanks for prezzie. NOT! She's there all the time anyway.

That's a guy's idea of a gift, as Jacqueline points out. A real birthday gift is the key, attached to a very, very nice necklace. Or bracelet. Or ring. I'm just saying...

missusmac said...

Debbie, Sally is ALWAYS psycho obsessive beast mom from hell. It would be weird if she wasn't.

Michigander Fan, I agree about 24! I waited for Shawn to break out in a sweat and start making inappropriate comments.

Pamer, I didn't notice the knife scar on Charlie. I'm sure there's a story, and a woman, behind that scar.

Alasdair said...

Sally an obsessive beast-mom from hell? Never!! ;-) I'm not sure which kids have it worse - the Platts or the Websters. I'd have to go with the Platts - Wail has always bugged the arse damn near off me, but lately it's getting damn near pathalogic and it's just a good thing I don't have a shotgun or brick near me whenever she appears on the screen. I mean really. All we can hope is Richard Hillman DOES come back and finish the freakin' job....

missusmac said...

Wail! Haha! Love it. That's perfect.