Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Top 50 Corrie Characters

So our Glenda overseas ran a vote over at Corrie Blog to see who the readers voted as the top 50 Corrie Characters of all time.

Thanks to Alasdair and Heather for giving us the heads up.

#1 character is Rita.

Glacia cocks her head just like a confused dog. I mean Rita's fine, but Rita before Bet? Before Elsie? Before Hilda?

You can see full results here - I'm sure this will open the floodgates for discussion. (Let me start with one.. where the HELL is Percy?)

So, what are your faves?

Mrs. Glacia's list would be:

1. Bet
2. Percy Sugden
3. Alf Roberts
4. Jim McDonald
5. Hilda Ogden
6. Elsie Tanner
7. Eddie Yeats
8. Curly Watts
9. The Legend of Angela
10. Audrey Roberts
11. Raquel

NOTE: Be warned if you go snooping around corrieblog beyond the top 50 posting,that there are spoilers.


MJ said...

I demand a recount!

Bet is numero uno!

Pamer said...

Fred is Number 50!!! that's more of an outrage, I say and Outrage!

Now pour me a Scotch and threat

The Big Seester said...

No Ena Sharples in your top ten? Glacia, I must protest! When I saw the original 5 episodes, my first thought was regret that I wouldn't be able to see all Ena's episodes.

Michigander Fan

Alasdair said...

Yes to #1 ranking for Bet and I said to Ms Glacia in an earlier email that I thought Stan/Hilda and Jack/Vera (both have to go together) should be in top 10, along with Eddie Yates, Percy, and Jim MacDonald. Hard to argue with Elsie Tanner and Rita being in the top 10 and thinking back to when I was a young fella watching Corrie in Scotland - that Ena Sharples and her hairnet sure made an impression! She was scary! The lady that does the blog on which this top 50 was featured admitted that the choice of Spider as top of the male characters was likely to be controversial - but holy hanna! Spider???!!! I'd rank both Fred and Norris as higher on the list as well - both excellently done characters and finely acted.

In the 'which Corrie character are you' section - I came out as Kevin Webster. Still mulling over just what that means!

missusmac said...

Spider as top boy is definitely wrong, especially as we watch the dying Mike episodes.

Number 1 male? A hard choice given the many characters, but one would think Mike or Ken or even Les would rank higher than Spider in terms of interesting story lines.

I never saw any Bet storylines, but my personal favorite is Eileen. I see a great future for Tracy as the Joan Collins/bitch character for all Corrie eternity.