Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Riverdale Hooligans Update

Rowdy Rascals
Betty and Veronika - I mean Emily and Rita - are moping at the Rovers after Les harasses them with Richard Hillman stories. They are all ready to enter into depressed senior moments when who should walk through the door but ARCHIE!!!! Woo!

He suggests getting the old gang together and meet back at Pop Tate’s - aka The Rovers - around 6 pm. The gals readily agree and Rita tells Emily that 'We can do alone and fearful later on.'

Six pm arrives and Archie is regaling Emily, Rita, Audrey and Norris with tales of drunken debauchery and carrying Emily across fields. So out of control are they that Violet has to come tell them to settle down more than once.

In walks Keith, who's previously expressed his insecurities about Archie to Audrey, and is invited to join them. He asks if there is a kitty set up for the drinks, but Archie jumps in and says he'll buy the rounds.

Again, I really don't think and Keith and Audrey have a snowball's chance in hell.

Meanwhile, at the Lodge's...
A battle royale over bucks continues.

Adam is clearly upset at breakfast and not even Blanche's incessant harping can cheer him up. Finally Ken asks him if he's going to pursue the solicitor idea and Adam says he will. However, our young Baldwin is unsure of himself and is convinced that he'll mess up the whole thing. Ken offers to come with him to the solicitor to make sure they have the best case possible....and to keep that fiery sexy Scot from blowing up and saying foolish things like, 'I want to stab Danny Baldwin in his sleep with a mechanical pencil.'

A show down happens later at the Rovers when Adam tells Danny that he won't be smiling for long. Danny keeps smiling and tells him to shove off, to which Adam responds by telling him that he's contesting the will.

Smile removal complete.

Danny freaks out and tells Leanne that he's sure Adam has the original of the will. Leanne tries to get him to relax and make sweet love to her, but Danny is in too foul of a mood. You can see it's killing Leanne not to be able to say, 'But Danny, Adam totally doesn't have the's stuffed down Janice's bra for safe keeping.' But instead she remains tightlipped and loveless.

On another note, Danny tells Leanne to give Janice the boot. Leanne tells Janice the bad news, but Janice doesn't really mind - she's just happy for the time they had together.

Les's Creep Factor Goes Up
Everyone on the street now knows about the Hillman cards (Just a re-briefing, Audrey confided in Rita and Norris overheard and told the whole world. You know the old expression, 'How do you get information out? Telegram, telephone and tell-a-norris.')

Les picked up a fare who he swears is a Richard Hillman look-a-like and is determined to make life hell for all those who were affected by Hillman's murderous ways - by telling them this story and asking them what they thing about it. He starts with Claire and tries to confront Ashley until Claire tells him to knock it off.

Not satisfied with that, he chases Gayle up and down the street asking about the cards and when she makes her escape he goes into the Rovers to give Emily a hard time. EMILY for God's sake!

Les Battersby -hero to zero in two episodes or less.

Apparently Guilt Does Exists
Tracey gets Blanche to the Rovers to try and convince her not to tell Deidre about the abortion. She pleads that she had the abortion because a second child would not be fair to Amy who needs all of Tracey's attention. She goes on and on about how Amy is #1 in her life and she'd do anything for her.

Blanche grudgingly agrees to keep her mouth shut. Later that day over tea at the Barlows, Tracey is looking for a babysitter for Amy so that she can spend quality time with Charlie. When it turns out that Blanche, Deidre, Ken, Adam AND Steve can't babysit, she starts making suggestions like, Rita, Cilla, Tyrone and Schmichael.

This is far too much for Blanche who realizes that Amy might not be Tracey's #1 priority. She just belches out, 'Tracey had an abortion!'

Ken responds, 'Blanche, get your coat on I'm taking you to the pub for a drink.'

(Glacia makes a note on how to get free drinks when she's living on a pension in her old age.)

A VERY tearful exchange happens between Deidre and Tracey as Tracey tries to explain herself. Deidre is really upset that she has failed Tracey as a mother. She feels that Tracey should have been able to come to her for help before having the abortion.

If you taped this episode, what you can do is slow down the tape, freeze frame it on Tracey's face. Squint your eyes and you might be able to see the smallest twinge of guilt in her eyes.

PS - Blanche makes a very valid point when Violet asks her about Richard Hillman. 'He was tightfisted and wouldn't have wasted money on cards - dead or alive.'


The Big Seester said...

Blanche was the best part of this episode - she had all the best cracks.

I could not believe she ratted Tracey out like that - it just popped out there, and I literally said, "holy crap!" (All alone in the apartment, talking to myself. Good times.)

And Glacia, I agree with you, Keef and Audray have no chance.

Michigander Fan

Pamer said...

I don't remember Hillman being all that tightfisted. He was pretty flambouyant about buying a new car and holidays etc. This is what drove him to try and make(swindle) more and more money.

That's why I didn't really understand Blanche's comment

Anonymous said...

It was awesome that Blanche ratted tracey out. It was clear to Blanche that what Tracey said to her in the pub was a load of crap.

Now I just can't wait to see the reaction when Tracey admits that she lied about the whole thing.

Jacqueline said...

Debbie, no need to wait. I'll tell you the reaction right now.

'Oooooooooooh, Tray-ceh!'

Anonymous said...

I agree with Big Seester and Glacia that Audrey and Keith have no chance.
Just compare him to contest. Keith is dull as dishwater.

John said...

I think Keith is an ok guy but he and Audrey have no chance. The man. Has. No. Money.

Or what he has, goes into paying mortgage/rent on the Harris house. Seriously? Who owns that place?

Audrey's men, while not Mike Baldwin rich, were at least able to buy a round of drinks once in a while.

The missus and I both burst out laughing when Blanche dropped the bomb about Tracey's "abortion."

The Big Seester said...

Pamer: I can't comment on Hillman since (gasp!) I wasn't watching Corrie then. I just love that Blanche is so full of p*ss and vinegar.

Debbie: Yeah. I love that Blanche doesn't suffer fools gladly. Do you think the truth will come out? If anyone can keep up a charade on The Street, it's Tracey Barlow.

Anon: Well, I don't know - anyone who stuffs dead animals can't be considered dull...just weird and not as (what's the word?) cosmopolitan as Audrey might like. Keef's just a rustic guy, trapped in the big city. I always feel like he should be whittling when he's on screen.

Michigander Fan

Pamer said...

Keith asking about a "kitty" for drinks?? Who does that??? He probably saves his belly lint for pillow stuffings

pippinsqueak said...

Blanche's abortion bomb almost made me choke on my dinner! That's what I like about Corrie, not every secret needs to be kept for an age and a bit.

I missed the whole Hillman storyline, I got hooked when Tracy dropped the paternity bomb in the middle of Steve and Karen's nuptials.

Say, whatever happened to the little dog that Blanche inherited and had permanently attached to Ken's ankle?