Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Soapstar Superstar

For some reason the embedding on these clips has been disabled so here are some direct links to more Corrie-related 'Soapstar Superstar' performances on YouTube:

Antony Cotton - 'Daniel'

Antony Cotton - 'Don't Rain on My Parade'

Antony Cotton - 'Angels'

Antony Cotton - 'La Vida Loca'

Antony Cotton - Mad World

This one is probably my favourite:

Antony Cotton - Shirley Bassey Medley.

'Goldfinger' and everything.

I didn't see any Kelly Crabtree or Leanne Battersby performances available, otherwise I would have included them as well.

Antony is quite the entertainer. He's going to have no problem finding a girlfriend after this because if there is one thing the ladies dig, it's a song and dance man.


Gayle said...

Thankyou very much John. I really enjoyed the clips my favourite was "Daniel" I thought he sang it very well. Again many, many thanks.

pippinsqueak said...

I thought 'Mad World' was great, and I'd never heard 'Angels' before, that was a sweet song.

Oh, horrible thought, what if they do give Antony his own variety show, then Sean will have to leave Coronation Street!

Um, a girlfriend???

Pamer said...

I really liked the Mad WOrld version he did.

I wonder if his dad is wondering why he can't find a nice girlfirend/

Radmila said...

That Bassey Medley was off the hook!

Anonymous said...

You know Anthony is gay, right? HE won't need us women...

He is talented in acting but not singing...

Mich. Corrie Fan

Working From Home Today said...

Very funny, John. Though you just know some poor little teenaged hopes have been dashed as her friends say, "er, Antony doesn't just play one on TV, you plonker."

Jacqueline said...


What the???

I hope you're meaning 'jolly' there, Michigander...

BTW - Glacia shows her age by wondering what the hell 'Mad World' and 'Angels' are.

John said...

I keed, I keed. I know Antony prefers the company of men.

Antony's 'Mad World' is a slowed down version of a Tears for Fears hit way back in the 80's. That version of the song appeared on a soundtrack for a film a few years back and become fairly popular. You may be more familar with the Tears for Fears version.

'Angels' is a cover of a Robbie Williams tune from a few years back. He was in a boy band, then embarked on a solo career where he sort of parodies himself as a grandiose rock star.

I don't think being unfamiliar with Robbie's music is an age thing as much as it's a 'He doesn't sell records in North America' thing.

I don't think Antony's a great singer, so much as a great entertainer and that often makes all the difference.

Rob Swizzle said...

My "stranded in Canada" English and Welsh friends, both genders, go nuts when they find "Angels" on a karaoke machine. They line up to sing to each other, the clap along, they burst into tears. Robbie Williams has a Elvis-like pull on the Brits. It's sort of lovely and sort of creepy to watch.

pippinsqueak said...

The version Antony sang of 'Mad World' is pretty bang on the cover of it that was recently released by another band, maybe The Fray. It's the soundtrack on an advertisement for video game (an alien invasion game, I think) and is quite effective, makes you see the soldier (and the game) in a different light.