Monday, January 08, 2007

Mike Baldwin

I've got two pieces of Mike Baldwin news that came through my gmail account this weekend.

First, a reminder about the British Show in Hamilton with special guest Johnny Briggs. I've been told that he's pretty excited about visiting Canada let's give him a nice Canuck welcome.

The 2007 British Show
February 9-11th, 2007
Hamilton Convention Centre-Wentworth Room

Myself, I'm going via Go train. I've been assured that one can easily get to the convention centre from the Go station - it's a kilometer away so one could walk there in 10 minutes or grab a cab if needs be. If anyone wants to join me, send me an email glacia at gmail dot com

Part 2 - as discussed in the comments is that apparantly CBC Sunday morning had a discussion on how Mike's death. Click here to see some discussion on CBC site on how his death has affected fans.

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Tanya said...

dammit...i just saw a spoiler on that cbc page!! and its not a happy one. :(