Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Lost Update


The episode starts when Sarah and David inform Gail that it’s not Sunday, it’s actually Monday, a workday, and maybe she should get dressed and, er, go to work. But Audrey drags her off to Roy's instead for a talk. Audrey thinks the pills are bad and that Gail should see a doctor. Trevor asks, wasn’t it Audrey who told her to take the pills in the first place? No wonder Gail walks off in a huff.

Later at the Kabin, Norris says they’d be doing good business if the Richard Hillman imposter were shopping at the Kabin. Poor Shawn makes a crack, “of course she knows who sent them,” just as Gail walks in. Awkward silence, followed by a stampede for the door. Great, more fodder for Gail’s growing neurosis.


Ken has to chase Keith all the way to the Kabin to find out what happened to his morning paper. Keith is irate in return, saying it was Norris’ fault the paper wasn’t in the stack to begin with and that now they’re all sold out. Ken says coldly that he'll take his custom elsewhere. Archie congratulates Keith for managing to piss off Ken, the street’s "liberal and pacifist" (he obviously hasn’t witnessed Ken with Danny-boy, lately).

Meanwhile, is Audrey fixing to lose Keith? She has a heart-to-heart with Archie about her problems with Keith and how much fun he isn’t. Archie is a genuinely good soul, offering her a smile and a break from her troubles at the Rover's.


Becky makes an overly big deal about walking in on Kelly and Lloyd kissing. Yikes, she’s creepy. Anyway, the lovebirds are very accommodating towards their guest. They all walk to work together, a happy threesome (in the most non-sexual way, God willing). Becky’s finding the flat dead cozy. Good luck getting her to leave, I say.


Violet thinks Frankie’s on the mend, but Jaime (with that never absent long-suffering look of his) thinks that Danny’s going to find a way to ruin Frankie. Nathan thinks Frankie should take the money and cut her losses. Jaime thinks accepting the money lets Danny off way too easy. Frankie is the only one who doesn’t know what to think. Nathan makes it clear he’s not going to wait forever.

Meanwhile, Leanne wants a purpose in life (now that she's done rifling through all the drawers I guess). Danny gives her cart blanche to fix up the apartment, starting with a kitchen remodel. This has her all excited until she comes up with an even better idea – working at the factory! Danny actually agrees to make Leanne his PA. Well, it's true that she'd be the one to look out for his best interests (financially speaking).

Which is why it’s too bad she’s not around when Danny finally corners Frankie about the settlement. One minute, Danny’s all come on, Frank, take the money, let’s have an amicable divorce. She replies no way, she wants 50% of everything. Suddenly, Danny’s all, I love you, Frank, and we never should have parted and blah-blah-blah. Me thinks I smell panic.

But wait one gol-durned minute, why isn’t Frankie boxing his ears? What’s with that softening look in her eye? Don't tell me she's actually falling for this charade?! RUN, FRANKIE, RUN!!!

The end.


John said...

I think Frankie looked right smart in her London Fog trench coat.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

All I could think of during the scene where Gail thought it was Sunday was why didn't David let her continue to believe it was still the weekend? He could have had an extra day off school like he wanted earlier in the week!


S. Poole

Anonymous said...

Jamie has every right to his "long suffering" look. Love him.

I'm a great fan of Corrie Street, but being in the US, I have missed huge segments of it (lost CBC satelite)at different times.

Who was Richard Hillman?

Alasdair said...

Richard Hillman? He was the fella who had the chance to have done us all a big favour and taken out Wail Platt, but missed... Now he's beyond the grave and pissing us all off sending Wail stupid cards. He was better alive and menacing methinks...

Yeah, good question - just who was Richard Hillman??!

Anonymous said...

great update! i burst out laughing on more than one occasion.

frankie's spring coat is definitely much better than that god awful rabbit fur specimen. sarah should get rid of hers as well.

Rob Swizzle said...

Becky's creepy all right. It's like an extra from DaVinci's Inquest stumbling onto the Street. Most jarring.