Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year to all and Sundry Update

Norris dips his obnoxious toe into the online dating realm. Caveat emptor!

Norris and Rita

Norris is delighted to discover he has receieved an offer of a date as a result of his on-line personal ad. Naturally this gives him free rein to leave work early to beautify himself, and harangue Rita about her abysmal social life. Rita, knowing full well where he is going attempts to elicit some information about his plans but he is not sharing anything about his big night out.

Later Norris is in The Clock looking quite suave whilst waiting for his date to arrive. Time ticks by and no likely candidates are making an appearance. Much to his dismay Rita makes an entrance, so Norris tries to hide behind his menu, but to no avail. He tries to put a good face on what he is doing there on his own, but is put in his place when Rita reveals that she is in actuality his mystery date. Somewhat put off by this Norris makes to leave, but Rita, exhibiting the patience of a saint, gets him to stay for dinner. The two end up having a good heart to heart chat. It turns out that Norris wants some companionship in his later years, and Rita promises to help in this endeavour. She thought he was happy all this time, even if he showed his happiness in a snarky git like fashion most of the time.

The Baldwins

Adam and Jamie stop in at the factory to pay a visit with Danny to discuss the funeral arrangements. Naturally tension fills the air, even though Danny does his best to be civil and smooth things over. When he tells the boys that Mike's will is to read at the solicitors that Friday they are both a little suspicious of the haste of the reading. (O, most wicked speed, to post/With such dexterity to incestous sheets) They sort out what needs to be done for the funeral and the two glamour boys slink out.

Danny stops in at The Rovers for a drink. Adam and Jamie are looking stylish and grim in the corner of the bar. They both glower at Danny in their best angry young man fashion. Frankie comes in to meet the boys for a drink and when she bumps into Danny is quite pleasant, inquiring as to how he is bearing up under the circumstances.

Meanwhile back at The Quays Leanne and Cruella, er Janice are discussing what they should do with the newer Spanish version of Mike's will that they have found. The one that leaves everything to Adam, not like the 'current' will that leaves everything to Danny. Janice wants to know how many people know about the will from Spain. If it is only her and Leanne, then the best thing to do is destroy it, so that Leanne and Danny would benefit from the English will. Leanne wants to hang on to the Spanish will and show it to Danny, he will know what to do. Janice asks Leanne if she loves Danny, and if he loves her. Leanne thinks that he is 'the one' but is unsure about what he really thinks. Janice suggests keeping the Spanish will as insurance, in case he kicks Leanne to the curb in the future. He has been through two wives already you know.

Danny comes home and is surprised to find Janice having a lager. 'They say girls turn into their mothers, but I didn't think it would happen so soon.' They decide Janice can stay for a while as long as everyone promises to be civil. Leanne is set to show Danny the Spanish will until he mentions how Frankie was nice to him that afternoon, and he gets that dreamy far away glint in his eye like he always does when he thinks about Frankie, and Leanne slides the envelope contaning the will back into her purse, to be used another day - no doubt to her benefit.

Vern and Liz

The two lovebirds make some progress finding a flat that they both like so they can move in together and live happily ever after. They break the news to Steve and Ronnie, who are happy for the couple, although Steve seems happy more about getting the free loading drummer out of his flat.

The Factory Girls

Kelly explains to Becky about the confusion surrounding Jo and the ugly green handbag. Becky thinks it will all just blow over but Kelly thinks an apology will help it to blow over a little sooner. Later at The Rovers Becky does indeed apologize to Jo but still manages to look like a complete nutter in the process.

The Mentor

Ty and Molly are having a drink together. Molly invites Ty over to hers for a visit - he can shower there if he has to. Wink wink nudge nudge say no more say no more. Ty thinks it would be better if he had a shower at home, because all his clean clothes are there already. Looking glum, Molly agress with his impeachable logic.

Jack comes into The Rovers after having seen a dejected Molly in the street. He takes young Tyrone aside for a man to man chat. Jack asks if there is a problem between the two youngsters. Ty says everything is fine. Jack asks if Molly knows how Ty feels about her. Ty replies that he tells her how great she is all the time. Jack tells the thick young lad that sometimes you have to show a girl how you feel about her. Ty says he usually gets up to get their drinks in - is that what Jack means? It looks like Jack will have to be a little more explicit to get his message across. Maybe he could use some of those paintings from his art show.


The Big Seester said...

Well Papa, you know what they say...A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat...!

Am I really confused in my Corrie geography (entirely possible) or are Vernon and Liz talking about renting the former Maison de Mary-Jane run by I can't remember her name with the dog? You know, the one Psycho Platt flooded?

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

I think the pot house was over dev's shop and weren't they talking about living over a pub

Jacqueline said...

I think both will could be contested up the ying yang due to the fact that Mike wasn't of sound mind.

missusmac said...

No, the pot house is over the bookies. it was formerly the love nest of Sarah and Todd; then the non-love pit of Bev, briefly, when she came back to stop Shelley from marrying Charlie.

Then it was the pot pit. Hmm, and no one ever changes those checked curtains...

I like scheming Janice living in Danny's house. Could be good!