Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy Anniversary


I'm begining to like this yearly post because it makes me feel like the Queen at Christmas on the telly. The only difference between myself and the queen (besides the money) is that she doesn't give her speech 4 days late. So, with that, here's something I wrote up.


Corrie Canucks at home and abroad, I come to you in this joyous season of anniversary-ness to bring you good wishes of joyous joy and joyality. At this time, when the world seems to be at once going into the future and yet staying in the present, our thoughts naturally turn to, the children. The children are future of Corrie Canuck and it is to them that we must particularily turn our hearts and minds to in this joyous joyful time of goodwill.

However, what I'd like for all of you to take with you today is.


Seriously, I cannot BELIEVE how much this wee blog has grown. I've said it before, but who would have thunk that from my sad entry about not having anyone to chat to about Corrie, would spring the vibrant blog we have today.

We've had mention in the Guardian, Pete Townsend dropped in for a hello, and more recently we've had our names in the bright lights of Reader's Digest. However, more importantly, we've gathered readers from all over the world and here in the glorious rebuplik of Canuckland - readers who are the heart of our blog.

In addition, let me raise my 8:45 am cup of vodka to some seriously cool people. First our contributors:

Papa Smurf
Working from Home
Go Betty
Tiny Vi

Second our overseas Corrie connection:
Flaming Nora!

Finally once again I thank our readers who give us our raison d'etre and share their own thoughts on all that is Corrie goodness. I'm tempted to back out of naming names, because I'll know I'll forget a WHACK of peeps, but I've decided to give it a shot and hope you'll forgive any omissions.

Big Seester (aka Michigander Fan)
London Rob

So THANK YOU THANK YOU all for making this such a great blog - y'all are amazing.

One more special announcement, I'm crowning Papasmurf official recordkeeper of Corrie Canuck. Arise Sir Archive of Strongbow! Arise Sir Factman of Weatherfield! Arise Sir Trivia of Sandwich!


tanzie said...

Congrats to Corrie Canuck! I was unaware at how young this blog was. The way everyone co-exists I assumed that this has been going on for years and years. I love the feeling that I'm chatting with friends about episodes (altho I'm mostly the one who nods and agrees but seldom speaks). Keep up the great work. I need my fix of Corrie Canuck several times a day!!

Pamer said...

nodsnodsnods at Tanzie

The Big Seester said...

Wonderful! Congrats to all the people who keep this blog up and going!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the anniversary! That's wonderful. Hopefully Corrie Canuck will continue until Les grows his hair back.

And I got a mention on one of the posts! Woo hoo. Now I'm famous.

Arise Sir Archive of Strongbow! Arise Sir Factman of Weatherfield! Arise Sir Trivia of Sandwich!

When I first read this, I thought it read "ARSE" instead of "Arise" and that didn't strike me as very nice.

MJ said...

Our anniversary?

I'll drink to that!

Anonymous said...

I had my 2 year blogaversary last month.

I love Corrie Canuck, and I can't wait to meet some of you in person at the BIS.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm so glad that MJ found me and brought my attention over to this wonderful site! I still remember the post that I wrote on my blog that got MJ's attention.

This is still one of my all time favorite Corrie moments, when Ken got drunk and started speaking his mind and he said to Blanche, "Shouldn't you be knitting under a guiliteen or something??"

Still makes me laugh, I wish we saw more of drunk Ken!!

Stickybee said...

Congrats, Corrie Canuck!

I'm so very pleased to have found this site and do not miss a post.

Keep up the good work!

John said...

It's been fun, hasn't it? I'm looking to meeting some of you when I'm in Toronto in March.

(London) Rob said...

Congrats Jacqueline and everyone! ...only 2 years? yeah, I assumed it had been around longer.

It's a highlight of my day, looking in at Corrie Canuck to see what you guys have written and commented on, each in your own wacky, whimsical, brilliant way!

I used to watch the Sunday morning CBC marathon compilation of the preceding week's worth of episodes - but no more - now my whole friggin' week is planned so that I don't miss the nightly shows - and this is just so I can keep up with the postings on this website!

Of course my other friends don't know the real reason why I can't do anything on weekdays at 7:00...only you, my Corrie Canuck friends, know...and understand...

Lisa said...

God Bless us everyone! Not to be slammin' the show but I find this blog & our lives even more interesting than the show these days. Kudos to you all!

Jacqueline said...

oh fuck...I forgot Lisa.

Super star corrie canuck LISA!!!

missusmac said...

Jacqueline, thank YOU for this great space.

I think I'll have a vodka and coke to celebrate this anniversary...


papasmurf said...

Oddly enough I used to live on Sandwich Street when I lived in Windsor in my school days.

I do miss the sound of gunfire ringing out from across the Detroit river...

Alasdair said...

Congratulations to all the great folk that do all the daily summaries for us - whenever I used to miss a show, I was devastated. Now - I don't mind, cuz I come to CC and get my update AND commentary AND unexpected clips and pics RIGHT HERE!! I'm glad I stumbled onto the blog, which in turn has had me stumble onto a few other blogs - Ms Glacia's, Radmila's, Karen's, Jackie's. I get a kick out of all of them and have only been reading blogs for a couple of months.

I have to agree with the reviews of none other than Pete Townsend and Reader's Digest - what a one-two combo that is!

Here's to another year of Corrie Canuck - perhaps now in future a highlight of the year will be making it to a pub night instead of finding another freakin' marathon to run somewhere! Sounds much more sensible the older I get :-) Slainte!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I don't know what I'd do without you guys!