Monday, January 15, 2007

From London Rob...

Separated At Birth?

Adam Baldwin

Bill Sykes


Anonymous said...

I don't care what you say, I still love Adam Barlow.

(London) Rob said...

Thanks for putting the pictures up Jacqueline - everytime I'd see those shots of Adam scowling at Danny through his 'crooked fringe', he reminded me of a villain out of a Dickensian novel - specifically Oliver Reed.

As me old Mum would say "if looks could kill..."

Anonymous said...

I'm a total corrie fanatic but just found this sight..shame on me because it is wonderful..the harry hill clips had me rolling about today...thanks for the laughter.

Jacqueline said...

oh, I totally think Adam is lovable. I got him on my list....right after a well behaved Charlie

Anonymous said...

Guess what I just learned!!!!

I am "working" from home today and I have taken some time out to watch some downloaded Coronation street secrets.

In the special on Coronation Street hunks, the guy who plays Charlie 'Yes Please' Stubbs has a son named Jake who he never sees.

Do you think Jake will ever make it on the Street?

BTW, in this special, Charlie looks really hot in a REALLY special way. That may well be why it is a 'special.'

Grand Tuma said...

Here's the ultimate separated at birth clip. And take special notice of Adam Baldwin.


Anonymous said...

OK, the Adam Barlow was killer. But that last one, Janice Battersby, was actually paired with Natalie Portman not Shinade O'Conner. That was Portman when she got here head shaved for V for Vendetta.

Anyway, right now I gotta go and support my girls Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson during the Golden Globes,

YES! My girl Jennifer Hudson won!!!!!!