Monday, January 29, 2007

The Friday Double Whammy Update

Jack begs Frankie to help Vera in the Caf, but Frankie’s too busy moving Nathan into her house. Jack tells Vera that Frankie won't come, which sends her into a mood. Clearly overwhelmed, Vera snaps at Becky for being snarky and threatens to bar the next complainer. A strange smell still lingers over the place.

Lloyd admits to the boys at the office that Becky might be starting to grate on him a bit. It gets worse when Becky shows up at the Rovers with brochures of the holiday that she thinks she, Lloyd and Kelly should take together. Later, she gives Lloyd a rather intense massage, oblivious to Kelly’s glare.

David and Gail share a mother / son moment over a pizza. For once, they aren’t screaming at each other and David actually seems concerned about her welfare. She assures him she’s all right, but later we see her popping the pills again.

Danny sees Nathan moving in with Frankie. Actually, what he sees is that Nathan has Frankie slung over his shoulder and is carrying her over the threshold, shrieking and laughing. Danny’s expression is melancholic to say the least. At the pub, he tells Leanne that he’s not going to pretend he’s thrilled that his marriage is over.

Norris warns Archie to be clear with Rita about the way things really are, that Archie just wants a friendship. Archie promises to straighten things out as soon as he can find her. He finds her at the pub, where the icy chill between her and Audrey is palpable. Archie says that while flattered, he’s not into that sort of thing anymore and besides, they’ve been friends for too long to let this sort of thing happen between them. The situation dissolves into companionable laughter. I swear, if it weren’t for the likes of Archie and Sean, the street would be a dismal place indeed.

Meanwhile, at the Caf, Vera has disappeared entirely and Jack only bothers to get off his arse when the customers start complaining. Vera appears from the back and chastises him for taking so long to notice she wasn’t even there. Jack is tossed an apron for his sins. But he doesn’t last long – when things get hairy, he drops his broom and steps out for some air, leaving the pile of rubbish on the floor. Enter Norris, who slips on it and is knocked out cold.

In the next scene, Norris is conscious and giving Rita instructions about his will as he is taken away on a stretcher, clearly on death’s door (not really).

Part Deux

The next day, Jack tells Frankie that Vera won’t be coming into the cafe. She’s too traumatized. Frankie hopes Norris was blowing it all out of proportion, but Jamie informs them that Norris was held overnight in the hospital. Frankie looks just sick. It was her fault Vera was left on her own and Norris isn’t the type to let this go. Frankie assures Jack she’ll deal with it.

Lloyd walks in on Becky trying on a shirt. “Isn’t it Kelly’s?” He asks.
“Oh, is that a problem? I’ll take it off,” she says and starts to disrobe then and there. Lloyd protests and tells her it’s okay with him if it’s okay with Kelly.
“I’m glad you like it,” Becky says in a way that isn’t entirely innocent.

Turns out it’s not okay with Kelly, who says she should have asked first. Becky says they’re like sisters, what’s mine is yours and all that. Er, they ain’t sisters if Becky got off that easily. I grew up with five sisters. I kicked my one sister out of a car once just for ‘borrowing’ a spritz of my perfume (what? I slowed down the car first). She had to walk to school. Later, my dad screamed at me in front of the teacher I had a crush on. That’s what being a sister is all about.

But I digress. At Roy’s, Frankie asks Jamie to buy flowers for Norris, as she sprays the air and Lloyd’s ‘full English, no mushrooms’ with air freshner. Word gets around the street that Norris is seriously injured.
“It wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up with a Polish hip,” Blanche says.
“Is that like housemaid’s knee?” Kelly asks.
Diggory’s sorry for Roy, but happy to provide the factory with their morning cakes.

Meanwhile, Lloyd tells Steve about Becky’s exploits, joking that few can resist his naked self. Kelly overhears and begs to differ. She tells him they need to have a serious talk. Later at the pub, she tells him that she’s having trouble with Becky. She lives with her, she works with her, and she’s sick of the sight of her. She wants to get rid of her. But she’s not brave enough to kick her out just yet.

Rosie asks if she can have Craig over but Sally honestly doesn’t have anything to serve. Sally still wonders if inviting him over for tea isn’t sort of condoning things. Kevin thinks they should just wait and see what happens.

Adam, a.k.a “beer monster”, rises by the crack of 9 AM’ish. Deirdre and Ken think he’s taking advantage, partying all night and sleeping all day. They make plans to meet at Roy’s, while Adam goes back to bed. Later, Ken tries to talk to Adam about getting a job and Dierdre stops him in the street to inquire about his plans for the day. At the Rover’s, Adam complains to Jaime and Violet that they’re always on his back.

Frankie’s off to deliver the flowers to Norris in hopes that she can catch him before he phones his solicitors. However, when she sees him being unloaded from a taxi into a wheelchair, Blanche clues her in that flowers aren’t exactly going to cut it. Sure enough, Norris called the Environmental Health Inspector from his hospital bed.

Emily tries to get Norris to consider how this could affect Roy, but Norris isn’t having any of it. “Would you rather I sat here stoically, conforming to the stereotype, just struggling on, never complaining?”
“Well, I know that’s not you, Norris,” Emily replies soberly.

Oblivious to the state of their own Café, Roy and Hayley enjoy a latte at a one of those coffee chains, presumably a stop enroute back home. Roy bemoans the impersonal touch of these kinds of places with their pretentious beverages and surly service. “Vera’s not above a surly look,” Hayley points out. They both worry that they’ve left Vera and Frankie on their own too long.

Sure enough, back at the homestead, Jaime tells Frankie he’s seen mice. Frankie feels guilty that she left Vera on her own for so long - Vera was clearly overwhelmed and the Caf is in a poor state. Frankie makes a plan to close up early and scrub the shop from top to bottom before Roy gets back. Unfortunately, the Health Inspector shows up. He threatens to shut them down permanently unless they can get it back up to standards in time for a follow up inspection.

The End.


(London) Rob said...

OK, I watched the Friday episodes - I still don't know who the M-I-C-K-E-Y was that you were so excited about MF...the mouse on the floor at Roy's? ...the health inspector?

Jacqueline said...

I thought the health inspector was kind of cute in that 'english businessy man suit' kind of way.

The Big Seester said...


The mouse, natch! I can't believe he flew all the way to Weatherfield to do a guest spot, and they didn't even show him on camera! I guess he'll stay at Disneyland from now on, where he gets the respect an actor of his caliber so richly deserves!

Michigander Fan

The Big Seester said...


Yes he was, wasn't he?