Monday, January 29, 2007

Fight Club Update - Thursday

The First Rule of Corrie is You Don't Talk About Corrie
Danny's looking kind of rough going into the factory and the girls are giving him a bit of a hard time. He lets them get in their giggles and coos about the fight with Adam before he tells them to get back to work.

Meanwhile...over at the Barlow's, Ken and Deidre hear on the street that Adam has gotten into a fight. Ken compares the Baldwin boys to Cain and Abel and Deidre thinks that's some new reality show. (Okay, that was over the top. Deidre ain't that stupid.)

Blanch is wondering why Tyler's - I mean Adam's expensive new jacket has blood all over it. Enter surly teen with a nice piece of crumpet in tow. (Her name is Ellie). Ken tells young master Baldwin that they need to have a talk and when Adam does the 'Whatever' thang, Ken takes him to task about it.

The family sits down for a chinwag and Ken tries to impart to him his own experiences fighting a Baldwin and suggest that Adam focuses on getting his own life together. And Deidre makes a very smart suggestion that Adam go and see if Penny will give him his job back.

I DEFINATELY feel like that would be a good idea seeing as Adam maybe what Penny has left of Mike and therefore really want to help him out.

Over at the pub, Sean says something about 'Ooo 6 foot naught, looks of a catlogue model and the constitution of an ox.' and I got a start because I thought for a second I had been written into the script. Then I realized he was talking about Adam. sigh.

Anyway, Sean tries to reconnect with Adam, but Adam tells him thanks but he's not a touchy feely kind of guy.

Where Can I Get a Roommate Like That?
Okay, so Becky is cleaning and picking up for Kelly and Llyod and Glacia wonders why everytime someone moves in with us, they never offer to help out.

Lloyd loves it, but Kelly not so much and tells Becky to stop doing all the work and just be the guest.

I have a bad feeling that Kelly will be eating those words.

Frankie and Danny have more quibbles about the divorce settlement, specfiically how he told the solicitor that Nathan is living with her. She calls Danny pathetic saying that he's only lashing out because she won't reconcile with him. He says that's all nonsense, but no one is believing that.

As Frankie storms out of the factory she tells Leanne that she feels sorry for her. She says that Danny is still in love with her and when Leanne argues that Danny's with her now, Frankie replies, yeah but for how long.

Leanne confronts Danny about playing second fiddle to Frankie and Danny gives some excuse that if he was still in love with Frankie he'd give her all the money. He makes a few freudian slips about the money and good life being 'his' and not 'ours' (as in Danny and Leanne) and Leanne starts to worry.

She goes over to cafe to lash out at Frankie, but I think we can all see this is a running scared technique.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand she still has the Spanish will. Methinks that eventually Leanne will become Adam's new best friend.

Frankie, fed up with all the nonsense from the divorce decides to enjoy herself in the loving arms of Nathan and asks him to move in with her.

Nathan, Nathan, Nathan....anyone else beside John and I put off by his 'I'm a man who knows what he wants' comment and general behaviour way back during their dinner date at the restaurant?

Favorite Quote
'I'm no stranger to rubber gloves.' says Norris, offering to help Rita clean the pigeon poop off the Kabin windon.

Glacia goes into a weird nightmare dream trance where Fight Club is recasted with Norris replacing Brad Pitt in the 'glove' scene. She falls off the couch.

Anyway, gossip, gossip, gossip and Emily, Blanche and Norris talk about how friendly Rita and Archie are getting. Apparantly they ate an entire party pack of Twigletts together!

(Oh the times Mr. Glacia and I have indulged in twigletts....)

The Archie and Rita cart is however overturned when Rita catches wind that Audrey had dumped Keef. Worried that Audrey is on the prey for Archie, Rita stomps off when Archie says hello to her on the street.

Archie, of course, wants to know what the HELL is going on.


papasmurf said...

Having Meatloaf in Fight Club was bad enough - but Norris?

Pas possible.

Robin said...

I really can't understand why Frankie had Nathan move in. Didn't she and Danny have a conversation about how he lied to his solicitor about it to help along his case??? Is she that stupid? I'm getting sick of Danny and want him to pay, but if Frankie is going to be that stupid...

The Big Seester said...


I didn't get that either. And, quite frankly (no pun intended), I didn't think Frankie and Nathan were that serious - I mean, their first "real" date (with the infamous refusing to share Indian food incident) was V-Day, and this is May (in Weatherfield, not in North America). That's pretty darn fast to decide you want to live with someone.

Adam is impressing me less and less with each passing episode. OTOH, if him getting a job with Penny means she's back on the show, I'm for that - I miss her.

Michigander Fan

John said...

I'm not sure the writers really know who Nathan is, yet. He's stubborn, we know that. We know he had a criminal, sort of, violent past, despite his middle class upbringing. It looked like he was going to be Ashley's new BFF and was devastated when he almost knocked his eye out.

But we don't know if, at heart, he's a good guy or a bad guy. Steve's a good guy. Charlie's a villain. What's Nathan, other than arm candy for Frankie?

papasmurf said...

Nathan is a good guy for sure.

His behaviour with women might be a bit odd at times, but that can doubt be attributed to his heart being torn out and trod opon by some femme fatale in the past.

Just like so many poor men.

Jacqueline said...

Glacia gives Papasmurf a hug and says, 'There, there.'

Debbie said...

I loved that scene in the cafe when Ken explained Cain and Abel to Deirdry. That was hilarious and I thought her response was spot on. I sat there rolling my eyes thinking "oh Ken!"

I have far more patience for Adam than most people. It may be because of my total disgust with Danny and Leanne, but I think that he doesn't really know where he is in the world. I also don't know if the writers have put him in the right place over there at Number 1. His character doesn't fit there at all (except, there are some Blanche/Adam interactions that I really like). After this will business, what is there for him in the street? All the other guys have got there thing. Tyrone works at the garage, Kirk runs the kennels, Sean has two jobs, Jason is a builder but Adam doesn't do anything.

On another note, this whole Roy's Rolls situation with the bacon butty stuffed in the heater. I loved this little story. I really did, it was one of those things that I really appreciate about the Street. It is this small story that is interesting and funny, but is not backed with scandal and drama. It also involves almost everyone on the street.

John said...

I like the Roy's Rolls storyline as well - to have it go from a neat and tidy café to a rat trap like Montreal's Ben's before it closed. And like you say, everyone was involved. It's classic Corrie - no fireworks, no divorces, no fights - just a goofy little slice of life.

I chalking Adam's behaviour up to post-partum depression. He wasn't this much of a dick before Mike died. He's 18, at an age when he most needs guidance and his father is gone and he's been cheated out of his rightful inheritence. Before his dad died, his path was relatively clear - he would run the factory. Now, there's uncertainty and he may have to go out and work for a living like the rest of the plebes.

That said, I'm not sure if the writers want him to be the next Mike or some kind of Scottish Ken-Mike hybrid - a hardnose businessman with ethics and a soft spot for trade unions.

Debbie said...

Hey, Ben's is a four minute walk along Maisonneuve from my office. That labour dispute was epic.

I have never even had the chance to get some good old Ben's grub. I guess I will just have to look to the other ten milion places where smoked meat is readily available.

missusmac said...

I always thought this Adam was a bit of a jerk even before the epic Danny/Daddy struggle.

Not like young Adam, who was a total little cutie and then got shipped off!

Not sure what is supposed to be up with Frankie and Nathan. I thought she wanted Danny's $$$?

As for the caf, apparently anybody and everybody can work there for five-minute periods, and no one needs wash their hands! My kind of establishment!

How pained do we think Roy's expression will be on arrival?

John said...

Debbie - you didn't miss much with Ben's. The union demands were something like an extra 75 cents and hour and ... soap. It didn't give you a good feeling knowing that the place has literally not changed in twenty years. I'm all for throwbacks to earlier times in my restaurants but when you're eating off the same faded, chipped plate that someone used in the 1970's, that ain't right.

There are ten million other places but only 5 are really good. ;)

A dinner in my old home town used to advertise "authentic Ben's smoked meat." They have since taken the sign down.

Kristin said...

I didn't buy that Rita would really believe all that rubbish that spewed from Blanche's mouth (of all of the people). We could excuse Emily's comments since she is without Twiglets and people are talking past 9:30 pm, and we can understand Norris' comments since he's a busybody who claims to not care much for gossip (HAH!). But Blanche, cripes, I'm not sure I would believe her if she told me that the grass is green sometimes.

Rob Swizzle said...

I'm feeling churlish today perhaps, but I'd love to see Roy's Rolls shut down for good. The businesses-that-could-never-exist-in-the-real-world, from the cab company with three drivers to the pub with three barmaids, drive me crazy.

Haylee's moonlighting at the knicker factory while Roy trainspots his days away is no way to run a business. Did I see hints of Diggery scheming to poach Roy's Rolls' trade?

Rob Swizzle said...

Has Emily seemed more petty and gossipy since she forgave Ed? She must have washed the bitter taste of charity from her mouth.

Lisa said...

When I lived in Ottawa after a night of consuming copious amounts of liquid libations we would all pile into the car (with a sober driver of course) & we'd all drive to Ben's in Montreal for smoked meat at 3am. Mmmmmmmm.

Debbie said...

I remember reading the demands and yes, it was pretty gross. But, to be honest I was surprised that a diner had unionized staff. I wondered how the staff at Ben's became unionized.

Rob, what love about Streetcars is that at any given moment there are random and mysterious drivers that Elaine talks/yells at to over the switch, however, if anyone needs a drive to the airport/wedding/funeral/jail/ into town for a night out etc, Steve or Les always drives.

John said...

Debbie - Ben's was unionised because everybody in Quebec is unionised. ;) ('cept me. I'm considered management.)

Oh when I said Adam was suffering "post-partum depression," I actually meant it was the depression one gets when a loved one dies, and not after giving birth. Adam, to my knowledge, has never given birth.

Rob - I can see Roy's cafe doing reasonably well - he lives above the café some I assume he gets truckload of deductions. Staffers are all part-time and probably get paid minimum wage (with few benefits).

My question is, how is Underworld still in business? Who manufactures clothing in the UK anymore, especially knickers? Even Clark's Shoes gave in and outsourced their work to Vietnam. How did Mike Baldwin ever compete when a rival firm can offer twice the work at half the cost?

Debbie said...

One word John: quality. Those girls sew a damn fine knicker.

OK, that was obviously a joke.