Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Corrie Products


Do not worry about the lack of Corrie products....the British show in March (and mostly likely the Hamilton on in February) is the MECCA for Corrie shirts, mugs, aprons, etc.

Also, On Air magazine has lots of memorbilia. Last year I bought a sweater worn by Percey Sugden on the show!

So bring cash.

If all else fails...ebay, ebay, ebay.

BTW - if you are planning to come from out of town for the show, I'd suggest you get hotel reservations made sooner than later. The Harbourfront Raddison has some special deal that you can check out on the BIS show website.

I can also recommend the Travelodge on King St. which is going to be close to the show AND next door to The Banknote where I'm planning to hold the pubfests that weekend.


papasmurf said...

Has Mr. Glacia found some body armour for me yet?

Jack Duckworth size please.

Pamer said...

I think I'm really going to try and hit the British show in TO this year. It's near my Birfday!!