Saturday, January 06, 2007


Deirdres first & Rita Opens the Kabin.

Hilda does the Tango


Jacqueline said...

#1 - Hilda had hair?

#2 - Deidre was actually cute once.

#3 - I love it when Mr. Glacia refers to me as 'his bird'.

missusmac said...

Not only was Deirdre cute, but she didn't have that husky, foghorn voice she's got now.

Why is it a man never bought me a business and set me up in it??? Awww, the good old days....

howdi said...

Deirdre's decades of smoking makes her sound like a man.

I am surprised she hasn't got emphezema by now.

I think she did have a bout with cancer a few years ago.(in real life)