Sunday, December 30, 2007

Obscure Football Reference of the Day

Ashley, looking like the Irish Waldo, is dressed in the green and white hoops of Glasgow Celtic, often called the 'Bhoys' by their supporters. Celtic are the Catholic team in Glasgow, while their cross town rivals Glasgow Rangers are the Protestant side. With the proximity to Northern Ireland and the history there, the games between these two clubs, referred to as 'The Old Firm', are usually intense affairs between the players on the pitch, and between the supporters in the stands and streets around the stadiums. Songs about the council would be referring to the neighbourhood that you live in, which were often divided along religious lines.

Mo Johnston, the coach for Toronto FC, was one of the first players to have played for both Celtic and Rangers.

Waiting for the Verdict Update

I was trying to find some Wapner episodes of the People’s Court for this update, but alas, they don’t exist on Youtube. I did find some Millian episodes however. I’ve never seen her before, but my god, she is a Godess! I’m hoping for such a scene during Tracey’s trial.

Okay kinder, we are winding up with the Tracey on Trial story and as mentioned before, Tuesday’s episodes will give us the verdict. I suspect that 80% of us already know what it is, but we’ll keep it a secret from thems that don’t and wish to find out on Tuesday.

Here’s your update covering the two episodes shown on Friday.

Don’t you love it? That’s what they’re calling Casey over at Corrienet – so I stole it.

I’m thinking the best scene of these two episodes is Claire saying goodbye to Ashley who has decided to dress like Waldo. Actually, he’s in green so it’s more of an Irish Waldo. Apparently he’s going to some sort of sporting event and begins to sing some song about the council and boys here to entertain us. I haven’t a clue. (Over to you Papasmurf).

While Ashley is gone, Claire has Casey over for a visit and while they are commenting on the ENORMITY of Freddy, Claire hears Joshua cry from upstairs. She runs up and it turns out that he has hit his head and Casey tells her it’s best to take him to A&E and she’ll take care of Freddie.

When Claire returns from the ‘hopickle, neither Casey nor Freddie are to be found in the house. After searching and trying to contact her, Claire calls the police to report her baby missing. Shortly after that Casey shows up at the Peacock’s door with baby in tow, she had taken Freddie for a ride because he was crying. She tried to call Claire but her mobile was dead. (Course there is always that note cleverly placed on the kitchen counter options….but never mind.)

Claire is upset but calms down after Casey apologizes and tells her that she’ll explain to the police when they get there. Casey is grossly offended that Claire would think that she had actually stolen Freddie and stomps off. The rest of the episode and next has Claire wringing her hands over the possibility of losing Casey as a friend.

Liam Asks Sean To Look At His Crack
Leanne has decided to torment Liam by telling him that she didn’t want the house because of what her survey turned up about the house. Now he’s worried that his survey wasn’t as thorough as hers and wonders what the hell is wrong with the house.

At one point he asks Sean if he can see a crack on the front of the house.

Oh yeah, I suspect he’s started to use Jamie as live-in help.

Lech Would Be Proud

Janice is giving the polish girls a hard time about working double shifts. Pretty much in the factory is telling her to give it a rest, except for Joanne for some reason. Oh, wait, Kelly does make some comment about Working Hour Directive, but Joanne says, ‘You should talk.’, which makes Glacia giggle.

There’s a collection going around for someone ex-factory worker and Janice says that the Polish ladies should put in twice as much. But Vicky says that Kasia (pronounced Kasha thankyouverymuchCorrienet) and Judy haven’t been around long enough to ante up and that she will definitely only put in what the others have.

After at the Rovers, all the other workers are bonding with the Polish ladies and Sean buys a round. Everyone, that is except Janice and Joanne who sit off the side refusing to associate with their Slavic sisters. Haley confronts them and Joanne says that she’s with Janice on this one and that Haley shouldn’t say Janice is racist because ‘Hello!’ and she points to herself. (Glacia is glad to find out that racism is just an uncomplicated quality in an individual.)

Tiger ‘Pimp Daddy’ Alahan
Dev has bought some super sonic shoes for the golf course that are guaranteed to improve his game.

Molly says they look like pimp shoes and that there’s no way he’s going to attract women wearing those. Yes, of course that is assuming that he wears them to the disco and not to the golf course.

Amber-man just calls him sad and tells him that golf is the most boring game ever.

Tracey on Trial

Deidre has transferred her panic attacks over to some sort of cleaning OCD and Tracey comments that Deidre can see herself in the sink it’s so shiney….but really, how can she bare to look at herself. Then Ken pipes in, Deidre cries, and Tracey storms out of the house.

While out and about she tries to bond with the community that she may not be a part of for a good 20 years. Saying “Hello’ to happy families in the park and expressing what might be real concern over Joshua’s head bump.

While she’s out she gets a message from ‘David X’, asking her to meet him. She meets him and basically lays it out for him that tells him that he just thinks he loves her, but he doesn’t. When he asks if she used him, she says, ‘Yes’ and tells him to stay away from girls like her. Why do I find this touching in some weird way?

Meanwhile back at home Ken tries to comfort Deidre by telling her that Tracey has to take responsibility for her actions. Deidre turns on him and starts screaming about his moralizing and coldness, again. Does anyone else wonder if Deidre actually loves Ken or she just ‘settled’ for him? It just seems like sometimes she has nothing but contempt for him.

Later, when the family (sans Tracey) is gathered in the sitting room, Peter suggests that they all go out for dinner. Ken and Deidre say it might not be appropriate given the circumstances, but Peter argues that if they relax over a good dinner it might allow them to relax and gain the strength to help Tracey through the rest of the trial. Everyone agrees and Deidre goes to get Tracey.

She finds her in the pub and when she asks Tracey to come to dinner, Tracey starts attacking Deidre and very loudly so the whole pub can here calls her a Judas. When Deidre touches Tracey, she screams, ‘Get your hands off of me. Get out!’

At this point Steve jumps in and tells Tracey to go to the back room and when he follows her, Rita and Betty comfort Deidre.

Steve tells Tracey that she needs to make up with her mom because she’s going to need her family more than ever right now. Tracey asks if she can spend the night with him at the Rovers, but when he tells her ‘No.’ she asks if she can just spend a bit of time with him anyhow.

Later that night she goes home and meets Deidre in the sitting room who is sucking back wine and smoking. She tells Deidre that she’ll never forgive her and that if she is found innocent she is planning to pack her bags and Deidre will see neither her nor Amy ever again.

The next morning Deidre goes over to the Rovers to tell Steve about Tracey’s plans and asks him to talk to her. He agrees and later at the Barlows, Tracey walks into what looks like an intervention. She reiterates that she will leave for parts unknown if she is found guilty and Steve asks when the hell she was planning to tell him, Amy’s father. She said that she was going to get through the trial first. When he says she can’t just run off with Amy, she says, ‘Just watch me.’.

As she leaves the room, Ken blocks her way and reminds her that everyone in the room has done nothing but give her support through this whole ordeal and how can she repay them like that. She says, ‘Remind me to say ‘thank you’ on my way out.’

Over at the courthouse, the prosecution says in their closing remarks to the jury that the strongest defense Tracey has was the testimony from a boy who had a grudge against Charlie and that his sworn testimony basically contradicts forensic evidence at every turn. She continues on that Tracey is an accomplished actress and an even better liar. She has fooled her family and friends and that the jury shouldn’t let her fool them.

The defense is up next and says that regardless of stumbled or confused testimonies, the ‘solid wall of reasonable proof (or did he say doubt?) has not been breeched.’ I think that’s British for ‘if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.’.

While the jury goes off to reach a verdict, Deidre goes out to have a smoke and fret. David tries to approach her, but both Ken and Deidre tell him to piss off.

As Deidre lights up a smoke, Ken asks her how many that is today. (oh ken….leave it.) Then he says, that it’s strange but that he is tempted to ask her for one himself. Deidre looks a bit shocked and offers up the pack to him, to which he smiles and says, ‘No thank you.’ in that kind of condescending voice of his.

Now, yes, smoking is evil and Deidre is really over the top with it, but I kind of think that one of the best things he could have done for her at that moment would have been to actually taken the damn smoke and choke it down. I’m not saying that he take up smoking, just have the cigarette with her; making that gesture would have given her a lot of support and shown her that he was on her side. I know that sounds weird but it would have worked.

As they go back into the courthouse, Deidre approaches Tracey who just all out says she’s not talking to her.

In Other News
Jason makes gravy and says the words ‘meat juice’ (ew.)

Norris and Doreen have a common interest in forensic science.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Scheduling Reminder

No Corrie tonight. Instead, viewers in the East will have the rare privilege of seeing the Montreal Canadiens on CBC in prime time in a special Thursday edition of Hockey Night in Canada.

Two back-to-back episodes of Corrie will air tomorrow night, starting at 7:00pm.

I'm not sure what the schedule is next week as there is a Just for Laughs Special at 7:00pm on Monday, New Year's Eve (CBC Holiday Schedule PDF file). However, I should point out that whenever the first episode is aired next week, it will be the one, I believe, that will contain Tracy's verdict so we'll try to find out the official schedule and post it here as soon as we know. I'm sure you'll all want to tune in or set your PVRs and VCRs for this important episode.

UPDATE - According to next Tuesday's television listings, there will be two back-to-back episodes, starting at 7:00pm, 7:30pm in Newfoundland and Labrador.

So January 1st, we'll see the verdict.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Update - December 26, 2007 - "Ask one who's known me, if I'm really so bad..."

Originally broadcast Wednesday, March 28 and Friday, March 30, 2007

A criminal mind is all I've ever known

At the Barlow's, Tracy is preparing for her day in court, carefully applying her makeup. Ken notes that she appears to be preparing for the stage. Tracy says that, in a way, she is. A lot rests on how she comes across. Ken asks if she's worried about flubbing her lines. Tracy says that she needs to stay focussed but Deirdre asks if that means standing up there and telling a pack of lies. She adds that not everyone can lie as easily as she does.

Tracy turns to Ken and accuses him of planting second thoughts into Deirdre's head with his moralizing and hand-wringing. Ken says she has another option: to tell the truth so that the jury will see her as someone who knows right from wrong, rather than a calculating murderess.

Tracy counters that if she gets put away it means that they're not on her side but Charlie's. And if she loses, Charlie wins. And, continuing in that logic, if Charlie wins, then the terrorists have already won.

Later at the court, Tracy tells Deirdre to do whatever she thinks is best and they hug as Ken goes off to buy Deirdre's daily carton of smokes.

In the court, Tracy is called to the stand, her barrister asks if she would recount the events of the night she planned to leave Charlie. Tracy starts in on the "I should never have provoked him..." spiel and Ken starts rolling his eyes more than the losers on a Survivor jury. Tracy says Charlie went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and cut her on both sides of her hand. That's when she grabbed the statue, claiming she wasn't aiming for his head and only wanted to catch him off balance.

Outside, Claire takes a break from her sudoku to tell Deirdre that she's not only fighting for her daughter but victims of domestic abuse everywhere. Deirdre makes a wonderful face that's one part eye roll and one part irony.

Tracy is cross-examined. The prosecutor asks about her bleeding hand and why there wasn't any blood on the statue. Tracy says she must have used her undamaged hand. The murder weapon is placed in front of her and she is asked to show the court how she raised it with one hand to murder Charlie. She attempts to lift it with her right hand but almost drops it. The prosecutor notes that she is struggling but Tracy says she didn't struggle at that time.

Later, Claire takes the stand, noting her meticulously detailed notebook, The Trials of Tracy Barlow at the Hands of the Coward Charlie Stubbs - November 2006 - January, 2007 (direct quotes by Tracy are written in green ink, bordered by Claire's Care Bear stickers). The prosecution gets Claire to admit that she never actually saw him harm Tracy (and his past dealings with Shelley Unwin are apparently not relevant to the case) and that she was on anti-depressants at the time, and was once sectioned under the Mental Health Act on account ofher post-natal depression, which nobody outside her immediate family knew until today.

At home, Ken starts doing the slow clap for Tracy's master class performance. Deirdre meanwhile, assures her daughter that she's not on the terrorists' side and will testify in her defense tomorrow.

The next day, Ken and Deirdre are preparing to leave as Hayley wishes them luck in court. Because whenever anyone is stressed out on this show, it's taken out on Hayley, Deirdre snaps, "Why would we need luck?!?!"

Outside the court, Deirdre is shaking and smoking and David is smirking. Oh this is going to go well, I can tell.

In the court, David is on the stand telling his version of the events. The prosecutor starts taking apart his story: That he heard Charlie say "I'm going to kill you Tracy Barlow" despite the loud music. That he kept it to himself for two weeks before saying what he saw. That Charlie grabbed a knife in his right hand, despite the fact that he was left-handed. The prosecutor says he made it up and it's telling that he and Tracy have the exact same story, despite his story not being supported by forensic testimony.

When he gets back to his seat, Gail says he looked cocky and deceitful.

Meanwhile, it's Deirdre's turn to testify but she's having a panic attack. When she finally calms down enough to take the stand, Tracy's barrister starts asking about Tracy's relationship with Charlie. Deirdre doesn't get very far with the prosecutor, who catches her in a contradiction, before she has another panic attack.

Court is adjourned as Tracy yells "Mum! What are you playing at?" Tracy's solicitor Cynthia Dale finds Deirdre and Deirdre breaks down and tells her Tracy planned it from the beginning and that she knows this because she told her. Cynthia Dale reminds her of the legal consequences of not testifying the truth.

Back on the stand, the prosecutor asks if Deirdre has any reason to doubt Tracy's version of events.

No, I haven't. She's my daughter. She wouldn't. . ." is about all Deirdre manages to get out and there are no further questions. The judge says she will reconvene on Monday when both sides will give closing arguments.

As they prepare to leave, Jane tells Tracy she disgusts her, taking the abuse women have actually suffered and using it for her own murderous ends.

Tracy meets Deirdre in the hall and is less than sympathetic to her.

"It's not good enough that you had a little word with my lawyer, but you... you've stuffed my case!" she exclaims. "They think I did it. I'm going to be found guilty. I'm going to rot in jail and miss my daughter growing up and for what? For Charlie Stubbs, that pig. . . I asked you to do one thing for me, one thing. If I get sent down for this, this is going to be your fault. Your fault. Thanks a lot."

Deirdre weeps.

Secret Diary of a Weatherfield Call Girl

Leanne, in her best real estate agent fishnets, meets Janice at the factory just before opening to tell her she has a client in Bolton and to not wait up. As she leaves, Janice sees she forgot her handbag and tries to chase after her but the taxi is long gone.

Janice tracks Leanne down the restaurant where she is meeting her client.

"You forgot this." she says. "Can't work without your whip and leather balaclava." The businessman is scared off and Leanne is furious, claiming if she ever does something like that again, Leanne will leave and never come back.
Lubię swoją pracę
Two new Polish girls from Carla's late shift, Kasia and Wendy, have come to work the day shift at the factory. Hayley welcomes them and Janice treats them like crap. Vicky tells them there is a downside to the day shift and its Janice.

Later, Kasia's knittted a huge pile of underwear already as Janice reminds her that nobody likes a crawler and that she's showing everyone up. Kasia smiles nervously. Vicky comes over and reminds Janice that if she bothered to get to know Kasia, she'd know she didn't speak very good English. She then says something to Kasia in Polish that makes her laugh.

In Other News

Kayleigh is preparing to go live with her mum. Young Shane McGowan claims dibs on her room. When the former Mrs. Morton arrives, she appears to be another in a long line of crappy Coronation Street mums. She doesn't seem to even want Kayleigh to live with her, claiming she can't afford her. Jerry hands over a wad of bills he says is for Kayleigh, not her.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Magi Update

Glacia finally gets her arse into gear to provide the update for the last three episodes. It's the Christmas Miracle!

Oh well, it gives me an excuse to use a cheesy 'Three Wisemen' analogy.

Gold Episode

After much thought I'm convinced that this episode ranks as one of my top three Corrie episodes of all times. Both the acting and the tying together of this current Tracey and of Tracey past had me all a-giggle.

I posted this episode before on Corrie Canuck, although I don't think the Youtube videos are still available. It talks about a lot of history of Tracey and her relationship with Deidre.

Before I go into the episode, I'll give you a brief history of what happened back in 1995 to her. (I think it was 1995, but feel free to fill in any blanks I leave out.)

Waaaay back in the days of the Dawn Acton incarnation of Tracey, Deidre had gone on vacation and met a young Moroccan man called Samir. He was 20 years her junior and they fell in love and married.

She and Samir came back to Weatherfield to visit and Tracey,in her early 20s, didn't really approve of her marriage to Samir. Tracey at this time was 'troubled' but not more than I think any other young girl her age and certainly wasn't the spawn of Satan we see today.

BTW, there was an infamous scene previous where Deidre has left Ken, and Tracey with an absent mother, tries to bond to the only father figure she knows. Ken says in one of the all time classic Corrie lines, 'I don't want you, I want Deidre!' So you can see where the love is, right?

Anyway, during the Deidre/Samir visit, Tracey goes to a party and does some 'E' and in the process blows out her kidneys. Now she needs a donor and after an exhaustive and unsuccessful search, Samir offers up one of his kidneys which turn out to be a perfect match.

The day of the operation, Samir decides to walk to the hospital but on his way is attacked by a gang of 'yoots' in what is basically a race-related attack. He is killed however, the doctors are able to save his kidney to give to Tracey.

The operation is a success, but Deidre is too upset about Samir's death to go visit Tracey as she recovers. Ken goes for a bit, but is frustrated that Deidre won't come and tell Tracey the truth and plus because D and him are not together he kind of takes this, 'Tracey ain't' my daughter' attitude and stops visiting also.

The only people to visit her are Percy Sugden and, I believe, Emily.

Deidre completely blames Tracey and her drug habit for Samir's death. I can kind of see this logic in the beginning when she is still mourning Samir, but really, Tracey didn't' kill Samir...a group of skinheads did. This could have happened anywhere, not just when he was going to the hospital. Also, I don't recall Tracey being all 'Lindsey Lohan' about the drugs, I seem to recall this was the first time she tried it and just paid a big price.

So that's your on with the update.

The entire episode takes the Barlow's dining room with Deidre and Tracey. They start off having their typical blow out and Deidre wonders why Tracey is the way she is seeing as Deidre never turned her back on her. ('Bullshit' coughs Glacia. Just because you spoiled her and never said no, doesn't mean you weren't compensating for being a negligent mom.) She then confronts Tracey about her pills, which are a big part of her life, but you'd never know it. If Tracey can be so secretive about that, what else can she be lying about?

Deidre says that it's because Tracey took 'E' that she lost the only man she ever....(fill in the blank). Tracey is genuinely taken aback and says, 'Ever what mom? Ever loved? and what about him up there?' (referring to Ken).

Deidre can't take back what she's said and decides to go with that train of thought and tells Tracey that the only decent thing about her is Samir's kidney and goes on about Tracey's drug habit.

Tracey rebuttals by asking Deidre about her wine and cigarette habits and isn't that just as bad? She then continues on and tells Deidre that she took drugs to get away from her and:

- her geriatric house
- her glasses
- her neckline
- her moaning
- her smoking
- her kitsch wallpaper
- her tacky perms

(Glacia at this point is rolling around on the floor loving every-single-second of it. This needed to be said. As evil as Tracey is, I've been kind of thinking all this stuff for the last few years.)

She then continues on about how Deidre's loose morals (YES) made Tracey the laughing stock of school and how everyone made fun of her because of her slag of a mum.

At this point Deidre walks out to the back courtyard where Tracey follows. Tracey, realizing she may have gone too far, tries to tell Deidre that the perm wasn't all that bad. Deidre responds by advising her not to show the judge her vicious streak.

Tracey says that the only thing she resents in her upbringing is that Deidre raised her to resent Ray. Deidre tells her that she doesn't hate her, she doesn't like her most of the time but she doesn't hate her and continues on to say that she is willing to lie for her, but she wants to know what she's lying about. Tracey tells her 'okay' but inside the house.

Tracey fesses up that the whole Charlie abusing her story was fake and that no one ever saw anything. There's this weird moment in all of this that Tracey sees how hurt Deidre is and actually starts crying for hurting her.

Deidre wonders why David would be willing to lie for her and Tracey says, 'You know me mom, a way with the fellas. I must have got it from you, sexy specs.' (Glacia shudders). Deidre asks her if she slept with David and Tracey never actually tells her 'no', for some reason.

Deidre then has a moment where she thinks that Tracey is experiencing 'Battered Wife' syndrome and is making all this up to blame herself for what Charlie did. Tracey tells her to get real and asks if she really believes that she would ever let a man hit her.

Deidre realizes that Tracey is telling the truth and tells Tracey to leave her alone. Tracey sits on the hall stairs and weeps what I believe are actual tears.

So that's it, again, I think this is one of my all time favourite episodes. While I do think this version of Tracey is just as about as evil as all git out, I've been kind of frustrated the last few years because I don't think the writers ever talked about her upbringing. To the new viewer, it probably seemed like Tracey is just spoiled and that's why she thinks she can get away with murder (literally).

But the reality was, Deidre (and Ken, who let's face it, has to take responsibility as father for Tracey) were so wrapped up in their love triangles, quadrangles and pentagons that they neglected her so many times. I think the 'never say 'no' to Tracey' philosophy comes from inner guilt.

I love that they brought up all the Samir history and that Tracey responded the way she did. It's like I've been rewarded after spending 3 years of screaming at the television.

Frankincense Episode

Deidre has spent the night... get this....smoking and Ken tells her that she should have gotten him up. Deidre tells him what Tracey said and he loses...his....mind. He is furious and when Deirdre says something about Tracey not being a 'bad girl' he freaks and says that she's Ray's daughter through and through.

He asks why David is willing to lie for her, but Deidre says she doesn't want to discuss it. (I assume she still assumes that Tracey slept with him.).

Tracey sneaks into the room and can tell by the look on his face that Deidre has told him the truth. Tracey says that she feels bad that Deidre knows the truth and now has to make a hard decision about what to say on the stand, she's sorry for what she's done to the family and most of all she's sorry that Charlie did what he did that caused her to...wait for it....'act out of order.' (I LOVE IT!).

Ken blows his top at the 'out of order' comment, of course. Blanche walks in and says that she knows something's up, that they are keeping something from her, but that's okay because she'll get it out of them eventually anyway.

So off to the trial go Blanche, Tracey, Peter, Adam Steve and Emily. Deidre can't be in the room because she's a witness and Ken has decided to say home with her.

At the courthouse, Tracey is pissed that Maria is there and wonders how Peter could date such a moron. Her, Peter and Adam have a thoughtful discussion on whether men prefer brains or beauty in a woman.

Blanche says something about Danny Larue, but for the life of me I can't remember what it is. If anyone wants to add to the comments section, I'd appreciate it. When she meets Tracey's defense team she introduces the lot as family and friends, sort of the X-Factor without the banners.

Later in the courtroom, Blanche begins to recite a Hail Mary and Emily says, 'I didn't realize you were Catholic.' Blanche says that she isn't, but she's covering her bases.

We leave this scene with the judge coming in and Tracey trying to smile, but realizing she's in big trouble.

The Anti-Connors
Mel apparently is a jogger. I think Mel needs to put the shoes down and eat some cake...but that's just my opinion.

Kaliegh has had the begeebers scared out of her about her new school by Chelsey and Sophie who basically tell her she'll be robbed and beaten by the teachers, so she decides to just stay home.

When Jerry confronts her, she says that she didn't want to come to Weatherfield and that she'd be happier with her mom and her brother Finley.

Looks like Liam bought the house from under Leanne. He tells Jamie that now owns the house and that he doesn't have to leave, but that he's moving in with him.

Leanne still won't date him.

In Other News
Doreen and Rita give Norris advice on what to cook for Emily. He calls them 'Two Fat Ladies on a Budget'.

Molly teases Dev about being interested in him. She says he's handsome in a 'dodgy uncle' sort of way.

Anyone else notice the Moose head in the Morton's kitchen? Is this another reference to Canada, or am I just reading too much into it.

Myrrh Episode

Tracey's trial begins and the prosecution is up first they say that there are circumstances when a woman is not found guilty of killing a spouse/partner after being a victim of abuse. They argue that Tracey knows that and that she is trying to convince the court system that she acted in self defense when in fact she wasn't a victim. They call Jason as a witness and get out of him that Charlie didn't really care when Tracey left him after she found out about the Maria affair and that Charlie figured Tracey was just trying to get her own back with stunts like locking herself in the bedroom.

The defense argues that Charlie may have been putting on a brave front to save face and that hunky builders are not ones to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Maria is up and the prosecution get out of her that Charlie never hit her or was physically abusive to her, but that Tracey did attack her on the street. Theeeeeeeeeen it gets out that Charlie did try to drown David.

Peter is up on the stand and tells the court his side of the events the night when Charlie was killed. He described the house and Tracey's state. The prosecution takes some interest in the fact that Amy was upstairs, safe and away from the action.

Peter then answers questions about the night that Charlie attacked him and tells the court basically that Charlie was a psycho.

The prosecution brings in some expert who says that the evidence at the scene is all wonky. How could Charlie have held on to the knife while being knocked unconscious? (Something I thought weird myself). Why wasn't there any blood from Tracey's hand on the statue? Why were there no wounds on Tracey or Charlie (other than the blows to the head and Tracey's hand wounds) that would indicate a struggle.

The defense shoot down these theories by getting the expert to admit that it's not *impossible* for someone to hang on to the knife and that Tracey could have used her other hand for statue/head smashing time.

Personally, I think these are super weak arguments, but the Barlows are feeling positive that the dream team is dieing a great job....maybe not Ken so much.

In Other News

It is decided that Mel can go live with her mom, even though Jerry thinks Teresa (the mom) is a shit mom. Mel is pleased.

Candice is getting married in Greece!

Liam and Jamie are settling in together.

That's It for Me

So that's your big posting.....enjoy. Remember to watch or record the Corrie special tomorrow and to just take a quick boo at the schedule I posted earlier so you don't miss any good stuff.

To those of you who celebrate, Merry Christmas from all of us at Corrie Canuck. And for everyone, enjoy the next few days of peace.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Right, now where's my holiday vodka?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

British Pensioner

James in N.S. recently sent me an email asking if I would post a link to the Canadian Alliance of British Pensions - a non profit organization representing expats in Canada who may have UK pension entitlements.

There might be some Corrie Canuck readers who might not be aware of their UK pension rights - or they may know someone in that position.

I might be mistaken, but I kind of recall hearing somewhere that UK pension's include a bag of Werther's each month, so well worth checking it out.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Update Status

Just to let you all know your Corrie Canuck team in working on the updates for the rest of this week. Just shoveling our way out of After Eight mints and Baileys.

Deirdre forgot to draw from the buttocks

As suggested by Jacqueline, when acting out a panic attack, Deirdre could benefit the above Shakespeare master class, featuring a bit of Fry and Laurie.

Corrie's Got Talent Episode Update - For Tues Dec 18th

Sorry for the tardiness of this update…Mrs. Glacia Claus is up to her elbows in bows, tofifee, sausage rolls and vodka right now.

So here is your Tuesday update – a bit brief to allow me to get a head start on today’s drinking.

But Who Will Save Yodelling?
The episode opens with Rita and Norris worrying about the lost art of yodelling.

I assure you, it is alive and well....for some reason.***

Boomerang Jewelry
Janice steals Leanne’s mobile in the hopes of getting her out of her new line of work. Leanne explains to her that all she’s going to accomplish is getting her sacked from this agency, but that she’ll just go on to another agency.

Later, Leanne brings Janice her hocked bling back to her. (We do find out that Danny gave her £ 50,000 and I got to ask ….where the HELL is that money?) Janice explains that she’s worried about Leanne’s safety and asks that Leanne provides names, places and times when she goes out with a client. Leanne doesn’t think it’s necessary, but gives Janice the info anyway.

Gramps and Mel (I think that one is Mel) do a little con with the corner store involving a twentie with a little flower on it. Gramps goes in and pays for 3 lollipops with a 20, a bit later Mel goes in to buy something with a fiver. When Dev gives her her change she tells him that she paid with a 20 and if he doesn’t believe him, look for one in the till with a flower.

I hate this family.

Dad finds out and tells Mel she has to do extra shifts at the kebab shop and that he’s going to buy Dev £15 worth of pints.

OOOOOOOOOr, you could take her sorry ass back to Dev's to confess, pay back the money and oh I don't know, make her face the consequences of her actions.

Acting Master Class
Deidre and Ken decide that it is best if she doesn’t take the stand seeing that she is under so much stress. Deidre is worried about there being a second murder charge when she tells Tracey this, but Ken says Tracey’s just going to have deal with it.

When Tracey comes back from the pub (after unsuccessfully trying to get Steve to give her a bit of stress reducing rumpy-pumpy) they tell her and the predicted hytersics begin and soon Deidre is doing her best Fred Sanford imitation with shorten breath. Tracey tells her that is a fine acting job.

Are we watching the same performance? (Note to John: I’ve set you up very nicely her to post the Master Class youtube you have posted on Facebook.)

She also suggests that maybe it’s the 100 cigarettes Deidre’s has smoked that morning. And thus begins the nice show down they’re going to have in the next episode.

This current conflict ends with Ken screaming at Tracey to get the hell out. Hurrah!

BTW – I really liked that sweater Deidre was wearing in this episode. I think that’s the first time she looked, you know….good.

In Other News
Doreen and her vodka have moved into Rita’s…along with her ‘bits’. No word on her ‘bobs’ yet.

Claire meets up with Casey and it’s decided that next time she’ll bring Freddy with her. Brillliant, BRILLIANT move Claire.

Fizz informs one and all that Dandie Dimont’s are a nightmare and live off a diet of skinless sausage. Hmmmm, I have a German Sheperd who would gladly subsist off of sushi and cucumbers.

I don’t know if this was shown in every region, but Valerie Bertandernie is 3 lbs away from her goal weight thanks to Jenny Craig. Glacia celebrates with a bucket of KFC.

***You know, last year when I was in France we were able to catch the French version of 'America's Got Talent'...'Incroyable Talent!'

I assure you, it's a HELL of a lot more sophisciated.

And failing on 'Incroyable Talent' does not hold you back from a later career.

Indulge me here....Mr. Glacia has forbidden me from 'Fait La Poule'ing at home.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where Blanche Connects

Click picture to enlarge.

BTW - Tuesday's update is coming...just juggling christmakkuh with life.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Memo to Darryl Morton

I'm an unlikely a person as any to advocate a lifestyle of clean living but when I first saw your mug on Coronation Street last week it flashed to me that you bear a passing resemblance a certain Irish singer.

With that in mind, I advise that you eat your oatmeal, stay away from fatty foods, don't smoke, and for goodness sake, stay off the booze. Otherwise, you'll look like this in twenty years:

And because it's Christmas and it just isn't played on the Rovers' jukebox enough, here's the newly uncensored version of his most famous seasonal ditty featuring the late and bloody brilliant Kirsty MacColl:

The Tears, the Laughter, the Sex, the Violence, the Boredom … The Update – Monday December 17th 2007

UK Time Wednesday March 21st 2007.

The Beginning of a Hot and Torrid Affair!

The show opens with Vernon slathering himself with Liz’s best lotion – which, in my opinion, is the equivalent of using your boyfriend’s razor to shave your armpits. Vernon is preparing for the drumming lesson and Liz thinks she is going to get him to unload a truck. Right. Vernon needs to be careful, as his hands are now a source of income. Perhaps he should insure them.*

Later he and Liz go out to meet the delivery. To Liz’s pleasure, Derek is there to unload, and I’m not talking about the beer. OK sorry, that was uncalled for. Anyway, upon seeing Derek, Liz lets Vernon off the hook and they arrange to have a tea or a couple shots of Jagger with a lager chaser before he gets back in the truck to drive away.

As they talk about Liz being an excellent and responsible landlady, she tells Derek that while she is sorry their plans got messed up, she thinks it is probably for the best. Oblivious to what’s happening in the back room, Vernon calls down for a cup of tea. Before Derek leaves he gives Liz his phone number just in case she changes her mind. She’s basically gagging for it.

* Call me crazy, but I am kind of on Vern’s side here. The man may be idle, but he loves drumming and wants to support himself that way. That is the man Liz fell for. If she wanted an industrious hard worker, she should have gone for Fred. Anyway, why shouldn’t he be excited to start the drumming lessons?

Bad Girl Out at Night!

Janice and Leanne
go walking down the cobbles together and Janice wants to know how Leanne got into the biz. Leanne tells her some BS story about working as an escort in Spain and meeting a real nice guy who she was gonna go home with anyway. And bing bam boom, she was getting paid for sex. Simple as that.*

Obviously Janice is very troubled by Leanne’s life’s work and she just can’t focus on her knicker stitching. She asks Liam for an advance on her wages. She gets denied like my VISA on December 27th. Then she asks Fizz for a couple hundred pounds. Fizz is skint. So, once again, thanks to Underworld’s extremely progressive flex hours, she takes off leaving the others to cover for her.

Amazingly, Janice locates some sellable jewelry and we see her clutching them at the buss stop. I guess Les must have given her something because she turns up at the pub with 400 quid and hands it to Leanne. Janice thinks that would be enough to hold her over until she gets a real job. I think that would only barely cover her battery of STI tests and rubbers. Leanne tells Janice that she makes that kind of money in a night. Leanne will remain a sex worker for as long as she likes.

*This makes me wonder if the writers on the street know anything about sex work or if they did any research. People don’t generally fall into it unless they fall off the wagon and onto a crack pipe. No one just starts prostituting because they only have 100 grand and need more. It is a far more desperate decision than that. There has to be something else that makes Leanne prostitute. Maintaining an upper middle class lifestyle simply isn’t enough. I think this is just bad writing.

Also, Leanne is WAY to flip about the whole thing, even if she is trying to play it down. She doesn’t seem conflicted about it at all. The hard fact about her line of work (regardless of how “classy” it is) is that ANYTHING can happen to her when she goes out. Unless she has an armed guard with her during her dates, she could end up beaten, drugged or dead quick fast and in a hurry. If you were to actually talk to “high-priced” prostitutes you would know that they are so conflicted about their work they betray that conflict in a million ways wile defending their decision to prostitute.

I know that soap writers have limits, but I think this storyline with Leanne is very weak.

Coma Kabab Shop

I guess they are trying to set Wilf Morton up as some sort of male Banche but I am wondering when I am supposed to start caring.

While Jerry now guides the residents of Weatherfield down the long wide road to morbid obesity, starting with Tyrone, Wilf is teaching Kayleigh the fine art of the graft. We learn that Wilf was a con man, and he spent a lot of time in jail. Unless he met Jim MacDonald in the slammer, I don’ really care. Anyway, Jerry intends to be a really solid dad for his kids. Good to know. I’m riveted.

Tracy Barlow Kills Again! Well, almost

It is a bad start to the day in the Barlow household and that seems to be the rule of late. It is a good thing all this rowing doesn’t wake Adam. It has totally upset Peter, although, who goes looking for some peace and quiet.

You know what will be nice and peaceful? A date with Maria, the woman who was sleeping with the man his sister killed in an art deco aided rage. And really, why try to relax when you can talk about the trial for ages while on this date?

So, Peter and Maria talk about the trial and Charlie and Tracy. Maria makes it clear that Charlie never hit a woman, even when he was with Shelly, and we all wanted to hit her. Also, she doesn’t think that Tracy seemed the type to be a “victim.” Maria needs to learn that anyone can suffer domestic abuse not just people who seem like victims.

In the pub, Ken, Deirdre and Ken get set to leave after they have yet another disagreement with Tracy. Once they step outside things get a little crazy. Peter is outside of Maria’s flat, thanking her for the night and kissing her because it is so nice to spend a nice normal evening at home with a woman who thinks his sister is totally guilty of killing her ex in a blind rage just after Christmas. Oh, life’s simple pleasures.

Tracy sees them and basically flies across the street and attacks Peter. That was a thoughtful move, Tracy. On the other side of the street Deirdre is left gasping for breath, and clutching her chest. Tracey and Peter stop scrapping long enough to call an ambulance. I pray that Deirdre dies here, because I simply cannot take the sight of her straining her neck with anguish while saying “oh Tracy” any longer.

Sadly, Deirdre lives and back at the Barlow bunker we learn that she has had an anxiety attack due to the stress. Tracy gets angry because she thinks they are implying that it is her fault. Once Ken gets her out of the room, Deirdre sums up all her doubts to Ken and admits to being “scared to death.” Then die, already.


Roy has started a sophisticated advertising campaign to fend of competition from the kabab shop.

Dev, Steve and Paul decide to go golfing again even though it is obvious you can’t trust that guy as far as you can throw him. Hands up if you think this golfing lark will end badly.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Schedule Changes During the Holidays

Here ya go.

I'd suggest writing them down on a calander, just that I'm going to be so busy celebrating christmakwanzakkah at the House of'll be unlikely that I'll remember to post this again.

Wednesday, December 19th: Corrie will not be seen. Two episodes will air back-to-back on Thursday starting at the usual time.

Due to special programming, only four episodes of Coronation Street will air the week of December 24th: two on Wednesday (Boxing Day) and two on Friday (Dec. 28th), back-to-back beginning at the regular time.

"An Audience With Coronation Street" will air Tuesday (Christmas Day) from 7:00 - 8:00 pm, 7:30 - 8:30 pm in Nfld.
It will air again on Sunday, December 30, from 7:00 - 8:00 a.m. (7:30 - 8:30 am in Nfld),
followed by a 2 hour episode of Coronation Street from 8:00 - 10:00 am (8:30 - 10:30 am in Nfld).

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Update- Friday, December 14, 2007- All's Fair in Love and Whore

First, I apologize for posting so late. My internet has not being working, am I almost lost my privileges on my friend's computer when I disclosed that I would be posting a picture from "Pretty Woman", but with some fast talking I was able to get onto my friend's computer. Onto the update...

Janice, looking a bit stunned, speaks with the Concierge, who asks her if she is all right. She asks if she can have a drink at the bar, and he assures her she can.

Sometime later, Leanne comes back down into the lobby, and Janice finds her. They go to the bar, where Janice confronts Leanne, telling her she knows that she is not selling real estate, but is simply a prostitute. Leanne defends herself, pointing out she is not just any prostitute, she is a high class prostitute. Janice thinks Leanne is getting into semantics. Janice's belief that Leanne is ashamed seems to be confirmed when the Concierge calls Leanne by the name of "Rachel". Their conversation then ends, however, as Leanne's taxi has arrived.

Janice then returns to Coronation Street, where she runs into Less, and has to have an uncomfortable conversation with him about how proud she is of Leanne. She then goes to the Rover's, only to see Leanne there. She leaves, and Leanne follows. She catches up with Janice at the apartment, where they have a proper fight. Janice once again tells Leanne how vile her new career is. Lenne, who has, in the time she has left the Street, become pro-sex feminist, explains that what she is doing now is no different than what she had with Danny, or what Janice had with Less, except her pay is now better. When Janice does not buy the argument, Leanne tells her that Janice is broken down and going nowhere, and Leanne doesn't want to turn out like her. Janice decides mybe she doesn't need a roommate after all. Leanne agrees. She leaves.

Leanne then ends up at Gerry's, where she nurses a cup of coffee and stares mournfully out the window. Gerry tries to cheer her up, but nothing doing. Janice walks by, and Leanne motions her in. They kind of make up, and Janice invites her back to her home.


Gerry continues to welcome the people in off the Street, tells Cilla that they have run out of booze, and then unaccountably offers Hayley some. He charms Hayley, but Roy is a bit sullen.

Once the rush is over, Gerry pops over to the Rover's for a drink. There, he runs into Gayle and Sarah, and offers them a drink. Gayle pauses even longer than she did when Deirdre asked if she could light up, and then very reluctantly agrees. They talk about the neighbourhood, and Gayle says that they try and be considerate of each other, for instance, by keeping the music down. Gerry assures her that David can turn up the music as loud as he wants. Gayle is silent, but clearly not amused.


Apparently, Ken has not been wondering if Tracey is guilty all along, as, when Deirdre discusses his concerns about Tracey, he suggests that Tracey was only trying to "wind him up".

Meanwhile, Tracey discusses her concerns with Peter about Deirdre playing Columbo. Frankly, I didn't pay much attention to what they said because I spent part of the scene wishing Tracey would get her bangs out of her eyes, and then spending the rest of the scene mourning the fact that I have indeed turned into my mother.

In Other News

Steve, stilling wearing the touque, wins the golf game. Dev is second, and Paul comes in a miserable third.

Peter and Maria agree to go on a date.

Rita asks Doreen to move in with her. Doreen agrees. Norris' knickers get twisted even tighter.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Update - Thursday December 13, 2007 - Property Development - The world's oldest profession

The Mortons work on the finishing touches on the take-away. A labourer installs the neon signs on the shop and tests them. Jerry is flabbergasted that the “Jerry’s” sign is pink and not red. He pulls this act for ages until the installer phones his boss and offers forty percent off. What a cheapskate.

A nervous Roy peers into the new eating establishment on the Street looking worried. Jerry sees Roy and invites him in to have a kebab and a flute of champagne. Roy hesitantly takes the kebab and promptly tells Jerry he does not drink. Jerry’s response?, “I don’t trust a man that doesn’t drink”

Leanne is the new Kirstie Allsopp and tells Janice she is going into town to work at a property exhibition in a posh hotel. She gets ready and puts on her best and is on her way to work to convince loaded Mancunians to purchase in Spain/Portugal/Ibiza. Later, Janice is with Fiz in the flat where she tells her how proud she is of her daughter’s new found success. Fiz convinces Janice she should surprise Leanne and see her at the hotel. Janice gives Leanne a ring where the call is directed to at phone hidden in the depths of their settee (I just love saying that word). It turns out Leanne has two phones, one for her work and one for her personal life. Impressive.

Leanne is at the hotel and seems to know the concierge by name but calls herself, “Rachel”. He tells her a gentleman is wearing a white shirt and black jacket is in the lounge. She meets him with a kiss and have a drink. The older man acting nervous mentions heading up…

Janice is dressed to the nines and makes her way to the bus stop where she is stopped by Les who tells her she is looking like a hottie. Janice tells Les where she is headed and Les is convinced she needs a ride in style. He mentions to hop in the front with him, but Janice is having none of it and accepts Les’ offer and rides in the back.

The proud parents arrive at the canal side hotel beaming from ear to ear, when Les is called away on a job and cannot see Leanne. Janice decides to head in herself where she goes directly to the concierge. She asks him where the property development exhibition is taking place and he tells her he doesn’t know of one taking place in the hotel but calls the front desk to ask.

Janice sees Leanne and the man heading up the elevator, just as they are going in, she gives the man a kiss on the side of his face. Janice looks in disbelief.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

For Missusmac, I'd Do Anything....

And a later, shot of the lads.

My God But Johnny Rotten Has Really Packed It On - Update

Our poor Montreal correspond ant, the always delightful John, was 'sans l'électricité' so I am filling in. Plus I owe him for last week.


The New Kids On the Block
The show opens with a moving van parked in front of Charlie's old digs and the new family on the block, 'The Mortons' consisting of Jody and Wilf (whom we've seen before), Jody's Dad Gerry and siblings Mel and Darrel (twins) and the youngest, Kaleigh.

My first reaction upon seeing the Mortons was, 'My god, they've brought in a family of weasels.'

Now, in real life I am a lovely person not given to shallow judgements of the ascetically challenged, but seriously.....this family is taking the cake. Save Jerry (who actually is pleasant enough looking), the rest of them actually do look like pastey faced weasels to me. Gramps was already creeping me out with those teeth that seem to give my telly a 3D quality....but the kids ****shudder****. I want to go in, dunk them all into baths, feed them enough cake to eradicate all the pointy edges that comprise their facial features, stick them under a tanning bed and finally use whatever god damn hair products the Connors have been using to get their hair looking decent. You know, I think that's what I'm going to call the Mortons, the Anti-Connors.

Anyway, it looks like they have a few bob as their furniture is pretty fancy schmancy and I'm sure that Charlie's place went for a good price. (They don't, however, seem to be rich enough to hire movers to lug the stuff from the van to the house.)

The Mortons, are a bit noisey and Dad has the Jam blasting so loudly that it's upsetting David and Sarah who are trying to enjoy a lovely Mother's day dinner with Gayle and Bethany (who we discover can speak, if only to say 'Big woo.'.). They convince Gayle to go over and ask them to turn it down and she heads over.

Once over at the Mortons, the noise is quickly sorted out as Gerry turns down the music. He explains that it doesn't really register with him as he used to be in a punk band (who's name can't be mentioned in polite company). I really hope that it's his punk band career that has afforded him all these luxuries.

Gerry and Gayle do a bit of a chin wag and Gerry introduces the brood to her. (Kaleigh gets in a 'Whatever' when introduced and Glacia lets out a scream as she believes that saying 'Whatever' should be punishable by electro shock treatment.)

The minute Gayle goes back home, the music starts again, full blast.

Oh, yeah, Wilf says how he met Ronnie Kray back in the day and that he was a very sharp dresser. (Yeah, yeah, yeah and Adolph Hitler apparently had a good sense of humour, pappy.)

BFF, or At Least Until the Trial's Over
Tracey is playing BFF with Claire at the pub - giving her little cheers signals and waves. Then she turns to the family and says what a drip Claire is. Ken and Deidre lecture her about how she treats Claire and how she's being a false friend.

Tracey says would they rather her show her true colours to Claire and have Claire bail out of testifying in her defense. Tracey says that when she is locked away in a cell and Amy is without a mother she can say, 'At least I have my integrity.'

Mr. Glacia shouts over from the computer, 'Did that come out of her mouth?'

Tracey ponders why Deidre is so worried about Claire and then says that when Claire had those big ass glasses they looked a lot a like. (I swear I saw Ken stifling a laugh at this point.). She wonders if Claire is Deidre's love child.

The Continuing Adventures of 'Deidre Barlow Investigates'
Deidre pops around to Claire's place to see if Claire can tell her if she actually saw what was going on between Charlie and Tracey. Claire says no, but that she heard a lot of fighting going on.

Claire then says, 'That Tracey should have been an actress.' and as
Deidre's eyes bug out her head, Claire adds, 'For being so brave and happy while having so much pain underneath.'

In Other News
In the pub he pretends to Leanne that if she goes on a date with him, he'll give Janice her job back. Leanne agrees, right up to the point when Janice comes in and announces that Liam has already given her her job back.

Claire is reading Jane Eyre and I wonder if she sees herself as Jane to Ashley's Rochester.***

Ashley goes into the store and asks for cake icing as Joshua is making a cake for Claire. When Dev and Steve tease him about leaving a child unattended, Ashley gets all upset and says that Joshua is with Eileen....proving that the Peacock home is the house that humour forgot.

Paul announces in the pub that the Connor's grandfather was a merchant marine and had a girl in every port and a port in every girl. Steve retorts that Dev has seven shops, a girl in every shop and a baby in every girl. BOO0YA!

***You know, back in 1986 when I was a young'un, my boss gave me a hard bound copy of Jane Eyre for Christmas. I loved that story and for some reason always imagined Rochester as Donald Sutherland in the video of Kate Bush's 'Cloudbursting' (without the 'stach' of course.)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Boredom Sets In Deep.....Update

The Inner Circle
Paul makes it home and Karla is far to happy about him being home to be pissed. They embrace and she gives him a bit of hell of not telling her about the car accident and brings up the fact that the Conners are so closed knitted that they kind of muscle her out.

Paul goes into the factory and after the 'where the hell where you?' row with Liam, all settles down and at the end of the day the Connor boys and Karla enjoy a coffee in the staff cafeteria. Michelle comes in and again, after the 'where the hell were you' schtick, it's decided the family will go out for dinner on Paul's tab.

Karla, has now earned her place in the 'Paul killed Dean' inner circle that Michelle is not in. This may have more weight right now than the 'Blood Relatives that you can't infiltrate even if your hair as shiny black as ours' inner circle.

Deidre Barlow Investigates!
David calls Tracey, she has to go out into the street where he wonders when they are going to get jiggy with it and she tells him that he has to be patient. She sweetens the bit by saying some horseshit how she's glad he's her friend because she can really open up to him.

Deidre sees, confront Tracey, Tracey lies, Deidre believes it and Glacia falls off the wagon again just to make sure she's still alive.

Later Deidre asks Gayle if she can come around for a coffee. Once inside and at Gayle's table, she asks Gayle if it's okay to smoke. Gayle says 'Yes', but her eyes and that pause of silence say, 'Are you freaking kidding me?'*

Anyway, Deirde wants to talk to E.T. about David's nightmares (and bed wetting, but she's too polite to say) over the whole Charlie thing. Gayle informs her that David gets a good 18 hours of sleep a day and nothing has been bothering him.

"HMMMMMM.' thinks Deidre.

Later, in the pub she overhears Steve say how Charlie was telling him he was getting ready to leave Tracey. Tracey comes into the pub and her and Deidre sit down at one of the booths. Deidre asks her about this bit of info that Steve has provided.

Tracey leaves the pub and when Deidre comes after her, she tells her that she sucks as a mother and the one thing she needs right now is her mother's support. She turns around with that whole purse/hair action and storms off.

Peter asks Deidre if she's okay, and Deidre says she just doesn't know.

Claire is an Idiot
Claire has met up with Casey (the woman who called her on the suicide prevention line) and they go out for a friend cup of coffee. (The UK apparently is out of tea this week).

Casey tells her how hard it is to see babies on the street and basically bemoans her life. Claire shares with Casey that she had postnatal depression to which Casey proclaims Claire to be her friend.

Claire is deeeeeeeeeeeeelighted because since Tracey has stopped inviting her around for Peek Freens and Tetely's she has been sans amie.

In Other News
Marie and Peter seem to be an item, or at least becoming one.

Janice and Leanne shop.

Violet has gotten news from 'the clinic', she will be able to have babies, but she might not be as fertile as she once was.

* You know, I enjoy a cigarette now and them myself....but I got to say....Deidre's habit is getting really disgusting. Who even asks if you can smoke in a non-smokers home?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

She Be Back!

Many of you know Flaming Nora (who I once foolishly referred to as 'Glacia UK' because we both did updates, had blogs and our birthdays are a day apart.....except then I found out what a goddess she is of wit and smarts and I could only hope to achieve flamingnora-ness).

Anyway, a while back our Nora 'retired' from doing updates for various reasons. But like the Pat Phoenix from the flame she's BACK! With her own blog and I've being dancing around like a little person from 'The Safety Dance' all morning*.

So with much, much happiness I give you the Coronation Street Weekly Updates.

Of course, you know that these updates are from the UK which means the storyline is 16 years ahead of ours, so don't go there if you don't want any spoilers.

HAVING SAID THAT, she has one post up now and after having read it I don't think there are any major, major spoilers. Jim is back (no sign of the Blue Jays shirt however) and of course 'Canadian' Stephen is back - but we've discussed both returns already on here. Other than that, you know...some people are preggers, some people are dating, etc. Oh...and I apparantly DID'T get the role of Fat Brenda.

It's well worth taking a small boo if you want to see what I keep singing F.N's praises.

* No disrespect to little people or men without hats intended.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Update For Episode #6512 December 10, 2007

A drab and colourless episode that can bring on a feeling of ennui

Jan and Leanne

The two meet at the pub for a drink. Leanne tries to buy the round for both of them but Janice insists she can buy her own drinks. She has no money for rent or food - but she can buy her own drinks.

Peter and Maria

The prince of polygamy runs into the princess of perm and asks if she can give him a trim later on. Maria tells him sorry but she is all booked up for the day. Despite this setback Peter decides to take matters into his own hands by marching into The Salon and taking a look in the appointment book for himself. Maria protests vehemently, citing hairdresser/client privilege, but Peter is not to be deterred and decides that she can fit him in between two of the blue hair types.

While Maria is washing his hair they have a good little chat about all that has transpired with Tracey and Charlie and the whole legal situation. (if you wash the smurfman's hair he will tell you all his secrets as well)

Later at The Rovers Peter and Maria bump into each other again (coincidence?) and Peter gets the drinks in. The two sit in a booth looking quite cozy while Peter elucidates his philosophy on polygamy.

Liam and Carla

Paul is still missing. Carla and Liam have a bit of a row over who is to blame for the situation. (I doubt Dr. Phil could figure this one out) They ask Michelle if she has any inkling where the eldest brother might be, which adds further fuel to the familial fire. In an attempt to force his brother out of hiding Liam leaves a message for Paul telling him that Carla knows the truth about how Dean died.

Liz and Vern and Derek

Liz has arranged for cover at work so she can take Vern for a special night out. However, when she tells the perspiring percussionist her plan, Vern tells Liz he has to take a rain check because he has already made plans to go to the Northern Soul Revival in Rochdale - but he is good to go any other night. Liz is not amused.

A short while later Derek the new brewery delivery man shows up at the pub - on his day off. He tells Liz that of all the pubs he delivers to he chose to visit The Rovers. Winkwinknudgenudge. The two then make googly eyes at each other until Derek works up the nerve to bring up the conversation they had the other day - and asks what Liz would say if he asked her out for a drink. Having already cleared her schedule, and feeling slighted by the little drummer boy, Liz agrees to meet Derek that very evening.

Just before Derek arrives to take Liz out, Vern returns from Rochdale and tells Liz that his northern heart is more important than northern soul. Some crap like that. Derek shows up right about then, and he and Liz do a little discrete flirting while Vern is standing between them.

Tracey and Deirdre and Ken

Ken and Deirdre are having a debate in the kitchen about the effectiveness of the English legal system. The same old story.

Tracey and Jayne go to the visit Mr. Sinclair the solicitor to discuss the upcoming trial. He wants Tracey to tell him the history of events leading up to her killing Charlie in 'self-defence'. Tracey seems to be getting tired of the whole charade and is less than co-operative with her legal team, finally asking them to just tell her what it is she is supposed to say.

Tracey is getting the impression that Mr. Sinclair is less than convinced with her story. If he won't believe her, what would a jury think?

Ken and Deirdre go for an awkward drink at the local.

Tracey returns home in a cab with Jayne who does her best to advise Tracey about how she should present herself in court. Tracey gives her lawyer short shrift and then goes in the house and bitches to her parents about how the solicitor told her that her testimony has to be in her own words. She wonders what they are paying him if that is all the advice he has to offer.

Deirdre finally admits to Ken the doubts she has been having about the supposed innocence of their daughter. He asks what has brought this on, and Deirdre tells him about the video tape of David and Tracey that Jason brought her, and how suspicious their behaviour seemed. That plus the attitude of the lawyers is making her wonder.

Deep down it seems Deirdre knows the truth about what happened.

The Factory Girls

Liam greets his staff at the door in the morning to welcome them back to work. He takes Vicky aside to tell her the good news about her raise - courtesy of the actions of her co-workers. In an effort to show her appreciation Vicky buys some cakes for the girls, a gesture which is appreciated by Fiz and Hayley, but Kelly and Jo are less accepting and proceed to act like cows foir the duration of the episode.

Original date this episode aired - March 14, 2007

Fun Street Trivia

Here is a bit of fun trivia to start the week off.

One classic Corrie character left the street in a rather poetic way. Sitting in a taxi on the way to the train station, the driver asked if they would be away long. The character replied, “Ah, now there’s a question.”

Come on and flex your street knowledge. Which character uttered those words?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

47 Years and Looking Good

Happy Birthday to our favorite brit soap!


Yes, Corrie turns 47 today!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Update- Friday, December 7, 2007- Deirdre Grows a Brain, and Jason Loses His

This bit was cut from the episode: the Barlows return to their home after the hearing, and Tracy is extremely pleased and confident. Peter is off put by the fact that Tracy is nonchalant, but Deirdre defends her.

Tracy and Peter then go to the Rover’s. Steve is cool to Tracy. After Tracy sits down, Peter, who is up at the bar, offers to buy Maria a drink. She warns him that Tracy will not be pleased with that, just in time for Tracy to tell Peter that he should leave “that tart” alone as she might give him something. This from the woman who is promising to bed a 16 year-old in exchange for false testimony. I believe this is what they call “lacking insight”. As they sit together, Peter says to Tracy that something is up with Deirdre, and Tracy should speak with her. Tracy feigns innocence.

Back at the Barlows, Jason comes around and speaks with Deirdre. He asks her about the tape. Deirdre explains that David was getting “wobbly”, and Tracy has been helping him in his time of need. Jason is satisfied with the explanation, and leaves, not even asking about the tape.

Meanwhile, Tracy has spotted Jason talking to Deirdre and asks her about the conversation. She asks Deirdre about it, and Deirdre says that everything has been explained. Tracy is relieved, but not for long, as it becomes apparent to her that Deirdre is acting strangely. She asks if there is something wrong, but Deirdre denies it.

The “I wish I cared” Plot-line

The scene begins with Carla trying to contact Paul on his cell. He doesn’t answer. She questions Liam again, but he denies that there is anything she doesn’t know.

Outside the factory, the workers are trying to come up with clever chants. The buyer then arrives, and has to work her way through them to get into the building. As she is doing this, Liam and Carla are arguing about the strike and Paul. The buyer comes in as things get heated between them. She asks if she came at a bad time, but Carla assures her she didn’t.

Things do not get better, however, as, after showing her the empty factory Liam confesses that they do not have samples or figures: Paul had them in the car. Irritated, the buyer suggests that they phone her back when Paul is around. After she leaves, Liam and Carla continue to argue. Carla wants to know the truth. She also leaves.

Liam then goes out and tells Sean he has his job back. Hayley, master labour organizer, tells Liam that they will only go back if Vicky, the Polish worker, gets the same wage the rest of them do. Liam agrees.

Later on, Carla returns, worried about Paul. He is nowhere to be found. She gives Liam an ultimatum. She gives him ten minutes to tell her what is going on, or he, and Paul, are on their own. She leaves the factory once more.

Just as she is about to pull away, she sees Liam leave the factory and come to the car. He sits in the passenger seat, and confesses. He, Paul and Dean had been to a boxing match, and they were all drunk. Dean wanted to drive, but he was so wasted, that Paul drove. They crashed. As Dean was dead, Paul and Liam put him in the driver’s seat. It turns out Michelle doesn’t know. Liam doesn’t want her, or Ryan to know. Carla is disgusted, which, given that she is generally amoral, is a bit surprising.

In Other News

Liz offers Derek, the new deliveryman, a drink. He opts for orange juice, and she offers it to him in the back room. There, they sit and complain about their respective partners. Then they say, “but they are lovely.” Liz lies to Steve about why he was there for so long.

Oh the fashion horror. Dev and Peter wear the same shirt to the Rover’s.

Liz agrees that Vern can use the upstairs of the Rover’s for drum lessons. He gets his first client.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Update - December 6, 2007 - Only You

The Barlows

Peter has travelled from Portsmouth to Manchester to be with Tracey for her plea hearing. Tracey tells a nervous Deidre to relax - " It's a plea hearing, that's all. We walk in, I say not guilty and we all come straight home."

Tracy's barrister who seems very serious, introduces himself as Mark Sinclair. He sits to let her know her options. "Now Tracy, I understand that you are pleading not guilty on grounds of self defence." She confirms that is the case.

The Shop

Dev asks Leanne if she has remembered to bring the property details he asked her about the other day. Why am I feeling skeptical on that Leanne was a property mogul? She tells him she had forgotten them and that she will bring it over later.

Liam walks in the shop on his phone pretending to set up a date. Leanne mocks, "The number you have dialled has not been recognized, please hang up." He smiles and tells the caller, real or imagined who knows, "Hang on, you've got competition. Shall I put her on?" He holds the phone out to Leanne but she makes no move to take it.

Dev decides he needs a full makeover and goes clothes shopping. Dev arrives back from town and shows off his purchases to the girls, "Now is that a combination or is that a combination?" They assure him it is indeed and Molly announces she is going for lunch. "Is that the full extent of your enthusiasm then? I never know when you two are winding me up." As Molly leaves, Amber smiles, "Well if you want a general guide, pretty much all the time." He tells her he is going upstairs to try them on again, "Why? Because shop mirrors can be deceptive, like weighing scales and women!"

The Rovers

Vernon arrives back and Liz asks him how he got on at the job centre. He tells Liz and Steve that he has put up an ad in a record shop in the Northern Quarter in a shop called Beatniks. He has decided that he is going to become an instructor. His ad reads: “Feel the beat but got no rhythm? Drumming lessons from experienced teacher. Hourly rates negotiable.'" and cries triumphantly, "There you go. Pick the bones out of that."


At the factory they are all chatting about the latest, Fiz asks, "So was he worth it then Sean? When all's said and done, was he really that good?" Sean gets up, and says "Let's put it this way, he would never have married 'her'." Paul walks by and hears their conversation: "She's like 'You stay on your side of the bar and I'll stay on mine!' I mean, I love the girl to bits but for God's sake, admit defeat." Paul screams at Sean and says, "Get out!" Fiz tells him, "Oh come on. You can't do that. It was affectionate." They are all shocked as Paul flies across the floor, grabs Sean by his neck and hauls him out of his seat as he screams, "I SAID GET OUT!" He spits at Sean, "If you saw the state of her the night Ryan's dad died. If you had any idea..." Sean says that he knows but Paul screams, "No you don't. For one minute there we thought she might actually be happy again....."

Liam rushes out and tells him that's enough. Kelly says, "You can't just blame Sean. What about Sonny Boy?" Paul doesn't even hear them, "And then 'you' come along. A mate. Then you lie to her, ruin her life for her, ruin her trust and bring it all come flooding back." Sean wails, "I am so sorry." Paul grabs him by the neck, "Poncing round my factory? Laughing at my sister? Well this is a family business son, now get out!" and Sean finds himself out of a job. Law suit, anyone?

Another face from the past returns to Weatherfield. Janice returns to the factory and notices someone sitting at her machine. Fiz tells her it is her Polish replacement. They also tell her that Sean has been fired and they are going on strike.

Paul returns to the factory but spots Carla pulling into the street. He immediately jumps into his car and speeds off as she gets out of hers. She calls out to him but he ignores her and takes off.

Carla walks past the girls who immediately break into a chorus of 'Only You'. She pushes past them into the factory and asks Liam where Paul is gone.

He tells her not to worry and he has just gone out for a sandwich. She snaps, "Yeah right. The staff are on the doorstep and the boss is off his head. Yeah, sounds like a really steady ship." He asks, "Why do you always have to react like there is some kind of collusion going on?" She replies "Because there usually 'is' some kind of collusion going on Liam. He is worse than he's ever been and you know the reason why so it's time you stopped treating me like an idiot and told me the truth!"

An Amazing Collection

This article appeared in the Montreal Gazette yesterday and was picked up by our friends across the ocean at corrieblog. The Hudson Coronation Street Appreciation Society was recently bequeathed a copy of every single Corrie episode since 1984.

Here is a link to the article. You see, back before PVRs, YouTube, and bit torrents, people used to record their television programmes on an ancient substance known as "video tape." I'd love to watch those episodes, not only to see a show that I've only recently come to obsess over love, but just to see commercials from the 1980's.

Hudson, by the way, is a small town about 45 minutes to the west of Montreal, near the Ontario border.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Actualización De Diciembre El 5 De 2007 - Todos miente

¡Tracy miente a su madre!

Deirdre's in the back garden, having her 117th smoke of the morning when she overhears Tracy and David talking about "doing it" and "sneaking around" and "people are watching" and "how much longer" and "it's different for guys. It's like we need to do it."

Deirdre goes to see Jason at work and asks him about what's going on. He hands her the surveillance tape. When he later runs into Tracy in the Rovers, he asks her if she's spoken to he mum recently.

Tracy finds Deirdre at home where she's been going over the Stalker-Cam footage like it was the Zapruder film ("She strokes his cheek. Back. And to the left. Back. And to the left.").

Tracy tells her no, seriously, I, who murdered my boyfriend, thus causing David Platt's mental trauma, am providing comfort. Deirdre is beginning to wonder if it's true and yet, against her better judgement, she agrees to destroy the tape.

¡Sonny es bisexual! ¡Pero no bisexual con Sean más!

Sean is feeling dreadful about his past actions but Jason tries to cheer him up, telling that it will all work out in the end, like when he ditched his wedding to Sarah-Love by jumping out the bathroom window. Then Sonny shows up and, despite the mojo he tries to work, Sean gathers the strength to tell him to take a hike.

When he tells Michelle of this in the Rovers, she tells him he should have been honest from the beginning. She also tells him of the time he kept mum about Jamie and Frankie's affair while Jamie was dating Violet. He said he was in a dilemma but Michelle counters that his "dilemmas" are ruining people's lives.

Meanwhile Paul is still in a foul mood over clipping Ryan on the ear but when Liam and Carla press him on the issue, he storms out. But it all has to do with Dean's car accident.

¡Leanne vende las propiedades inmobiliarias para una compañía española grande!

Leanne is still with the property selling and Dev thinks he might look at an apartment in Spain himself. She also displays her new mastery of the Spanish language by offering to buy Roy and Hayley a drink, which Roy declines, to Hayley's dismay.

¿Quién es más atractivo? ¿Devendra Alahan o Enrique Iglesias?

Molly and Amber have decided that Dev needs to get over Sunita and get himself back on the market, particularly after learning that he still keeps a little black book.

A beautiful woman comes in for a few things and Dev puts on his best Carlo Rota act and tries to seduce her with some advice involving olive oil (ew!) which the woman tells she'll give to her husband.

Amber suggests he buy some new clothes and lose a little weight if he wants to be more successful with women who don't work in his shops.

¡Devendra perdió su mojo!

Scheduling Changes For the Month of Decebmer

I got the following scheduling changes for the month of December. There's quiet a few, so you may want to take note:

Sunday, December 9, 2007
BC/PT only: Due to live coverage of Raptors basketball, Coronation
Street will be seen at 7:00 am on Sunday in BC.
There will be a crawl running this Sunday to notify viewers

Sunday December 16 2007
BC/PT only: Coronation Street will be airing from 7:00 am - 9:30 am due
to curling coverage.

Monday December 17 2007 normal
Tuesday December 18 2007 normal
Wednesday December 19 2007 preempted for holiday programming
Thursday December 20 2007 2 episodes from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Friday December 21 2007 normal

Sunday December 23 2007 normal

Monday December 24 2007 preempted for holiday programming
Tuesday December 25 2007 no regular episode. AN AUDIENCE WITH
CORONATION STREET 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Wednesday December 26 2007 2 episodes from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Thursday December 27 2007 preempted for holiday programming
Friday December 28 2007 2 episodes from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sunday December 30 2007 7:00 am - 8:00 am AN AUDIENCE WITH CORONATION
8:00 am - 10:00 am normal repeat of weekday episodes (only 4 this week)

Raquel Watts vs. The Doctor

Remember Raquel Watts? The actor who played her, Sarah Lancashire, will be appearing on the next season of Doctor Who, playing a villain:

She will play Miss Foster, a mysterious and powerful businesswoman when the series hits TV screens next spring.

The actress said: "I'm absolutely thrilled to be in Doctor Who. It's a brilliant episode and I'm looking forward to taking the Time Lord on."


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Update - December 4, 2007 - Happy Chanukah!

This song was playing in the Rovers tonight. It's Snow Patrol with Montreal gal Martha Wainwright.

The Family that Buys Black Hair Dye Together Stays Together

In the Rovers, Ryan has returned from a school camping trip. When he heads off to the bathroom, Steve asks Michelle if she'd like to take him home. Michelle snarkily replies that it would be a great idea to tell him that Sonny was having it off with Sean behind her back, there are no more Man City tickets, and the engagement's off. Steve thinks she'd only have to say the last part.

Michelle takes him into the back room and explains that it's finished between her and Sonny but doesn't fully explain why. Ryan thinks it's because Sonny didn't want to deal with him and storms off, saying he's going home.

Later, Sean arrives on Sonny's doorstep. He comes in and they talk about things and try to iron out their differences and come to an understanding about what has happened and try to figure this out as mature adults. For about five minutes. Then they go upstairs to have sex.

Ryan shows up at Sonny's door a bit later and it doesn't take him long to figure it that it wasn't Ryan that split up his mum with Sonny - it was Sean. Angry, he grabs the keys to Sonny's totally awesome car and peels out of the driveway.

Not too soon after at the Rovers, Michelle gets a call from the polis, telling that Ryan's been nicked joyriding. She finds him at the cop shop, where he's been let off with a warning. Sonny comes by and Michelle offers to pay for damage but Sonny says there was none and after a few words with Michelle, he leaves.

Michelle is angry at how Ryan lashed out but also admits she was scared because her late husband Dean died in a car accident and all this reminds her of that fact.

When she gets him back to the hotel, Paul, Liam, and Carla find him and Paul tries to throttle him but Michelle insists that she will handle this herself. Carla implies that Ryan is ending up like his father and will be drunk driving soon. Liam tells her she doesn't know anything and gets a little angry with her. It seems there is more to the death of Michelle's husband than has been explained.

Also, He Sucks His Thumb

Jason sees Tracy and David having another of their too-close conversations at the bus stop. When he joins Sarah in Roy's Rolls, he tells her of what he's seen but she thinks he's daft. Jason then takes her back to the office where he plays her the video tapes of Jason and Tracy's meetings at Charlie's old apartment.

(Someone explain this to me. Maria rented the flat from Charlie and when Tracy discovered their affair, she moved out. Presumably, the place would be empty so did Charlie move a bunch of stuff back there? Wouldn't Jason know this? Or did I miss something?)

Sarah confronts David about it and when he is cagey about things, she heads back to the café where she confronts Tracy about what's been going on. Tracy doesn't want to talk about it and leaves with Deirdre for the Rovers, the one place where Sarah will never find them.

Deirdre gets Tracy to spill the beans about her and David's relationship and Tracy comes back with a steaming pile of horseshit. She says that David has been having nightmares about what he saw, can't concentrate in school, wets the bed, and has nightmares about Charlie where he takes the form of a giant, toothy Barbapapa that calls itself "Mr. Fangy." Tracy says she's only comforting him. Sometimes she comforts him two or three times a day. Mostly he just comforts himself in the bathroom when he's getting ready for school.

Deirdre tells Tracy to knock it off.

In Other News

Vern finally comes back from the stag night fare and gets fired from Streetcars by Steve.

There's a new delivery man from Newton and Ridley's named Derek.

Leanne is still buying Jamie's house.

Original broadcast date: March 9, 2007.