Thursday, March 30, 2006

Morrissey, Tell Us What You Really Think

Morrissey claims Ronnie Corbett would make a better king than Prince Charles.

He told Uncut magazine: "The very idea of Charles being king is laughable. You might as well say that Ronnie Corbett will be king one day.

"I think that would give people more pleasure."

Ronnie Corbett

Morrissey went on to say that, despite a £5million offer, The Smiths would never reform.

"I would rather eat my own testicles than re-form The Smiths, and that's saying something for a vegetarian," he said.

Morrissey, 46, also had a pop at Tony and Cherie Blair.

"I don't like his face, I don't like his expression. And I can't stand Cherie Blair's face, I just wonder if there can ever be a photograph of her where she has her mouth shut.”

And he blamed Kate Moss for the downfall of Pete Doherty, saying: "She has dragged him down to her level."

Source: Ananova

Classic Corrie Today

Completely rocked...

A talent show in the Rovers sees someone woman try to tear a telephone book in half all the while doing the shimmy.

But best of all...Percy Sugden (aka the last real man on the street) playing his uke and singing, 'Leaning on the Lampost' (on the corner of the street, in case a certain little lady passes by...)

Update - Retro Dance Party

I Want to Ride My Bicycle
Liz and 'Bob' are trying to find some common ground when it comes to what they should do on their 'dates'. 'Bob' has already taken Liz and her 6" heels on a biking tour of surrounding countryside.

Liz was brave, but is now trying to find out if there are other activities they could do together.

Why is it that whenever anyone says 'Bob' it sounds like such an attack on the ears? They really should learn how to say that name properly. Baaaaaaaaaab.

She's a Model And She's Looking Good
The Twins! The Twins! I heart the twins.

They decided to join Candice at the model agency auditions. When Jason suggests that perhaps they aren't model material, they correct him by saying, it's all about style and if the camera loves you. Jason asks, what if the camera hates you?

Twin #1 - Show him your passport photo.
Twin #2 (holding it out for him to see) - True love baby, true love.

Unfortunately, the modeling agency didn't see it that way and they were tossed out of the auditions.

Ummm....personally, in all seriousness, I think they'd be great models, unique and avant garde - especially marketed as twins. They need to call John Galliano(Jacqueline genuflects) - check out the model he uses.

Candice is also there with Warren and when the modeling agency lady starts flirting with Warren, Candice suggest that he make nice in order to give her a better chance.

Key Candice moments.
#1 - She wore an outfit that I fear we will see on Liz at some later date.
#2 - She's learning French (or something like it)
#3 - She tells Warren that they can move to Paris so that she can model and he can play for - wait for it - 'Paris United'.

Carplifters of the World, Unite
Scooter and Sarah are planning to steal old lady Maloney's fish!

Sarah originally thought this was cool, but her interest is waning.

Scooter is beginning to earn points with me. I thought he was pretty vacant up to this point.

I Got You Babe
Tracey is giving Steve a hard time about seeing Amy - in fact she won't let him.

Steve is getting solicitor and will take her to court to get parental rights. He has also got Roy to agree to testify that Amy isn't his kid.

The last word from Tracey is that she will testify that Amy is the result of some one night stand...with Morrissey. (okay - maybe not with Morrissey.)

Girlfriend in A Bedroom
Shel is convinced that what she needs to give her the confidence to face the world again is ... a new face. She is going to have plastic surgery.

Charlie is actually being kind and sane boyfriend at this point as he tells her that she really doesn't need it.

In another sweeping victory for feminism, Shel tells him that for a woman, the only that is important is how she looks.

You go girl!!! That's the right attitude to have!

Charlie is starting to make cow eyes at Violet (who I kind of think is cow eyeing back...maybe just a bit.)and says he can't figure out what's wrong with Shel.

'She's got me, what more could any woman want?'

Glacia screams out, 'TESTIFY!'

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

This and That

A few things...

#1 - Our Lexa has one a little piece of Corrie! Check out her site here.

#2 - Guess the really creepy Corrie Character - you were all right. It's that miserable git Don - who's demise cannot happen soon enough for me.

#3 - For all you Corrie Canuck knitters, here's a treat.

But He's Not Talking About Me...

TV and mental decline

Older women who say talk shows and soap operas are their favourite TV programs tend to score more poorly in tests of memory, attention and other cognitive skills, U.S. researchers report. What's more, the women were at greater risk of showing signs of clinical impairment. It's not possible to tell whether the programs somehow contribute to cognitive decline or whether women in the early stages of decline gravitate toward those shows, said lead researcher Dr. Joshua Fogel of the City University of New York. Preferences for daytime TV could also be a marker of a sedentary, homebound lifestyle, and research suggests that staying physically and socially active can help stave off mental decline. But regardless of the reasons, a preference for talk shows and soaps "is a marker of something suspicious," Dr. Fogel said.

From today's Globe and Mail - Social Studies section

Happy Birthday, Julie Goodyear

JULIE GOODYEAR: (our Bet Lynch/Gilroy)

Born: March 29, 1942 in Heywood, Lancashire

Happy birthday to the Queen of the Rovers Return! Long may she reign.

Visit Julie Goodyear MBE, a fan website.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Guess the Corrie Star

I'm cheating by bringing up a Classic Corrie character, but hopefully you'll all forgive me.

More exciting than Corrie

What could be more exciting? How about an armed seige on your street:

Families living in a quiet cul-de-sac today told of their shock as an armed siege unfolded on their doorsteps.

Police were called to a house in The Runnel, Bowthorpe, to find a man in his 40s brandishing a gun.

They were soon backed up by riot police with dogs who worked through the night to diffuse the situation.


The alarm was raised at 2am and after negotiations lasting almost five hours, the armed man was handcuffed and brought out of the house. It is thought the stand-off came after the gunman and his former partner split almost a month ago.

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: “I woke up at 5.30am and saw it all going on outside over a cup of coffee.

It was more exciting than an episode of Coronation Street because nothing like that ever happens round here. I think he used to live there, but they had split up and he broke into the house through the window. He had drinking problems and I think she had had enough of it,” she added.
Story link.

Boycott Updates...and the less said about Morrissey the better.

Mood today - disappointed and wanting to ban Morrissey.

Boycott Racist Old Bats
Scooter is still on his 'Save the Koi' kick and went back to Mrs. Maloney's house to try to talk her into saving the fish.

She threw racial slurs at him and then cried over Mr.Maloney who has gone to the great pond in the sky.

Does it seem that race relations are handled different in Britain? Just that Scooter seemed more 'annoyed' by her references to his colour than, let's say, I was.

The struggle continues.

Boycott Old Amy
Tracey is back on the street.

She did a whole, 'Oh Steve we came back for you. I've been such a goose'. schtick for Steve. The minute he started getting excited and happy, she was, 'PSYCH!' and asked him how it felt to get his hopes up.

Tracey has announced that she is back on the street just to torture him.

Liz and Deidre made up, then broke up again over this issue - all within a 3 minute period.

Boycott French Champagne
Deidre turned 50 and it would seem that Ken has been extra frisky for the occasion. Wine, dining and seducing mi'lady in specs.

She told him that she didn't want any big surprise for her birthday, which he took to mean that she ACTUALLY didn't want any big surprise for her birthday.

WRONG! No woman actually wants nothing.

Gentlemen, in this one and only instance, 'No' means 'Yes'.

Boycott High Voiced Butchers
Evil Ashley came into the butchers to goad Ashley into the boxing fight.

He succeeded by going on and on about how ugly Claire is and how she's nothing compared to his girlfriend.

Hands up who wants to bet me that the girlfriend is a Claire clone?

Anyway, the fight's back on.

Boycott Loneliness
Shel...come on out to play.

Charlie, in a moment of strange sincerity, said to Jason that he will stick by Shel. He went on about how if she was physically ill, everyone would be by her side, but because she's mentally ill, she is losing people around her.

I have no idea what to make of this.

Anyway, he visits her and tries to convince her to make sweet, sweet love to her - which she responds with 'Charlie, I caaaan't.'

Charlie makes a final plea, 'Shel, I'm lonely.'

At this point the mere thought of a man like Charlie being 'lonely' causes Glacia to collapse off the couch, spilling her vodka all over.

DOUBLE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: Nikki Sanderson and Beverley Callard

NIKKI SANDERSON (our Candice Stowe)

Born: March 28, 1984 in Bury, Lancashire.


Born: March 28, 1957 in Leeds.

Happy Birthday, gals!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Mother of the Year

Just how terrible are Tracy Barlow's mothering skills? She takes Amy away for two weeks, only to return with a completely different baby ("It's okay, sweetie. Mummy's on her fourth incarnation herself.") And Steve of course doesn't even notice.

Kowy suggests perhaps it was dark down in Plymouth, or wherever it is Peter lives.

Then again, this is the country that named Sharon Osbourne Celebrity Mother of the Year, beating out Kate Moss.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Two Questions...

Is Liz turning into Bette?
That leopard like outfit with the matching hair tie and mega pumped up hair threw me back to the early ninties!

And seriously...does Joshua know how to walk?
He's gargantuan in Claire's arms, and any day now he'll dwarf her.
Put the kid down Claire, and let him walk.
Don't worry, your Dierdre goggles will make certain that you can keep track of him...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Lad's Mags to the top shelf, please.

Newsagents in the U.K. have struck a deal with the government to allow stricter guidelines on the placement of so-called "lad's mags" in their shops:

The deal, struck between newsagents and Home Office officials, is not legally binding but trading standards will be able to reprimand offending outlets.

MPs and campaigners had raised concerns about explicit content in so-called "lad mags" and some tabloid newspapers.

The advice being issued to 19,000 newsagents is to display such magazines out of the sight of children.

But the new measures will not specify they should be placed on the top shelf.

The guidelines do not name any magazines but titles such as Loaded, Nuts and Zoo are likely to be included in its remit.

Newspapers such as the Daily Sport can remain on the bottom shelf if they are folded in a way to conceal sexually explicit content.

When I was in Scotland, the lad's mag section is chock full of such titles as Loaded, Front, Nuts, Zoo, Maxim, and FHM. They're not pornographic as such, but are much more explicit than their American counterparts. And they really are displayed all over the place, including Nuts, which is nothing but football, beer, and boobs, which one newsagent sold on the counter right next to the cash register.

Frisky Saturday

In lieu of Frisky Friday, and in light of Papasmurf's admiration of Claire's, er, qualities, I hearby offer this belated birthday gift.

Farewell, Lynne Perrie

Former Coronation Street actress Lynne Perrie, who played Ivy Tilsley, has died at the age of 75.

Article in the Telegraph.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Claire Poll

For a while, I've entertained some thoughts on the odd behaviour of Claire, Corrie's resident tram driver, bus driver, attempted dog murderer, cab driver. Since she arrived on the street, something has been a bit, well, off. Consider the intentionally awful glasses, the sudden lifelong dream to drive a bus, the demeanor that sways from adolescent to matronly, marrying and, one shudders to presume, having sex with Ashley. Perhaps it's just me but I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter with the first ever Claire Poll:

*UPDATE* Results tomorrow-ish, and for one of these American Idols, the road to fame comes to an end. Seacrest Out!

*UPDATE PART DEUX* Ah, shag it. I don't feel like waiting until tomorrow. Here are your results as of 20:20 EST:

55% of you feel that Claire is mildly eccentric but her intentions are always for the best.

25% of you think Claire is living with the mind of a socially inept 14 year-old mathlete.

15% of you think Claire is batshit insane.

5% think Claire is a wide-eyed and enthusiastic young woman who only wants the best for her family.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Update for the Last Two Days

The Marrying Man
Rita and Emily continue to read Norris's 'novel' and get to the part where 'Norrise' proposes to both Emilia and Reba,gets shot down by both and naturally becomes suicidal.

Rita and Emily, both concerned for Norris's well being flip a coin for who will marry him and save him from death. True to form, Norris comes into the shop, gets down on his knees and proposes first to Rita then to Emily - both saying, 'No.'

He then lets them know that it was all a joke and punishment for them being...wait for it....Nosey Parkers. (Booom! I knew that was going to be used at some point!)

Later, in the pub, Emily puts on a boo-boo face and asks Norris why he wouldn't marry her. He starts getting flustered and she's all, 'AAAAAAAAAAh, busted dude!' and we all have a jolly laugh.

Here's to Ken, Who Died of Ennui
Ken got BORED at home and ended up joining everyone at the Rovers.

All Creatures Great and Small
Sean is volunteering to bring sick pets to the see the vet...who he's not sure is gay or single.

The Trouble With Tracey
Steve's bugging Ken for info on Amy, but Ken tells him he just doesn't have any info for hom.

Double Your Pleasure
Twin A is pissed at Twin B because some guy asked Twin A out and Twin B insists that he's only asking Twin A out because Twin B said 'No.' to him.

Give him a break ladies, he can hardly keep the two of you straight, can he?

Thrilla in Manilla
Fred tries out his boxing skills on Diggory and almost gets ko'd with one punch from Diggory.

Realizing that he's a lover, not a fighter...Fred suggests to Evil Fred that their sons fight in their stead - without asking Ashley. If he had asked Ashley first, he would have found out that Evil Ashley is a fighting champion by the moniker of 'Maddog'.

Later, Evil Ashley comes into the shop to confront Ashley. They did have some sort of conversation, but the voices were so high that I'd have to ask my German Shepherd what it was about.

Betty's Hotpot - Now with 20% More Shelly
Shel, get out of your @#$#Q%E$%^$#% pajamas!!!

She still refuses to go downstairs and everyone on the street has their own feelings about this.

Charlie is fed up.
Bev is worried and wants Fred to demand that she go for medical exam.
Violet feels sorry for her.
Fred wants to see her.
Ciaran, well, Ciaran believes that Charlie has murdered her and is now the main ingrediant of Weatherfield's most famous recipe.

The last we see of Shel is when Charlie tells her that she needs to see Fred in order to save her job. If she doesn't save her job, the both of them will be out on the street - going their seperate ways, adds Charlie.

Calling Al-Anon
Both Frankie and Jamie are kind of blaming Danny for the Carol fiasco and he is sticking to his guns that Carol is responsible for her own life. (Which she is - and I'm behind Danny on this.)

Jamie says he's moving out and asks Leanne to get a place with him. She agrees at first but then decides that he really isn't the guy for her. Janice is getting suspcious that Leanne has someone else.

In Other News
Claire got her taxi liscence and is working for Steve.
Roy has hooked up his fabulous flying machine to the cafe and now can't open the door.
Scooter made a delivery to some snooty lady and when he spends too much time looking at her fish, she believes that he might attack her.

updates to come

I know I'm late with yesterday's and today's... work has just been a bit, you know...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaghahahghahgahsdkjadlakjsdf!

Update to come later.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Canuck Than Corrie

This is for Shatnerian and MJ ----

Happy B-day Bill.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pamerpalooza 2006

In honour of our Pamer making it to Toronto, I'm going to set up an emergency Corrie ping fest.

April 7

I'm going to suggest the Banknote at King and Bathurst as I know for sure it won't be crazy packed on a friday afterwork.

I'm open for time suggestions 6pm or 7pm? If peeps want to go home first or head out straight after work.

Who's in?

Perspiration Street

Did anyone catch the Coronation Street spoof this week on the Royal Canadian Air Farce?

The sketch showed a barmaid named Sally serving deep-fried sausage lager to a couple of cardie-clad punters at The Rovers. As they drink and natter on, they all become drenched in sweat.

The video clip isn’t up on the Air Farce site yet but I’ll let you know when it’s posted.

In the meantime, here are a few photos…

I Like Meerkats, Me. (UPDATE)

Meerkat Love
I may never go back to the zoo after last night's episode.

So Rita and Emily have continued to be snoopy, snoopy about Norris's novel and Rita tells Emily that she needs to hear what Norris has written.

Brace yourselves, possums.

The novel goes into great detail about 'Norrisse', church going 'Emile', and fiery redhead 'Reba'.

Brace, brace yourselves, possums...

and their ménage à trois (Mr.Glacia, upon hearing Rita utter those words, yells from his desk, 'What?!') in the Meerkat cage of the zoo.

When Emily hears this, she says, 'I like Meerkats. Norris knows that. I have them on my dishtowel.'

Oooooooooooooooh, not the dishtowel!!!! Norris, how could you?!!

Later that day, Emily and Rita are at the Rovers and when Norris comes in he asks if he can join them for a 'threesome'.

Oh lord, porn and Corrie make Glacia nervous.

BTW - at the end there's a smirk on Norris's face that I suspect means he's having them on.

More Depravity
Ken had TWO doughnuts for breakfast.

He's just sitting around in his pj's and NOT shaving. The level of decadence is out of control.

Meanwhile, Jason and some yob are outside doing work in Ken's backyard when a loud crash disturbs Ken's marathon couch potato event. A large metal object has broken the kitchen window.

For some reason this means that Jason needs to sit in the living/dining room and talk about his coldsore to Ken. Ken completely loses it and basically calls Jason a brainless idiot and stomps out of the room.

I thinks Jaysons fealings was hert, me.

Dog Day Afternoon
Sean likes the cute vet and Cilla has offered to let him take Schmichael for his check up....if Sean will pick up the tab.

Sean debates this.

You All Suck, and I'm Leaving Home
Meanwhile at the Baldwins:

1) Frankie is sad because of Carol
2) Jamie is sad because of Carol
3) Danny is fed up because of Carol
4) Leanne is flirting because of Carol...okay maybe not because of Carol.

End result is Jamie tells Danny that he's fed up with him and is going to get his own place. Teen stomps out. Door slams.

Panic on the Streets of Weatherfield
Fred confronts Evil Fred about the slander and how he's swiped one of Fred's suppliers.

Evil Fred suggests a duo? What? What the hell does that mean? Did anyone catch that?

And why the hell is Claire so forgetful.

(Sorry, I had come in from a run and was kind of having a hard time following the first bit.)

Classic Corrie
Anyone notice that we are beginning to see the start of Evil Sally and her ambition?

Happy Birthday, Bruno Langley

BRUNO LANGLEY (our Todd Grimshaw)

Born: March 21, 1983

Born to Australian parents, Bruno grew up in Buxton, Derbyshire and attended Lady Manners School in Bakewell and Buxton Youth Theatre.

Bruno is not only a talented actor; he’s an accomplished pianist and singer.

In 2000, Bruno had a brief, one-off role in Corrie as Candice's boyfriend Darren Michaels. He eventually landed the part of Todd Grimshaw in 2001.

Todd and Nick

Bruno was the first openly gay character on Coronation Street. He kissed our Nick Tilsley (Adam Rickitt) once, and had an affair with nurse Karl Foster (Chris Finch).

Karl and Todd

Bruno left Corrie in 2004 but scriptwriters did not kill Todd off, leaving the door open for a possible return.

Former Coronation Street producer Tony Wood said: "Bruno is a talented young actor with a great future ahead of him."

After leaving Corrie, Bruno went on to play Adam Mitchell in Dr. Who and had a role in The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse.

Bruno in Dr. Who

Bruno stars in the play A Taste of Honey, touring from April through July.

For more Bruno, visit Bruno Langley Fans.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Classic Corrie Chat

I'm still cleaning up the water I ended up spraying across my keyboard with this one.

So the council has told Alf Roberts that he could have any street in Weatherfield re-named after him.

So he chooses....

Coronation Street.

I swear I never saw that one coming.

Two Toronto Events This Saturday


From Ang:

Just wanted to fill you in on a great show coming up here in Toronto.

His name is.... Joshua Bartholomew and he's with guests Chisai Jackson & Chris Graham

$7 at the door

When.... Saturday, March 25, 2006
Time.... Doors 8:30pm
Where.... The Savoy
Address.... 253 Victoria Street [at Dundas Square] Toronto


Will be a great night for sure. Josh is brilliant.


And from me because he put the 'M in Manchester' and we have some Morrissey fans....

The Smiths and Morrissey night at the FunHaus

526 Queen W.
10 pm - 4 am

9pm pre-party party at my friend's house if anyone is interested. Send me a note if so.

Coronation Street Pinup of the Week

Visit the Coronation Street Fun Pages and scroll down to see the Pinup of the Week.

Weatherfield Web

Check out this new Coronation Street forum!

Our Deborah is the global moderator and she informs me there have been over 60 members join in less than a month.


Caption this photo of Jack Duckworth.

Jane Danson & Leanne Battersby

Soaplife Magazine asked Jane Danson to compare herself to Leanne. Here’s what she had to say.


Jane: I can’t say anything about Leanne’s taste for older men because my husband Robert Beck is eight years older than me.

Leanne: Danny’s very sexy – hats off to Leanne. She usually sticks to people her own age but she’s found herself attracted to an older guy.

Jane and Robert


Jane: I’m quite loyal. I’ll generally keep a secret.

Leanne: She doesn’t think before she speaks and sometimes that’s good because she gets what she wants. Sometimes it can get her into trouble, though.


Jane: I’m more boring than Leanne. I like comfy, casual clothes and I shop in places like Top Shop, Oasis and Gap.

Leanne: She’s currently wearing a pink skirt that’s about four inches long and a pink top. Leanne likes cheap and cheerful stuff.


Jane: I’m a typical Scorpio – I simmer for a while then I’ll sting. I only lose my temper once in a blue moon though.

Leanne: She’s a gobby cow! She’s feisty, loud and brashy. She’s a nightmare!


Jane: I like a meal and a few drinks.

Leanne: Coming home at five in the morning with her makeup down her face after a night on the tiles!


Jane: My Toyota Rav4.

Leanne: Probably her beloved earrings.


Jane: I’d like to still be working and to be a mum. I get broody.

Leanne: She’ll probably be on boyfriend number seven and have a couple of kids. But I hope she’s still on the Street!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I really enjoyed the birthday bacchanal...and I'm absolutely gagging to see Frankie catch these two.
I was really hoping that during the tongue lashing Frankie got in the car while she was doing drunken mom the favour of driving her home would have made Frankie lose her temper and chuck her by the side of the road.
But then Frankie shows us that she's got remorse, and a conscience and knows she deserves to take her verbal lumps. On another note, if you were heading over to see your son on his birthday at your ex husband who ran off and lives with your hot ex-babysitters house, wouldn't you at least run a comb through your hair? Get a manicure? Dress up a little? Buy a new outfit?
You wouldn't show up on their doorstep looking like you've been dragged through a bush backwards and cats have been sucking on your hair.

I was really hoping that when Frankie said, "I would kill any woman who did that to me..." was forshadowing for the demise of Leanne, whose character I've always despised.
But, then...Danny needs a good ego beating too.
With a little luck, some hot guy comes to town and Frankie runs off with him, and Danny gets his comeupance.

Hairy Bikers’ Cookbook

Besides being about 8 months behind with Coronation Street and 2 years behind with EastEnders, we’re missing a BBC cooking show called Hairy Bikers’ Cookbook.

David Myers and Simon King are two burly blokes touring the world by motorbike in search of good grub. These northern lads aren’t professional chefs; they’re adventure-loving friends with a capacity for food and fun.
“We thought it would be a great life if we could just ride bikes, cook food and get paid to talk about it. And now here we are – it’s a dream come true.”

Instead of Two Fat Ladies, we have two fat laddies.

The show isn't broadcast in Canada yet but a DVD is scheduled for release soon and we can order the recipe book in the meantime.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sign of the Apocolypse

Wayne Rooney, footballer extraordinaire for Manchester United and England, has signed a 5 million pound book deal with Harper Collins to write a series of five books over the next twelve years. Write five books? I doubt if he has even read five books in his lifetime. Any prose he is known for is usually of the purple variety and is generally directed at the nearest football official, the opposing team's fans, or his fellow best selling author, David Beckham. Is there enough material that might even be vaguely interesting enough for one magazine article, let alone five books? Perhaps there will be lots of pictures.

I think they should give the money to five members of the Coronation Street cast and have them write 5 books about their experiences on the cobblestones over the years.

On a brighter note, the city of Bristol is planning on erecting a statue of Wallace and Gromit, which I think is highly commendable.

(if I were talented like MJ or one of my other contributers I would inseert a picture of Wallace and Gromit with Man U uniforms on. Sadly, I am an idiot)

Adam Rickitt Gets in the Games

Adam Rickitt participates in watersports… and more in The Games; a reality show where 10 celebrities compete against each other in a total of 18 sporting disciplines over nine days to be crowned the champion. Contestants will be water skiing, speed skating, white water kayaking, weightlifting, hurdling, and Kendoing, amongst other events.

Adam (formerly Corrie’s Nick Tilsley) has taken the place of rapper Goldie who broke his leg training for the water ski jump.

Whilst on the topic of our Nick, why not jumpstart your day with a cuppa joe from an Adam Rickitt totty mug?

Friday, March 17, 2006

What's Your Poison - A Corrie Canuck Poll

Okay - this discussion is too beautiful to remain in the comments section.

In honour of St. Patricks day, fess up...what's your favorite kind of beer?

I've already put my two cents in...

Forgive me Percy Sugden - whereever you are!!

I Hate Liz, John's New Look, and Update

Reasons #234

So on Classic Corrie Jim's mom dies and he asks Liz to come with him to the funeral. This she refuses because 'not a McDonald anymore'.

At the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame time, she expects Fionna to visit Steve in jail cause it would cheer him up. The same Steve that did Fionna wrong?

Woman....are you mad?

You expect that Fionna, who dated Steve for a short time, owes him a visit in jail while you leave your poor schmuck of an ex-hubby out in the cold when his mother dies?

me no like her.


I love John's new icon and encourage everyone to take up a corrie character even for a short time.

I know MJ and I will battle for Bet, but I may give in to Lena.

Update (Spoiler Alert)
It's all a bit fuzzy right now, but I seem to recall a lot of drunken screaming.

Oh that's right...Bio-mom decides to come to Jamie's birthday party.

Danny wants her to go away (I'm REALLY with Danny on this one.) but Frankie out of some kind of guilt invites her in to join them.

In a shocking move, Bio-mom gets really drunk and starts crying how cruel everyone and life in general is to her.

Danny loses it and literally tosses her ass out of the house, where she decides to start banging and screaming to be let back in. (Glacia would be calling the police on this one.) Jamie and Frankie feel bad for her and they end up driving her back home in Frankie's car because Danny refuses to let them use the company van.

Bio-mom continues to hurl abuses at Frankie in the car until she passes out. Frankie admits that she feels guilty because she slept with Danny in Bio-mom's own bed when she was the babysitter.

Frankie mentions that she would kill anyone who did that to her, which is funny because.....

Back at the Baldwins, Leanne and Danny are doing the horizontal tango on Frankie's matrimonial bed.

Fred Wars - Attack of the Clones Part Deux
Fred's Evil Twin has posted slanderous material on Fred's own butcher window!

Mrs. Slocombe Would Be Proud
Eileen, Violet and Sean tell Jason that they bought him a cat and wait until Jason finally gets around to petting the ex-cat. (Sean says there's a good opportunity for a Mrs. Slocombe comment but resists the urge.)

Later Jason and Violet are alone and Jason professes his love for her and suggests that they get married right away and have a litter of Jasons.

Shrinking Violet, does just that - shrinks away and tells him she's way too young.

Good for you girl!

Simon’s Smitten

According to The People, Simon Gregson (our Steve McDonald) has found new love – with a cleaning lady.

Simon, devastated when his long-term girlfriend Joanna Simpson moved out of his £500,000 home in Wilmslow, Cheshire last November - is dating Emma Gleave.

Simon, 31, met Emma, 22, at a party just before Christmas. Simon invited her to the Street's Christmas bash and since then they have been dating regularly.

A friend said: "He is completely smitten with Emma. Everyone can't help noticing how happy he is."

Emma, whose firm EMMIC cleans factories and homes, lives with her parents in Worsley, Manchester. Her dad Michael said: "They've been together for a few months. I've met Simon and he's a lovely bloke."

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Bless your little Irish heart…
and every other Irish part.

Cheers from all your Irish friends …

Double Trouble! - Keith Duffy (our Ciaran McCarthy) and Colin Farrell

The Oirish Girl – Louise Hazel

Fair Play - Jim McDonald

And MJ. Here’s to my ancestors who immigrated to Canada from Tipperary, Ireland in 1840.

And here's to all of you!