Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Your Slippery Update for Ep. 6249

Slippery Nipple

Roy still ‘totally gets’ Fiz. He’s helping her find resources for traveling abroad. Fiz finds an affinity with the freedom-seeking, Welsh-speaking, sheep farming colonizers of Patagonia.

Later at the pub, Kirk hands Fiz a drink, a green monstrosity, saying, “It’s a slippery what’s-it, a rude one.” I’ve looked it up and Slippery Nipples traditionally involve Bailey’s so I hardly dare think what kind of 'slippery' this thing could be. A Slippery Gangrenous Limb?

Meanwhile, Maria is putting into motion a plan to buy Audrey’s salon. She wants Kirk to buy her half of the kennels. She goes as far as to set up meetings with bank managers, which hardly gets an enthusiastic response from Kirk.

Fiz wants him to sell the whole lot so they can go traveling, which for some reason Tyrone and Molly think is hi-larious.
“Oh forget it,” Fiz says, “I know my place. Propping up that bar for the next 20 years.” Roy to the rescue! He appears with a pamphlet for the “Weatherfield College for Further Education.” Fiz is positively inspired.
“Zen-Buddhism? Yoga?” Roy scans the page.
“Kickboxing!” she says, “I can’t wait!”

Slippery Slope

Ashley’s being an ass. He is cold and rude to Claire, refusing to go to her baby checkup because he wants to be with Joshua, “wanna spend all the time I have left wi’im.” Claire leaves, crushed. Fred and Bev decide to intervene.

Claire tells Bev she thinks Ashley hates her and wishes she were Maxine. Bev comforts her that Fred’s giving him a good talking to. Which I suppose is what you could call it. Fred certainly defends her. How was little, pregnant Claire supposed to take on Matt, Doctor of Monstrous Proportions? Then he says, “she’s only a woman, after all” (which causes me to unleash a rant upon my poor husband’s head so that we had to rewind the next scene). Fred says something about hormones and pregnancy, but who is really being the emotional basket case here, I ask you?! Ashley’s such a tool.

Claire comes home from the clinic and Ashley bites her head off when she asks if Joshua got his tea. She says he’s stuck in the past, so full of hurt and anger over Maxine and Matt that he’s lost interest in anything else. “I’m on your side, why can’t you be on mine?” She asks.
“Oh don’t talk rubbish,” he replies. She asks why he keeps throwing Maxine in her face. If Maxine was so great, why did she let him down?
“I’ve been a good wife, I care about this family,” she says
“This family is about you and the baby versus me and Joshua,” he retorts. He questions her commitment to Joshua and things deteriorate from there.
“If Matt Ramsden’s taking desperate measures, it’s because you’ve given him no option. And now you’re trying to say it’s my fault. Pathetic,” Claire yells. “We should be standing together!”
“I can’t even stand in the same room as ya!” he yells back. Claire watches through the blinds as he stomps off to the Rover's.

Slippery Son-of-a-****

“Lee, you gonna make an effort luv or what?” Danny’s tying his tie in the mirror.
“Uh, hullo, I’m up. I’m dressed. And it ain’t even nine o’clock yet,” she retorts. It is indeed a big day – Danny is going to get power of attorney from Mike. He’ll be able to make all of the financial decisions. Leanne means to buy provisions for the inevitable rush of “old cronies” when everyone finds out how sick Mike really is.

And wow, is Mike ever deteriorating quickly. He emerges from his bedroom decked out in full golfing gear, ready for 18 holes. Only, golf wasn’t the plan. Mike has to chase him down to the Quays, trying to convince him of their original plan to visit to specialist's and solicitor’s. Mike stubbornly says he’s “right as rain.”

Somehow, Danny gets Mike to the specialist’s for the tests but Mike’s still fighting him, accusing his doctor of barely being out of school, so what would she know? Danny gets him with the ol’, “so what’s your doctor’s name?” When Mike can’t remember, he crumbles again. “What’s happening to me, Danny?”

Danny tells him about the stroke in Spain and explains how dangerous it could be if he had another one. “What could happen to the business? Who’s going to write the cheques and pay the wages?” He manipulates the situation, saying it was always Mike’s idea to give Danny the power of attorney and Mike falls for it hook, line and sinker.
“I’ve got the best son in the world, doing the best that he can for his dear ol’ dad.” Kiss. Is that guilt I see on Danny’s face?

They stop by the factory and Mike waits in the car while Danny goes to check on the workers. Rita stops by the car. When Mike asks after Rita’s dead husband, there is pain in Rita’s eyes, seeing Mike like this. She tells Danny to look after him. Danny says, “don’t I always?” then mentions they’re off to see the ‘legal eagles’, which rightly seems to give Rita pause.

Mike thinks they’re at the doctor’s. Danny reminds him they’re at the solicitor’s. Mike is ready to leave when they’re called into the office, where the solicitor asks Mike if handing over power of attorney is really a step he wants to take. Mike puts on a good show, saying, “if my boy Danny thinks it’s kosher, that’s good enough for me.” And that’s good enough for the solicitor to hand over the forms.

Back at home, Leanne tells Mike to eat his ‘best filet and organic spuds’, but Mike says he isn’t hungry. “I’m going to have a drink,” he says, adding how knackered from his day at the factory. “And that Janice, she wants sacking.” He takes the bottle of scotch off to bed.

Leanne makes it clear that Danny’s going to clean up any of the puke that comes from drinking on an empty stomach. She says again that Mike needs proper care. Danny lashes out that now that they have power of attorney, she just wants him to kick him out. Leanne didn’t mean that. She clearly means that Mike is a full time job and one she didn’t sign on for. Danny turns his back on the conversation.

Later, as he tucks Mike into bed, he seems to be having a crisis of conscience. “He’s asleep,” he tells Leanne.
“Passed out, more like. Doctor’s going to love you,” she says.
“What else has he got?” Danny says of the drinking. “I’ve taken it all away from him, haven’t I?”
Leanne asks him what the big surprise is. Danny replies that it’s Mike thinking that he’s his loyal, loving son.
“Look, Danny, you had to do it. It’s the only way you were going to get the factory.”
“I know.” He talks about how sick and confused Mike is and how bad that makes him feel. “I’ve got Mike Baldwin’s empire. So big deal. Was it worth all this scheming?”
Leanne touches his face reassuringly, “It will be.”

Roll credits.


Debbie said...


Guilty is a useless emotion and Danny feeling badly will not make a lick of difference to what he is doing.

Leanne really is the nastiest of the nasties. It is one thing to not want to take care of the guy, but her willingness to swindle him is deplorable. Or, perhaps she is more comfortable with being a horrible person than Danny is.

How much did you love Clair this episode? She is no shrinking violet! I love that she reminded Ashley Maxine was no saint.

Also, as I mentioned yesterday, if Maria were to buy the salon it would be a lot like the Denise/Fiona transfer, except Fiona got the Salon for four thousand pounds, not 150 grand. I guess Audrey owns the building.

So, does Leanne look like he is hiding a baby bump?

Working From Home Today said...

I wondered about that baby bump. She's looking a little puffy these days (understandably). Anyone know if the actress was pregnant at the time?

The Big Seester said...

Great update, WFHT!

Yeah, Fred's, "she's only a woman after all" raised a fairly large indignant snort from me as well. And TOOL is the perfect word to describe Ashley. I don't generally care for Claire, but I'm completely on her side in this, and she does appear to be growing a backbone. Was anyone else amused at Bev's attempt to have a nice motherly talk with Claire?

Can I ask a really stupid question?
When exactly did Fizz and Molly make up? I mean, here's the 4 of them at the table at t'Rovers, and I'm thinking:

1. Tyrone dumped Kirk's sister
2. Molly broke up Kirk and Fizz
3. Molly and Fizz are archenemies from school days

WHY are they hanging out together?

Danny does appear to be growing a conscience, but of course, too little, too late.

Michigander Fan

The Big Seester said...

I thought that both Leanne and Frankie are pregnant (the actresses, not the characters)...


Michigander Fan

The Big Seester said...

Oh, and a slippery nipple (which is called a buttery nipple here in Michigan) is (if mammary serves) Bailey's and butterscotch schnapps. I had one once, ordered for me by a jerk on a first date. There wasn't a second date.

Whatever that drink was, it wasn't a slippery nipple. Could it have been a SOTB?

I was never into those kind of mixed drinks. To me it rankled with gross immaturity to order one (teehee! how naughty!)

I stuck with things like whiskey sours and cosmos and white russians.

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

Just a note on the drinking.

Both Danny and Leanne seem to have a cavalier attitude toward Mike's drinking. I know Leanne expressed concern, but the man went to bed with a bottle of scotch. Danny’s suggestion that the drink was all Mike has left was, for me, ridiculous.

This morning when I came into the office, I saw our copy of New Statesman (I work for a magazine in Montreal and as a result we get magazines sent to us from all over). The magazine, from London, is a weekly. For the week of November 27th there was a feature about Britain’s alcohol crisis. It seems as the price for alcohol has gone down and incomes have gone up. Combined with relaxed licensing laws that has increased alcohol related accidents and deaths. It was pretty interesting.

Jacqueline said...

Glacia's guide to mix drinks.

Vodka meets glass...mix.

missusmac said...

the actress who plays Leanne is pregnant in real life. Not sure about Frankie though?

Um, what would that mean in the real life mess she and the actor who plays Danny got into a few months ago when it was revealed they were having an everything-but-sex affair?

Both are married. With children.

I really love Clair here. Ashley is being a big jerk. As I said, Clair is better at mom/wife, and I'm really glad she said it too.

Jacqueline said...

where the hell is penny?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if anyone else recognized the actor playing Mike's solicitor. I'm pretty sure it's Trevor Bannister, who played Mr. Lucas back in the 70s on "Are You Being Served?"

Jacqueline said...

Right you are. I read that somewhere - either on Corrie Canuck or somewhere else.