Thursday, December 07, 2006

Who's this Alf Roberts, Then?


(From the following sources, Corrienet, Wikipedia and me own noggin.)

Alf Roberts (played by Brian Mosley), born Oct 8, 1926 originally appeared on Corrie working at the post office with Ken's dad. He was an on and off again character until 1963, then back in 1971 as a regular on the show.

He worked at the post office as a supervisor and was married to Phyllis Plant, who was originally supposed to marry his brother. However, his brother was killed in a car accident caused by Alf, so he married Phyllis instead. That marriage worked out just as happy as one might expect and she died of cancer in 1978.

Bring on Renee who owns the corner shop at that time. Alf and her get married in 1978 even though her dad thinks he's marrying her for her money because she ain't that hot in the looks department. (Again, I SWEAR that is Reg Holdsworth in drag.)

Alf is injured when a lorry crashes into the pub and it is then decided that they will buy a sub post office for him to work at while she runs the store.

More lorry difficulties pop up when Renee's car stalls in the middle of a one way street. Alf gets out of the car to go over to the drivers seat, but too late as a lorry smashes into the car and kills Renee.

Alf then inherits the shop and becomes one of Weatherfield's movers and shakers. He's on the council, he's part of the Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders (WARTS) and of course the Square Dealers.

Alf and Audrey hook up and are very much in love and he seems to be the one to bring our Audrey down to earth. She was a much different lady than we see today and I always remember how there was a constant struggle between her spending the money on frocks, etc. and he trying to save it. They do splurge. however, on a nice posh place on Grasmere Drive. (The place where Audrey lives now and where Fred got stuck in a hole in her backyard.)

Alf becomes Mayor of Weatherfield and Audrey is Mayoress for a bit until Alf fires her for being a flibbertygibbet and hands over the position to Betty Turpin. There is a great bit where the Mayor of Weatherfield's sister city in France comes to visit and Audrey makes a point of letting everyone know that 'Mayoress Betty' is not Alf's wife.

Alf also goes on to be awarded the OBE for services to the community. His health fails and he dies in January, 1999 after a New Year's party and birthday bash for grandson Nicky.

Sadly, Brian Mosley died the following month after suffering a fatal stroke.

Alf was always one of my favorite characters and I loved the way he and Audrey played off of each other. If you ever get a chance to catch some of the old Corrie on Country Canada, do yourself a favour and see what a great character he was. (Maybe we can convince TinyVi to post some Alf material?)

One interesting thing I learned off of Wikipedia is that Brian Mosley arranged the stunt for Renee's car accident.

(Bryan Mosley, who played Alf, arranged this excellent stunt sequence himself. An accomplished stunt man - belying his appearance - he presented his own annual stunt award at RADA. He often arranged stunts on television and films under the name Buddy Windrush)

Very cool, and gives me even more reason to love the man behind Alf Roberts.


papasmurf said...

As far as I remember from my school days 'me own noggin' was a questionable source of material and difficult to footnote as well.

Debbie said...

Recently I watched a week of the Street from 1996. It was the week where Denise left the show for good, Fiona bought the salon, and Audrey's oldest son, Stephen, came to Canada to visit and do some business ending in Mike's wife, Alma making a pass at him.

I saw some Alf Roberts that week and WOW was Audrey obnoxious. I kept thinking 'that poor man!'

He seemed so lovable and sensible.

missusmac said...

I actually saw the episode where Alf died. I wasn't even a convert to the show at the time, have no idea why it was on, but I saw it.

Poor Alf died, ignored, in a chair at the Platts' while everyone in that family wittered on around him.

It was only when someone FINALLY asked him "isn't that right, Alf?" or something like that, they knew the poor man was dead!

However, I didn't know any of that background info until know. Is that the shop that Rita now owns?

Anonymous said...

Bryan Mosley appeared in Canadar years ago, at the British Isles show if I'm not mistaken. He was on a Toronto radio show one afternoon and of course I had to call in.

My question was about everyone's favourite character of the day, Reg Holdsworth. Was the actor who played Reg as odd as he seemed. Bryan confirmed he was indeed nutty as a Percy Sugden fruitcake.

At the time Mr Blobby was big in Britain and he compared Ken Morley (who played Reg) to the big pink guy. He also mentioned to the host that he did stuntwork, one involved rolling down a flight of stairs on Corrie, probably at the flat he and Audrey sold to the McDonald clan??

Who else remembers the harrowing scene where poor Alf had a heart attack and crawled to the phone to get help? Or his battle with the obnoxious American named Malcolm who tried to win Audrey over? Good times.

S. Poole

PS. MissusMac; Alf's store is the one Dev now owns, not the Kabin.

John said...

I saw a bit of the Alf meets the French mayor episode. He was worried the French would turn their noses up at the English food. Turns out the French mayor was excited about indulging in the local sausages and was a pretty nice guy.

I think that may have been the only time anyone from France has ever set foot in Weatherfield.

Anonymous said...

this is a great picture of Betty Audrey, and the OBE himself, I am thouroughly enjoying the country canada tract!! great history