Monday, December 18, 2006

Update for Episode # 6258 December 18, 2006

The Platts

Phil and the gang are sitting around the dinner table. Phil wants to talk and sort things out, but Gail just wants to keep feeding them so they have something else to occupy their mouths with besides talking. The foot fiddler keeps on pressing matters and eventually it comes out that everyone in the family thinks it is indeed Phil who has been sending the Richard Hillman cards to various members of the Platt clan. Things get a little heated between David and Phil which results in much yelling and grabbing and other manly type behaviours. Gail finally gets a clue about what has been going on in her house and tells Stinky McTavish to take the highroad back to the highlands. Mother Platt tells Phil that he is violent and a liar, and she will never believe another word he says to her. She asks for his key back and then shows him the door.

Phil makes his way across the street to The Rovers for a little dutch courage before returning to # 8 to plead his case. He proceeds to pound on the door and bellow in a most undignified manner, but to no avail. In keeping with the tradition of communicating with Platt women he also tries the old shouting through the letter box trick. Audrey, hearing the commotion comes to the rescue and tells the haggis eating lothario to sling his hook, or she will rouse the male denizens of The Rovers to give him a good thrashing. Knowing he has met his match, Phil slinks off down the street.

In the house Gail is quite upset, and Audrey, Sarah and David all do their best to console her. It is of little use though, Gail is feeling guilty about putting her family in a bad spot again, after having been fooled by a man she fancied.

Double Date

Steve, Ronnie, Tracey and Charlie are still having a 'pleasant' drink together in a booth at The Rovers. The two who aren't parents of Amy seem to be hitting it off quite nicely. One might even say that Ronnie is having a bit of a flirt with the local builder. They somehow decide to go back to Charlie's flat for a drink. Steve and Tracey have a look in on Amy, who is asleep in her room. For a change they behave like rational adults and have a mildly civil conversation. At the same time in the living room what seems to my untrained eye like flirting is continuing between Ronnie and Charlie as they share a drink. When Charlie pushes things a bit all of a sudden Ronnie tells Charlie that he is out of his mind, and that she wouldn't touch him with a barge pole. When Steve and Tracey join them Ronnie feigns feeling ill so they can leave, making some tentative plans to get together again on the weekend. Steve and Ronnie then retire to The Rovers for a drink and Tracey is curious what happened when Charlie was left alone with the other woman for a few short moments.

I am a dense male at the best of times, but what Ronnie was doing in this sequence really baffles me. Anyone with better intuition feel free to interpret what was going on here.

Norris and Becky and Kelly

Norris is in The Rovers having a quiet half pint when he is accosted by Becky, who tells him to leave her mate Kelly alone or else. Norris is understandably baffled by this announcement. Kelly shows up a moment or two later and is informed by Becky that she has sorted things out with Norris and she won't have to worry about him anymore. Kelly is also baffled by this announcement.

Becky is shown in this sequence coming out of the loo and wiping her nose, which I think is meant to convey that she was partaking of some recreational pharmaceuticals whilst in the loo. This would explain her paranoid reasoning and will no doubt lead to further hijinks in future episodes.

The Prodigal Son

After having gone missing and being incommunicado for a lengthy time Sean makes an appearance at the pub. Violet asks where he has been. It seems the bar man/seamstress of a monochromatic sexual preference has met a new demi-god beau, a volcano of a man. (all sorts of images come to mind there) Violet counsels him to take his time, to remember that he has a habit of rushing into things, is it worth losing both of his jobs over a new fling? Sean counters that he is not clutching at straws, he is holding onto a hulking piece of timber. (more images come to mind here) The other night when he was out at the club with Jamie and Violet and they were looking deep into each others eyes, Sean realized what he was missing out on and decided to grab life by the horn. Sorry, horns.

The Baldwins

After much debate Danny and Leanne make their way from the Quays to Coronation Street to talk to Frankie and Jamie about what should be done with Mike. Everyone does their best to remain civil in what is a particularily uncomfortable social gathering at # 7. Frankie and Jamie want Mike to move in with them, so Mike can be in familiar surroundings and can interact with people he has known all his life. Danny thinks that moving would only confuse Mike further. Danny asks who will look after him when they are at work all day. Frankie and Jamie both are willing to stop working to help out taking care of Mike. Danny wonders how they afford to do that - Frankie says that Mike has money to take care of things. Danny accuses them of wanting to take advantage of his father's situation and wealth. Jamie points out the hypocricy of this. In the end no firm conclusion is reached.

Meanwhile back at Mike's flat he and Penny are having a pleasant time looking at holiday photos of the two of them in Spain. Mike recognizes that the woman in the photos is Penny, but is unable to believe that the woman sitting beide him is also Penny. She does her best to explain but Mike just gets more and more frustrated. In the end he says that Penny can rot in Spain, he never wants to see her again.


missusmac said...

Papasmurf, even as a superior female, I don't know WTF Ronnie was up to there.

One minute she's all film noire and sultry 40s siren toward Charlie, the next she's got an infamous headache?

Maybe she didn't expect Charlie to come on so strong? Again, have these people just met Charlie?

And I have one word for Phil: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Go away! Ok, that's three words.

The Big Seester said...

Papa & Missusmac:

What was Ronnie up to? Well, that depends... If she's a whackjob, then she's just into yanking Charlie's chain (which is a distinct possibility in my book).

However, it did just occur to me after the evening broke down that she had managed to ruin Tracy & Charlie's night out (they're back at home and have sent the sitters home, and it's quite early yet).

I don't know if it was intentional or not, but she seems malicious enough to me for it to have been.

Michigander Fan

The Big Seester said...


Yeah, I'm not sorry to see Phil get dumped, but I still think David is "Richard Hillman." I mean, who got what they wanted last night? Not Phil. Not Gayle. David did, that's who.

You know, I don't generally like Leanne, but the way Danny's treating her is starting to really cheese me off. She's not a hired nurse!

Can I just ask why they don't SPLIT the care of Mike? Why don't they set up a schedule, so everyone can have a little bit of a life, and no one person shoulders 99% of the burden?

Michigander Fan

Rob Swizzle said...

"Stinky McTavish", excellent!

Just when you think Jason's a bit immature, an old duffer like Phil starts shouting at the Platt windows. There's something weird in the beer on that street.

missusmac said...

Oh, Michigande Fan, you could be right about Moley. She totally ruined Charlie and Tracey's night, got rid of their sitter, and then she and Steve are back at the pub.

Teddy bear, my eyeballs. She's a slick piece of work! Well done!

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think Molly just likes to manipulate people. Like the "I'd have a kid too if my parents raised it" comment to Tracey. When she said it, she was being "friendly" but you know deep down, she's been wanting to say that to hurt Tracey for ages. Then the "Amy even called me mommy a few times" She laughed when she said it, but you don't say that to a mom without knowing that it is going to sting.

I think her being with Steve and now flirting with Charlie, just her seeing how far she can push people.

Just a thought.

Jacqueline said...

I'm going to agree with my sister in 'Jackie-ness'. Moley is a psycho-freak.

The Big Seester said...

I've had my suspicions about her ever since she made a big show of the amethyst bracelet she got from her hubby and she dangled it in front of Steve. That and her hubby's $$$ that she gave to Steve as an Xmas prezzie...

She's definitely manipulative and a little crazy, but after last night's episode, my first thought was, "Wow. If she planned it, she couldn't have ruined Tracy & Charlie's night any more." Then I thought..."Ohhhhhh. She DID plan it."

On a completely unrelated note, I was in Windsor over the weekend, and I went to Indigo and bought a giant red Corrie Epic (possibly the Corrie Bible mentioned in earlier posts?) I was very excited to obtain it, and look forward to much reading over the break (1200 pages!)

This was particularly thrilling since told me it was out of print. So I checked and they had it. So I thought, hmmm, I'll bet I could get it in Windsor!!

I looove living in a bi-national area!

Michigander Fan

Pamer said...

At first I thought Ronny was flirting with Charles to see if he would jump at the chance and therefore expose him as a crap daddy type and give Steve a leg up on getting custody of Amy...or something...then it just seemed like she was drunk...then crazy...then...i don't know.

The Big Seester said...

Random comment:

Upon seeing Steve with Amy during a recent episode, I must admit that the new Amy looks a lot more like Steve than the old one did. They actually have very similar unibrows.


Michigander Fan

Pamer said...

I thought that the new baby Amy looked more like Tracy...especially when she was pretending to sleep

Anonymous said...

I want the old Amy back...the one with the big beautiful eyes and long lashes...what a beautiful child!

Watch out for moley..She's a mean one, Mr. Grinch! LOL! Hint!

Corrie Fan in Michigan