Monday, December 04, 2006

Update for Episode # 6248 December 4, 2006

The Young

Claire is shouting for help from the back garden. For once Nathan does not come to the rescue. Instead it is Audrey who comes to aid the damsel in distress. Matt Ramsden has got Joshua in his arms and refuses to let go of him. They argue about the rights of a parent. Audrey tells him that taking advantage of a drunken patient while her husband is in the hospital is not the best grounds for claiming to be a father. The past should remain dead and buried says Audrey. 'Like Maxine?' counters Matt Ramsden. Audrey gives him a good slap, berates his wife, and tells Claire to go and get Ashley.

The good father/husband/butcher shows up and much yelling and pushing ensues. Ashley ends his rant with the classic line - if you touch my son again, I'll kill you. No doubt this will come into play in some future episode/legal proceedings.

As correctly predicted by some of our fine readers, Ashley then turns his wrath on his devoted and pregnant wife, calling her weak, especially in comparison to his former wife Maxine. A surefire way to get into the good books with your better half. A while later the two of them sit on opposite ends of the sofa, separated by a vast gulf of silence. No doubt Ashley will become very familiar with the sofa, as that is where he will sleeping for the next while.

This Matt Ramsden is quite a creepy fellow and I personally think he should be banished to France to live amongst all those frenchies standing on a street corner with a beret on his hand and a Gauloise in his hand muttering 'Zut Alors' every time a young lovely walks by. Just my opinion mind you.

The Infirm

The degeneration of Mike continues. Leanne tries to get him to stop drinking so he doesn't smell like a bum when he goes to visit the doctor. Doctor? What doctor? Mike has no idea about the planned visit to the doctor. Danny shows up and interrupts Mike polishing his golf clubs to take him to see a psychiatrist/head doctor type, who happens to be gratuitously attractive. That should spark some brain activity in the old fox Baldwin. He tries to show them how sharp his mind is by reciting his National Service number from 40 years back, but when the hottie, er doctor asks him to repeat the number he just mentioned he has no idea what number they are referring to. The doctor thinks that Mike might have had a stroke in Spain and it could be accelerating his condition, and that he should see a specialist to confirm her diagnosis.

Back at the flat Boris and Natasha, er Danny and Leanne have a whispered conversation about what they are going to go with Mike. Leanne wants to ship him out to an institution where they have people who can take care of him. Mike wants to keep him at home and have people come in to help out. Leanne wonders what will become of the business, Danny tells her not to worry, he is taking care of things. All the while Mike is listening through his slightly open door. He then surprises Danny and Leanne by coming out of his room and telling them that he is worried about the future of the business. He asks Danny if they can go down to factory, he wants to talk to him about something important.

Father and son go into the factory and Mike starts to talk about making denim and how good a worker Elsie Tanner is. Danny points out to Mike that they made denim in London when he was a young lad and he has never met Elsie Tanner. He tries to find out what Mike wanted to talk to him about but Mike can't remember. At the end Mike breaks down in tears, saying over and over that he can't handle what is happening to him.

Somewhere in here Danny talks to Frankie and Jamie about helping out with Mike but I was having a moment with my cat and I missed what was said. A thousand apologies for this lapse.

The Old

Audrey, Rita and Emily are in The Rovers getting sloshed. The situation with Mike has caused them to contemplate their lives and what regrets they might have. Audrey remembers when the only time she wore black was when it was a slinky little number for a night on the town. Now she seems to be wearing black all the time, and for all the wrong reasons. She thinks she still has some life left to live, and wants to seize the moment. This seems to comprise mostly of jumping out an aeroplane (I assume with a parachute) or driving with a good looking chap in a fast car with his hand or her knee. At least she wants to do something fun. Rita seems to have no regrets about her life and Emily is just glad to be over the whole Ed unpleasantness.

Audrey at some point mentions possibly selling the salon.

The Young

Fiz also is feeling the constraints of a life lived in Weatherfield and wants to experience the world before it's too late. Sewing knickers and going to The Rovers is nothing to look forward to, she wants to do something big, like hitchhike across Oz or the Excited States. Kirk feels a bit put out by this, but Fiz tells him he should come along, if he can leave the kennel behind for a while.

Becky shows up at The Rovers wearing a very similar jacket to the one Kelly is wearing. She then orders the same drink as Kelly. It might be time for Kelly to get a prohibited steps order.


Anonymous said...


Well, a feline-based excuse is understandable. The little dickens don't seem to get the relative importance of Corrie, as I can attest.

Basically what happened was Danny was giving Frankie and Jamie an update on what was going on, and kind of intimated that he might like some help. Jamie, ever the helpful little dreamboat, said something to the effect of, Of course we'll help. To which Frankie said, Um, no I won't. Danny looked at her in something resembling shock, and she said, "I'm not your wife anymore. What did you expect? You'll have to rely on Leanne."

To which I say, GOOD FOR HER! Because every time Danny is on screen recently, dealing with the wench (Leanne) I can hear my grandmother's voice in my head: You made your bed, and now you have to lie in it.

On a related note, was it my imagination, or did Leanne actually leave Mike home alone? Seems to me she came into the flat with shopping bags and Mike was there, alone...

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

Did anyone else notice that Mike was polishing his clubs with Leanne's panties. LOVE the classic British humour!

It was a little bit of Benny Hill on the Street.

Debbie said...

Also, this thing with the salon. If Maria is interested in taking it on, it will be a bit like when Fiona bought the lease from Denise.

If the writers go down this road, they may just recycle a story line. Just like their favourite "He's/She's married ALREADY!" relationship ender.

Michigander Fan, yes Leanne gave Danny a smack with that and a much needed reality check. I was thinking "BAM, welcome to Weatherfield!"

missusmac said...

I forget who said it earlier, but I agree that Leanne is right in saying "whoa Danny, I'm just the hired girlfriend here" when it comes to taking care of Mike.

Obviously, he needs a lot of help, and she didn't sign on for that. She simply signed up to be the bit on the side with her eye on the cash, and everyone including Danny knew that.

And as long-time devotees know, Maxine was no saint, although she did love Josh and Ashley. In all the good mommy/good wife categories, Claire has her beat.

Good for Frankie, good for Audrey if she find a fast car and a fast man!

Didn't anyone notice Violet has a terrific new haircut?

GoBetty said...

Is Fiz leaving the show? Is that what all this wanderlust is leading up to?

The Big Seester said...


Hmmm...let's see if I can post this theory without sounding like an idiot. We North Americans are several months behind the UK in Corrie episodes, right? I mean, the episodes we are currently watching (December 4) were actually aired in the UK back in March(ish).

Now,that being said, Fizz is coming to the British Isles show in Canada in March 2007, which is only 3 months away. And we are almost 9 months behind the UK in episodes. And Fizz is definitely coming as a Corrie cast member. So that means (I think) that she is going to be on "NA Corrie" for at least another year. Perhaps she'll be off the show for a hiatus within the next year, as she risks her life hitchiking across America (has she never heard of serial killers?), but it is my theory that we will be able to enjoy Fizz for many months to come.

Note: the whole time change thing really messes with my mind. ALOT. Chalk it up to not being a sci-fi nerd as a child.

If someone out there sees the scientific basis for my theory being really stupid and wrong, please tell me.

If, OTOH, you simply have knowledge that Fizz is going to be murdered by Chesney, DON'T TELL ME. I don't want to know.

Fan of Fizz,

Michigander Fan

The Big Seester said...

Now for my random thoughts about last night's episode:

1. Clare did a great job last night. Sure, she's a little... milquetoasty usually, so she tends to fade into the backgroumd for me, but when she called for help, the anguish was palpable.
2. Audrey rocks, and she'd better not be working up to leaving the Street with all this maudlin talk. She is consistently one of my favorites.
3. Violet's new cut is tres chic. Did Audrey cut it?
4. It was nice to see Emily and Rita enjoying themselves.
5.Mike and Danny crying togther at the end of the episode was very touching. Well done.

I really truly keep hearing my grandma in my head, telling Danny he's reaping what he sowed (has sown? I'm not up on conjugating agricultural verbs) To be really blunt, he had a wife he could have relied on to help him, and he traded her in for a woman who has no interest in that, and he's paying the price. Of course, he didn't know that Mike would get sick, but then, that's life, ain't it?

I really like Bradley Walsh though - good actor, and cute to boot!

Michigander Fan

The Big Seester said...

BTW, my blog (such as it is) is up and running, so feel free to drop by. Just be aware that you're not going to see anything too awful deep there!

But I'll still be signing off as

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

Hmmmmmm - Gauloise and frenchmen in berets....mmmmmmmmmmm!

The Big Seester said...

Papsmurf said: No doubt Ashley will become very familiar with the sofa, as that is where he will sleeping for the next while.


Does Mrs Smurf read this blog, because I'm pretty sure I can get you into the Witness Protection Program...

Michigander Fan