Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Update - December 20, 2006 - Everyday I Write the Book Edition

When Your Dreamboat Turns Out to Be a Footnote...

Violet comes out of Diggory's bakery to see Sean on the street. She asks him how his date with Chris went. Sean tells her it was wonderful. They had an excellent meal, went to a club, and then back to his flat ("More like a loft, really."). He goes on to describe Chris as an Adonis with Vernon Kay's face.

"And Peter Kay's body?" asks Violet.

Crikey O'Reilly!

(Peter Kay once played a brewery rep who took Shelley out on an ill-fated date.)

Sean later meets up with Kelly and her shadow, Becky. Kelly says she saw Sean looking a right state all by himself on the bus. Sean says he was with his new boyfriend Sean, as a matter of fact. Kelly says he looked alone when she saw him. Sean declares that he has better things to do and brushes her and her shadow off.

Later at the Rover's Shelley is doing her nails and chatting with Sean and Violet. Shelley thinks Chris sounds lovely and he could be The One for Sean. They could get married, now that it's legal for "you lot." Shelley becomes excited at the prospect of a gay wedding.

"I bet you get into huge fights over who gets to wear the dress," she says.

"You know, there's nothing like a little low level homophobia to start my day," Sean responds. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be in the corner, wearing a dress and groping all the boys. " He adds that Shelley's nail polish looks chintzy.

Later on during his shift, Jamie comes in for a pint and asks Sean about his date with Chris. Sean finally breaks down and runs out of the Rover's. Jamie follows where Sean confides that there is no Chris, that he made him up just so he wouldn't feel lonely. Jamie admits that it can't be easy, trying to find dates if you're gay. Not to mention being a supporting gay character during the family hour on TV. Sean wonders if he'll ever find twew wuv. Jamie assures him that he's a great guy, and if he were on Sean's bus, he'd sit right next to him. But he also reminds Sean that he's not on his bus.

These days I'm afraid she's not even sure if her name is Veronica

Mike is watching TV at his flat, telling Danny that he quite fancies Fern Briton, even though he doesn't go for big birds. Emily arrives to take care of Mike for the day and asks what programme he's watching but he forgets.

Later on, after Emily has left, Danny suggests that as Mike is asleep, he and Leanne can get up to a little somethin', somethin'. Just then, Mike bursts in and demands to know who they are and calls the place.

When the police arrive, they seem to understand what it is going on. That blonde, female PC who always seems to show up is talking to Mike, who suddenly doesn't know who he is and starts asking about "Mike, Frankie's son." He then starts crying.

Later in the pub, Jamie sees Danny sitting alone. They talk about Mike for a little bit but Danny wants to reconcile his relationship with Jamie. Jamie refuses and walks out, leaving Danny alone.

This Year's Model

Norris is asking Rita if he can redo her apartment, claiming that what he saw as a nice widow's flat is actually a lovely pied-a-terre for a 21st century man such as himself. He also wants to paint the walls "post-modern beige." It's all a bit too much for Rita who retires to Emily's to get soused on vodka.

Pump it Up

Blanche comes into the Rover's and orders two Gin and Tonics. One for her, and one for her friend from "The One O'Clock Club." When her friend doesn't show, she drinks the second G&T herself. Shelley thinks this is a right laugh and tells Deirdre, who wants to know why her mother resorts to subterfuge. After some ribbing from the regulars, Blanche announces she's boycotting the Rover's and marches over to Emily and Rita's, where they are assembling a jigsaw puzzle that Emily found a charity shop. Blanche says it's the same one she returned last week as it's missing Kirkcudbright, which the missus noted Blanche mispronounced. Must be all the gin.

She announces she's boycotted the Rover's and invites them to join her for future drinks at a new pub she recently found that she thinks looks nice, even if it does serve green curries. It has "oldie worldie Manchester" photos so it can't be all bad.

Emily and Rita says they're a bit set in their ways and prefer the Rover's. Blanche calls them Shelley's co-conspirators.

"You'd have been a wash-out at Greenham Common," she declares.


Kristin said...

I will forever remember Blanche as an "elderly window". HAH! that was golden!

Pamer said...

Drunk Blanche was a riot last night...and the stream of"not in my thesaurus" words was excellent.

There wasa poignant moment when Mike was asking if they are knew Mike Bladwin and if he was alright "Frankie's boy"...then Danny starts grasping at straws saying "not Frankie... my wife" Shows that they are both struggling...which plays out in the end as Danny breaks down to Jamie

Funny and heartbreaking all in one episode

Anonymous said...

Blanche made the show last night - I really get a kick out of her!

I also see where Tracy gets it.

Seems to skip a generation, doesn't it?

Michigander Fan

GoBetty said...

I have loved how they keep trying to (hilariously) hide Leanne's pregnancy - holding a teatowel in front of herself, holding chicken kievs, facial closeups... too funny.