Thursday, December 14, 2006

Update - December 13, 2006

Charlie and Tracey

Charlie is tidying up his flat (he slept on the couch), and Tracey comes out of the bedroom claiming she didn't sleep a wink last night. Yes, it's exhausting aborting your fictional fetus and buying new shoes. Charlie notes that she was sawing logs last night.

Tracey asks that he not tell anyone as she doesn't want people to have any more ammo against her. Charlie suggests that they could perhaps have a baby in the future but not just now. Tracey asks if this means he sees a future for this couple.

She adds that she misses Amy and wants her to come live with them.

Later at the yard, Charlie tells Jason about Tracey's termination. Jason thinks that's typical of Tracey, getting rid before Charlie's had a chance to think about it. Charlie does not correct him.

Tracey comes by and starts up with the plan for Amy to move in with them, adding some fake tears to the mix. She says if Charlie won't take Amy, then she'll carry on without him.

Later Tracey tells The Elder Barlows that they won't have to worry about Amy anymore as she's moving in with her and Charlie. Ken thinks they should discuss it first but Tracey says that's the end of it.

Later at Charlie's flat, Tracey shows up wondering when Charlie wants her to leave. He says he can't throw her out after she just had an abortion so he offers to bring Amy in on a temporary basis. Tracey says she's happy.

Mike and Leanne

At his flat, Mike shows up dressed sharp for work but Danny tells him it's his day off and that he'll take care of everything at the factory. He leaves Mike in the care of Leanne, whom Mike thinks is Maggie. Later Mike offers to buy Maggie a new wardrobe. Leanne quickly accepts the offer.

When they return, Leanne has an armload of shopping bags and Mike says he'll expect payment in kind. Yikes.

When Danny gets back, he quickly catches on to what's been going on. He says it's the same as robbing him as he doesn't know what he's doing. Somewhere, a pot calls a kettle black. He picks up Mike's wallet and asks how much he spent. Mike sees this and, forgetting all about today, calls Danny a thief and asks for his money back.

Danny tells Leanne if she tries something like that again, she'll be bouncing down the street on her "'arris."

Sarah and Jason

Sarah and Jason spend their morning walk to work rowing as Charlie swings by in the truck, telling Jason to get in, as he's late.

At the salon, Sarah is taking out her frustrations on Shelly's shampooed head. Audrey tells her to apologise but she skulks off. Shelley, meanwhile, is asking Audrey for the skinhead look as she's through with men.

Maria thinks sacking Sarah would be a good cost-cutting measure. Later Audrey tells Sarah to just call Jason. Otherwise, she's sacked.

Sarah meets Jason in the street and tells her she had to call him to save her job. Jason is all, "That's the lyingest lie that ever lied" and they're back to the arguing. Charlie pulls up in the truck.

"It's Groundhog Day," he announces.


Shelley has messed up the "rota," claiming Bev distracted her while she was doing it. As a result, every single employee of the Rover's is scheduled to work that night. They try to play it off as though they were giving the pub a good spring cleaning when Jason and Charlie come in. In move of solidarity with Violet, they all ignore their order. The men leave for the Weatherfield Arms when Danny comes in to be served right away. He asks if the staffing is a tribute to the British Leyland assembly line of the 1970's: one person takes the order, another pours the drink, another takes the money.

"It's a theme pub. I love it!" he adds.

Later, Kirk shows up and is confused by the massive staffing. Violet explains that they're giving the pub a good bosoming. "Bottoming," Betty corrects her. Pity. I like Violet's good bosoming. Sean shows up and doesn't get the hint when Shelley claims it's for spring cleaning.

Finally, she admits to Fred that she messed up the rota.

"THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" Fred says as his fiancé Bev takes him away before he says something he'll regret.

Later, Fred re-emerges with Bev and the decision that Bev will be doing the rota from now on.

Shelley protests that it's her job to do that.

"NOT ANYMORE," Fred replies.

Bev thinks she's doing Shelley a favour.

In other news

Vernon is back and is still relying on Liz to pay his cab fare, buy his drinks, and now, apparently, put him up. Apparently if you don't pay your rent for six months, the landlord can evict you. Looks like he'll be bunking with Steve and Liz for a while.

Deirdre is still stealing smokes off of Liz. Ken says he can't wait until smoking is banned in pubs. Fred reckons he'll have to get rid of the menu to keep the smokers.

"What about my hot pot?!" Betty retorts, curtly.


missusmac said...

Liked Leanne's retort to Danny about the new clothes -- "C'mon, it's not like I took his factory and his flat and his factory, is it?"

Who is Maggie? Before my time, I'm afraid.

Jacqueline said...

Maggie Redman was an old flame of Mike who ended up producing son number three, Mark Redman.

Mark was written out of the will a long time ago when he ended up stealing Mike's girlfriend.

missusmac said...

Aha! I remember Mark. He stole the lovely Linda, who did most of the running herself.

I did love Linda Sykes, who was Karen's best friend, and it was through Linda that Karen came to the street. Hard as nails, harder than Karen even.

Thank you Jacqueline.