Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Too Many Office Parties Update (for Tuesday Dec 19)

Okay, sorry, sorry, sorry... Office parties....too much food....too much booze

Winner of The Office Raffle for 'Why Did Moley Do That?' Is.....

'Because she's a crazy pyscho bitch.' Who had 'Because she's a crazy psycho bitch?' Come and collect your prize - a mounted holiday trout that sings Christmas carols.

So Charlie tries to 'collect' on all the coyish promises that Moley may (or may not) have made the night before even though she denies it. The two of the get a bit agressive with each other on the street about who said what and what she really wants until Steve spots them together.

Steve tries to do the 'hands of my girlfriend or I'll knock you mate' route, but one shove from Charlie proves that he may not be able to take on our Charlie and win. At this point Tracey comes out to the street to find out what happened and when Moley tells her that Charlie tried to get it on with her, Tracey takes Charlie's side that Moley came on to him.

Lots of remarks are exchanged and each woman grabs her man and goes back to her respective saucer of milk.

Behind close doors we find out that the women were posturing outside and that each man's got to hear some home 'truths'.

Tracey tells Charlie that he's full of shit and that she's not Shelly so he can't play her the same way. She adds that if he ever goes for another woman again, she'll kill him (or make him babysit).

Back at the Rovers, Steve declares that he's going to go around to Charlies and 'Break his bottom'*** and give him a good thrashing...while REALLY hoping that Moley will stop him before he actually walks out of the Rovers. Luckily she tells him to sit down and explains to him that she did come on to Charlie because she wanted to ruin their night and 'teach them a lesson'.

Psycho Killer
Qu'est que c'est?
Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far far better

I Saw Sean Kissing Chris Cringle

Sean tells Violet that Chris was not the man he seemed to be the night before. Sean apparantly brought his beer googles on top of his gaydar the night before.

Then I think later he decides that Chris is the man of his dreams...sorry, I was filling up on Grey Goose at that point.

Phil Your Boots With Cheer

The town is gossiping about Phil and Gayle and Blanche wisely observes that there was too much height difference between them anyway. Gayle overhears all this and is ...wait for it....upset.

She then goes to Audrey and cries about how she's a fool who just can't choose the right man and that she keeps bringing psycho killers into the family home.

Meanwhile, Sarah goes over to Eileen's to look for Jason. He's not home, but Eileen offers her a cuppa and Sarah tells Eileen the whole story about why Gayle and Phil broke up.

Sarah grumbles that the worse part is that SHE will have to pick up the pieces when her mom is upset. Eileen tells her not let Gayle lean on her too much, as Sarah is young and has her own life. Sarah is cheered by Eileen's advice and thanks her.


Don't let Gayle lean too much on Sarah? Who the HELL has been taking care of Sarah's little mistake aka Bethany for the last 14 years? I don't love the Gayle, but that last piece of advice is horseshit! I think Sarah most certainly owes her mom some sympathy and support.

More Blanch-ism

The family is STILL arguing about who should take care of Mike and Deidre decides to get invovled and offer her advice. Blanche suggests that it's not wise of Danny to leave Leanne with Mike because she's already 'bopped 2 Baldwins' and she might go for a 3rd.

Deidre decides to visit Mike and take him out for a bit to give Leanne a break. They spend the day on the town and end up back at the cafe where he asks if he knows her. She's a bit heart broken by this and runs to the washroom to compose herself.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand Mike wanders out of the cafe and straight over to the Battersby's house (which he used to own and had set up house with Bet Lynch). When Les opens the door, Mike comes in all a blaze demanding to know why they're in his house and to get out. Les is all confused and leaves Mike with Chesney while he rounds up Danny.

Danny, Jamie, Deidre, Les end up back the Battersby's where Chesney and Mike are happily playing a game of checkers. Deidre, who previously thought it was better that Mike stays with Danny, now says that it's probably better if he's with Frankie because if he does wander off, at least he'll be where people can keep an eye on him.

Blanche, who was far too creeped out by Mike's condition (as she fears getting alzeheimers (or as Glacia's mom used to call it 'Old Timers' disease) herself), waits for Deidre at the Rovers with two drinks. She announces to the bar that she bets Deidre is glad now that she picked Ken over Mike and everyone is correctly shocked.
***Quote the Britcom!


John said...

"I beat him at draughts!"

Anonymous said...


Yeah, I know - kinda pathetic that he was so excited about beating a (what?) 10-year old kid at checkers.

Alzheimers is scary stuff.

Michigander Fan