Monday, December 11, 2006

Thursday/Friday Update

It’ll Just Be More Scottish, And Therefore Better
Joshua’s 4th birthday is being fete’d at Chez Peacock and all of Weatherfield’s kiddies are there to celebrate. Ashley and Claire are still determined to leave after the party even though Fred thinks they’re mad.

Claire runs around town giving her maternity leave notice and saying how she’s going away for a few days – meanwhile hugging the stuffings out of all and sundry so much so that they think her hormones have gone completely off the map.

During the party everyone is having a good time until guess who shows up with Mrs. Guess who. No, not Burton Cummings, but the evil Dr. Matt who has come to give him a present. Joshua wants nothing to do with him and Fred gives him a tongue lashing especially when Matt talks about his responsibility to Joshua. Where was your sense of responsibility for the last 4 years, you git? Hmmm? Hmmm?

Friday’s episode was more of Fred (joined by Bev) encouraging the ginger couple to stay put. My favorite stupid line out of Ashley’s mouth was, ‘We’re going to Scotland where things are different.’ Claire asks if they are in Scotland will that prevent courts from taking Joshua. Ashley replys,

“I don’t know. It’ll just be different.’

I’m beginning to think that Ashley has not really thought out this cunning plan.

M & M
Maria,trying to come up with funds to buy the salon from Audrey, approaches Tyrone about the wedding fund that they had set up. She asks if she can have her contribution back and he agrees.

Later when he tells Molly, she starts ranting and raving about how all the money in that account is Tyrone’s because Maria spent her wages on nail polish and bonbons. Tyrone disagrees, but Molly says that she’ll take care of the situation for him.

Molly approaches Maria in the bar to tell her that she has her share of the money for her and tosses 50p at her. This does not sit well with Maria who later balls Tyrone out and tells him how unfair he’s being.

Tyrone tells Molly that it’s worth the money to be done with Maria and Molly reluctantly agrees. They approach Maria with a cheque which she gladly accepts and later offers to Audrey as a gesture in order to have first stab at buying the salon. Audrey is pleased to be selling up to Maria and gives her a big hug.

Do you think Molly has ANY girlfriends? Cause she’s coming across as one of those women who sees every woman as a threat. I’m finding her a bit of a bitch.

Speaking of Bitches – Part 1
Sarah is a freaking psycho bitch from hell. She’s determined to celebrate the 18th month anniversary of --- I guess her and Jason screwing --- and they go off to the Rovers to ‘celebrate’.

She makes sure that everytime Violet looks their way she is snoggy the much desired Jason. Violet thinks it’s idiotic – as does the rest of humanity. Later, Sarah goes to the little girls room and Violet talks to Jason about this and that. Sarah sees this and freaks out. In true Platt fashion she screams her head off in the middle of the Rovers, bursts into tears and goes running off, Jason following behind.

He has to sweet talk her through the letter slot of the door as she claims that he has humiliated her in front of everyone at the Rovers by talking to Violet.

Take that in folks, HE humiliated her in front of the punters.

Anyway, he gets her to open the door, they kiss and make up and Glacia feels nauseous.

Speaking of Bitches – Part 2
Charlie and Tracey are back from whereeverthehellitwastheywent. She’s brought back cheap souveniers for Amy and Blanche suggests that she should have brought back a shirt that said, ‘Remember me? I’m your mother.’ (comedy!)

Feeling a bit guilty about the reprimand she’s getting from the family, especially when Ken says she’s putting herself and Charlie Stubbs ahead of Amy – she proudly announces that she will have Amy back and Charlie’s place faster than you can say, ‘negligent parent’.

Her solution? She leaves an empty home pregnancy test box lying around for Mr. Stubbs to find. I’m guessing this is to warm Charlie’s heart at the thought of being a Papa knowing that if there’s one kid on the way, he’ll welcome back Steve’s offspring.

So she’s an idiot.

On a side note, Moley is back on the scene and is friendly to Tracey – kind of.

The Big Story
Mike is in really bad shape and Leanne (I have to say I might agree with her) suggests that he might need to go into a home where he can get better care. Danny disagrees (I’m sure out of guilt) and says that they will be able to handle Mike.

I don’t think so. Mike wakes up very angry demanding his car keys and wants to know why Danny and Leanne won’t go home. He’s more confused and I’m sure he’s going to get angrier and perhaps a bit violent…so I’m kind of on Leanne’s side on this issue.

Penny comes to visit and Danny and Leanne ask if she could watch Mike while they nip out for a bit of lunch together. Penny happily agrees and is eager to visit with Mike. When he sees her, he doesn’t recognize who she is and tells her she has to leave before Alma comes home. When she tells him Alma is dead, he ends up chucking her out and goes looking for his car keys.

He finds his keys along with pictures of him and Alma and then…oops him and Penny. He’s upset about the fact that he didn’t recognize someone he obviously knows and takes off in his car towards Coronation street.

Once on the street, he starts looking into the Rovers (and the cameramen do a very nice job of producing a very confused scene by jumbling up the focus and angle of the camera). He sees a woman come out of the pub that he thinks is Alma and she turns around he is hurt to find that she isn’t.

Ken comes to the rescue and takes him into his house for tea. Mike talks about Alma, asks if he knows who Penny , tells that he’s not allowed to sleep in his own bed because Danny and Leanne won’t let him. He then goes out to look at his car and comes back to tell Ken that someone is trying to steal it.

Ken calls Danny and Leanne to tell them that Mike is there and they come pick him up.

Next day, Mike is back at Weatherfield pounding on the door of the factory trying to get in and upset that the lock has been changed. Sean comes out of the house and gets Mike back into his place for some coffee.

Once inside, Mike asks, ‘Is this my mother’s place?’ and Sean explains where they are and asks Mike about his family.

He then calls Danny to tell him where Mike. Danny arrives and tells Mike who Leanne is, and Mike snaps at him that he knows who she is and accuses him of stealing his business. Mike calms him down by offering to show him the books, etc. and tells him they’re going him. Danny makes a dig at Sean asking him why he brought Mike back to his house.

Later, at the factory, the team approaches Danny about what is happening, concerned fro their jobs. Danny initially blows up at them, but later apologizes and reassures them that everything is okay as he has power of attorney so the business is safe as house. He also makes a point of apologizing to Sean and thanking him for taking care of Mike.


papasmurf said...

It seems like Johnny Briggs (Mike Baldwin) is having great fun and doing a great job portraying the whole Alzheimers situation.

Things are different in Scotland but not that different. Maybe Ashley got some brain damage in the old boxing days.

Debbie said...

So, did Mike's brother live in the house that the Grimshaws are now living in?

John said...

Mike's disorientation scene outside the Rover's offered a bit of a rarity for Corrie: sound effects were added to interpret Mike's mental state. They played old dialogue from older episodes to simulate his memories. The show rarely does that.

I think Ashley is getting confused about the laws in Scotland. Scotland allows teenagers to marry.

Child custody laws were aligned with England's after the "If I say the wee bairn is mine, the wee bairn is mine!" Act of 1675 was overturned with the Act of Union.

I loved Moley and Tracey's conversation. It was one of those exchanges that (and please don't take this as sexist) only woman can have. It sounds pleasant enough on the surface but it's actually a slanging match:

"Of course, it must be lucky for you that your whole family can step and take care of Amy whenever you need them. Helps you keep your freedom."


"Holy shit, it must be nice to dump your kid on her grandparents whenever you can't be bothered to be a mother."

Men will never get the hang of that.

Debbie said...

I am watching The Street now. I keep forgetting that Sarah just turned 19. It is storylines like this one that reminds me how young she is. Some teenagers behave like that.

John, that Scotland rant was so funny I cried.

Jacqueline said...


Mike grew up in London and as a far as I know none of his family have ever lived in Weatherfield.

He did live at No.5 (now the Battersby home) way back in the late 1860's.

missusmac said...

John, you're so right about the conversation between Moley and Tracey.

Very subtle digs there from Moley, along the lines of 'while you were gone, we took care of your kid a few times, which made Steve happy; and I might be looking to be a mom myself, which translates to don't think I would leave Steve if Steve got custody; and a very nice jab about how having Tracey's entire family step up must be sooo comforting, which translates to "I know you don't do a damn thing for your own kid."

As for Tracey's false pregnancy, who does she think she's dealing with here? Does she not know he is Satan, and eats babies for breakfast???

Tsk, Tsk, I thought her more clever than that!

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry, my internet BFF, but I must disagree with you about Sarah Lou. She is a whackjob. That fur coat she wears? The pelts of all the bunnies she has boiled in the past. Her behavior totally eclipses teenaged stupidity. Yes, her feeling the need to kiss Jason every time Violet looked their way was juvenile and very teen-angst-y, but the bizarre scenes she makes constantly are over and above.

Methinks Sarah Lou is going to end up needing some therapy. Soon.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Other thoughts about Thursday/Friday:

1. I cannot believe that TRACY is pulling a fake pregnancy. That is soooo little league, and she's an MLB slugger.
2. I cannot believe that Charlie hasn't had a vasectomy. When he said on Friday, you can't be pregnant, I thought he was going to come out with: because I've been snipped. Doesn't he seem like he wouldn't trust a woman to be honest with him, and would have taken care of it himself?
3. You know, I read somewhere that disfunctional families have scripts, but I never really saw it in action until the Ken, Deirdre, Tracy and Blanche Show. I mean, they could just record it and play it back and save their energy.
4. Since they have told everyone on the Street that they are leaving, it won't be too difficult for Dr. Matt to figure it out. Geez Louise, have these people never heard that when you go into hiding, you're not supposed to blast the info?!
5. Do they think Matt won't have the $$ to hire a PI to track them down in Scotland? I mean, if you are going to run away, do it properly...
6. I wonder if Clare realizes what an idiot Ashley is, or if she's every bit as clueless as he is.
7. Johnny Briggs is doing a great job, and the storyline feels pretty true, although of course accelerated (by necessity).
8. John, way to pick up on the digs that Moley was throwing out there! Of course, Tracy was too, but then, that's to be expected.

Michigander Fan