Monday, December 04, 2006

Single White Update

Single White Female
Becky is getting very weird ass on Kelly. She follows her around and is beginning to copy what Kelly does. Kelly goes to the Rovers, Becky goes to the Rovers. Kelly orders a lager, Kelly orders a lager.


Married White Guru
Roy seems to be the new guru on the mountain for all of Weatherfield's confused women. Fizz comes into the cafe all bummed out about how she never goes anywhere exciting and new.

Roy has a heart-to-heart with her and tells her that he wishes he had traveled more in his youth and that while he's in his 'mid-summer' season, she is in her 'spring' and that she should take advantage of that. (Cleverly, the producers have Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' playing in the background.)

'There are things to enjoy Fizz, you just have to find them.', he advises.

(Don't worry Fizzy, I see a exotic trip to Canada in your near future.)

Married White Couple
Dr. and Mrs. Matt are officially stalking the Peacocks. They wait in a van until they see Ashley out of the house and then Mrs. Matt knocks on the door to have a heart to heart with Claire.

She tells Claire how she's barren and how Joshua is Matt's only chance to have a son, yada yada yada. Claire tells her to shove off and that she's not doing anything without talking to Ashley first.

Undeterred, Dr. and Mrs. Matt wait until Claire is on the phone and just walk into the backyard where Joshua is playing to talk to him. As if this isn't creepy enough, when Claire comes out to the backyard to confront them, Matt picks up Joshua and for a bit won't give him back to Claire.

Time to call the police, me thinks. Any hope Matt had of getting access is now diminishing with this behavior.

And Mike....
The show opens with Mike looking out the condo window telling Alma how much she's going to love this neighbourhood. He then wanders down the docks, all the time talking to Alma and he seems confused when she isn't actually there.

Leanne and Danny notice that he's missing and find him at the docks, dressed in his suit jacket, tie, shirt ....and pj bottoms. (Glacia starts drinking heavily at this point.).

Danny has to go back to the factory and leaves Mike with 'The Queen Bitch of All Time' - oh, I mean Leanne. TQBAT, is hugely pissed that she has to babysit the man who's money she's lusting after and is even more so when he starts asking her who she is.

She explains that she's Danny's girlfriend and that she's living with him in Mike's flat but Mike keeps responding with one question, 'What's the connection?'

Audrey comes over to visit and Mike seems to recognize her. He allows her to do his hair and chats a bit, but Audrey can see how much he's deteriorated. She's very upset and gives him all her support.

Ken and Deidre come to visit and Mike hasn't a clue who they are. He tells Leanne to show the strangers off because he has some very important work to do. Deidre is devastated.


Debbie said...

I was shocked at Matt Ramsden's behaviour. What a psycho! It made me so angry.

I loved that conversation between Roy and Fizz Bomb. He really is a lovely man. On Sunday, while nursing a double hangover (and despairing that my capoeira instructor kind of ignored me at the party on Saturday night)* I watched some classic Street, and I saw what I think may be Roy's first show. He was WAY weirder.

OK, I can't believe I am going to do this. But, I am gonna defend bitch face, I mean Leanne. When she and Danny got together he advertised a very easy life for her. Although, it is clear he doesn't love her and may not even like her. He used his green and willingness to send her shopping to attract her and I don't think looking after an Althzimers patient was part of the deal. Also, it is especially frustrating because Danny has done very little with Mike and seems to expect Leanne just to deal with it. I'd be angry too. That said, she is a right cow!

* I have decided that he must have ignored me because either I looked so hot he didn't recognize me or I looked so hot, he was actually afraid to talk to me. Either way, I come out of this thing looking well fit!

Anonymous said...

I, too, was shocked and infuriated at the Ramsdens. Now, I will say that Mrs. Matt annoyed me from the gitgo. I didn't like her the first time she opened her gob at that little lunch confab. I thought at the time that I was being prejudiced because she looks to me like a cross between Tracy and Moley (really look at her - do you see it too, or am I crazy?) but the behavior on Thursday's episode was beyond the pale.

I'm not sure, but I think that him declaring loudly in front of Joshua that he's Joshua's real dad may be "agin th' law." Seems to me there have been custody cases where that issue has come up.

MIchigander Fan

Jacqueline said...


He was afraid of your Guatemalan-ness, your natural heat.

(Favorite Glacia movie quote.)

Anonymous said...


I kind of agree with you about Leanne. I mean, I still don't like her; she's absolutely a witch with a capital b, but at the same time, she and Danny don't seem to have a very committed relationship. I wouldn't trust her to keep a houseplant safe, so why is Danny trusting her with his dad? She has done nothing to give him reason to think that she won't lock Mike in a closet so she can go shopping. On the other hand, what's he supposed to do with Mike while he works all day? Oh what a tangled web and all that. He can't impose on Frankie, and he cannot let Jamie or Penny have too much access, because he might lose his svengali-hood...

You know, when Deirdre and Ken couldn't make Mike recognize them, I kept hoping she'd say, "You know, we had a big affair. You made a cuckold out of Ken - Cuckold Ken - you remember!?!?"

Also, Debbie - I am certain that your instructor was devastated by your radiant beauty, and decided he needed to take his time and approach you in just the right circumstances!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing. I have a small bet I'd like to place, if anyone wants to take me up on it. I will bet a shiny Sacajawea against a shiny Looney that Ashley yells at or otherwise blames Clurr for the debacle that happened at the end of Thursday's episode. I specifically think that he will say that she should have called him when Mrs. Matt showed up at her door, but that's not the bet.

The bet is that Ashley is going to act like a big baby and blame his slightly dull but sweet and long-suffering wife for the "incident."

Any takers?

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was me with the bet.

***note - a Sacajawea is a dollar coin, which you can exchange for a real dollar at the bank. (I love The Simpsons - there's a quote for EVERYTHING!!!)

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

He's totally afraid of my heat. Hell, I'm afraid of my heat!

"she looks to me like a cross between Tracy and Moley " HAHA! She totally does.

Anonymous said...


You saw it too? OK, good. That cannot bode well for her personality.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Wow. Where IS everybody today?

Hung over from the big Stephane Dion victory party?

Wow. They're both named Stephen - it's kind of creepy. Which one is the evil twin? (I guess it depends on your politics...)

And, does Jack Layton feel excluded?

We already know Gilles Duceppe has already excluded everyone else, so...

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

Now, while I do live in Montreal I was not at the convention. However, I am hungover. Read my blog and find out why (shameless blog plug)