Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Only 17 shopping minutes left until Christmas - Part 1

Okay, so the Christmas season is almost on top of us and I'm sure we're all rushing around to get our shopping done.

So here's the question.

What are you getting your favorite Corrie Character this year?

I've giving Charlie a new mobile with 1-800-glacia programmed on speed dial.


The Big Seester said...

I think I'd like to buy Danny a Jiminy Cricket talking doll, that says, "Let your conscience be your guide" overandoverandover.

Either that or a bottle of hooch for Rita. I'll bet she's fun to get schnockered with.

I'd give Fizz my phone # - she seems like she is soooo much fun to hang out with.

Michigander Fan

The Big Seester said...

How about some therapy for David Platt?

And a razor for Dr. Phil.

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

I'd suggest the following:

Luxury shampoo and sundry hair products and accessories for Fizz Bomb

A gift certificate to a salon for Adam Barlow so they could sort out his mop. That guy is hot behind his hair.

For Sally Webster, I'd get her a life so she can stop trying to control Rosie's. I'd also get her a picture of Sophie, so Sally can remember who she is.

For Gail Platt, I'd get her an Oz inspired gift: a brain. She is either the thickest woman on the street, of the thickest woman in Weatherfield, in Manchester, in England, in the UK, in the whole commonwealth or the whole world.

For Nathan, I'd get him a storyline.

for Ashely, anger management classes.

For Eileen, a nice bloke!

For Liz, a mirror - you gotta be creul to be kind.

papasmurf said...

Why is Santa working out?

Heather said...

How about:

- a backbone for Kevin Webster
- a soul for Tracy Barlow
- a sock for Danny Baldwin (as "put a sock on it")
- a life for Norris Cole
- a clue for Kirkeh
- an appreciation for the finer things in life for Cilla Battersby-Brown
- a come-uppance for Charlie Stubbs (who thought up that last name?)
- jars by their doors for all the lonely women on the Street (too numerous to recount here)

missusmac said...

I'd buy Fred a gym membership, a gym membeship I say, and Vera a new pair of earrings to replace those day-glo orange ones.

Kevin gets a new jacket. That blue one is older than Blanche!

And I'd buy Craig some eyeliner.

Is there a family discount for brains? Sarah Platt could use one too...

Anonymous said...

For everyone on the street:
A visit from Colin and Justin. The weird wallpaper everyone has is wrong, just wrong.

howdi said...

Re the wallpaper: The Battersby wallpaper looks like a slop pail was sloshed onto the walls and then air dried.

I am now watching Corrie on a 50" Plasma High Definition. The hideous wallpaper in every scene and Norris's nasal hair are so distracting, I have to watch it twice to catch the storylines.