Friday, December 15, 2006

Lather, Rinse, Repeat Update for Dec 14.

Well, it seems that the writers have decided to go back to the dreaded ‘Weatherfield 90210’ format and bore us into submission. I was not pleased with last night’s episode mainly because I see it as the start of another long drawn out teen angst – oh wait, angst would be at least INTERESTING – teen love story.

Note to the writers, to write months of script where all Jason and Sarah do is break up and get back together again is cheap and lazy and not worthy of the Coronation Street we’ve come to know and love.

Stella! Stella!
Jason, after having little success in getting Violet to talk to him, decides to put all his energies into getting Sarah to talk to him…. he begs, she acts miffed but even more miffed if he ignores her, text messaging, blah, blah, blah bloody blah…..

After standing outside her front door, Jason decides the best course of action is to break the back door window and just walk into the house. Oh, there’s dating material for you! David, very understandably is bothered by this and tells Jason that if he harms a hair on Sarah that he’ll kill him. (Sarah responds, ‘Oh David, that’s sweet.’ )

So blah, blah, blah Jason asks Sarah to marry him and she says yes. She immediately wants to go to the pub in order to bother Violet with the news, but when she discovers that Violet isnt’ at the Rovers, she decides that they should get a ring and tell their moms.

Gayle moans and groans when told this news so Sarah and Jason decide to tell someone who will be happy for them, like, um, oh, I don’t know, Eileen.

Eileen slaps Jason across the face when he tells her the news:

Jason: ‘Ow, mom, what’d you…’

Eileen: SLAP

Jason: ‘I thought you’d be…’

Eileen: SLAP

Jason: ‘Would you just listen for…’

Eileen: SLAP

Jason: ‘Can’t you be hap….’

Eileen: SLAP

Glacia sloshes her Mojito , leans forward towards the telly and screams, ‘You GO girl! And slap that little slapper for me too while you’re in a slapping mood!’

‘Les Enfants Godawful’ go back to the pub where, thank GOD, Violet is there! Sarah tells everyone in the place to be quiet while Jason makes the announcement. Cheers all around and Sarah makes a point of inviting Violet for a drink to celebrate. V initially takes up the offer and realizing that she could be out on the town with Jamie instead, passes on the offer.

Third Wheel from the Sean
Sean is all set to go out with Violet and Jamie when it dawns on him that they might want time alone. He excuses himself from the outing, but Jamie goes up to him and says that he wants him to join and he’d like it if they could be mates.

I’m beginning to really like Jamie.

Happy Smother’s Day
Audrey comes over to the Platt’s for brunch in a horrid mood. When Gayle confronts her about it, she shows the ‘Happy Mother’s Day to Best God Darn Mother-in-Law until Gayle Ruined Our Happy Family’ Hallmark card (Shoebox collection) that she received in the post.

Audrey wants the police to be called, but Gayle insists that they ignore it. Audrey is really starting to suspect Dr. Phil, but Gayle stands by her man.

Did anyone else notice how chummy Phil and David were in this episode and how good and kind and gentle David’s being all around? What happened?

What Will Happen When Uncle Fred Becomes My New Daddy?
Shelly is concerned about the responsibilities that Fred is handing over to Bev (i.e. scheduling) and asks him out right what is going to happen to her own position when they get married.

Fred says that when they are married, Bev will become the landlady, he wouldn’t have it any other way, I say, he wouldn’t have it any other way. However, Shelly’s position will remain untouched and that he hopes that she will become part of his family as much as he’s becoming part of hers.



The Big Seester said...


I was also cheering as Eileen slapped Jason's face. I like Eileen anyway, but that was AWESOME!

Jason - what an idiot! What a pair of idiots! And, BTW, fellas, when a girl says "I always get my way," RUN. RUN FAR AND RUN FAST. It will not end well for you.

Actually, last night was almost entirely a GRRRING episode for me, between that and Gayle Platt. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't think Dr. Phil is the Richard wannabe (I think's it's David) but, you know, when your mother, WHO WAS RIGHT LAST TIME, is getting worried, perhaps you ought to listen to her and go to the Po-lice, hmmmmmm?

And Bev ought to watch it. There's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip, Bevvie! (In other words, you're not married yet!)

Plus Liz seems to be clueless that Vernon seems to be a leech.

OTOH, Jamie is turning out to be fairly sweet, isn't he?

Michigander Fan

Rob Swizzle said...

Verson a leech? As the old joke goes:

q: What do you call a musician without a girlfriend?
a: Homeless!

missusmac said...

Weatherfield 90210...hahahahahahaha!

The traditional North American soap usually revs up a teen queen drama in the spring, to get ready for blockbuster summer plot and viewing from teens home on school vacation.

Maybe that's what Corrie is/was doing? Going after the home from school for the summer set? After all, it's May there now, isn't it?

Um, on a related topic, just how smart would a spawn of Sarah and Jason be? Good looking, yes. Smart, nooooooo.

missusmac said...

I meant it's May on the show, not May in December in England -- just in case anyone thought I was spawn of Sarah...:)