Sunday, December 17, 2006

Friday's Update: The Big Whine

“You seen my T-shirt?” asks Charlie (topless shot just for Glacia).
“Washed and ironed,” replies the housewife of the year, who is feeding Amy.
“Does she always wear her breakfast?” asks Charlie, “Uncle” of the year. He does concede to blow Amy a kiss on his way out. Creepy or sweet?

“It’s one of the happiest days of my life and nobody cares,” Bride-to-be Sarah wines to her Gran. Why isn’t anyone happy for her?! Sarah is determined to be happy for herself and not let anyone ruin it for her. Audrey melts and wraps her in a congratulatory hug.

“Come on, mam!” Jason whines to Eileen. (I pause here to remember the best scene EVER from the last episode where Eileen smacked Jason. Repeatedly. Aw, thanks, Corrie! We sure needed that. I think they should have bonus scenes on the DVD where everyone lines up in front of Eileen for their smack. Especially Gail, Norris and David.).
“I told ya, I wash my hands of it!” Eileen wants nothing to do with this engagement mess. Jase won’t change his mind.
“I just don’t want you to hate us, that’s all.”
“Don’t be daft! Look, you may drive me around the bend, but you’re still me son.”
“So it’s all sorted.”
“But you do love us?”
“Thanks, mam!” Jase grins

Jamie arrives at the apartment. Mike asks where they’re going. Danny tries to lie, but Jamie makes him admit they’re going to check out rest homes. “Can I come?” Mike asks, saying he doesn’t want to stay behind “wi’ er,” pointing at Leanne.
“Oh, charming,” Leanne replies.
Mike says they’ll make it like old times. Leanne grabs her coat and is off to the shops.

At the salon, Sarah is talking about her ring. Audrey says she hasn’t taken hers off since Alf gave it to her.
“I’m never going to take mine off. You’re going to have to bury me in it,” says Sarah.
“Oh, is that an invitation?” Maria asks.
Audrey steps in before the fight stars. “Today’s a happy day, remember.” Then she gazes out the window and sees Phil drive by. She looks worried.

Audrey and Gail walk together and Gail says she’s got bigger things to worry about than Sarah and Jason. Audrey says not to worry about the card. Besides, they know who sent it.
“It’s not Phil!” Gail says, exasperated.
And speak of the devil, Phil appears. Audrey coldly excuses herself. As Gail gives him money to do the shopping, Phil tries to get the truth about how Audrey feels about him, but Gail says it’s nothing, just the Jason-Sarah thing.

The Baldwin boys pull up in front of a gingerbread castle / retirement home.
“So this is it, is it?” Mike asks.
“Yup, this is is,” Danny replies.
“Well cheer up, lads, it might never ‘appen,” Mike says. Danny and Jamie look at each other.

Next, it’s the same scene where Tracy tells Ken and Dierdre again how great a father Charlie’s making and they’re shooting looks at each other and rolling their eyes and Tacy whines for them to be happy for her and Ken says, “we’re happy if you are.” And then Tracy asks them to baby-sit. The twist is that she wants them to do it at Charlie’s. They look horrified, but of course they agree.

Then Tracy pulls the “let’s go see Daddy” bit by dragging Amy to the yard. Tracy congratulates Jason on his news and says “hey, we could have a double wedding!”
“Come again?” Charlie says coldly.
“I’m joking.”
Charlie says he really doesn’t have time for her little visit. He has too much to do, not to mention “two more mouths to feed.”
Tracy pounces, “so that’s all we are to you. You know, it could have been three mouths to feed, not that you’re bothered.” Charlie backs off. I mean, Tracy is so good! It ends in a kiss and plans for a night out.

Boy George shows the Baldwin boys around the rest home, reassuring them that they have tons of staff and top of the line care.
“He ain’t that ill,” Jamie says uncomfortably.
“He’s having a good day,” Danny warns.
“Hey! They have a snooker table!” Mike returns. He loves the Jacuzzi, too. He thinks they should look into a family membership.

Later, as Mike talks flowers with an older lady, Danny and Jamie discuss the situation. Danny is impressed with the facility, but Jamie feels bad that Mike has no clue where he is or why.
“Ignorance is bliss, eh?” Danny says.

Kelly is texting Sean, “where are you?”, when she accidentally walks into Norris, who flips because that’s what Norris does. He says her high heels should carry a health warning. Becky appears and tells her she should have thumped him one, even if he is an OAP. “You don’t let people bully you, Kelly. I don’t care how old they are.”

“I was just dropping off some shopping for your mom,” Phil nervously tells David at the door to the house. Phil needles David for the truth about Audrey. David folds and tells him about the card. “Don’t say I told you, right?”
“Of course,” Phil says.

At the rest home, Mike shares his newfound knowledge about plant with the boys. He says he learned it from that lady, that she can remember every plant in the garden.
“And?” Danny asks, unimpressed.
“Well, you know the geezer wi’ er, that’s her boy! And she can’t remember his name!” Mike exclaims. Danny and Jamie exchange looks again.
“So, this is where you want to put me, is it?” Mike asks.
“No one is going to make you do anything you don’t want to,” Jamie replies.
“You’re dead right they’re not,” Mike says. “Tell you what, though, wherever I end up, if I get like her, I never wanna see you again. That goes for you two,” he says to the two of them. “Will you promise me that?”
“I’m sorry, Granddad, I can’t do that,” Jamie says, tearing up. “I’m gonna go wait in the car.
“Remember what I said, son,” Mike says to Danny. Danny nods.

While Mike snoozes in the back seat, Jamie and Danny argue in the front. Danny says the home was Jamie’s idea and besides, it’s the best thing for him. Jamie replies that he was wrong and they should try to work his care out between them.
“You got absolutely no idea the sort of responsibility you’re talking about,” Danny says.
“Well, anyfing’s better than you and Leanne!” Jamie counters. He says Mike’s not safe with them. “Besides, it’s not your problem.”
Danny tells him he’s wrong, that Mike’s his ol’ man. Jamie asks him what he wants to do and Danny says they’ll sort it out. As a family.

At the pub, Eileen tells Violet that Sean didn’t come home last night. Violet tells Eileen not to worry, he’s a big boy. Eileen asks if she’s heard and Violet nods and says that Sarah’s welcome to have Jason.
“You don’t seem to be taking it too badly,” Violet says.
“It’s called shock, love,” Eileen replies, then, “It’s not going to happen!”
“He proposed to her, didn’t he?”
“He’d propose to a rock if it looked at him right,” Eileen says, then realizes. “Oh sorry, love.”
“Forget it.”
“I wish it were you. I really do.”

Then what follows really is really Ronnie’s scene. She’s having a drink with her puppy dog, I mean Steve, when Charlie and Tracy enter the pub. Tracy and Steve start having words about “where’s Amy” and “Steve, you seriously need to get a life” and “ditched her already” and blah-blah-blah.

When Charlie delivers Ronnie’s drink, he leans into Steve and slaps him on the shoulder, “don’t worry mate, (Amy’s) not going to be calling me daddy anytime soon.”
“You’re not going to drink that, are you?” Steve accuses Ronnie.
“No, I’m going to wear it as a hat.”
“I don’t want you taking anything from her, all right?” Steve whines.
Ronnie, fed up, calls him just as predictable as Tracy said. “She knows exactly what buttons to push to get you going. I can’t do this anymore,” she gets up and joins Tracy and Charlie.
“What the ‘ell do you think you’re doing?” Steve follows her.

And here comes the best speech I’ve heard in awhile;
“We are going to have a quiet drink with Tracy and Charlie. Sit down. SIT DOWN, NOW. I mean it, Steve.” He does. “Now, we are going to try and behave like adults. The way I see it, we are committed to each other and so are you two. We have at least three things in common. There’s Amy, your emotional punch bag of a daughter. Their disastrous and failed relationship,” she says, referring to Steve and Tracy.
“And the third thing?” Chalie asks, smirking.
“You and me, Charlie. The poor, innocent victims of an accident that is Tracy and Steve. Now, I don’t know about you but I’m getting really bored of it.”
“I’ll drink to that,” Charlie replies.
Tracy is clearly not amused.

Phil arrives for supper, saying he got held up. He congratulates Sarah. “At least Gran likes my ring,” Sarah mutters.
“Not now, please,” Gail says.
“How is your gran?” Phil jumps in. It comes out that David told Phil about the card and that the reason Gail didn’t tell him is because Phil is a suspect. “Can we just forget this? Please?” Gail squeaks.
“You think I sent the card?” Phil asks. Gail leaves the table. “Gail?”

The end.


missusmac said...

Why is Phil so nervous talking to David? Did I miss something in that awkward, angry triangle where David now has the upper hand?

And where is Sean? Last I saw, he was leaving with Jamie and Violet for a night on the town.

I'm afraid my watching has been spotty lately, but I didn't think I missed anything big.

papasmurf said...

I am oh so curious as to who is ghost writing for Richard Hillman.

So to speak.

Phil is too obvious but who else could it be?

Working From Home Today said...

My guess is it's leaning towards Phil. I always thought it was going to be David. Wishful thinking, maybe.

Anonymous said...

lol, I've always thought it was Phil and just a part of his creepy "theis" that he is writing about the Plats.

Although if it does turn out to be him, then we will be forced to watch Gayle go through a whole, "Why can't I find a good guy that won't hurt me" and I don't know if I can stomach any more Gayle then we already see!

Also, does anyone else get the gag reflex when they see Sarah scenes???

Working From Home Today said...

Yes! re Sarah. Can't stand her scenes.