Saturday, December 30, 2006

Friday Update: How To Grieve

Leanne bitches that Jamie had no right to blow up the way he did. Danny jumps to Jamie’s defense, saying that everyone has their own way of grieving.

Dierdre’s way is to look at old pictures and bawl her eyes out. Ken's way is to take cover at the Rover's and the Kabin.

Jamie’s way is to hang with Adam at the Rovers, drinking pints and sharing guilt. Adam feels he should have come home sooner, should have been there for his dad. Jamie reassures Adam that Mike loved him deeply.

Danny’s way is to be mean to the factory girls. When Sally and Fiz suggest a minute of silence to remember Mike, Danny snaps that a minute of productivity would be more appropriate.

Later at the Rovers, he tells Bev that the hospital thinks Mike died of a heart attack caused by the pneumonia and that in a way, the quick death was a blessing. Jamie and Adam don’t agree.

Leanne’s way of grieving is to ransack all of Mike’s belongings looking for… well, whatever she can get her hands on. About all she finds are a nice pen and a whole lot of paperwork. And then, tucked into an atlas is Mike’s will, the real will. It’s in Spanish at first but Leanne manages to decipher the second page. Everything has been left to Adam.

And life goes on:

Molly wants to get it on with Tyrone, but Tyrone is as skittish as a deer facing a pair of rubenesque headlights. He throws lame excuses at her as he runs out the door.

Molly assumes the problem is that Maria was slim and beautiful. Vera points out that Tyrone dumped Maria and assures Molly that he’s just being a gentleman. Sweet thought, but Molly doesn’t look convinced.

Vera orders Jack to have a word with Tyrone. Surprisingly, Jack agrees. He says it’s probably not about Maria, because if you put a steak before a man one day and a sausage before him the next, he’ll still tuck into the sausage. Jack’s had both, afterall. Vera asks which one she would be. “Prime Scottish fillet,” he replies. Good answer, Jack.

Norris’ way of keeping Rita out of his business is to imply she’s too dumb to understand computers. He wants her to leave him alone to email, er, ‘suppliers’.

Rita is, of course, not stupid and she bullies Ken into helping her find out what Norris is up to. Despite Ken's protestations, Rita finds link to an online dating site, to which Norris has added a rather embellished write up of himself. Things like tolerant, owns his own store, has two employees, and so on. Rita prepares to set a trap....

Liz breaks it to Vernon that while she appreciates the grand gesture and definitely wants to live with him, it wasn’t exactly the flat she would have chosen. At the Rovers, Bev wants to have a talk. But Liz assures Bev she’s going into this with her eyes open.

Janice is back and she has new hair. Toyah apparently has a new job and a new man, which is more than Janice can say for herself (her words, not mine).

Jo practically throws the purse back at Kelly, calling Becky ‘a right nutter’. Kelly is understandably concerned.


Pamer said...

All they have to say to appease Molly is that Ty went out with Fizz and almost stole her from Kirky once...right?

Molly is pretty cute, plus she is a real goer...her dad has money too.

missusmac said...

I have to say my 'feeling sorry for Leanne because she worked hard taking care of Mike' moment has long gone.

Could she wait 30 seconds before she starts packing stuff up. And ewww, Janice wearing Dead Mike's bathrobe before he's even cold...

NOT Leanne's place to do any of this. There's gonna be a great gunfight at the Underworld Corral.

Hey, maybe Adam could get the name of Janice's new hairstylist, or even Jamie's new hairstlist. Is that really a nice hairstyle, or am I just getting really old? Old enough to date Norris...

Jacqueline said...

Mr. Glacia has assured me that I too am 'Prime Scottish Fillet'. And I was only holding knitting needles.

The Big Seester said...


1. AMEN to being off Leanne.
2. AMEN to the Ewwww factor.
3. AMEN to Adam's "Do" - I don't get it either, but it does seem to be a trend lately.

You cannot be old enough to date Norris! And even if you are in your 60s, you cannot be grouchy enough to date Norris!

Was anyone else amused that Leanne was able to master Spanish legalese at a glance? It can be tricky to read legal documents in your native language!

Michigander Fan