Sunday, December 24, 2006

Friday Update: Adopt a Son Edition

The Bad Son Wants Him To Shave

Mike gives his soft boiled egg the evil eye while Leanne crawls around on all fours looking for the pill he knocked out of her hand. Mike’s mad that they’ve taken his business and now they’re making him go to a home. Leanne is simply at the end of her rope. Danny understands, and says he’ll see how soon the home can take him.

Later, Leanne tries to convince Mike to shave. He’s having none of it and he wants her to get all of her stuff out of the bathroom. She gets the electric razor and tells Mike that Danny wants him to have a shave. Mike flips, violently grabbing her by the collar of her dressing gown, saying Danny’s no son of his. He has a nice son. Leanne, clearly shaken, tells him to go find that so called nice son and even unlocks the door for Mike, pushing him out into the street. A few deep breaths later, she opens the door and luckily Mike’s still there. He doesn’t remember where his nice son lives. She tells him he doesn’t have to shave if he doesn’t want to and to come back in.

She goes off to have a shower and Mike searches through drawers. Then he finds what he’s looking for: a father’s day card. By the time Leanne gets out of the shower, the front door is open and Mike is gone.

At the Kabin, everyone’s talking about how awful Norris’ party was. He says it was more of a ‘soiree’ in explanation of why everyone left so early. He and Rita bicker while Eileen waits patiently for her change.

The Boy Who Wanted A Father

Cilla isn’t too keen on calling the social worker. It’s only recently the social worker has finally stopped coming around, which means things are good and why wake the tiger? Less still thinks it’s a good idea. He'd like to have Chesney as a son. Cilla is genuinely surprised that someone would want the kid if she weren’t around. She agrees they can wake the tiger, “but don’t blame me if it all goes pear-shaped.” Les worries that his criminal record might ruin everything.

Later, they frantically clean the house dressed in their conservative best (Cilla owns a suit!). Suddenly, a knock on the door. It’s the social worker, early, which Cilla says they always do to catch you unawares. The social worker makes herself at home and tells them all to relax, not to try so hard. This is just a preliminary visit.

My Mom May Be Carrying His Drum Kit, But He'll Never Be My Father

Tensions at Steve’s flat. He stirs his coffee with Vernon’s drumstick (eww) and then uses the snare kit as a coffee table. It’s his way of protesting that the dishes haven’t been done. Vernon’s late for a gig, but sure, he can stop to do the dishes. He loads Liz up with gear, sticks the keys between her teeth, and all but slaps her ass to send her off to load the van. Vernon has a bad back, after all, from the time that someone “bent a mic stand over it.” Liz orders him to load the van, the dishes can wait. Thank God, I thought she was going to cave for sure.

At the hall, Liz finds out that Vernon and the boys are auditioning for a female singer. Vernon says her opinion would be valuable. She wonders if it wouldn’t be too 'Yoko Ono'.

At the Rovers, Blanche has further words with Shelley over who is giving the free drink and who is accepting it. In other words, who is apologizing to whom. Bev steps in to smooth it over by blowing smoke up Blanche’s arse. Blanche still maintains the two drinks are for her and a friend and sure enough Rita shows up, admitting she was pretty much forced to come so that Blanche could make her point. Shelley looks irritated at Bev’s overruling.

My Long Lost Son

Mike has found his way to the railway station where he meets a salesman and tries to hook him up with a shipment of black satin knickers and bras. “I’m Mike Baldwin, everyone’s heard of me,” he repeats. The salesman, waiting for the train to Doncaster, clearly hasn’t heard of Mike Baldwin and is understandably confused by this disheveled looking man trying to sell him knickers.

Back on the street, Danny, Leanne and Jaime are freaking out, trying to find Mike. Jaime even calls Adam to warn him (nice hair, Adam!). Danny and Leanne don’t think Mike actually meant he was going to go find Adam, but Jaime heads for the railway station anyway. Too late, Mike has already gotten on the train, aided by his newfound friend.

In the next scene, Mike is wandering around in the pouring rain, presumably somewhere in the Doncaster area. He checks the father’s day card, though the address is smeared by the wet. Drenched himself, he hesitantly approaches a door. He rings the bell. A man answers it. “Dad! What are you doing here?”

Huh? Run to your computers! Mark Baldwin appears to the other son Susan Barlow had with Mike, brother to Adam. In 2000, Mark was set to be the new King of Underworld but he slept with his dad’s fiancĂ©e, Linda Sykes. It all came out at the wedding bash and Mark was banished from the empire. My fellow Corrie Canuck’ers, set me right if I’ve missed anything.


Anonymous said...

I do believe Mark is the son Mike had with Maggie. (she ran a florist shop way back in the day)

Merry Xmas!

S. Poole

missusmac said...

That's him. Nice surprise twist. I expected Adam.

What I love about Corrie is that the same actors come back to play their characters, even for brief stints.

Anonymous said...

Aha - I actually knew who he was - I was sooo excited. Wonder if Lynda will be there too.

Anyone else notice the wicked cool egg holder? I want one...

Also, I recognized authentic cockney slang - Danny told Mike to "Swallow the whole Jack and Jill." It's a rhyming thing they do - I read a series set in WW2 London, and there was a Cockney family and the dad was always doing it.

I was pretty darn proud of myself!

Merry Christmas, All!

Michigander Fan