Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Double Update - Wednesday December 27, 2006

As I'm on holiday, I've taken Flamin' Nora up her offer to borrow the original updates. These are from the double episode that will air on CBC Wednesday, December 27. Enjoy the rest of your holidays.

I haven't actually seen these episodes as they're waiting for me on my PVR when I get home.

It looks like things are coming to a finale, sadly. On with the update:

originally written by Duncan Lindsay

We return exactly where we left off, Mike has turned up on Mark's doorstep in the soaking rain. He tells his son that he has lost everything to Danny and pulls a shocked Mark into a hug.

At the auditions, Liz and Vernon are particularly unimpressed by a contender (for a good reason) and Vernon unreasonably pulls a Simon Cowell on her. Liz is slightly more pleasant to her, but that doesn't stop her sharing an amused moment with Vernon afterwards!

Mike is evidently confused as to who he is speaking to and pretty soon Mark has realised that Mike believes he is Adam. Mark also asks who Danny is and Mike erratically claims that Danny is trying to poison him. Mark is reluctant to believe this accusation but Mike changes the subject and asks if he can stay at Mark's place. Mark is left with not much choice as Mike tearfully tells him that he has nowhere else to go

The Battersby Browns are on their best behaviour and have dusted off their best suits for the social worker's visit. The social worker asks Chesney how he feels about being adopted by Les and his enthusiastic reply heartens her.

Mark is still trying to get Mike to remember him. Mike is unable to recognise Maggie's name and Mark shrugs, wondering how he can make things up with Mike if he doesn't even remember what he did.

Les and Cilla put on a cheesy performance for the social worker. As Cilla discusses the lodger business man (this person being Kirk), she mentions he won't be around forever. Embracing Chesney, Les purrs that he will though

Mike is still discussing the betrayal of his two sons and angrily tells Mark that Adam stole his woman. Mark asks him if he is sure this was Adam. As soon as Linda's name is mentioned, Mike's eyes widen in recognition and he remembers who Mark is. Furious, Mike orders Mark out of his own home. Mark gets onto the phone to the Rovers and Violet tells him that she will get in touch with Jamie

Back at the land of Battersby, the social worker asks if Les has a criminal record. After 'ducking and diving' around the subject, he eventually lies to her, saying that he has none that he can recollect.

Mark goes through to check on Mike only to find that he has disappeared. He runs out of the house into the pouring rain but his dad is nowhere to be seen.

Jamie, meanwhile, is preparing to set off after him. Frankie joins him, reminding him that he will need someone to occupy Mike while he is driving.

Mike, armed with a bottle of Scotch, wanders through the pouring rain, aimlessly.

Liz jokingly suggests that she takes the stage herself if nobody is any good. Vernon latches on to this idea and tells her that they will do just that if things don't shape up.

Danny is informed of the Mike situation and is a bit miffed that he wasn't told earlier. He tells Frankie to keep him informed.

Jamie and Frankie arrive on Mark's doorstep and Jamie demands to know why he isn't searching for Mike. Mark replies that he was waiting for them. Frankie and Jamie set off and mark is left to contemplate the surreal, and possibly final, meeting he just had with his father.

Muttering to himself and soaked to the bone, a tanked Mike wanders through the park, asking himself why he has been betrayed and left all on his own. Outside the park, Jamie gets out to search and Frankie will continue to drive around looking for him.

Liz has taken to the stage and pulls off a fairly decent song. Vernon congratulates her and she looks set to be the final choice, until a young woman enters, asking if she is too late. Vernon allows her to audition and she turns out to be even better than Liz. Vernon has noticed this as well, and looks rather impressed.

Jamie finds Mike laid out on a bench, swigging back Scotch and sobbing to himself. He asks Jamie to open a tub of pills for him. Jamie hands him a pill, which he takes and spills the rest onto the ground while he isn't looking. Jamie, still unrecognized, urges Mike to fight...but it's clear that this disoriented version of Mike just wants it all to end. Mike continues to rant about how he feels betrayed by all of his sons. Jamie assures him that there are still people who care but mike brushes this off and asks for more tablets. Jamie tells him they've all gone and Mike leans against him saying that that means he will be gone soon.

Les is unnerved when the social worker tells him she will need to run a few background checks on him. As she leaves, Les and Cilla wonder if lying was such a good idea after all.

Frankie finds Jamie and Mike in the rain and Mike stirs. He is concerned that he is not dead but Jamie makes out that he never intended to kill himself in the first place. he helps Mike up and he and Frankie guide the fallen entrepreneur through the rain.


Originally written by Sue Haasler

Frankie and Jamie are discussing what's to be done with Mike. Frankie says they were lucky to find him the night before, and Jamie says he's been up all night thinking about how Mike really wanted to kill himself. They agree that they should talk to Mike's doctor. Just then Mike himself comes downstairs, coughing badly and obviously physically unwell. He says he doesn't want to see a doctor because they always tell you there's something wrong, and he hates them. He says he isn't feeling well, and sits down, coughing and trying to catch his breath.

At Mike's luxurious Quays apartment, Leanne is really pleased that she and Danny have the place back to themselves again, and wants to go out to celebrate. Danny, however, wants to go to Frankie's to get Mike back – he's worried that Mike will start talking to Jamie about the Will and the power of attorney. Leanne agrees that they have to stop that happening, but doesn't want Mike living with them again. Danny says he'll need to sort out somewhere nice for Mike to live first, and in the meantime he'll have to come back and live with them.

At the Kabin Rita is having trouble getting two words out of Norris. You'd think she'd be grateful, but no. He's quiet because he's reading the Gazette, and Rita warns him that he'd better not be looking at pets for sale because when she gets her flat back she wants it fit for human habitation.

Mike doesn't feel like eating the bacon and eggs Frankie has made for him. He's quite confused, thinking that Jamie is his son, and Frankie is Jamie's girlfriend – he advises Jamie to 'grab her.' Frankie's on her way out to work when Danny arrives to collect Mike. Mike doesn't recognise him and insists he's okay where he is. Danny and Jamie have a little argument about what's best for Mike, and Danny has to give in because it looks like Mike is going nowhere.

Liz is worried that she might have shown Vernon up in front of his band by auditioning. He says she was great and she could have had a great career if only she'd started young! Liz thinks he made the right choice in picking Michelle, but starts to feel a bit insecure when Vernon turns down her suggestion of coming with him to rehearsals. He tells her he won't be able to 'lick Michelle into shape' if his girlfriend is there. He goes out – but leaves one of his little drums behind.

Mike is looking really ill now, and when he coughs it hurts his ribs. Jamie has made an appointment for him at the health centre, but Mike is still saying he hates doctors and won't go. He says all he needs is a glass of scotch. And Alma – he thinks Alma's just popped out somewhere. He talks about his business, and says when he dies he's leaving everything to Jamie and his brother. He says he started in business by selling nylon stockings, and all the girls were mad for them. He tells Jamie not to say anything about that to Alma. 'That's what I spent my money on,' he grins. 'Girls, and drink. The rest I squandered.' He can't say any more as he starts to cough.

Liz is in the Kabin buying the Gazette, and Norris's earlier interest in it becomes clearer when he starts to ask Liz about the lonely hearts ads: are they genuine? Liz thinks they are. He asks her to translate 'wltm' ('would like to meet') and 'gsoh' which he can only conclude must be something rude. Whether he's relieved to hear that it only means 'good sense of humour' is not clear. Is Norris on the romance trail?

Frankie pops home after the lunchtime rush at the cafe to see how Mike is. He's asleep on the sofa, but Frankie is alarmed by how ill he looks. She wakes him gently and he smiles at her:'Alma. I knew you'd come back.' Then he asks her,'What's happening to me?' His face contorts in pain, and Frankie tells Jamie that they can't wait for Mike's appointment at the health centre – she's ringing an ambulance.

In t'Rovers, Liz is telling Bev, Rita and Eileen about her audition with the band. Rita mentions her days as a club singer. When Liz tells them about Michelle, Bev predicts trouble ahead, and Rita says that when she was singing she 'had to fight them off. And,' she adds with a wink,'You can't win em all! And drummers are the worst.' Liz is feeling very insecure now, and says that Vernon forgot his drum so she has an excuse to drop in on the rehearsal and keep an eye on him.

At the factory Danny is on the phone to a business associate when Sally rushes in with the news that there's an ambulance outside Frankie's house. He runs across the street in time to see Mike being loaded into an ambulance, yelling that he doesn't want to go to hospital because he hates hospitals. He reaches out to Frankie and shouts,'Alma! I love you Alma!' Frankie tells Danny that Mike was having trouble breathing. Danny blames Jamie, Jamie blames Danny, but Frankie shouts at them both to stop and they all head off to the hospital, watched by a shocked Rita.

In the Kabin, Norris is composing a lonely hearts ad: 'Sophisticated executive looking for the lady to light up his life.' Rita comes in and tells him she's just seen Mike going off in an ambulance. Norris asks if it might have been a heart attack or a stroke,'Because if it was a stroke it would be a good epitaph for his life. All his life he pulled strokes until a stroke pulled him.' Rita is not amused.

Mike is in intensive care, and Jamie and Danny are still bickering about whose fault it is. Penny arrives – Frankie called her – and asks what's the matter with Mike. 'Pneumonia,' Frankie tells her.

In the Rovers, everyone is wondering how Mike is. Ken has been trying to contact Adam but hasn't had any luck. Deirdre thinks they should ring the hospital, but Eileen says they only talk to relatives. Emily points out that Ken and Mike are kind of related, Mike being Ken's ex son-in-law. Ken thinks he'd have a hard time trying to explain that, and Emily says it just shows what a complicated life Mike has had. 'He's a very complicated man,' Deirdre says. 'Always has been.' Ken gives her a bit of a look – there's a lot of history between Ken, Deirdre and Mike.

Liz arrives at the rehearsal and isn't very cheered to see that Vernon and Michelle are getting on really well. He's pleased to see Liz, though, but then he tells her that Michelle is just the girl he's been looking for.

At the pub, Rita is telling Emily that Norris has been behaving peculiarly all day. 'Well that's more or less normal for Norris,' Emily says. Rita says she's sure Norris is up to something, and she intends to find out what. Elsewhere in the Rovers, Kelly and Becky are making the most of Danny being away from the factory and are totally drunk. Becky tells Lloyd and Kelly that she loves them both and they're the salt of t'earth, then she busts into tears because she's so happy. Deirdre and Ken are at the bar, and Deirdre says she can't help worrying about Mike. Ken tells her there's no need to apologise for it, and it's okay.

At the hospital, Penny is feeling guilty for not trying harder with Mike. Frankie doesn't think anyone could have got through to him, because he's living in his own head most of the time. She says that earlier on Mike thought she was Alma. Penny says sadly,'I can't help wishing that he thought you were me.' Jamie and Danny are looking through the glass at Mike, who is now peacefully asleep but has an oxygen mask on and is surrounded by various machines. Danny says he can't help thinking that it would be better for Mike if this was the end. 'You want him dead?' Jamie says, and Penny and Frankie look over at them. 'That would suit you nicely wouldn't it?' Jamie says. He says that Mike hated the way Danny and Leanne treated him, and couldn't wait to get away from them:'So if he dies, it's your fault, and I'll never forgive you. Never.'


missusmac said...

One thing is annoying me about this otherwise excellent Alzheimer's stoyline: everyone believes Mike when he goes on about being 'abused' by Danny and Leanne, but in all other utterances, 'he ain't himself, is he? His mind is wandering."

So couldn't he be off the mark with the abuse, d-uh? Jamie and Frankie didn't, but the rest of the world seemed to know Danny and Leanne were doing a decent job, needed a break, that Mike needed professionals...

This useless bickering is par for the course with this Baldwin crowd, but nevertheless annoying.

What was nice was Liz's rendition of Fever. Who knew she had it in her? Does the actress sing outside of Coronation Street?

Jacqueline said...

I still can't believe the way everyone gets shocked when he says something 'out there'. Like last night when he asked for Alma and Jamie was all, 'What? My God, Alma's been dead for years.'.

Y'all know this game by now, stop acting suprised.

missusmac said...

Yes, Jacqueline, exactly! They're all so amazed when he doesn't recognize them, or can't remember who is who.

I'm a little confused about Danny saying he'd have to look around for a home for Mike. Didn't he do that last week, with Jamie in tow? And didn't the place get the okay from Mike?

Of course, I've been drinking heavily over the holidays and may have missed a nuance or two... :)

Alasdair said...

I'm sure I'm not alone in looking forward to Norris plunging into the world of the personal ads! Norris has to be one of the most infuriating characters ever to inhabit the Street (e.g., his cold comment about Mike and a stroke), but he's also one of the most fun to watch. As for GSOH - he sure ain't got one!

Looks like we'll be seeing the last of Johnny Briggs as Mike really soon. One of the more, um, memorable exits from the street - sure beats looking out the back window of a cab as it pulls away while the rain pounds on the cobblestones....

Jacqueline said...

Was the idea of Norris getting a budgie a reference to Emily's previous lodger, Percy Sugden. (Jacqueline genuflects at the mention of Percy.)

tanzie said...

This story line with Mike is fast moving but truthful. My mother in law has alzheimers. I'm so angry at Jamie blaming Danny that i'm seeing red! lol .. I'm not a fan of Leanne, but I know the frustration of taking care of someone with this ailment. However, I'm sure this is just setting up a future story line with Jamie and Danny..*sigh*.

howdee said...

The writers did a great job of a veteran actor exit. They should have done this with other old timers such as Maud or Percy. These characters just suddenly disappeared. Didn't they?