Friday, December 29, 2006

Brace Yourself Update

Okay puppets, you need to go get yourself a drink for this one….a bit of crystal meth wouldn’t hurt either if you got it.

Last night Daran Little was at the helm, writing the script for one of the most important Corrie episodes to come along in awhile.

The show opens with Mike still in the hospital and waking up confused and not knowing where he is. Jamie is at his side, but Mike seems to think Jamie is the doctor and wants to know why he’s there.

Emily pops in and tells Jamie that she’ll sit with Mike while he goes home for a shower and a change of clothes. She sits by Mike’s bed and comforts him in his confusion – even when he mistakes her for his mom and asks where his dad is.

After Emily leaves, Mike demands to be released from the hospital in order to run his business. There’s a discussion between him and the nurse and she tells him to get back to bed because he is not well. Mike complies but the minute she leaves the room, he’s out of the room and the hospital wandering back to Corrie Street.

When Danny is told by the hospital that Mike is missing, he throws a fit and tells Nurse Nancy that he wants to talk to someone in charge. She starts in about how she is in charge and he reminds her that she was the one that lost his dad.

Uh, YEAH…I don’t even think I’d be talking to her, I’d be screaming for the highest administrative person they have on staff. Danny was actually a lot more restrained than I would be in that situation.

Meanwhile, Jamie’s talking to a 12 year old cop who asks if there’s anything distinguishing about Mike that he can add to the description. Jamie says, ‘Yeah, he’s in his PAJAMAS!’

Mike makes it back to the street and is standing in the rain and the cold when Ken sees him and tries to get him back to the Barlows. Mike is in tears because his keys don’t work to the factory and that he wants to go back to work.

Before Ken can get him inside, Mike collapses in Ken’s arms where he starts talking about denim and Alma. Suddenly he recognizes Ken and asks where Deidre is; he then adds that he has a confession to make, but Ken tells him he knows already.

Mike tells Ken how Deidre is going to leave Ken and for him and bring Tracey along. Then he says, ‘You’re finished Barlow. Deidre loves me, she’s mine.’

And those are the last words of Mike Baldwin.


February 16, 1942 - July 25, 2005

Side note: It goes without saying that Mike will be very much missed on the street, especially as one of the stronger characters the show has ever had. However, I’d like to take the opportunity to raise a e-toast to Johnny Briggs who did such a great job of playing Mike for almost 30 years.

Cheers for bringing us such a great character!

Aftermath and Baldwin Family Values

Mike’s parting shot (as it were) of Corrie was the long camera pull back of the street as the ambulance takes him away, leaving the Barlows and Danny standing on the street.

Frankie finally leaves her flat after the ambulance leaves and asks what happened. ???? It’s a small street, how could she NOT hear the ambulance? In fact, why is it that the entire g.d. neighbourhood wasn’t out on the street while the emergency crew was there. It seems a long way from the old black and white days where the slightest raised voice would draw an audience of 140,000.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, Danny tells Frankie about Mike and asks her to call Jamie at the hospital because he feels it would be better coming from her; that Jamie wouldn’t want to hear bad news from him. Frankie grumbles that it would be easier on Danny, not Jamie.

Back at the Barlows, Danny is obviously looking for some guidance and asks Ken what he should do next with Mike, etal. He then asks Ken what Mike said to him before he died. Ken spews forth the Deidre comment which causes Deidre to start chain smoking and crying.

Danny takes his leave and goes off to tell Penny and then head over to the pub to tell folks there. Frankie comes into the pub and tells Danny that Jamie won’t leave the Mike at the hospital and that Danny needs to go get him. Danny says that he doesn’t think Jamie’s going to come home with him at which point Frankie calls Danny ‘pathetic’.

(I’m actually feeling bad for Danny at this point … you don’t know what to do immediately after a death so I think it’s unfair to tell him he’s not dealing with it correctly. Also, Jamie’s told Danny again and again to stay away from him.)

THEN Danny calls Leanne who comes in guns a blazing giving Danny shit for making sure she was the last one to know.

(Now I’m REALLY feeling bad for Danny and slip back on my ‘I Hate Leanne’ ballcap.)

Adam also shows up at the Rovers, at which point Leanne starts in about how he’s come snooping around for the inheritance. (Glacia puts on her matching “I Hate Leanne’ glow in the dark twinkle earrings.)

The only thing Adam will be inheriting seems to be Victoria Beckham’s tan and Jamie’s tragic haircut. (But we’ll forgive you dear Adam because you’re so naturally Scottish.)Danny and Adam manage to be civil to each other and both seem to respect the other’s need to grieve.

Penny meanwhile is being consoled by Fred as she relives how Mike didn’t recognizer her and called her names when he was sick. Fred reminds her that Mike wasn’t in his right mind and to not bother too much about what he said.

The final conflict is Jamie finally gets to the Rovers with the envelope the hospital gave him of Mike’s possessions. He spills the contents out on the table in front of Danny and Leanne and tells them they might as well take all of Mike, aaaaaaaaaaaaand he calls the vultures.

Oh yeah, in other news.
Kelly and Jessie are making friends and this is pissing off Becky to no end. When Kelly buys a purse for Jessie, Becky loses her mind. She waits until she sees Jess on the street alone and threatens her for hanging with Kelly.

But How Can a Cheap Cantonese Tattoo Compete with My Big Golden L Necklace?
Liz is getting increasingly jealous of the time Vern and Michelle spend together. She whines to Bev about it and becomes concerned that she’s turning into Jim. ‘ He was completely irrational, if I was friendly with someone, he’d assume that I was sleeping with him.’

Glacia, takes a sip of her Harvey Wallbanger and quietly responds to the television, ‘Oh, in Jim’s defense, he probably only thought that because you were sleeping with everyone.’

Glacia then swigs back the rest and screams, ‘HOOR!’

Now, where was I? Oh yes…Liz decides to get a cab to the reheresal place to see exactly what the two of them are doing. When she gets to the streetcars, Llyod tells her that he picked both Vern and Michelle up and took them to an apartment building.

Liz gets Lloyd to drive he to the same building and goes up the apartment where she finds Vern and Michelle …..standing 4 feet away from each other.

Undeterred, Liz launches into a tirade until Vern can tell her that Michelle’s brother is an estate agent and he was helping Vern get a place that both he and Liz could live in together.

He then asks her to move in with him, which she accepts.



Alasdair said...

Well, Darren Little sure came through on this one. Quite the finish with Mike dying in Ken's arms - of all people in the world. Nice twist. It was good that Mike's final words on Corrie were of the classic Barlow-Baldwin spattin' type.

I raised a glass of scottish lifewater myself to toast Johnny Briggs/Mike Baldwin (aye, and I made it a large one) - definitely one of the strongest and most interesting characters they ever came up with.

Norris wants Rita/The Kabin to get a webcam... this on the heels of him perusing the personals.... Norris on LavaLife next??!! This could get REALLY good!

Good job Darren Little. Heck, maybe that calls for another wee scottish ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Alasdair...were you sad when the Old Scotsman took off? (the boyfriend of Gail) The young hot Scotsman is back...yeah Adam!!

great acting by Johnny Briggs...but what did he mean when he said he has a secret and Ken Barlow said he knew already??

I am hoping Vermin (Vernon) leaves soon...he stinks!

Michigan Corrie Lady

Jacqueline said...

Mike's 'secret' was that he was dating Deidre behind Ken's back. Except that happened back in 1513, so Mike was confused about time again. Ken knew what Mike was talking about.