Monday, November 06, 2006

Who's This Alan Bradley, Then?

Our mysterious Michigan Fan asks, 'Who the @#$Q#$ is Alan Bradley?'

Well, dear M.F. (oops, that sounds rude!) - I'll give you the short answer, and the long answer.

Short answer is that Rita took in a waif called Jenny Bradley way back in the long ago time (mid 80's). Soon enough Jenny is reunited with her estranged Da, Alan Bradley.

Rita and Alan fall in love, she won't marry him so they co-habitate all the while Alan cheats and has affairs. He wants to start his own business so he pretends he's Rita's ex husband Len and get money from the bank. He tries to rape his secretary, she tells Rita what Len's been doing. Rita gives him hell and he tries to suffocate her with a pillow.

Luckily, Jenny walks in and stops the murder. Alan is arrested but is soon back in free society and decides to move in across the street from Rita. Rita wigs out, moves to Blackpool to re-start her singing career and forgets about all her time in Weatherfield.

Bet and Alec discover her there and so does Alan. Alan tries to run after Rita and gets killed by a tram while doing so.

The long story can be found here. (Shout out to Corrie net for the info.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jacqueline,

Thanks very much for the 911 on Alan Bradley. He sounds like a right charmer. Charlie couldn't be his son, could he? Grin.

Why am I mysterious? Is it because I don't have a blogger ID? I mean, I always sign myself as Michigander Fan so you know who the comments are coming from (sort of)...

And, yes, MF is one of those initial thingies that could go horribly wrong. And DON'T call me Fanny either!!!

Am I the only Yank infiltrating a Canuck blog? I hate to stick my big old imperialist boots into anything, so let me's just so thrilling to be able to discuss Corrie with other people!

Michigander Fan

Lisa of Scarberia said...

Heck this Canuck is glad you're here!

Jacqueline said...

You're mysterious because we only know that you're in Michigan and you watch Corrie.

Go on, luv, just give us a gender.

I'm sure we have quite a few readers from the states, at least a lot of comments from the south over the years.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see...well. I am in the process of getting a blogger ID, which should help ("Technology is hard!" says Barbie) I am a girl, GenX, and I live in metro Detroit. Which means that I think Windsor is beautiful. I was most surprised to find that most Canadians disagree.

I am a moderate watcher of the CBC. I enjoy Rick Mercer, 22 and Air Farce, and actually get most of the jokes, since I pay attention to Canadian politics, which most Americans blithely ignore. I even read Macleans when my Canadian Source remembers to give me the old issues. And I miss Da Vinci's Inquest (but not DVCH).

Other than Corrie, I watch The Simpsons (and sometimes American Dad and Family Guy) and I enjoy House, when I remember that it's on. I'm a major Red Wings fan (natch). I'm not telling you who I am voting for tomorrow. It's a secret ballot, and besides, I know about CSIS, so it's not like I can completely trust you to keep it to yourselves. Spies everywhere!

Anything else you want to know?

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Lisa,

Thanks! I skulked for a while before I posted. I'm a leetle sensitive about not wanting to infringe, since the blog is called Corrie Canuck and not Corrie North America...

Michigander Fan

Rob said...

Welcome Michigander Fan, to the cyber-shores of the Great White North.

I figure if you watch CBC, Family Guy, and cheer for Stevie-Y, you're OK - and I'm for granting you honourary (that's 'honorary' in your language) Canuck status...who's with me?!

Anonymous said...

Rob said:

"Welcome Michigander Fan, to the cyber-shores of the Great White North."

Is it just me, or is it cold in here? Seriously though, I went to a funeral mid-October in Chatham, and it SNOWED. I know it was a fluke thing, but I just had to laugh.

"I figure if you watch CBC, Family Guy, and cheer for Stevie-Y, you're OK - and I'm for granting you honourary (that's 'honorary' in your language) Canuck status...who's with me?!"

Wow! Thanks! I am honoured! See - I'm bilingual!

I do miss The Captain though. Sigh. All good things must pass, I guess.

Michigander Fan

Rob said...

Yeah, it was the end of an era when he retired - one classy guy. Ernie Harwell...God I miss listening to him on WJR...

Anonymous said...

HA!! I am the FIRST MICHIGANDER CORRIE FAN....I have been here since the summetime...I am female and live near Ann Arbor and Windsor is cool and TO is better...But what is up with those speedy drivers there? Scary!!

Anonymous said...


WJR? I know it has a powerful signal, but...where the heck are you?

OK, Anonymous,

But you didn't sign your name! You're in A2, huh? Well, I feel better. At least I know I'm not the only one from Michigan.

Michigander Fan

(London) Rob said...

Dear M.F.

I just checked back and saw your last question - hey, we could carry on our own conversation back here in the privacy of a previous update.

I think you said you're going to get your own blog - how's that going?

I'm just up the 401 in London, so not far from Dee-troit. I used to listen to WJR regularly when it used to carry the Tiges and the Wings but gave up on it when it went all 'religious-right'.

BTW I'm thinking of signing myself as "London Rob" cause there's another Rob (Swizzle)...

Anonymous said...

I will now be known as CorrieLoverMichiganLady! (joined in Summertime from Michigan)
I would rather watch Corrie than any program on American TV....but I will watch anything on Canadian TV...Love Rick Mercer!

Anonymous said...


You live in London? Then you must know Joe!


Did you see Rick Mercer last night - losing at harness racing to King Ralph? He is so funny!

Michigander Fan

(London) Rob said...

Hey you Michigan ladies, I love your being in this group - both of you! Do you have some English in your backgrounds somewhere

I'm fairly new to this site too - since June I guess. One of these days I'll figure out how to get the little picture up like the veterans on this site.