Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Very Special Valentine's Day Update

Tracey Grovels
Tracey takes an apology card over to Charile’s and does some groveling. He (quite correctly) reminds her that it was bad form to leave Amy with him because she doesn’t know him and that he wouldn’t have known what to do if anything went wrong.

Tracey weasels her way back into his heart and he invites her to move back in…sans enfant.

Hands up who thinks she’s going to dump Amy on Ken and Deidre and move in with Charlie.

Norris is on the phone non-stop back at the shop and when Rita and Deidre push him to tell who he’s calling, he finally lets them know the Ed story.

Rita is furious that he left Emily on her own and she marches over with Deidre in tow. They comfort Emily and AGAIN I say kudos to the writers for this bit, they really do a great job of capturing the grieif and anger Emily has been feeling over the years.

Rita and Deidre try to comfort her as best they can, and I’m a bit surprised that Deidre didn’t have more to say as she lost her husband to violence too.

Back at the Rovers, Sean convinces Eileen to go over to Emily’s to find out what happened to Ed. Emily sits her down and tells her that Ed was the man responsible for killing Ernest. Eileen is shocked and wonders if there’s been some kind of mistake. Emily assures her that there’s been no mistake.

Pretty in Pink
I know I usually hard on Claire, but I have to say she look very, very pretty yesterday in pink…all valentine day-like. She is pleased to have received two valentine cards in the mail and while she knows that one is from Ashley, she can’t figure out who the second one is from.

Back at the streetcars, Steve is teasing her and inadvertently gives the impression that he is the admirerer, this is reinforced when he puts his hands on her shoulders in the café. (Or as she likes to call it, the molestation.) This upsets her enough that she resigns.

Later in the Rovers, Ashley tells her that he sent both cards and Betty says that he takes after Fred and likes to repeat himself. (ha ha). With that settled, Steve offers her job back, even though he wasn’t the one who took it away from her.

Also, apparently Betty’s been molested in cafeterias back in the day!!!

Yeah, Well, the Canadian Pacific Railway Don’t Like You Either, Buddy.
Clifford, is a jerk. Seriously, he’s becoming my least favorite character on the show.

He hauls all his stupid little box ‘o trains into the café and plonks them down on the counter. When Haley complains about the Canadian Pacific Railway getting in the way of their business, he kind of hisses at her and tells her not to call it the CPR.

And Roy, you’re in my bad books too for not telling Clifford to speak to Haley with more respect and for inviting this knob to spend the evening with you on VALENTINES DAY.

Richard, the Serial Killer Who Keeps on Giving
Gayle also received two cards in the post, one from Dr. Phil aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand one from Richard Hillman.

This sends everyone in a tizzy, except for Gayle who decides to ignore it. Audrey is suspicious that Dr. Phil is the culprit behind all this.

And on that note, here are the results of our ‘Who’s Been Sending the Hillman Letters’ poll. David is clearly in the lead.



Anonymous said...

Well, in all fairness, I think we really knew Clifford was going to be a jerk when we learned that all his alumni updates were basically due to him stalking his former classmates. So I am quite confident that the Corrie writers had that nasty comment about the Canadian Pacific Railroad come out of his mouth as further proof of his innate jerkiness.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Tracy & Charlie: oh yeah, she's going to ditch the little tyke. No question. Which is too bad, because Charlie will definitely take that as a sign of weakness on her part. He's going to try to control her the way he controlled Shelley, and, without Amy around, it's going to be that much easier. He's probably also going to try to isolate Tracy from her family (she doesn't seem to have any friends) like with Shelley.

Girls, we should all be watching Charlie VERRRRRY closely. If your fella begins to act anything like that, RUN!!!

He is definitely a Glamour DON'T!

Michigander Fan

missusmac said...

Has Mike Baldwin ever been charged as an accomplice to Ernest's murder?

Look at the Youtube tape -- the way he smashes into the guy holding the gun, thus setting it off, is hardly subtle!

I bet Tracy chucks Amy too. She'll brag to her mom that she's just paving the way, and soon she'll have Charlie wrapped around her little finger, etc. But she won't.

It will be odd finding myself rooting for Tracy...

By the way, has David ever emerged from Jo's flat?

John said...

Maybe Tracy will just rent out Amy to the Croppers at £50 per week.

Anonymous said...

And, you know, even though there were all the Valentine's Day Card storylines (Richard Hillman and Steve "The Masher" Macdonald), I didn't put 2 and 2 together that Roy and Clifford wanted to play choo-choos on Valentine's Day. Of course, I can be forgiven, since it's November now, and nobody's thinking about Valentines...we're all thinking about dead soldiers. BTW, where can I get a poppy? I want one of those. I cannot for the life of me figure out how the UK and Canada have cornered the poppy market, since we're the flag kings. I mean, we love our veterans too, why wouldn't we show it?

Anyhoo, my point is, Roy doesn't strike me as a noticing kind of guy. He's very absent-minded professor-y. So, I suppose he may have forgotten it was V-Day. Which isn't cool, but then, shouldn't Haley know that about him by now?

And, Clifford is divorced FOR A REASON. (or, to quote The Blues Brothers, "Those lights are off ON PURPOSE.")

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


Now that just good, solid capitalism!

There would actually be a market for Amy, if you think about it... The Croppers, Steve... heck, even Sean has been talking about wanting to be a daddy recently. And Dev could have some time, since his own kids are gone. Oh. Wait. Amy's a girl. Forget it. Dev wanted a boy.

Tracy could sell timeshares, like a Florida condo!

Hold on - I have been assuming that Deirdre will be a pushover and take Amy in, but what if she and Ken actually (gasp) say NO?!?! Steve and his new psycho ladylove (why can't I ever remember her name?) would take Amy, which may be the end of that relationship. (awwwww....)

Michigander Fan

Kristin said...

Does anyone else find that Clifford reminds them of Diggory? His mannerisms and laugh/chorttle. I really hate this whole stupid story line. Aside from the fact that Roy is a pratt, we're seeing that adults, not unlike children, form friendships with kids who have the coolest toys around. Oy.

John said...

Speaking of Diggory, has he vanished? His daughter's around as she's hooked up with Tyrone. Not that I miss him. I find him rather gross but I was just wondering where's he's gone.

Jacqueline said...

I find Clifford reminds me of a slug.

You know what I think it comes down to, that he's one of these guys that gets bullied and decides throw it back at someone else....and because he probably hasn't had much luck with the ladies, he just becomes a big misogynistic jerkface.

Seriously, the contempt with which he spoke to Haley tells all.

papasmurf said...

Michigander Fan - to get a poppy just drive across the Ambassador or Blue Water bridge (whichever is closer) and pop into the nearest Tim Hortons and they have poppies there. I'd send you one but would probably end up on your homeland security no-fly list or something for being an anti-war activist.

Anonymous said...


But it's not an anti-war poppy, right? It's a pro-veteran poppy. (Or am I missing an important detail about the poppies?)

I can't for the life of me figure out how Americans (collectively speaking) can drape the Stars and Stripes over everything but not wear a poppy in support of the men and women who have fought to defend Old Glory. It seems...disingenuous.

BTW, speaking of Timmies. I have to tell you a funny story. Since I watch the CBC practically every day, I see all the commercials. The new Tim commercial "It's steeped" (tea) made an impression on me, and I stopped by my local Tims for a tea. (I always get coffee at Tims.) Well, it may be steeped in Canada, but here in the US, it's a tea bag in a big old cup of hot water. YUCK!

Anyway, thanks for the tip about the poppies, and please clarify the message the poppy sends (I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like Gitmo...)

Michigander Fan

papasmurf said...

Michigander Fan - You are correct, the wearing of the poppy is a symbol of rememberance and is intended in Canada and Britain as a means of honouring our veterans.
The signifigance of the poppy originates with a poem - 'In Flanders Fields' - written in 1915 by Lieutenant-Colonel John McRae, a medical doctor serving with the Canadian Army in Ypres.

Why the americans do not use this symbol is a big topic for discussion but this is probably not the best venue for that.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Diggory couldn't take Liz's rejection and offed himself.

Yeah, Clifford is a nasty little jerk, isn't he? Buy I still maintain that Roy wouldn't notice an elephant sitting in the middle of the street unless he tripped over it. So he won't notice Clifford being a jerk to Haley.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


Ok, thanks for the clarification! I thought I had that right!

Michigander Fan

(London) Rob said...

You know what I think?

I think it's Clifford sending those Richard Hillman cards...

Clifford and 'little Bethany'...

alec said...

The writers are certainly making us dislike Clifford. I have to admit trying to find him on Wikipedia to see how long the character lasts - he isn't listed. Undoubtedly we will have the catharsis we are looking for once Roy tells him what's up - but when. Even a little bit of this little man is intolerable.

Anonymous said...

We were poppies at my home..(my Corrie loving fiance) and were are American and Anglophiles and anti-war...and pro-Canadian!! XX
We would drive to a Tim Horton's there in Windsor but the last time we stopped at one on the 401 to TO, we saw flies on the donuts! No thanks....;)
Michigan Corrie Lover Lady

Rob Swizzle said...
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Rob Swizzle said...

Those weren't flies. That was the appalling Timbits mascot, who looked just like a plump ol' fruit fly.