Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Update - November 29, 2006 - The Long Goodbye Edition

The Long Goodbye

(Yes, I know the photo doesn't have much to do with the storyline)

In Mike's flat, Leanne is presenting Danny with a big, greasy fry-up. He complains that the eggs are too runny.

Leanne wonders what's going on but Danny says he' s not really in the loop anymore. Leanne suggests he should be more in the loop if he wants the factory to fall into Adam's hands. Danny says Adam will never set foot in the factory again but Leanne says Mike's had has gone as runny as Danny's egg.

Danny protests, "That's my dad you're talking about."

At Frankie's, she and Penny are waiting for Jamie to bring Mike home. Penny says she knows Alzheimers's is called "The Long Goodbye" and she doesn't want to see her partner turn into a stranger.

Later, as Ken, Deirdre, and Audrey are walking down the street, a cab pulls around the corner carrying Jamie and Mike, who suddenly looks ten years older and confused. He struggles to be let out of the cab as Jamie opens to the door for him. Ken, Deirdre, and Audrey greet Mike but he clearly doesn't recognise them.

When he gets inside, he's greeted by Frankie and Penny, who starts crying.

"Ah, don't cry darlin'" he says, followed quickly by "Who are you?"

He then asks where Alma is. It's too much for Penny who leaves in tears.

In the Rover's, Ken, Deirdre, and Audrey are discussing Mike. They're all a bit shocked by the sudden turn of events but Audrey warn them that he doesn't need their pity. What he needs is to know he has friends.

At Frankie's, Jamie tells Mike that Alma died a few years back.

"Oh right," he says, making it look like he's suddenly remembered but it's evident that he does not and it's clearly terrifying him. He asks about Audrey. They tell him and he remembers that he and she went to a lake once.

He demands to be taken home. Frankie calls Danny to come and get him.

When they arrive, Leanne is giving Danny a hard time about doing whatever Frankie asks. he says he's doing this because it's money in the bank. He becomes short with her and tells her to wait in the car.

When he sees Mike, he says it could have been worse. Jamie is disgusted with him and goes upstairs.

He ushers Mike into the car and Mike tells Leanne that she's going to love his place.

Normally, I snark a little bit on this show for fun but this one is too tough to do it. My uncle in New Brunswick is going through the same thing so this storyline is hitting a little close to home for me.

Roy Cropper: Smooth Operator

At Eileen's, Sean and Jason are playing football on the Playstation (Sean's winning, by the way). A morose Eileen leaves, saying she's doing some shopping. Sean suggests that Jason tell his mum that she deserves to be happy, instead of making her feel "like a sad-o."

Eileen goes to Roy's where he asks if anything is alright, as she seemed deep in contemplation. Suddenly, Roy locks the door and shows Eileen a book and a letter. He feels as if he and Hayley are drifting apart and has decided to write her a love letter, and include a poem. He asks Eileen to cast a female eye on it. Clearly moved, she thinks it's lovely and invites Roy to the Rover's for drink.

In the Rover's Eileen is discussing her bad luck in love with Roy, who isn't comfortable with the conversation. Eileen says he's the only one there so tough. She asks what he sees in Hayley and tries to explain that it's a collection of attributes and he has certain personality traits that others may find annoying but she does not. So, Eileen reckons, she accepts you for who you are and doesn't try to change you?

"Precisely," says Roy, adding that he also likes himself more because of her.

"God broke the mold when He made you, Roy Cropper."

"I've always been a firm believer in the theory of evolution, myself."

On the way back, Eileen tells Roy she's lucky to have him and she hopes that there is someone out there for her. She gives Roy a peck on the cheek and Roy worries that he may have given the wrong impression. Eileen assures Roy that he's not her type but tells him to put one in his letter to Hayley. Women like that sort of thing.

The Son Also Rises

Clurr is helping Joshua make a hand-printed birthday card for his upcoming party. They ask Ashley if he wants to join them but he is too moody and says he has to go out.

When Ashley gets back, he says he went to the park. He's worried that as Joshua gets older, he's going to look like Matt Ramsden. Claire says it doesn't matter what he looks like. She shows him the card he made, which reads:
Dear Daddy. I hope you can come to my birthday party. Love, your son, Joshua.
"That tells you everything you need to know about your son right there," says Clurr.

Dear Gail: You suck. Love, your dead husband.

Gail is beginning to wonder if the latest greeting card was in fact sent by the dead guy she watched the police zip up in a body bag. Audrey makes her say it: it's not Richard Hillman.

"But, oh mam," Gail chirps. "Who could it be?"

Who indeed?

Okay I lied. I had to snark a little. It's the Platts. I can't help myself.


steph said...

Ashley is hotheaded and takes a lot of his anger out on Clurr. Petulant child.

Joshua is just about the cutest thing ever.

Jacqueline said...

Okay, I'm confused. I thought there was no Corrie last night due to the all star fabulous night of a thousand grits.

Why did we get a double dose tuesday night?

Pamer said...

the "Night of a Thousand Grits" is Friday night ...not sure why they chose Tuesday but there you are

missusmac said...

rats! I didnt' watch last night because I thought it was going to the convention. (Altho I couldn't see why Wednesday would be a hot night for coverage...)

So, I thank you for this wonderful update.

Debbie said...

What's that on her dress?

Debbie said...

See, I thought that "Night of 100 Grits" night was tonight.

Joshua is a dumpling! That kid is hard core. He is much cuter than that freak-show at number 8. I like the way he says "Daddy Daddy" and the fact that he is obviously thinking "what am I doing here and what are those giant things pointing at me and why are they telling me to say these things? Who is that lady with the red hair. She's not my mommy." Yes, in my mind, the actor who plays Joshua has a long inner dialogue.

I really am surprised at Ashley. He is being terible to Claire (or 'Clur' in the phonetic spelling). I mean, I assume he is being terrible. He is certainly doing a lot of yelling and his face turns red. But who REALLY knows what he is saying, I say, who really knows what he is saying?

Jacqueline said...

Holy cow! What IS that on her dress.

Best laugh of today!!!

John said...

Re: the dress.

You DO all remember Bill Clinton, do you not?

tanzie said...

The sight of Mike in the backseat of the taxi made me want to cry. This is going to be a real hard story line to watch. I'm a die hard corrie fan (even my daughters know not to call during an episode), but I don't know if i'm looking forward to the next few weeks.(hopefully weeks and not months)

Anonymous said...


I know. My heart just broke for Mike last night. I hate that this is happening.

On the other hand, as soon as Jamie said that he had had a fall, I knew it would be bad. I had a family member who had a fall, and for whatever reason, a trauma like a fall can really accelerate the illness. Very sad.

Michigander Fan

Rob Swizzle said...

"Freakshow at number 8"! I had to double check the addresses, as I wasn't sure which baby wins the "inner beauty" contest on that block, Bethany or Amy.

When those babies burst into tears on cue, does anyone else get a bit troubled? I just imagine a cameraman wearing a Frankenstein mask to prompt the desired response.

Anonymous said...

Other Corrie notes:

Ashley is not endearing himself to me at all recently. Plus my nickname for him is Mr. Mushy Mouth. Can we file an injunction to force him to speak English?

Dr. Phil is really starting to creep me out. I mean, his throwing David up against the wall a few weeks ago was a clue, but now, it's like he's forgotten how to use a razor, he's sitting around her house constantly, and "working on his thesis." When did he move in with them? What happened to his J-O-B? Isn't he self-employed? Doesn't he get that if he doesn't work, he doesn't make the moolah???

If I were Gail, this guy would have been out on the street by now. (makes a big "Z" in the air with snapping fingers, "Girlfriend! Lose that Zero - you deserve a Hero!")

Of course, she was the dumb cluck who GAVE HIM A KEY after they had been going out for about 72 hours.

I wonder if he flooded his own apartment on purpose in order to have an excuse to move in with her temporarily? (Much like my Les the Cockroach theory...)

I just had a major Corrie premonition: Gail is going to decide that he is the "Richard Hillman stalker dude" and dump him, only to find out (after burning all bridges to complete dust) that it was David all along.

Whaddaya think? Am I close???

Michigander Fan

Pamer said...

I actually thought is was pretty funny that the producers thought the way to make Mike look mentally unstable is to give him greasy hair

Working From Home Today said...

Did anyone catch what Joshua's finger painted birthday card said? I think it said, "Growing Up Is Hard..." I thought that was odd for a kid's birthday card.

John said...

The birthday card was Joshua's sly way of saying, "Grow the fuck up, my helium-voiced, non-biological father!"

Debbie said...

The card did say "Growing up is hard." And yes, I thought that was odd.

Yes, Amy could also win the "Inner Beauty" prize (that was hilarious). But she would only be runner up to Bethany, who shocks me. Every time I see her, I scream a little. And not in the same way I scream a little when I see my capoeira instructor with his shirt off. That is more of a squeal... of appreciation.

In all seriousness, Amy, Bethany and Joshaua and pretty hilarious. They often just sit their like a lump and stare off into space. It is like they are always waiting for someone off camera to wave at them. I think it is good that their interaction on camera is kept to a minimum. Hopefully, that will reduce their Olson Twinification as they grow older.

Karen said...

God, I hope that Richard Hillman isn't dead.... what a twist that would be.

howdi said...

Notice the framed "Family Tree" in Ashley and Claire's dining room?

This is the first time I've noticed it. Is it just for the current story line?

missusmac said...

No, I'm pretty sure that family tree came from Fred. For years Ashley didn't know he was Fred's child, they've referred to that in this story line.

After they got everything sorted, and Ashley started calling Uncle Fred 'Dad', and after Joshua was born and they knew he was Matt Ramdsen's, Fred gave Ashley that family tree to show despite it all, they WERE a family.