Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Update - November 15, 2006 - For Valour Edition

Top Gear

Leanne is hobbling around the flat and begging Danny not to go to work so that he may stay home and take care of her. Danny reminds her that it is her leg, not her neck that is broken and that he has a business to run and leaves her to go to the factory.

At the factory, Sally rushes in but cannot punch in because her card is missing. Janice is immediately accused of stealing it but Janice reminds Sally that Leanne nearly lost her life due to Kevin's careless work on the Toyota Celica Supra.

In the Rovers, Kevin asks Danny to sort out this missing clock card mess. Danny says that the way Janice is going, she's going to be in the Last Chance Saloon.

Yeah, I think we've heard this one before.

The Shunning of Eileen

Deirdre tries to snub Eileen on the street but just can't resist giving her an earful about her awful behaviour with Ed. She tells her she knew Ernest back when everyone was in black and white and that Ernest Bishop was a good man. Ed took that away from Emily. Finally, Deirdre has decided that she's not Eileen's friend any more so you, you know, no more girls' nights out and drunken snogs with strangers for her.

Later in the street, Ed tries to say something to Emily but she rushes away. In Dev's store, Blanche is bending his ear about the Ed situation. In her salute to the late Queen Mum, Blanche stocks up on gin and tonic. She asks how Dev would feel if Maya came back. Dev admits he wouldn't feel too good at all. (I, on the other hand, would be thrilled.)

Just then, Ed and comes in and Blanche gives him an earful as well, saying he claims of making amends is really all about him. She suggests he return to his residence under a far away rock.

At Eileen's, the two are commiserating when Jason comes in, looking for tea.

"I could murder a cuppa --" He says. "Erm....I mean..."

Nice Jason.

I Want Dinky Pies at My Engagement Party

At the butcher's, Fred tells Ashley to ensure the dinky pies are saved for tonight's engagement party at The Rovers. Ashley thinks he should get unengaged, given how many fianc├ęs he's had already. Fred says this is for real.

At the Rover's Sean is blowing up balloons as Shelly asks Bev why they should throw a party for this and suggests that it's not too late to call it off. The party, of course.

Later in the Rover's, it's the engagement party and as apparently, these people were born in 1925, it's swing music on the radio. Fred buys the house a round of drinks. He says it's not everyday you get engaged, comparing marriage to a lottery. Jack disagrees: "At least you have a chance with the lottery."

Both Ashley and Shelly still have their doubts about the marriage but Claire seems more optimistic.

Vera reminds Fred and Bev that she and Jack are coming up on their 49th anniversary. She thinks Fred and Bev will get five or six years, tops.

Fred is horrified/impressed.

"Forty-nine years?" he says to Jack.

Jack says the Queen should give him the VC, "The Vera Cross," for courage under heavy fire.

Later Fred makes a speech about how he didn't propose properly to Bev and he planned to remedy that straight away as he goes down on one knee and produces a ring.

"BEVERLY, WILL YOU MARRY ME?" He bellows. She says of course, again. He also announces Claire and Ashley's pregnancy (well, Claire's mostly).

Everyone seems happy about the situation and even Ashley and Shelley are coming around. That is, until during a photo Fred refers to Bev as "the perfect landlady," causing Shel to think her job's in trouble.

In other news

Deirdre still giving Tracy a hard time about dumping her daughter on the parents, asking her if she though Deirdre would have moved in with Ken if he insisted on Tracy's not coming?

Becky borrows some clothes Kelly for a job interview. Kelly's worried she's never going to get rid of her.


missusmac said...

Oh, Shelley will always have a job. It's that it will be the same job as Sean and Violet and Betty, once Bev is boss.

Deirdre's jump on Eileen was nasty. Perhaps a litttle Tracy frustration wrapped up in that vehemence?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that Kelly's friend (Meth Queen) keeps dropping hints about the past, and Kelly keeps rapidly changing the subject? At first I thought it was just Kelly feeling awkward, but I'm beginning to really wonder if there's a story there.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Also, re: Ed & Eileen... Why are they not hanging out in his neighborhood, can I just ask that? I mean, she's no stranger to the ways of the Street - she knows there are no secrets, and everyone's going to have an opinion and voice it, so... it's really depressing watching them now. She's also coming across as really needy. I don't think this is going to end well.

Also, Blanche really reminded me of my grandma last night. A LOT.

Michigander Fan

papasmurf said...

Janice is almost becoming a caricature of a character.

I think we will discover that Kelly used to be a crack pipe ho back in the day.

I was also wondering why Ed and Eileen don't hang around at his place and neighbourhood.

Anonymous said...


Yes, Janice is becoming really unpleasant. I mean, she was never sweetness and light (at least, not since I've been watching the show) but now she's awful. (And not in that delightfully horrible way that Tracy is awful - I love to hate Tracy.)

Do you really think Kelly used to be a crack ho, or are you joking?

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

HA! crack Pipe Ho. HA!

(London) Rob said...

Dear 'raindrizzlefog'

You were wondering about the terms Janice used for Kevin: Snek? Schneck?

There's a Dictionary of (British) Slang website that I find useful, and pretty amusing too! I didn't see those words, but came across other pearls like:
baba; scive off; cack-handed...and of course "Corry" is there.

John said...

Re: Kelly and Becky.

We first saw Becky outside a fancy restaurant (The Clock, I think) where Kelly and Lloyd were having dinner. As they exited, a homeless woman said "You've done alright for yourself, Kel." Kelly later explained to Lloyd that she once did a stint in jail and became friends with Becky while doing time. Now that Becky's around, I think we'll be learning a lot more about Kelly's past.

Anonymous said...

Ilike Ilene and the rest can go to hell

raindrizzlefog said...

Thanks London Rob