Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Update - November 1, 2006 - GOTCHA! Edition


Can I call it or can I call it? Looks like Maria's date with the Jacqueline's ex-husband was just ploy for a juicy story. No wonder Jacqueline divorced him. At the salon, Maria opens up the Gazette, only to find the screaming headline "DOBBS DUMPS DREAM GIRL!" Maria is shocked and appalled.

At garage, Tyrone is as well, but Nathan thinks it could be good for him as girls like nothing more than a love rat.

At the Rovers, Maria tells Tyrone sthat he did give the reporter an interview. They just went out on a date a day after her engagement to Tyrone was broken off. Tyrone suspects she was paid by the paper to dish the dirt.

Molly comes in and she and Tyrone leave for more work on the chippy van.

She later sees them joking around in the street. Ty tries to make a fake burger to put on top of the van made out of old tires and things. Molly says it looks like crap but Ty says he can't afford a real plastic burger. Molly announces that she has some fake baps -- which prompts a double take from Tyrone -- that her dad wasn't using at his bakery. They later construct a fine looking fake burger.

Note to Tyrone and Molly, before you get your hopes up, I suggest you rent The Van. I'd suggest the book upon which it was based, but I know you don't read.


More antics at the home of the poster children for child protection services. Charlie seems to have forgotten all about what he said the night before all the while snapping at Tracey and searching for his keys.

At the builder's yard, Jason sees Deirdre giving Charlie daggers. Charlie still doesn't want to accept the now official status of their relationship and is thinking of ways he can psychologically browbeat Amy into staying in her room for six months.

Later that night in the Rovers, Deirdre suggests to Charlie that he should be at home with Tracey and Amy, instead of at the pub. Charlie says Amy is still getting used the new living arrangements so he's given them so space. Besides, Tracey has chosen to live with him. That's something the Barlows should be worried about.

At home, Charlie trots out the story about his mum being a tart and walking out on the family. Tracey asks if that's why he hates women. He asks if she is going to leave him. She asks if he would care if she did. They then go off and have hate sex.


Steve and Lloyd are hard at work building a house of cards, while teasing Eileen about her lov-ah. She bops their heads together and blows down their house of cards. Later she and Ed share a kiss which confuses Eileen as she's not good with the relationships before sex thing.

Meanwhile, Frankie and Nathan have gone on their date at an Indian restaurant but she seems content to keep talking about her mother habits. Nathan meanwhile doesn't want to order a bunch of different dishes to share. He wants to order one dish and keep it all to himself because he's a guy who knows what he wants and sticks to it. Just like he made a decision to wear that pink striped shirt unbuttoned halfway and stuck to it. They agree to second date on Valentine's Day where she will not discuss her family and they will only discuss the topic of Frankie and Nathan.

So I was wrong on the sex part but I guess she's saving it for V-D.


Despite everyone's fussing, Rita maintains that she is fine and doesn't need any special attention. She returns to her flat to watch what sounds like Big Valley and starts weeping. Yeah, I hated that show too. Or it could be the PTSD.

Jason and Sarah are off on holiday. Bethany will stay behind to keep writing those Richard Hillman birthday cards. Or she'll be put in the same bedroom as Amy for the next six months.

Violet and Jamie went on another date. He invites her to stay over but only offers the guest room. Another couple, taking things slow.

"Sex can wait. Masturbate!"

What do you think? Is it weird to go to an Indian restaurant and only order one thing?


Steph said...

These tabloid covers are hilarious! The one about the Queen's crowned rubber ducky takes the cake.

papasmurf said...

When you go for a curry it is good manners to share the dishes - I thought everyone knew that.

Anonymous said...

Question about Charlie...I've tried going through back episode blogs, but didn't he tell someone when he first came to the street that he has a kid? A teenager now I believe. I could be wrong tho...anyone know?

Jacqueline said...

Great theme John! I lvoe the ducks.

The thing with Nathan, it was actually a bit rude. If you were on a date with someone, a first date and they were confused by the fact that you didn't want to follow the custom 'sharing' bit - would you really stick to your guns and be a maverick?

Or would you just go along with what your date feels comfortable with.

I think Nathan would have lost points with me on that one.

I really hope Eileen and Ed work out, they're good together.

And something from last week that I forgot to bitch about... Did Gail really suggest that Eileen would have sent the Hillman letter? Gail is such a bitch.

Jacqueline said...

Anon, I'm going to find out for you.

John said...

Gail did indeed momentarily accuse Eileen of writing the Hillman card which is dumb because it's TOTALLY BETHANY!

On Nathan, there's sticking to your guns and then there's being pointlessly stubborn. I wonder if he goes to Indian buffets, grabs his plate, heads straight to one section of buffet, and only piles on the Tikka Masala. No onion bajjis, no naan bread, no challa, no samosas, no goat. Just lots of chicken tikka masala.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the whole thing at the Indian resaurant was a little weird. I mean, first she's trying to be economical and he makes fun of her for it (I would think a guy would appreciate a girl who is NOT trying to burn a hole in his wallet) and then he refuses to share food. And everyone's right - sharing food is fun - you get to taste dishes you might not otherwise try that way. I can't make up my mind about him. Although I did love his response to her query about Tracy Barlow!

Gail is getting worse, I fear. I am hugely amused though that Phil has figured out how to play her. He criticized the Evil Spawn (David) and she stuck up for him. So he starts sticking up for him, and now she's actually somewhat resembling a mother. Funny.

Anyone else think David is indeed the Richard Hillman card sender? I know he denied it, but then, he would. I really think it's him.

Michigander Fan

GoBetty said...

This wrap-up had me laughing aloud at my desk, which is located in a pod with 7 occupants. "love rat"... "bops their heads together"... "hate sex"...


GoBetty said...


Anonymous said...

I find it really sad that Rita has suddenly, overnight, become old and frail.

She's gone through so much in her life that it's sad to see her like that. She's always been one of the stronger characters and seeing her crying on the couch...well, it just makes me sad.

Now THAT'S a good actress!

John said...

It turns out the break-in storyline was inspired by real life events:

Anonymous said...


The link gives the dreaded "File not Found" for me - can you check it and maybe post it again?

Ta Very Much,

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

watch out when you read that news story.
There be spoilers down lower on the page.

John said...

(I keep linking to spoilers. sorry, I don't mean to)

Try this link instead. (And if you read the rest of that blog you WILL definitely see spoilers. But that link by itself is fine.

Anonymous said...


I know - Charlie & Tracy are awesome - the couple from hell - I am confused because I don't know who to root for - I hate them both (but in the nicest possible "boy would the show be missing something without them" way) and when they have their little power struggles, I don't know who I want to win...

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


I agree absolutely about Rita. She is one of my favorite characters, and seeing her all cowed and scared on the couch was very upsetting for me. I hope she bounces back and feisties up again soon!

Michigander Fan

Rob said...

I'm goin' with John on the Richard Hillman card - there's just somethin' about that kid Bethany - she's deep and dark, that one.

And hey, John was dead on about that headline in the Gazette...

Yeah, Nathan's a hard one to figure - one minute all kind and sensitve and principled, then all selfish and a bit nasty - like when he was goin' on at Tyrone about Maria, adding to Tyrone's insecurities in a mean-spirited way, I thought.

Anonymous said...

OK, that link worked. Wow. She's 72? She looks pretty good, without looking like Joan Rivers! Well, all I can say is, she did a stellar job, and hope hope she bounces back soon.

Poor Bethany - if Sarah Louise were YOUR mother, you'd be weird and creepy too!

No, my money's still on David. When it happened, I immediately thought it was him. Then when he's talking to Gail about it, and he said he would never ever bring up Richard Hillman like that, I wavered. But I'm back to thinking it was him. It just seems like the work of an emotionally immature person (like a teenager) with an axe to grind. He may even be trying to implicate Dr. Phil, but my first thought was that his using Richard to control his mother was beginning to wear off, so he figured he's better remind everyone just how horrific it was.

We'll see. Eventually.

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

Hate sex + charlie.

Just throw in a bottle of Stoly and you've got a good night out for Glacia

Anonymous said...

thanks Jacqueline for offering to help find the info about Charlie. It was nagging at me so much that I scoured the back episodes till I found it. At episode archives, dated January 9th, 2004 Charlie reveals that he was married at 18 and has 2 children who are strangers to him now. *whew* now I can sleep tonight lol

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I get the feeling that the card was written by Dr. Phil. I wonder if he is really with Gail because he likes her, or because it's still part of his research??? Because would anyone really choose to be with Gail??? lol

John said...

So last night the missus and I went to an Indian buffet restaurant (for reals, yo!). I loaded up on butter chicken. When I was done, I went back for more butter chicken. Because I'm a man who knows what he wants and sticks with it.

Jacqueline said...

John, you need to stick your guns EXACTLY like that.

missusmac said...

Jackie, I think you got that right! Perhaps this is some weird experiment on Dr. Phil's part to see how the family reactes, so he can get a better research paper on that.

And really, who WOULD choose to be with Gail????

Anonymous said...

You know, I did waver last night, after Phil's second psycho moment. Are we SURE that Richard Hillman didn't have a long-lost brother who is taking revenge on the Platts? (That's what the answer would be on a daytime American soap..."It's Thorn's long-lost brother Storm, here to make you pay!")

I dunno. I still see David as enough of an anti-social twerp to do something like write that card, though. I mean, really, he's pushing and pushing Phil, trying to get a reaction. I suspect that the card incident was not a one-off, and my money's still on David.

But Phil's looking like a close second...

Michigander Fan

HowDi said...

Could Sara have sent the card to herself??

This would focus attention on her so that Jason would become her "protector".

Anonymous said...


Hmmm. Interesting theory. She did go right for the big protective chest of Jason, didn't she? All in all, though, I don't think she's smart enough - that would require a level of manipulation that she has not heretofore displayed. For example, you want your boyfriend to grovel at your feet because he made an embarrassing scene at the local pizza joint over his ex-girlfriend. A BAD plan would be to scream at him like a fishwife and then send him 78 text messages threatening him if he does not kiss your feet. And yet, that's what Sarah-Louise did.

BTW, was anyone else nauseated by the uber-sweetness displayed by Jason and Sarah on her birthday, just prior to the Richard Hillman card thing? GAG!

Michigander Fan

Heather said...

Question - was Fred Elliot on Corrie when Rita was being brutalized by Alan Bradley? When she mentioned it in the Rovers, he immediately know what she was talking about - but I didn't think he went that far back. Anyone else remember?

Jacqueline said...

Heather, as far as I know, no. Fred came on the scene until 1994 and then I think only as a minor character. Alan Bradley's terrorism happened in the 80's and he died in 1989.

But I would assume Fred had heard the Alan Bradley story.

Anonymous said...

What IS the Alan Bradley story? I mean, I can infer that he wasn't a swell guy and all that, and clearly he did Something Bad to Rita (for which he will burn in hell - she's one of my fave characters!) but what was the skinny there?

See, this is where being a relatively recent fan has its drawbacks. There's so much info to pick up. Now, I have rented the first 5 episodes and the 40th anniversary special thingie. However, the "Corrie Secrets" and such that are advertised on the CBC are not available through Netflix. (Stupid American Netflix)

However, my Canadian Source is in the process of getting me Corrie Secrets through Zip.

Will the 6 Corrie Secrets/More Corrie Secrets fill in many of these gaps for me?

Michigander Fan