Monday, November 20, 2006

Update for Episode # 6328 November 20, 2006

FYI International Women' Day is also Papa Smurf's birthday.


Jamie, Frankie and Penny put their heads together in an effort to track down Mike, who seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. The first call they make is to the local precinct near to where Mike has his villa in Spain. It seems that none of the local constabulary hable angles so Jamie does what every moron gringo does - he speaks louder and adds an 'O' to the end of words in an effort to sound more spanish. Having no luck there they decide to try and ring someone who might be able to communicate in the appropriate language. Like the embassy.

Danny pops round Number 7 to see how the search for Mike is going and gets a frosty reception from the three stooges. While he is there the phone rings and they are relieved to find out that Mike is alright, but still have no idea why he has been out of contact for so long. Danny slinks off quietly.


Hayley pops round the cafe to ask Roy if he can pick up a package for her at the post office, there is some sort of deadline involved and she does not have the time to go herself. Roy assures her that he will attend to it right away. Roy is about to leave on his errand when Clifford shows up to ask what Roy thinks about the historical accuracy of a gatehouse model for their model train empire. The two enterprising engineers are engrossed in comversation when Hayley returns to find Roy has not done what he had promised to do. Needless to say she is not impressed, her deadline will not be met as she had planned. She storms off in a huff.


Jack hangs around the cafe all day trying to read the paper. Vera nags him constantly. He goes home to have his tea in peace but seems incapable of managing that minor domestic challenge and is soon back at the cafe to be tended to by his dearest wife.


Tracey has a plan to go on holidays with Charlie. Somewhere warm. This naturally means the Canary Islands. Of course. (where does she get the money for this?) When she tells Charlie about her plan he seems less than chuffed by the idea. It seems that some work might be coming up soon, and as a small contractor he has to be available when the opportunity presents itself. Tracey tells him that's fine, she will just go with someone else, but she won't tell him who that someone might be. (beginning of manipulation #1)

Ken is walking Eccles when he bumps into Tracey on the street. He tries to tell her about a story book that Amy really enjoys, involving a frog in a kilt in a forest, or something like that. Tracey pretty much ignores what Ken has to say and continues on with her scheming.

Tracey is already at Number 1 when Ken returns. The debate about Tracey and her parenting methods kicks off once again. Daughter dearest tells Ken and Deirdre about her plan to go to Lanzerote. She assures them that the baby monitor should work from the fifth floor when Tracey is on the beach trying to warm up her cold, black heart. (beginning of manipulation #2) Her parents are shocked by this plan, surely Tracey is going to keep her daughter with her at all times on the trip. Well no, Tracey needs some time to herself, and no doubt there will be a pile of dirt somewhere for Amy to play on. Ken and Deirdre insist that Amy stay with them if Tracey is going away on holiday. With a smirk, their devil daughter agrees and flits off to conclude her evil plan. Ken realizes that they have been played. Again.

Tracey returns to the lair of the human sneer, who has since come around to the idea of going off to a tropical locale to warm his cold, black heart. Tracey informs him that she already knew what he would do, which is why she already booked the ticket in his name. (end of manipulations) Looks like Charlie may have met his match at last.


The girls at Underworld are having one of their days. Danny gives them some grief over quality control. Janice has a bit of a snit in return. Sal and Lippy snarl at each other a bit. Par for the course.

Danny has to pop out for a bit so he leaves Hayley in charge, and tells her to keep the girls working while he is gone. (to check on the search for Mike) As soon as he is gone an intense debate erupts over whether they should have a brew or not, and who should do the brewing. In the end it is Janice who makes a cup for everyone, even Snobby Webster. However, when Janice brings the cup of tea to Sal's work station she manages to spill it 'accidentally' on the work that Sal has done for the day, ruining it. Knowing what she was up to she calls Janice an 'evil cow' and gives her a smack in the mouth. Of course this is the exact moment that Danny returns from his less than pleasant experience across the street.

He summons Sal into his office, where she proceeds to have an emtional breakdown over the stress of working with Janice and tries to resign. Danny tells her that she can't resign, she should just get back to work, that he is going to make things right.

Sal returns to her machine and of course Janice has something to say about it. Why isn't anything being done about what happened to her - she could have been injured. Danny tells her that she was lucky, she got hit in the face, so no harm done. He then invites Janice into the office for a meeting. She makes her way there in a circuitous fashion, after first going to the loo.

When she gets to the office Danny tells Janice that she is fired. She's poison and he has had enough of her. Get your pointed hat, your broomstick and fly away. Of course Janice won't stand for this and tries to organize her fellow machinists to have another strike. However, none of her colleagues are willing or able to support her this time and Janice is on her own. As a fond farewell she calls her 'mates' dirty backstabbers, filth, and if any of them were on fire she wouldn't even bother to spit on them.

Janice leaves and stands alone on the street, tears running down her face.


Maude_Lynn said...

I actually feel bad for Janice. Sure, I might be influenced a little by my intense dislike of Sally Webster, but I don't think anyone realised or cared how deeply affected she was by the car incident, and just how troubled she is at the moment. That doesn't excuse her bitchy behaviour, of course, but can one really blame her when it's directed at Sally? Heh.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of "Lady Sally Webster" either, but Janice has been annoying lately and riding Sally mercilessly. I think it's that sneer that Janice has whenever she's insulting people that annoys me....all you see are teeth as she clenches them together and spits her venom out, plus it doesn't help that she is the spitting image of my mother-in-law :)


Anonymous said...

Loved the bit about the pointy hat and the broom. Looks good on her.

Is it just me or are Ken and Deirdre stupid?

All that was missing was Blanche laughing at them from the sofa.

Ms. D

Rob Swizzle said...

Danny told Sally she was "pretty". Has he decided to move on from all things Battersby?

Call me cynical, but I thought Janice was just using the Dennis story to dodge discipline from Danny. Before that scene, she was just after revenge and damages from the Websters.

Anonymous said...


I totally agree with you about Janice using the Dennis story to save her job. She has been super nasty lately. I think she was sure her job was safe because Leanne is with Danny. And when he fired her anyway, she was sure the girls and Sean would back her up and strike again for her (even though she really showed no gratitude the last time they put their jobs on the line for her, and refused to strike in support of Hayley, who, in my opinion, had an actual gripe).

I'm no fan of Sally Webster either, but Janice has been beyond nasty.

She got what she deserved, and I don't usually dislike her.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Re: Tracy

Um, yeah. As she's spinning this tale of leaving Amy alone in the hotel room while she and Charlie are off doing whatever, I'm thinking, wow. Ken and Deirdre aren't actually going to fall for this, are they? And not only did she get them to agree to keep Amy, she also got them to agree not to gripe at her about it. I was kind of mad at first that the writers would make K & D soooo gullible and easy to manipulate. Then I realized: the reason they believed it is because Tracy might actually do it. She's capable of leaving Amy unattended, and so they can't call her bluff. Cuz she's not necessarily bluffing.

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

I take exception to that crack about Penny and Frankie. Penny is a very bright and very successful business woman in her own right.

Also, Frankie is not dumb, she is just heart broken.

papasmurf said...

Debbie - the stab at Jamie, Frankie and Penny was an attempt to keep things light, to contrast the last section on Janice, which was much more serious in tone. An unsuccessful effort to balance the update. Regardless, it has been edited to keep the peace.

Anonymous said...

I am getting quite worried about Mike, and I think that Jamie should go to Spain and hang out with him until it's time to come back home. Penny would likely be sent home with a flea in her ear, and Frankie doesn't really have the family tie these days, but Jamie doesn't seem to be doing much these days, and he's in good standing with Granpop Mike.

Michigander Fan

Maude_Lynn said...

Well, I think Janice's difficulty coping after the accident was sincere, and that she was only lashing out so much because of it. She strikes me as the type to put up a tough, nasty front so that people won't realise how hurt she actually is inside. The same way she railed against the factory girls before walking out, but once she was alone outside and no one could see her she started crying.

Sure, she took things too far, and even I thought her attacks on Sally were getting tired, but I've always had a soft spot for hard faced Janice, and I hate to see her reduced to this.

missusmac said...

Janice could always be mean, she married Les didn't she?, but she was usually a good friend. Lately, she's been beyond awful even to her friends, and pre-Leanne's accident.

Am I sorry she's being mean to Sally? Nope. I'm just sorry she didn't get a chance to hit her back.

I know that the actor who plays Danny is considered a comic actor in the U.K., but boy, he's got acting chops, doesn't he? Really doing good work.

Um, Papasmurf, I didn't think Penny, Frankie and Jamie looked all that bright in that scene either. The Writers' fault I think.

I couldn't believe that the character Penny as written up to now wouldn't have just gone over to Spain herself, taking Frankie with her. Frankie looked uncharacteristically clueless too.

Jamie? Well, he looked pretty good. He always does. :) Didn't sound smart, but looked good~!

Anonymous said...

Janice is gonna crack. How far can they take this story?

Debbie said...

Papa Smurf, you didn't have to change the post. I didn't mean to make you do that.

Although, I have to disagree with Missusmac. I don't think they looked dumb, I think that they honestly didn't know what to do. And I think that would be the reaction of most people not trained to deal with someone exhibiting the signs of Alzhimers (or however you spell it). The hand wringing, the scrambling and indecisiveness.

I think that is the strength of this particular story line. When that disease strikes you have no idea how to handle things. Someone who is normally sharp and lively becomes so weak. Also, Alzhimers patients do go missing. They are known for that. There has probably been countless familes huddled around phones wondering what to do next.

And, yes, the actor who plays Danny is doing a great job. He is part con-man, part betrayed son, and part grieving son.

Anonymous said...

To my fellow Yanks,

Happy Thanksgiving, Pilgrim! (say it like John Wayne)

To all Canucks & Others,

Happy non-descript Thursday.

Michigander Fan

missusmac said...

Debbie, I think you're right. I was thinking that both women looked uncharacteristically confused, and thought the writers had just sort of blown it with them.

But, it makes sense that they would be confused and uncertain. If Penny charged over there to the rescue, would Mike even need rescuing? Would he be even more angry with her.

So good point. I should never have doubted the writers.

Debbie said...


Have faith in the Coronation Street writer. Have faith!

P.S. I have a confession to make. On the weekend, I got a little crazy and downloaded an episode of... Eastenders