Monday, November 27, 2006

Update for Episode # 6243 November 27, 2006

The Websters

Kev drives up to where Sal and Rosie have stopped by the side of road. Sal is sitting a distance away in the middle of the moors. Rosie is beside herself, she can't understand why her mother is behaving so strangely. Kev tells her to wait in the cab of the truck to stay warm, he will sort things out with Sal. He sits down beside his wife and lets her explain what is going on. It boils down to Sally hating the way things are in her life and how things are going with Rosie. She just wants her daughter to be safe but she can't keep on going on the way things have been lately.

Kev comforts Sal by telling her that the girls are alright, they have done a good job raising them. If their daughters end up making the same mistakes that Kev and Sal did and end up in a similar life circumstance as their parents, that wouldn't be so bad. In the big picture the Websters are better off than most. Wise man our Kev.

Back at Number 13 a while later Sal is having a lay down and Rosie and Kev are talking in the sitting room. Rosie keeps trying to justify her actions and Kev simply tells her to shut up. He's not blaming anyone, he just wants what's best for everyone in the family. Rosie says that they don't understand what she is going through. Kev replies that he might have an idea what's going on in his daughter's head and proceeds to do an admirable job of explaining what Rosie has been experiencing. He ends by telling Rosie that if she and Craig are going to be together forever, then there is no rush is there? Wise man our Kev.

The good husband then proceeds upstairs to talk to Sal, who is unsure what she should do and is worried about losing their daughters. Kev explains the whole circle of life thing to bring a bit of persepctive to the situation. Mother and daughter meet at the foot of the stairs for a cry and a cuddle. Sal tells Rosie not to make any promises about Craig, because she will only break them and break her mother's heart again. She only wants Rosie to promise to stay safe and close to her mother.

Sophie meets Craig on the street and reads him the riot act about how he is causing all sorts of turmoil in their family.

The Peacocks

Claire pulls up to Ashley as he is walking down the street. Having recently seen Matt Ramsden Ashley is a bit wound up and he releases a torrent of incomprehensible verbiage at his wife. And I do mean incomprehensible. The only bit I got was at the end when he threatened to kill the good doctor if he ever laid his hands on Joshua. Discretion being the better part of valour, Claire motors off.

Later back at Number 4 Claire tells her husband that she thinks she might have seen Matt Ramsden at the nursery earlier, and she may have even talked to him for a bit. Not what her husband wanted top hear it would seem. Ashey goes off on another tirade ending with him calling Claire stupid.

Fred finds his son later at the cafe and sits down with him to give Ashley some wise counsel. Calling your wife stupid is never appropriate, especially when she is carrying your child. There is no way she could have known who it was at the nursery and she is in no way at fault. Wise man our Fred.

Ashley finds Claire and does apologize for his boorish behaviour. They discuss what they should about the situation with Matt Ramsden. Ashley wants to have interaction with him whatsoever, how can you trust someone who slept with a patient who also was your best mate's wife? Claire thinks it might be best to keep the lines of communication open so they know what is going on and what the biological father of Joshua in planning. Wise woman our Claire.

The Battersby-Browns

Les continues to live in his cab. Kirk has brought him his belongings from the flat and the two masterminds hatch a scheme for Les to put his dirty socks through the letter box when they need washing.

Later Les pushes his way to the front of the line at the chippy, because there isn't any sense in waiting in line if he isn't going to get served in the end. Logical man our Les. Cilla serves him alright, an order of deep fried socks. It seems she was on to his little plan. Cilla's sidekick Cruella explains to the other patrons in line what Les has done to fair maiden Cilla, and not to worry about the whole deep fried sock thing, they were using the old oil in the deep fryer.

Back on the street Les, Chesney and Kirk are sitting in the cab watching a bit of telly and having an existential conversation about baths. Ches wants to move in with Les but he tells the lad he's sorry but it isn't on. Cilla and Yana show up and interrupt the boy's night out. Or in. The smell of Les' trainers on the roof* of the cab almost cause Yana to bring up her pickled eggs. Cilla tells Chesney that he better be inside in three seconds or else he isn't getting any Christmas or birthday presents for three years. (she does look a bit like the grinch) Chesney makes his way inside, but returns for a moment and gives Les the rest of their pizza. Les tells Chesney not to worry, he will always be close by, no matter what. Good man our Les.

* I once drove from Texas to Thunder Bay with my trainers tied to the roof rack beacuse of their odious odour. I feel a real kinship with Les. Now I just have to find a snakeskin pulling jacket somehow.

The Golden Girls

Emily is getting along famously with her female flatmates. Norris continues to get his oar stuck in about the Ed situation. Rita tells him to leave it alone but he insists that no one knows Emily like he does and she needs to share what she is feeling in order for her to have any closure. It all comes to a head while they are playing cards and Norris insists that Emily talk about what she is feeling. She just wants it out of her head and if Norris can't understand that then he should just get out of her flat. Good woman our Emily.


Jacqueline said...

I love the way Kevin explained that the girls would eventually go on with their own lives and that that he and Sally's lives were with each other. Wise man, our Kev.

I thought there was some very good writing/acting in this episode all around.

But wait, didn't the Chippy burn down? It seems to have been restored very quickly. And WHEN oh WHEN is Mr. Wong going to become a real chacter?

Anonymous said...

OK, Papa,

I am SOOOO glad I'm not the only one who couldn't catch a word of Ashley's first tirade. He and Sophie Webster are the 2 characters that I consistently have a hard time understanding. They both talk like they have marbles in their mouths. Of course, with Sophie, it's likely to just be pre-teen griping and angst, so I don't care as much.

I loved Kevin in this episode. I thought he was both wise and firm. He took hold of Rosie (God, was I that self-absorbed and narcissistic when I was a teenager?) and comforted Sally wonderfully. Why can't he be like that more often?

Craig, on the other hand, is starting to cross a line somewhere.

Hasn't Les been married several times? (Leanne's mum, Janice and Cilla, at least?!) He sure doesn't seem to get how to grovel. Cilla, of course, is completely unaware of the hypocrisy involved in not forgiving him, since she was trying to pass off some toyboy as her son right before her wedding.

Also, I really like Frieda. I wish she would stick around. She seems sensible and down to earth.

Jacqueline. Yeah, so far Mr. Wong is very one-dimensional and kind of stereotypical, isn't he? Do you think they are going to develop him, or is he just a shadow character as a foil for Cilla? Also, the Chippy burned down at Christmas. The question is, when is it now in Weatherfield? I know Frankie and Nathan went on their first date on February 10th, and that was a few weeks ago. Can you rebuild a fire-destroyed building in 2 months?

And, more importantly, did they hire Charlie Stubbs to do the work?

Important questions all...

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else picked up on the story running on places like about how they are going to have a transsexual storyline on All My Children? They keep mentioning it as "the first time on television" and I wonder, do they mean American television (assuming that American television is the only television worth mentioning) or do they mean worldwide, and are completely ignoring our Hayley? I am fairly miffed, and want to defend our Hayley...

Michigander Fan

Rob Swizzle said...

Wong: Good point, though the Street has been more diverse in recent years. It used to be that anyone "ethnic" on the show got written out as soon as they'd finished advancing the plot.

In my household we call it "getting Samir'd" (after Deirdre's Moroccan husband, killed by a one-time appearing, Clockwork Orange-worthy gang).

Debbie said...

I am always struck by how sweet Les is to Chesny. That kid is adorable, so you can't blame Les. They have a nice bond.

Now, about the Emily thing. About a week ago, Rita made some comment that Emily "wasn't talking about it." This made me wonder if anyone had actually been listening to her soliloquies in the parlor, in the dinning room in the rovers, in the cabin, in front of the fire, at church, after church and in the street.

Anyway, amazingly I was kind of on Norris' side last night. He is genuinely concerned about Emily and he may well be a little ham-fisted, but I think he is trying to lend a helping hand.

Kevin Webster was awesome last night. During trhat whole thing i was thinking "where's Sophie?"

John said...

I think the day after the chippy burned down, Wong said it would be fixed in no time as the damage wasn't that extensive. Didn't seem that way by the look of the flames though. Maybe he was ensured up the wazoo for liability. I recall that he didn't seem all that concerned at the time.

Wong is a bit of a stereotype although the last time I went to a chippy, it was run by Chinese immigrants so it's fairly common over there.

But if Corrie wanted to be really realistic, there'd be a Muslim family on the street. The show tends to avoid politics and race an awful lot, but I'd like to see more of it. It's an ongoing issue in Europe so it would just be a reflection of reality.

Debbie said...

Ah Samir. If it weren't for him, Tracy Barlow would not be alive today. Amazing, isn't it, that when Tracy needed a kidney the match was a young Moroccan man who just so happened to be married to her mother.

I think that Nathan will be Samir'd. Where is that guy from and what is he doing in Weatherfield? It is like he has no family or life before he hit the cobbles. If only a man like that turned up on my street.

Or, perhaps the writers introduce characters and then the producers see what kind of response they get from the audience. If they cause a splash, they get developed into something more. I don't know, I'm just guessing.

Anonymous said...

"This made me wonder if anyone had actually been listening to her soliloquies in the parlor, in the dinning room in the rovers, in the cabin, in front of the fire, at church, after church and in the street."

Debbie - that was HI-larious! Yeah, Emily had been talking about it just a little, hadn't she?

Re: Wong - well, it's not so much the stereotype of an Asian running a Chippy (Apu, anyone?) - it was the deferential way he deals with Cilla, when he's the boss. At one point she basically demanded that he buy her and Les a drink, and he did.

It might be nice to find out if there is a Mrs. Wong and little Wongettes somewhere.

Getting Samir'd - ha! Was the gang really Clockwork Orange-worthy? Hmm, YouTube, here I come!

Michigander Fan